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Long list from a year ago

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#1 alyssa897


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Posted 17 July 2009 - 12:22 AM

Okay, so my list of favorite names have changed drastically from a year ago. I'm going to post the first and middle names combos that I came up with last year. Can you give me your advice? Some I still love, while others, I am beginning to loathe. :) Any opinions would be nice. Thank you. (Bold means I still like the name and/or combo. Would really love your opinion on those names especially.)

Here it goes:

Brooklyn Jane
Jillian Nancy
Alessandra Lily
Tallulah Rose
Hadley Rebecca
Lavender Bella
Arianna Elizabeth

Julianna Delaney
Josephine Lee
Evangeline Kate
Genevieve Celeste
Aracely Natalia
Charlotte Lydia
Madeline Chloe
Clover Lindsay
Katerina Grey
Arabelle Lucy
Allison Taylor
Alanna Grace
Ava Lyric
Olivia Twilight (Twilight?? Was I actually SERIOUS?)
Calista Starr
Ruby Sailor
Addison Navy
Hannah Bluebell
Emma Cherry
Avilena Hilary
Serena Gabrielle
Sienna Greenlee
Ariel Quinn
Miley Audrina
Evelyn Willow
Gemma Harlow
(They're not too bad)
Jacqueline Harper
Eleanor Paige
Savannah Lauren

Wow. This was from a long time ago! Some of these names are just blah to me now. Anyways, can you tell me what you think? Which are your favorite combos? Which are your least favorite combos?

Thank you!

#2 alyssa897


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Posted 17 July 2009 - 12:36 AM

Also, what do you think of the names I have recently taken a liking too:


Any thoughts? Middle name suggestions?

#3 alyssa897


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Posted 26 July 2009 - 03:23 PM

What do you think of Ever Makenna and Audrey Grace?

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Posted 26 July 2009 - 05:03 PM

Brooklyn Jane - I have never understood the appeal of Brooklyn, especially on a girl. It sounds hard & tough, not at all pretty or feminine imo. BrooklyN JaNe is N heavy.
Jillian Nancy - Jillian is ok, it's not something I would use myself but it is nice nonetheless. Nancy is horribly dated. I don't like that Jillian ends in N and Nancy starts with N. Style & era wise these names are wrong for each other.
Alessandra Lily - Alessandra is beautiful! The combo is quite pretty!
Tallulah Rose - Tallulah appeals to my adventurous side. I rather like the combo.
Hadley Rebecca - Hadley is not my style at all. Ley endings have been done to death ie. Kayley, Hailey etc. It just feels trendy and boring. I don't like the pairing either the d in Hadley & the bin Rebecca are competing for attention. Mismatched style wise too.
Lavender Bella - Lavender is too much for me.
Arianna Elizabeth - Pretty combo. I don't love Arianna but it's nice & it works with Elizabeth.
Julianna Delaney - Too much L. Julianna is pretty though I prefer Juliana. Delaney is not my style.
Josephine Lee - I love Josephine but this combo is kind of bland. Josephine Lily is nice.
Evangeline Kate - Beautiful combo. I prefer Cate.
Genevieve Celeste - This is fantastic!
Aracely Natalia - I have no idea how Aracely is pronounced. Natalia is beautiful.
Charlotte Lydia - I like both names but the combo is a tad L heavy.
Madeline Chloe - Neither name is my style but the combo is nice.
Clover Lindsay - Clover is too much for me. Lindsay is dated.
Katerina Grey - Love Katerina though again I prefer it with a C. Grey is all boy imo.
Arabelle Lucy - Pretty.
Allison Taylor - Dated, boring, bland.
Alanna Grace - Ehhh... not my thing but it isn't terrible, just not for me.
Ava Lyric - I like Ava despite the popularity. Lyric is not my style and the combo feels short & choppy.
Olivia Twilight (Twilight?? Was I actually SERIOUS?) - Twilight is horrible. Olivia doesn't thrill me. I do like Livia & Liv though.
Calista Starr - Calista is ok, Starr is not a name imo. I would also lose the extra r.
Ruby Sailor - I like Ruby but not with Sailor. Red Sailor? Too wordy/descriptive. Sailor is not my style at all.
Addison Navy - Is she Ruby Sailors sister? Navy is not a name imo. Addison is a disease and not at all feminine/pretty imo..
Hannah Bluebell - Hannah bores me. Bluebell while cute in theory is not a name.
Emma Cherry - Emma is just ok. The popularity bothers me. Cherry is best left as a stage name.
Avilena Hilary - I like Eveline but Avilena looks made up. Hilary is dated..
Serena Gabrielle - Not a fan of either name.
Sienna Greenlee - I don't mind Sienna but Greenlee is not my style at all. Too much n here too.
Ariel Quinn - I like Quinn but prefer it on a boy. Ariel is ok. Combo is choppy.
Miley Audrina - Miley is not my style at all. It is trendy & cutesy not to mention the Cyrus connection. Audrina is not for me, it is made up. The combo is very celeb trendy.
Evelyn Willow - Pretty combo.
Gemma Harlow (They're not too bad) - I like Gemma but Harlow is harsh sounding imo.
Jacqueline Harper - Jacqueline is dated. I like Harper & prefer it times a billion to Harlow. Combo is mismatched.
Eleanor Paige - Mismatched style & era wise.
Savannah Lauren - I dislike Savannah which like Harlow is hard sounding. Lauren is dated, I prefer Laurel.

