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Similar child/parent names?

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#1 Scout


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Posted 27 June 2009 - 05:03 PM

I was just thinking... how strange would it be for a child to have a very similar name to their parent's? For example, I like the name Kyler (for a girl, despite my anti boys-names-for-girls mindset :D ) Anyway... what if, I marry a man named Tyler? What would you think if you met a dad and little girl (or boy, for that matter) at a park... the dad introduces himself as Tyler, and the little girl as Kyler?

Just curious. This is super random. :P

#2 Guest_Tora_*

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Posted 28 June 2009 - 04:21 PM

I was think about this the other day because I love the name Aurora nn. Rory and my name is Tori. Would our Christmas cards look weird Merry Christmas from Tori, ????, and Rory! I think that it would be ok but most people would assume that Kyler was named after Tyler.


#3 PaperHeart


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Posted 28 June 2009 - 06:32 PM

I agree with Ash and Tori!!

Here's some more i've heard and thought of:

-Paul && Pauline
-Martin && Martine

> My friend Lana's parents; Paul and Pauline, live next door to Martin and Martine!! So funny! :D We always laugh when we see 'em!

-Michaela and Michael
-Harrison and Harietter
-Summer and Sunny > So cute, but so OTT
-Tyler and Taylor
-Madison and Addison
-Charlotte and Scarlett
-Marley and Marlon
-Justin and Justine
-Alexander and Alexia
-Leila and Lilah
-Rosalie and Rosalind
-Victor and Victoria
-Thomas and Timothy
-Olivia and Oliver
-Molly and Holly
-Delilah and Daliah
-Patrick and Patricia
-Melissa and Marissa
-Francesca and Franklin
-Kyle and Kiley
-Lauren and Loretta
-Evan and Everli
-Nathaniel and Nathan
-Maisey and Macey
-Ethan and Evan
-Arianna and Ariella
-Mason and Maxton
-Jordan and Jordana
-Daniel and Daniella
-Mitchell and Michaela
-Robert and Roberta
-Milam and Miles
-Jacqueline and Jackson
-Gabriel and Gabriella
-Nathalia and Nathaniel
-Jacob and Jacoby
-Gabrielle and Isabelle
-Joseph and Josephine
-Jasper and Casper
-Willa and Willow
-Zane and Zander
-Thaden and Caden
-Ashlie and Asher
-Ellie and Hallie
-Mia and Maya
-Coraline and Carolyn
-Quinn and Brynn
-Rylee and Rylan
-Georgia and Georgianna
-Amelie and Emily
-Lucy and Lucinda
-Lily and Liliann
-Stefan and Stephanie
-Shawna and Shawn
-Audrina and Adriana
-Hillary and Larry
-Liam and William
-Shane and Shaun
-Norah and Noah >So cute though!! :P
-Skyler and Skye
-Audrey and Aubrey
-Connie and Connor
-Rory and Corrie
-Liza and Lizzie
-Alyssa and Allie
-Ava and Eva
-Cassie and Casey
-Isaac and Isaiah
-Jonah and Jonas
-Millie and Miley
-Lucia and Lewis
-Gerard and Geraldine
-Connor and Conrad
-Reanna and Rhiannon
-Emily and Emma
-Evelyn and Emeline
-Peyton and Paige
-Clarice and Carissa
-Tiegan and Kaegan
-Josie and Joe
-Addison and Addelyn
-Lori and Tori
-Clara and Carlos
-Anthony and Antonia
-Arabella and Annabelle
-Katie and Kaedy
-Chanel and Shantal
-Colton and Carlton
-Monique and Monica
-Tia and Mia
-Marie and Marianna
-Felicia and Felicity
-Natasha and Natalia
-Jacob and Jacoby
-Jaiden and Jordin
-Quinton and Quincy
-Gemma and Jemima
-Jennifer and Jenson
-Malia and Talia
-Amber and Aimee
-Hannah and Harry
-Dennis and Denise


-Yas <33

#4 Permanent Rose

Permanent Rose

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Posted 28 June 2009 - 08:11 PM

I just watched the Wedding Singer yesterday. The similar name things makes me think of Julia Gulia (:

#5 JaneyDragonfly


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Posted 28 June 2009 - 08:32 PM

I had a friend in middle school and her parents were both named Terry (they were divorced)

I feel this way about Grayson. I really love the name but as I've said before Grayson and Jayson?...no.

#6 PaperHeart


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Posted 29 June 2009 - 04:48 AM

OMG! Rose! We watched it yesterday!!! :D I love the bit when she's infront of the mirror, and she's saying "Hi, i'm Julia Gulia". And then she says "Hi, I'm Julia Hart". It's sooo cute!

My favourite bit's the song though! When he's screaming, and he's like, 'Kill me, put a bullet in my head, pretty please' etc. It's hilarious!!

Sorry. Off Topic.

Thanks Ash. Yeahh.. I had a lot of time on my hands. There's more, but i got bored. :P

-Yas <33

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