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#1 JustJenn


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Posted 23 June 2009 - 10:44 PM

Okay, guys and gals, I have revised my faves list and am needing help with middle names to go with them! More name suggestions are also welcome! Advice and thought are greatly appreciated!

I like classical/Timless, surnames, some unisex names!

Philippa ~ nn Pippa


#2 Guest_Tora_*

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Posted 24 June 2009 - 12:54 PM

Philippa ~ nn Pippa- I adore the nn. Pippa btw, Philippa Emmalin, Philippa Rose
Adele- Adele Sawyer
Saige- Saige Penelope, Saige Olivia
Blaire- Blaire Philippa, Blaire Penelope, Blaire Scarlett
Penelope- Penelope Emmalin, Penelope Grace
Peyton- Peyton Mae, Peyton Saige, Peyton Eliza
Gemma- Gemma Saige, Gemma Adele, Gemma Colette, Gemma ELinor, Gemma Sawyer
Colette- Colette Adele, Colette Penelope. Colette Peyton
Eliza- Eliza Peyton, Eliza Scarlett, Eliza Sawyer
Scarlett- Scarlett Saige, Scarlett Elinor, Scarlett Emmalin
Elinor- Elinor Phillipa, Elinor Saige, Elinor Peyton, ELinor Gemma, Elinor Scarlett
Marianne- Marianne Adele, Marianne Saige, Marianne Gemma, Marianne Scarlett, Marianne Elinor, Marianne Emmalin
Emmalin- Emmalin Phillipa, Emmalin Penelope, Emmalin Colette, Emmalin Marina, Emmalin Sawyer
Marina- Marina Adele, Marina Peyton, Marina Scarlett, Marina Sawyer
Sawyer- Sawyer Adele, Sawyer Adelaide, Sawyer Gemma, Sawyer Lydia, Sawyer Emmalin
Lydia- Lydia Saige, Lydia Rowan, Lydia Elinor, Lydia Katherine, Lydia Sawyer

Lucas- Lucas Oliver
Rhys- Rhys Benjamin
Gabriel- Gabriel Rhys, Gabriel Milo, Gabriel Jude
Carter- Carter Gabriel, Carter Bennett
Asher- Asher Benjamin, Asher Levi
Levi- Levi Asher, Levi Callum, Levi Bennett
Owen- Owen Cooper, Owen Jude, Owen Levi
Callum- Callum Lucas, Callum Levi, Callum Liam
Liam- Liam Rhys, Liam Asher, Liam Carter, Liam Gabriel, Liam Rhys
Milo- Milo Callum, Milo Asher, Milo Rhys
Benjamin- Benjamin Owen, Benjamin Levi, Benjamin Gabriel
Jude- Jude Benjamin, Jude Asher, Jude Owen
Miles- Miles Oliver, Miles Asher, Miles Liam
Cooper- Cooper Miles, Cooper Benjamin, Cooper Gabriel
Bennett- Bennett Owen, Bennett Cooper, Bennett Callum
Jasper- Jasper Cooper, Jasper Levi, Jasper Liam, Jasper Callum

Hope these help!


#3 KristaDeanne


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Posted 25 June 2009 - 11:57 AM

Philippa ~ nn Pippa - Philippa Wren
Adele - ...I've got nada. This to me sounds like more of a mn.
Saige - " "
Blaire - " "
Penelope - Penelope Elise or Penelope Charlotte
Peyton - Peyton Grace or Peyton Saige
Gemma - Gemma Noelle
Colette - Nada, better as a mn IMO.
Eliza - Eliza Claire or Eliza Blaire
Scarlett - Scarlett Adele or Scarlett Corinne
Elinor - Elinor Saige
Marianne - Marianna Elisabeth
Emmalin - Emmalin Blaire
Marina - Marina Skye (not a fan but it flows well!)
Sawyer - Sawyer Elise, Sawyer Olivia, Sawyer Blaire, Sawyer Adele
Lydia - Lydia Adele, Lydia Saige, Lydia Scarlett

Lucas - Lucas Gabriel
Rhys - Rhys Oliver, Rhys Asher, Rhys Elliott, Rhys Owen, Rhys Beckett
Gabriel - Gabriel Oliver, Gabriel Carter
Carter - Carter Owen
Asher - Asher Bennett
Levi - Levi Benjamin, Levi Owen
Owen - Owen Oliver, Owen Milo
Callum - Callum Oliver
Liam - Liam Bennett
Milo - Milo Jude
Benjamin - Benjamin Rhys
Jude - Jude Asher
Miles - Miles Asher
Cooper - Cooper Bennett, Cooper Benjamin
Bennett - Bennet Oliver, Bennet Owen
Jasper - Jasper Owen, Jasper Oliver, Jasper Gabriel

#4 soccerisluv(:


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Posted 29 June 2009 - 03:44 PM

Beautiful names, Jenn!

Philippa ~ nn Pippa--So gorgeous! I truley love this one!
Adele--Adorable! I love love love it!
Saige--Another fave!
Blaire--not a fan of this one...very masuculine imo
Penelope--ick, nms
Gemma--cute, can't see it on an adult
Colette--so pretty!!!
Eliza--prefer elizabeth
Elinor--Ellanor or Eleanor are better
Marianne--Mariana/Mariann are better spellings for me, but cute
Emmalin---love the spelling
Sawyer--love love love it!
Lydia--so beautiful!!!

Rhys--so nice!
Gabriel--love...you must have looked at my fave name list when you chose your boys names..I love them all! :D lol, jk
Levi--love it!
Callum--so cute!
Liam--prefer William
Milo--well, this one isn't my style
Benjamin--adorable...I also love love love bennett
Miles--used to like...but no longer due to association
Cooper--so cute!
Bennett--haha! I love it!
Jasper--AND SHE SAVES THE BEST FOR LAST!!! oops, sorry bout the caps lock...