Ever Makenna - Not my style at all. I love Eve/Eva and Evelyn is nice but Ever is too wordy for me. It feels harsh and lacks femininity imo. Makenna is trendy and not my thing, also find this harsh. The flow is off too. The two names run in to each other. I strongly dislike it, sorry.
Audrey Grace - Pretty enough. I prefer Audra and Grace is a little predictable in the middle name slot. However it flows well and I like both names.

Ever - See Ever comments above.
Makenna - See Makenna comments above.
Vanessa - Dated, not my style.
Audrey - See above.
Alivia - MUCH prefer Olivia. This looks like a typo.
Winter - Ehh.. it is my favorite season name but not really my thing.

I like these best:
Alessandra Lily*
Arianna Elizabeth
Evangeline Kate*
Genevieve Celeste*
Arianne Lucy

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Posted 26 July 2009 - 06:41 PM

Brooklyn Jane - A real cutesy name, very nice although I prefer Jade
Jillian Nancy - nms
Alessandra Lily - stunning! I love the nns from Alessandra!
Tallulah Rose - I love Tallulah but it's a little out there for me, I like Lulah/Lilah
Hadley Rebecca - I adore Hadley for a little girl!
Lavender Bella - I prefer Lavender Belle
Arianna Elizabeth - Very cute
Julianna Delaney - Not really a fan of either names
Josephine Lee - nms
Evangeline Kate - Very pretty and plenty of nns!
Genevieve Celeste - nms
Aracely Natalia - how is Aracely pronounced?
Charlotte Lydia - Adorable!
Madeline Chloe - Beautiful name
Clover Lindsay - Not a fan of Clover
Katerina Grey - I quite like Grey but probably for a boy, not a fan of Katerina
Arabelle Lucy - Love Arabelle!
Allison Taylor - Lovely name!
Alanna Grace - Okay but not my favourites
Ava Lyric - I adore Ava, not such a fan of Lyric
Olivia Twilight (Twilight?? Was I actually SERIOUS?) - I love Olivia, Twilight not so much
Calista Starr - Stunning!
Ruby Sailor - I like Ruby but Sailor doesn't strike very feminine images into my head
Addison Navy - not a fan of the naval theme, Addison is okay
Hannah Bluebell - nms, Hannah's okay
Emma Cherry - I don't like Cherry, Emma's a classic though
Avilena Hilary - Avilena is beautiful! I'm not such a fan of Hilary
Serena Gabrielle - nms
Sienna Greenlee - I adore Sienna, Greenlee is a little harsh sounding for my tastes
Ariel Quinn - Quinn's a guilty pleasure of mine!
Miley Audrina - nms
Evelyn Willow - I love Willow but Evelyn just sounds a little old for a little girl imo
Gemma Harlow (They're not too bad) - nms
Jacqueline Harper - Love Harper!
Eleanor Paige - Cute combo
Savannah Lauren - Gorgeous!

Ever - Only recently have I heard this as a name, I'm coming round to it slowly but it's not for me at the moment
Makenna - I like it but I fear it's become over popular
Vanessa - Cute!
Audrey - nms
Alivia - Gorgeous
Winter - Mesmerising name.

Ever Elizabeth
Ever Charlotte
Ever Jade

Makenna Paige
Makenna Lily
Makenna Elise

Vanessa Sophie
Vanessa Selene
Vanessa Kate

Audrey Renae
Audrey Laurel
Audrey Millicent

Alivia Mae
Alivia Gracyn
Alivia Danielle

Winter Isobel
Winter Claire
Winter Sierra

R x

#6 alyssa897


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Posted 26 July 2009 - 06:54 PM

Thanks so much for the comments! :)

#7 kate_madsen


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 06:13 PM

Brooklyn Jane - not a fan of Brooklyn (or any other names similar). Jane is fine

Jillian Nancy - like jillian, Nancy is just o dated and plain

Alessandra Lily - LOVE Alessandra! Lily is very overused

Tallulah Rose - Rose has always been a fav. Tallulah, no!

Hadley Rebecca - no!

Lavender Bella - i usually like floral names, but lavender just doesn't seem like a name to me. Bella is ok, i prefer Belle. Bella just seems like a nn (and i don't like usuing nn's as full names)

Arianna Elizabeth - Arianna seems too pretentious / princess like. Cute on a girl, not so much on a woman. Elizabeth is always a classy name regardless of age

Julianna Delaney - Julianna is beautiful, Delaney is nms at all

Josephine Lee - Josephine is nice enough, when paired with lee, this looks like a full name (meaning Lee does not look like the mn, rather it looks like her surname)

Evangeline Kate - lovely!

Genevieve Celeste - I would never use Geneviere myself, but it's a great, sophisticated name! I like this combo!

