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Need names, for my first story! :P

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Posted 11 June 2009 - 02:43 PM


So i'm attempting to write my first story. It's not been going very well so far. So i figured, if i try and sort out the names first, i might get inspiration. :P

If you dont mind..?

Need first names, middle names and last names!!...


JOSEPH PATRICK -Father. Spanish. In to history and cooking. Very intelligent, but not very. Cares more about his 'new' family, and forgets about main character and her sister. He has black hair (with white bits -salt and pepper hair), dark, tired brown eyes, and is 47 years old.. Is okay about main character's boyfriend.. but when she gets pregnant, he is angry!!

MARIE JULIETTE -Mum: slightly over-bearing at times, brown curly hair, blue eyes, French. Very distant, and becomes depressed when Joseph leaves her for other woman. She is 45 years old, but looks around 35. She moves to Paris and leaves her daughters with their father and step-monster. When she finds out main character is pregnant, she cries, and is angry, but doesn't come back.

____ -Main character: French and spanish heritage. LOVES to dance (mostly ballet) and loves to sing. longish brown wavy hair, usually tied up in a high ponytail, or flowing on back. BIG blue eyes, long dark eyelashes. Is 16. Very over-protective of friends and family. Hopless romantic. Excitable but mellow. Soon becomes popular, cheerleader. Although she is pretty, she is very clever, and ADORES forensic science. Quite serene. Loves boy-friend and get's pregnant after their first time. (Keeps the baby -girl) Was thinking;

-Lorelai nn. Rory
-Alyssia nn. Aly
-Juliette nn. Julie
-Charlotte nn. Charley
-Isobel nn. Belle
-Madelyn nn. Maddie
-Emmaline nn. Emmy
-Melodie nn. Mel
-Carissa nn. Carrie
-S nn.

Need first AND middle names..

Any other suggestions?

____ CLAIRE -Little sister, From 'Joseph' and 'Marie'. She is dark haired and has grey/Green eyes. Very sneaky and clever, but also nice when it matters most. (11)

-Olivia nn. Liv
-Mathilda nn. Mattie
-Rebekah nn. Bekah
-Georgia nn. Gigi
-Josephine nn. Josie
-Annabelle nn. Anna
-Bridgitte nn. Bridge
-Mallory nn. Malia
-Natasha nn. Nattie

____ -Step monster. Red-head (dyed), was originally blonde, brown eyes.. Chubby and very unattractive. Doesn't like main character, and tries to get father to ignore her, and puts her children first in his eyes. (38 years old)

Half siblings:

MELISSA nn. LISSY -Can be quite sweet on occasion, but lies to get her way. ADORES Main character, as she mainly looks after her.. She tells everything to the main character. They are very close. Has shoulder length, straight blonde hair and brown eyes. (5 years old)

HAILEY -Only 2, but very annoying. Twins with 'Penelope'. Blonde and sweet, but doesn't like main character..

PENELOPE nn. PENNIE -Twins with 'Hailey'. Same as 'Hailey', but is a little nicer. She is very

LUCAS ____ BRENNAN nn. LUKE -Main character's boy-friend. Blonde, floppy hair. Big blue eyes with dark lashes. Plays on the football team, and is considered a 'jock'. He is very sensitive, but VERY masculine. Well built, slight tan, muscles. Over-protective of main character. They meet on a street corner (Bump into eachother! literally). When main character gets pregnant, he is by her side the whole time. His ex kisses him while main character is pregnant, and she breaks up with him. They get back together, once things are sorted out. He is very good with children, especially main character's siblings. Very respectful towards her father, but will defend her if needed. Love's his own family. (17 years old)

ASHLIE ____ BRENNAN nn. ASH -Boyfriend's little sister. Sweet, blonde and innocent. LOVES main character! Very nice, likes ballet and disney movies. (Is 12 years old.)

CATHERINE ADELE BRENNAN nn. CATHY - Boyfriends mother. LOVES main character. The mum she never had and always wanted. Very southern, sweet and 'tubby'. She has blonde hair and LOVES to cook. Very supportive of her kids and main character, and helps out when main character gets pregnant. (43 years old)

ALEXANDER THOMAS BRENNAN nn. ALEX -Likes main character, but doesn't really show it. Very fond of her. Is quiet and logical and very calm. Never shows anger, and is very in control. When main character becomes pregnant, he takes charge but is very surprised. (47 years old)

____ -Main character's first child with boyfriend (At 16) Dark hair, and big blue eyes. Very thick and curly eye lashes. cute pink lips and light skin. Very bubbly and sweet. Also very bright, but clumsy..;

-Amelie Rose nn. Mia or Amie
-Eloise Grace nn. Ellie
-Madeline Claire nn. Maddie
-Rebecca Juliet nn. Becca
-Isobel Catherine nn. Bella
-Alyssa Nicole nn. Aly or Lissy
-Audriana Marie nn. Addie or Ana

____ -Main character's best friend. Clumsy and absent-minded. Very sweet and thoughtful. Dark skin and hair. Brown eyes. Helps main character throughout the story. (They only met when character comes to live with her dad in the US.) (Is 16 years old..)

-Lauren nn. Lo
-Amanda nn. Mandy
-Vanessa nn. Nessi
-Nicola nn. Nicky
-Sherelle nn. Shelly

Suggestions would basically be great for ALL the characters!! (fn. and mn. for EVERYONE) Sorry there's so much!!