#5 soccerisluv(:


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Posted 29 June 2009 - 03:45 PM

:D I'm stupid..you wanted middle names...I'll be back later with some...

#6 Tyler


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Posted 01 November 2009 - 10:50 PM

Philippa ~ nn Pippa: I like the idea of Philippa...but it's a little awkward to pronounce IMO. I like Pippa though...so cute! Phillippa Lindsey
Adele: We have a local newscaster named Adele, so I can't help but make that weird association...but I think it's a very pretty name. Adele Naomi
Saige: I'm not very big on spice names...Sage, Saffron, Rosemary...it makes me feel like I'm making spaghetti sauce! Saige Catalina
Blaire: I really can not decide about this one! I sort of love it, sort of hate it. I like the simplicity, but I feel like it's a little harsh. Blaire Rowena
Penelope: A little fairy-tale-ish for my liking. I can't actually picture a little girl named Penelope. Penelope Grace
Peyton: A little overused in my opinion, and I'm not crazy about unisex names. Peyton Leigh
Gemma: Like Philippa, I like the way it looks, but it's wired for me to say. Did you read the Great and Terrible Beauty series? :D Gemma Adele
Colette: Again, not one of my favorites, but it's really very pretty. I had a neighbor once named Colette and her parents called her Colie...cute. Colette Noel
Eliza: Not my style. Eliza Reece
Scarlett: I love Scarlett. It's so classy, but seldom used. I like it!! Scarlett Elise
Elinor: A little old-fashioned for my taste, but I think it's really a nice, unexpected name these days. And I love nicknames like Ella and Ellie! Elinor Vanessa
Marianne: I like combination names like Mary-Anne, and I think the spelling's a nice twist! Marianne Louise
Emmalin: The -n at the end is a little harsh for me, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emmaline (pronounced Emma-lyn, not Emma-Lyne)!! Emmaline Charlotte
Marina: Not quite my style, but it's very nice. Marina Leanne
Sawyer: Definitely not my favorite, possibly because of bad connotation. Sawyer Yvaine
Lydia: Why do so few people use this name? It's ADORABLE!! Lydia Clarisse

Lucas: LOVE. One of my all-time favorites, so classic and nice. Lucas Owen
Rhys: I prefer the spelling Reese, but I love the name!! Rhys Jackson
Gabriel: I've always liked Gabriel...it's masculine but still soft. Gabriel Ray
Carter: Another one of my all-time favorites! I feel like our boys lists are almost identical!! Carter Dawson
Asher: I'm actually not so crazy about this one. I prefer Ashton. Asher Benson
Levi: This is going to sound weird, but I never liked this name til Bristol Palin's boyfriend Levi Johnston became prominent in the tabloids...now I LOVE the name. Levi Alexander
Owen: LOVE LOVE LOVE! Owen Jamison
Callum: I don't love this...but I do like Cullen, which has a similar vibe IMO. Callum Vincent
Liam: I like Liam a lot. It's a little quirky. :P Liam Nelson
Milo: Definitely not my favorite. It's a little girly. Milo Carter
Benjamin: I LOVE this name. It's a little common, but it's so handsome. Benjamin Cole
Jude: One of my favorite guilty pleasures!! I can't actually picture a kid named Jude, but I love it anyways. Jude Oleander
Miles: Not one of my favorites...it's certainly not bad though. Miles Patrick
Cooper: I LOVE this name too!! It's so cute for a kid but it ages beautifully. Cooper Jensen
Bennett: I've never heard it...but I like it! A more unique full name for the super-cute nickname Ben. Bennett Tyson
Jasper: One of my new favorites. I think it's a beautiful name! Jasper Cale
Great boys list!! I love it!

#7 D3sire


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Posted 01 November 2009 - 11:20 PM

I love:
Penelope - You could also use Pippa as a nn for Penelope.
Milo - This is my cats name. It was on my 'people' list but it wasn't a hit with my boyfriend.
Jude - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!
Bennett - Such a great alternative to the very popular Benjamin.

I like:
Adele - I also really like Adelaide and Adeline
Marina - It does make me think of boats though.

I don't care for:
Blaire - Makes me think of the Exorcist.
Philippa - Though I do really like the nn Pippa (quirky/cool). Like stated above I think it is a great nn for Penelope.
Saige - Just kind of bland for me.
Colette - dated
Elinor - I much prefer the spelling Eleanor.
Marianne - this bores me.
Emmalin - I LOVE Emmeline but I really don't care for this spelling.
Carter - Trendy
Levi - Trendy + the jeans association
Lucas - Trendy
Owen - Trendy

I strongly dislike:
Peyton - very masculine and feels trendy
Sawyer - ditto
Cooper - This one is very unappealing for me. It sounds whimpy/whiny/weak... It is very trendy at the moment and is better on a pet imo.

Combo ideas:

Scarlett Eliza
Scarlett Adele
Scarlett Emmeline
Eliza Josephine
Eliza Juliet
Eliza Penelope
Penelope Cate
Penelope Georgia
Penelope Cora
Adele Georgia
Adele Catherine
Adele Scarlett/Charlotte
Gemma Louise
Gemma Briony
Gemma Elise
Lydia Scarlett
Lydia Grace

Asher Miles
Asher Bennett
Asher Jude
Jude Everett
Jude Oliver
Jude Callum
Gabriel Ezra
Gabriel Jonah
Gabriel Jude
Callum Bennett
Callum Jude
Callum Rhys
Milo Everett
Milo Phineas
Milo Henry
Miles Avery
Miles Jude
Miles Benjamin

#8 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 16 January 2010 - 08:22 PM



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