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Need more names =]

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 12:59 PM

Head master???- Really Old and wrinkly, Grey hair up in a bun, always wears pant suits. Grey eyes and is 5'11". Very strict.

Sofiya's Father- 6'3", buz cut, always wears black pants and a white shirt with a jacket. Serious attitude. Loves his job and is known for his dedication to it. Body guard and works for the queen. Doesnt really See sofiya unless hes at school on buisness. He wishes he could be closer but he knows his duties.

Violetta's Boyfriend- Half blood like her. He's 6'0" short shaggy black hair, with dark blue eyes. Loves the color black, and really doesnt like the royals yet he is one, stays usually to him self. He and Sofiya are friends but act like they hate each other and are sarcastic.

Sofiyas fight teacher- 6'2", buz cut wears sweat pants an shirt. Very strict and seriouse, expesially with Sofiya.

The Stratagy Teacher- 5'10", Shes about 40. She is a half blood, she wears dress pants and tank tops, Has strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. Has an Irish accent and all the kids love her.

The defense Teacher- 6'0", in his 40's. He's serious, but a smarta** when it comes to Sofiya. Hes not very fond of her but loves Violetta. He has light brown hair short but not a buzz cut, has hazel eyes that look more orange than brown. Always wears jeans and a Collared shirt.

Head Teacher- 6'0" in her 50's. Wears pant suits and sometimes capris with t-shirts. Maybe old but she is really fit. Has hair that is short its right below her ears, shes blonde with hazel eyes. Shes laid back but seriouse. Kids respect her.

WDYT? I need first and last names.:) Thank you ;)

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