And i know it's A LOT to ask.. but could you also give a list of random first and last names for random characters..?

THANKYOU SO MUCH, in advance.

-Yasmine <3

#2 Guest_Zayda_*

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Posted 13 June 2009 - 12:41 PM

Maybe its just me, because my head is all over the place, but when I'm reading a book and there's a bunch of characters, I just get lost. The only books that have managed to keep my interest are the books by Jodi Picoult. Otherwise, it just feels like theres a bunch of little stories going on and such. JMHO, though.

That being said:

Father: Is he a Spanish born character? Joseph Patrick is too... 'americanized' unless his parents had lived here for a long time before he was born.

Mother: Marie Juliette is gorgeous.

Main Character: Carissa Julliette nn Cari

Little sister: Olivia Claire

Step monster: I always think Jessica or Amanda.

Main Character's daughter: Eloise Grace

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Posted 13 June 2009 - 12:48 PM

Hehe!! Thanks Zayda!!! I agree that having too many characters is VERY confusing. I just hoped that maybe by getting names, i'd be inspired. :D

I agree with Joseph Patrick.. But i couldnt think of a name! :P
I loved Marie (Very common in France) and Juliet i got from your name (Amelia Juliet) actually! So thanks for that! Haha.
Love Carissa Juliette nn. Cari .. what do you think about Madeline Claire nn. Maddie? Madeline is french, but i liked Carissa because it was more original.. Hmm.
For the younger sister i liked Olivia too, but was thinking Olivia Grace.. what do you think?
LOVE Amanda. Was thinking of Stephanie Jane? Opinions? :P

Last names i liked.. :


I have random names..
So what do you think?

Main character: Madeline Claire Santiago nn. Maddie
Boy-friend: Lucas Gabriel Brennan nn. Luke
Daughter: Amélie Rose Brennan nn. Amie or Lili
Father: Joseph Patrick Santiago nn. Joe
Mother: Marie Juliet Blanc
Sister: Olivia Grace Santiago nn. Livy
Step-mother: Stephanie Jane Monroe nn. Stephie
Half sister no.1: Melissa Joanne Santiago nn. Lissy
Half sister no.2: Monica June Santiago nn. Mon
Half brother: Michael James Santiago nn. Mickey
Best friend: Sherelle ___ Williams nn. Shelly
Boy-friend’s sister: Ashlie Rose Brennan nn. Ash
Boy-friend’s mother: Catherine Adele Brennan nn. Cathy
Boy-friend’s father: Alexander Thomas Brennan

RANDOM NAMES: (if ever needed)

• Annika Susan Parker nn. Annie
• Mitchell Andrew Jamison nn. Mitch
• Felicity Joy Mathers nn. Fliss
• Austin Patrick Blakely
• Oliver Brian Nichols
• Ariella Paige Deluca nn. Ella
• Georgia Brooke Woodell nn. Gigi
• Elliott James Clark nn. Eli
• Scott David Willis
• Ava Miriam Cline
• Matthew Riley Fernandez nn. Matt
• Connor Justin Masters
• Anthony Jaden Marks nn. Ant
• Billie Michelle Harlem
• Tara Summer Edwards
• Taylor Nadine Edwards
• Gabriella Hope Thomas nn. Gabi
• Justin Ray Campbell
• Roman Vincent Carlton
• Clayton Stewart Rosenberg nn. Clay
• Emma Caroline Sinclair
• Jacob Ryan Winston nn. Jake
• Alexandra Kate Winston nn. Lexi
• Daniel Benjamin Holman nn. Dan

FAMILY, if needed :P :

• Marianna Elizabeth Garcia nn. Marie (Joseph’s sister)
• Scarlett Faith Garcia (Daughter or Alejandro and Marianna)
• Gregory Caleb Garcia nn. Greg (Son of Alejandro and Marianna)
• Alejandro Ramon Garcia nn. Andre (Marianna’s husband)
• Everli Jessica Santiago nn. Evie (Joseph’s other sister.. not yet married)
• Antonio Stephen Santiago (Marianna, Everli and Joseph’s father)
• Cassandra Isabel Santiago nn. Sandra (Cassandra is Marianna, Everli and Joseph’s mother)
• Sebastian Isaac Santiago nn. Seb (Antonio’s brother)
• Jacqueline Camille Blanc (Marie’s sister)
• Sean William Sanders (Jacqueline’s ex-husband)
• Louise Madeleine Dubois (Marie’s cousin)

Hmm. Sorry there's so much!! But thankyou Zayda!! It's really appreciated. :P

-Yas <3

#4 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 13 June 2009 - 03:07 PM

This is sort of random but I was reading your name list and the boyfriend's name is Lucas Gabriel which is an actor's name. (He was in High School Musical most recently)

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Posted 13 June 2009 - 10:33 PM

This is sort of random but I was reading your name list and the boyfriend's name is Lucas Gabriel which is an actor's name. (He was in High School Musical most recently)

It's Lucas Grabeel.

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Posted 14 June 2009 - 05:22 AM

Oops.. guess I'll change it!

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Posted 14 June 2009 - 07:32 PM

-Madeline Claire nn. Maddie

This is my sister's name exactly, including nn and even correct spelling....WEIRD!!

#8 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 14 June 2009 - 08:05 PM

Lucas Oliver Brennan

#9 PaperHeart


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Posted 15 June 2009 - 02:23 AM

Mm KatieB, that IS weird! :)

Tori, it works, but the problem is that her sister's name is already Olivia.

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