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What do you think of these?

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#21 Permanent Rose

Permanent Rose

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Posted 28 July 2009 - 11:02 AM

Hannah--very nice name. Love it
Hannity---looks made up
Harper---i like and i don't at the same time. for someone elses kid, not mine
Haven--don't like
Haylie--very cute, though i like it spelt Hailey or Hayleigh
Hazel--okay. sorta pretty
Ireland---not a fan
Irelyn--not a fan
Isabella--too overused
Isla--kinda pretty. its pronounced EYE-la, right?
Ivy--cute name
Izabell--don't like the spelling
Jaida--prefer it spelt Jayda. I prefer just Jade though
Jakodi--looks made up
Jazlyn--looks made up
Jessa--I prefer Jessica or Jessie
Jessica--see above
Jocelyn--i really don't like this one for some reason
Johanna--not a fan
Jordyn--its okay, but only spelt the traditional way, Jordon
Joyclyn--don't like this spelling at all
Juliet--too popular
Juliette--see above
Kaelin--don't like the spelling.
Kaia--don't like it
Kaidence--prefer it spelt Cadence
Karisa--prefer it spelt Karissa
Karmen--prefer it spelt Carmen. it means 'song' in latin
Kaylee--only like it spelt Kailey
Keelyn--boys name to me. like it spelt Keelan
Keiana--don't like
Kiersten--like it spelt Kirsten
Kimber--not a fan
Kimberly--better than kimber
Krista--not a fan
Kylie--prefer it spelt Kyleigh

#22 alyssa897


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Posted 28 July 2009 - 07:35 PM

Daisy - The Great Gatsby ruined this for me :)
Delilah - okay, not my favorite
Molly - don't like. Mostly a dog's name.
Maggie - okay. not very pretty, no offense
Robyn - okay, I'm warming up to it. don't like it for a guy at all though
Ginger - don't like. too Spice Girls! lol
Fiona - not my style
Phoebe - like it
Juliet - pretty
Karie(Kar-e) - don't like
Gazelle - um...reminds me of gazelles...the animal
Dorthey - dont like, especially this speling
Cleo - okay, prefer for a boyy though
Destini - don't like
Selena - LOVE!
Serena - LOVE!
Venus - don't really like
Valentina - pretty, I would never use it though
Athena - too greek mythology for me
Antigonie - don't like
Avalon - okay, doesn't sound like a name to me
Zoelle - weird. I like just Zoe, just Elle, or just Noelle
Novella - sound pretty, but it means book in spanish
Mackenzie - don't like at all
Gracelynn - to Elvis for me.
Luna - pretty!
Brooklyn - LOVE! :D
Keiri - not my style
Tracy - don't like for guy or girl
Alivia - LOVE!
Lydia - pretty, but I know someone named Lydia who isn't the nicest person...
Juniper - not my style at all
Jordan - least favorite name ever
Penny - cute for a nickname for a little girl, doens't age well
Gwendolyn - don't like
Margret - Margaret is okay
Janice - don't like. Reminds me of Janice from Friends!
Toni - don't like for a girl
Jamie - don't really like, for boy or girl
Carter - I like it for a boy or girl
Brittney - too over used 90s for me
Sabrina - don't like at all!
Suzanne - not my style
Dwanna - DON'T LIKE
Karley - Don't like, especially this spelling
Kaitlyn - its okay. I like Kaitlin, Katelynn best
Alexia - loved this name when I was a little girl
Nicole - okay. nothing wrong with it, just way overused
Blair - okay
Tiffany - dont like at all ! too 80s
Candy - not my style.
Arianna - LOVE :P
Paulina - not my style
Crystal - don't like that much
Leslie - not horrible... just not the best
Erika - pretty, also like Erica
Vivienne - not my style
Hannah - okay, but Hannah Montana ruined it! lolo
Hannity - never heard it. sounds made up
Harper - cute
Haven - okay
Haylie - over used
Hazel - not my style
Ireland - not my style
Irelyn - awkward, sounds like its trying to be Ireland
Iris - not my style
Isabella - cute
Isabella - Is this supposed to be Isabelle? pretty
Isla - pretty
Ivy - not my style
Izabell - dont like this spelling
Jaida - dont ike
Jakodi - never heard. sounds weird. <_<
Jasmine - never been a fan. love Jazzy/Jazzie though
Jazlyn - dont like
Jessa - cute
Jessica - okay, too popular though
Jocelyn - not a fan
Joelle - not my style
Johanna - okay
Jordyn - ugh, hate this name
Joyclyn - dont like
Juliet - pretty
Juliette - pretty
Kaelin - dont like
Kaia - dont like
Kaidence - prefer Cadence
Karisa - dont like
Karmen - dont like
Kaylee - dont like
Keelyn - dont like
Keiana - dont like
Kelly - dont like
Kelli - better than Kelly
Kiersten - dont like
Kimber - dont like
Kimberly - dont like
Krista - dont like
Kylie - dont like
I don't really like most "K" names, lol

#23 *Becca1*


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Posted 29 July 2009 - 01:57 PM


Koh pn like co

#24 alyssa897


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Posted 29 July 2009 - 03:47 PM

Natalia- love it. I think it sounds so elegant and a better choice to Natalie
Jennifer - kinda dated IMO. Though I love Jeni as a nickname
Starla - not my style, I love Starr by itself
Estella - dated also
Jade - cute. I've really started to like this name, I used to hate it. Makes great middle name.
Eliza - not my style. reminds me of the show "The Wild Thornberry's" lol
Elisia - not my style, sounds too made up
Lisha - not for me
Amber - don't like, too dted
Ember - better than Amber, but I still don't like it
Anne - classic, but I prefer Anna
Taylor - love it for a girl!
Taryn - not my style
Trisha - dont like
Natasha - dont really like
Britanya - dont like at all!
Anya - not my style
Heaven - dont like for a name
Angel - ugh. my ex bff's name. cant stand it
Angelina - not my style. too "Angelina Jolie"
Bella - pretty, love it