Aracely Natalia - Aracely? not even sure how to pronounce this, and i don't want to know how, nms. Natalia is gorgeous!!!

Charlotte Lydia - Ugg! Charlotte is so overused, and i never saw the appeal of it. Again, to me, it's one of those names that only suits a cute little girl, it doesn't age well, i just can't picture it on a sophisticate woman. Lydia, on the other hand, i can!! love Lydia!

Madeline Chloe - see above

Clover Lindsay - umm, son't like any of these names

Katerina Grey Katerina is another beauitful, classy name. Grey does not match it. It does not conjure up happy images in my mind. How about Katerina Scarlett, Katerina Indigo, Katerina Sienna?

Arabelle Lucy - again, see the comment for Charlotte.

Allison Taylor - very 80's, nms

Alanna Grace - nice enough! actually Alanna is quite nice, Grace is another overused name, but in this case, i can see the appeal of the name.

Ava Lyric - Ava is very popular, but short and sweet, without being 'princess" like, which is what i love! Lyric? too out there for me

Olivia Twilight (Twilight?? Was I actually SERIOUS?) - Heheh!!! Olivia is nice though!

Calista Starr - ok i gues

Ruby Sailor - nms

Addison Navy - no!!

Hannah Bluebell- again, not a fan of either name

Emma Cherry - same as above

Avilena Hilary - Avilena seems made up, i don;t like it. Hilary is nms

Serena Gabrielle - Lovely!! Beautiful combo!

Sienna Greenlee - Sienna is gaining popularity ( at last from where i am from). Greenlee does not match it's beauty

Ariel Quinn - nms

Miley Audrina - definately no on Miley! can' stand the name, especially now with that awful "rolemodel". Audrina is ok

Evelyn Willow - I have always loved Evelyn!!!!!! Willow compliments the name well

Gemma Harlow (They're not too bad) - don't like Gemma, Harlow is too celbrity

Jacqueline Harper - Never liked the name harper (on either gender). Jacqueline is so pretty!

Eleanor Paige - this is not bad

Savannah Lauren- not really my style, but it's ok

Hope that has helped!

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 10:20 PM

Brooklyn Jane ~ Cute but prefer Brooke to Brooklyn!
Jillian Nancy ~ Don't like Nancy paired with Jillian. Maybe Jillian Delaney?
Alessandra Lily ~ don't like the flow.
Tallulah Rose ~ Despise the name Tallulah.
Hadley Rebecca ~ Very cute! **
Lavender Bella ~ I am really liking this one!
Arianna Elizabeth ~ Love it!

Julianna Delaney ~ Cute ! **
Josephine Lee ~ Like Josephine but not paired w/ Lee
Evangeline Kate ~ Prefer it switched to Kate Evangeline
Genevieve Celeste ~ Don't like this one!
Aracely Natalia ~ Don't like Aracely!
Charlotte Lydia ~ Very CUTE! **
Madeline Chloe ~ Cute
Clover Lindsay ~ No.
Katerina Grey ~ Not sure about this one.
Arabelle Lucy ~ Maybe Arabella Lucy?
Allison Taylor ~ Cute!
Alanna Grace ~ Don't like the name Alanna!
Ava Lyric ~ CUTE!
Olivia Twilight ~ Cute, but NO! Love Oliva though! Prefer Alivia!
Calista Starr ~ Not sure on this one!
Ruby Sailor ~ Cute! I love Sailor on a little girl!
Addison Navy ~ Like Addison, but not sure about Navy!
Hannah Bluebell ~ NO!
Emma Cherry ~ Love Emma but not Cherry!
Avilena Hilary ~ Not sure on this one!
Serena Gabrielle ~ Love Serena but it is to "e" heavy paired w/ Gabrielle!
Sienna Greenlee ~ Love Sienna!
Ariel Quinn ~ No.
Miley Audrina ~ I quite like the name Miley and Audrina!
Evelyn Willow ~ Cute. **
Gemma Harlow
~ LOVE, LOVE this one! **
Jacqueline Harper ~ Maybe switched around!
Eleanor Paige ~ LOVE this one! Maybe Elinor? **
Savannah Lauren ~ Love Savannah but not Lauren.

** Are my favorite, favorites from your list!
These ones I like the least

#9 JENN2688


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 10:27 PM

These are my faves:

Ever Makenna
Ever Chloe
Ever Jillian

Aliva Meadow
Aliva Delaney
Aliva Charlotte
Aliva Harlow

#10 alyssa897


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 10:27 PM

Thanks so much for the input. Just in case anyone was wondering, the combos I still love:

Brooklyn Jane
Tallulah Rose (sorry Jenn! :D )
Hadley Rebecca
Lavender Belle
Arianna Elizabeth
Evangeline Kate
Julianna Delaney

Names I still like:

#11 JENN2688


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 10:33 PM

Tallulah Rose (sorry Jenn! :D )

That is quite all right! I am not going to bite your head off just b/c you disagree with me!
I just get the cringes when I here that name!
You have some Amazing names on your list!
Especially Gemma Harlow! Do you mind if I add it to my list?

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