Weston - dont like
James - LOVE
William - like
Liam - love
Johnathan - okay, nothing special though. I love Johnny for a nn though! so handsome! <_<
Bentley - dont like at all for a boy or girl
Franklin - dont like
Timothy - dont like
Rylan - okay, its growing on me
Ryan - cute
Maxis - dont like
Jaxon - dont like
Maddox - okay
Mason - not my style
Micheal - hate it
Levi - not my style
Lucas - prefer just Luke or Luka
Collin - not my style
Caleb - its growing on me
Koh pn like co - not my style
Hunter - LOVE !
Skyler - dont like at all for boy or girl
Kyler - dont like

Hope this helps! :)

#25 Evy


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Posted 29 July 2009 - 03:52 PM

Natalia: love this one
Jennifer: a little overused
Starla: not a fan
Estella: love this one
Jade: like this one
Eliza: love this oen
Elisia: i like Eliza better
Lisha: not a fan
Amber: not a fan
Ember: not a fan
Anne: pretty and simple
Taylor: not a fan
Taryn: not a fan
Trisha: its ok
Natasha: its ok
Britanya: hate it
Anya: LOVE this one
Heaven: not a fan at all
Angel: not a fan
Angelina: its ok
Bella: like it as a nickname to Isabella

Weston:it ok
James: love it
William: love it
Liam: love it
Johnathan: I like Jonathan
Bentley: hate this one
Franklin: not a fan
Timothy: love this one. the nn Timmy is cute for a boy
Rylan: not a fan, prefer Ryan but not by much
Ryan: not a fan
Maxis: not a fan
Jaxon: not a fan
Maddox: not a fan
Mason: like it
Micheal: love this one
Levi: its ok
Lucas: love it
Collin: its ok
Caleb: Love this one!
Koh pn like co: hate it
Hunter: hmmm... i dont like it
Skyler: for a guy? hate it
Kyler: Kyle is ok
Liam: you already put this one

are you looking for names for your babies?

#26 ~Nadezhda


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Posted 29 July 2009 - 04:33 PM

Natalia- I like it, but spelled Nathalia.
Jennifer- Boring.
Starla- Don't like it. Stella is not bad though.
Estella- Don't like it AT ALL. I love Esther, which is a bit similar.
Jade- Not a fan, but makes a good middle name.
Eliza- I love this.
Elisia- I prefer the classic Elisa.
Amber- I'm not a fan.
Anne- Very simple but pretty. I'd use it as a middle name.
Taylor- I like it!
Taryn- It's growing on me against my better judgment haha.
Anya- I love it, but it sounds like a nickname to me :/
Bella- Only as a nickname for Isabella.

Weston- It's okay.
James- It's a bit popular, but I love it nontheless.
William- Love this too.
Liam- My top favorite name!
Johnathan- Not a huge fan, but I prefer Jonathan as a mn-
Bentley- Not a fan.
Franklin- Not a fan either.
Timothy- See above.
Rylan- Looks like a made up version of Ryan, which I don't like either.
Ryan- It's too bland IMO.
Maxis- I've never heard it, but I don't really like it. Looks like a shortened version of Maximus, which I like.
Jaxon- Don't like it at all. It looks like you forced an X into Jason.
Maddox- I like it, but I wouldn't use it.
Mason- Not my style.
Micheal- Never liked it. Too bland.
Levi- I love this.
Lucas- Love this too.
Collin- I really like it.
Caleb- It's not bad, but a little popular.
Koh pn like co- What kind of name is that?
Hunter- Not my style.
Skyler- Don't like at all.
Kyler- Prefer Kyle, but don't like it either.

#27 Cadence & Nathan

Cadence & Nathan

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Posted 29 July 2009 - 09:49 PM

Natalia- I really like Natalia, but I am biased...my daughter will be named Nathalia :)
Jennifer- This is too traditional for my taste...although it is pretty.
Starla- I don't like it...it sounds like a stage name to me.
Estella- I like Stella but not Estella...it reminds me of an elderly woman.
Jade- I really like this one...it is simple.
Eliza- Not a fan of Eliza. It reminds me of the kids show, The Wild Thornberry's. The main character was Eliza.
Elisia- This is different. I like Elise (which looks similar).
Amber- It's cute, but I prefer Amberlyn.
Anne- It's pretty, but it's too plain for my taste.
Taylor- I like it but it's getting too unisex <_<
Taryn- I LOVE this one...I wanted to name one of my daughter's this name.
Anya- I really really love this name...then again I am super biased :D
Bella- I would use this as a nn for Isabella...

Weston- Not a fan.
James- Too popular/traditional.
William- Too traditional.
Liam- It's ok.
Johnathan- Not a fan...too traditional.
Bentley- HUGE FAN! I pushed this for a first name for one of the quads...
Franklin- I don't like Franklin...I do like the nn Frankie though.
Timothy- Too traditional.
Rylan- I like it...it's a new spin on Ryan.
Ryan- It's sort of bland...traditional.
Maxis- Not a fan.
Jaxon- I like it, but I like Jackson better.
Maddox- I actually like this one a lot.
Mason- I like it.
Micheal- I like the Russian version better...Mikhail.
Levi- It's ok.
Lucas- It's ok...
Collin- It's ok.
Caleb- It's not too bad...I like the nn Cal.
Koh pn like co- I don't think I understand...it's odd.
Hunter- Not my style.
Skyler- I love it on a girl.
Kyler- I really like this one.

I like some of your names...although a lot of them are somewhat traditional for my taste.


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