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Posted 13 June 2010 - 06:45 PM

LN - Martin
DH - Jackson Kai
DW - Stephanie Edith

DD - Annette Isadora
DD - Hannah Allegra
DS - Wyatt Austin

DS - Anderson Kyle
DS - Graydon Bailey
DS - Philip Steven

DD - Addison Claire
DS - Alexander Scott

DD - Caroline Olivia

DD - Catriona Lily
DD - Georgina Rose
DD - Rhiannon Jasmine
DD - Nicola Heather

The Martin Family
Jack and Steph
Annie ~ Han ~ Wyatt
Andy ~ Gray ~ Phil
Addie ~ Alex ~ Leena
Cat ~ Georgie ~ Rhi ~ Nic

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Posted 13 June 2010 - 08:14 PM

Lucy Annabel Harrison met Hudson Orlando Linville when she was 12 years old. The day Lucy saw the moving truck pull in and saw the 14 year old boy step out, she marched herself over to the house that belonged to her best friend, Meredith. Hudson did his best to hide a grin as the spunky Lucy told him to get lost, the house was for her best friend and he was just in the way. Later, Hudson would say he fell in love with Lucy on that day.

Hudson and Lucy began dating their Junior year in high school. Two days before graduating, Lucy discovered she was pregnant. Hudson didn't hesitate. He assured Lucy he would always be there for her and the baby and really wanted her to marry him. Once Lucy was convinced Hudson wanted to marry her, baby or no baby, she happily agreed and the couple were married in a small, intimate ceremony at the country club.

Hudson kept the scholarship he was offered at UCLA and moved his new wife to the west coast. Three days after the new year, Lucy gave birth to Anna Merce and Grant Harrison Linville. The twins were beautiful, happy babies. Hudson and Lucy loved seeing life through the twins eyes and when the duo turned 3, they decided to try for another.

Lucy had no problems conceiving. She gave birth to Mamie Celeste Linville on a beautiful spring day. Hudson brought Anna and Grant to the medical center to meet their new sister. Anna was thrilled to have a baby sister. She made plans to change Mamie's clothes, burp her and even change her diaper. Grant thought Mamie was ok, but announced he would really like to have a puppy instead! On Grant's 5th birthday he was surprised with a puppy of his own, a bassett hound. He named the pup Cookie.

Hudson graduated UCLA and was accepted to Duke University Medical School. With another scholarship in hand, Hudson and Lucy moved their three children and dog cross country to North Carolina. Hudson devoted his time to studying, clinicals and residency. Lucy supported Hudson in his endeavor. Both knew it was not the time to add another child to the family. Anna and Grant started school and Lucy enjoyed her quiet days with the subdued Mamie.

Before they knew it, Anna and Grant were 12 years old. Mamie was 7 and attending school full time. Hudson had a year left to complete his residency and Lucy held a part-time job. They didn't have much time to themselves, but took full advantage of every opportunity they had together. To their surprise, an afternoon rumple in the supply closet at the hospital resulted in the couple's third pregnancy! Hudson was estatic to see the ultrasound. he now knew what he was looking at and looked forward to sharing with his wife the gender of child number four!

Lucy was extremely worried when Hudson wouldn't talk to her during the ultrasound. He kept mumbling and asking the technician to go back and look again. Finally, Hudson allowed the tech to finish the exam and looked at his wife. He saw her tears and realized what his silence had done to her delicate emotions. Smiling, Hudson assured her there was nothing wrong... with their identical triplet boys! Lucy found herself both relieved and overwhelmed all at once.

Alec Weston, Adam Scott and Austin Lane arrived 10 weeks early. Everyone was surprised Lucy carried them that long. Lucy and Hudson knew they were fortunate to have healthy, although small, triplet boys. Expecting easy, laid back babies like their siblings, Lucy and Hudson were shocked when they brought the triplets home and heard the shrieks others called cries. Alec and Adam were demanding, impatient and had tempers! Austin was a little more relaxed, as long as someone was holding him!

With help from Anna, Grant, Mamie and numerous friends, Hudson and Lucy survived the triplets infancy. The boys mellowed out a little and kept themselves entertained, playing with each other. Hudson completed his residency and accepted a job as a family physician in a clinic near Duke Medical Center. When Alec, Adam and Austin turned three, the couple enrolled them in a pre-school program. Once again, Lucy found herself pregnant, compliments of a nooner!

Immy Briella arrived on a hot, humid day. Hudson had the privilege of delivering his seventh child. Immy, like her oldest three siblings, was an easy going, happy baby. Seven, the perfect number, the perfect child thought Lucy and Hudson. When Immy was six months old, Hudson made an appointment to get a vasectomy. The night before his procedure, Adam pulled a dresser on top of him, trying to climb to the top. Lucy and Hudson spent the night in the Emergency Room with Adam. He underwent x-rays and CAT scans, was kept overnight for observation and released at noon the following day with five stitches in his forehead, a broken collar bone and a few bruises. Hudson missed his appointment.

Ten months later, twins Gracie Juliette and Rosie Nicolette were welcomed into the Linville family. Like the triplets, Rosie was demanding, impatient and wanted to be held continuously. Gracie was more easy going. When she slept, she wanted her bed. She found comfort with her thumb and only protested when she was left in a wet diaper too long. Knowing they wanted no more surprises, Hudson wasted no time and underwent a vasectomy while he was off on paternal leave.

Lucy and Hudson both lay in bed, recovering. Gracie lay sleeping, thumb in her mouth, in the bassinet next to the bed. Rosie was happy, cuddled and rocked by Anna. Grant was holding Austin, so he could see Gracie, while Alec and Adam attempted to climb his leg, back, anything to get higher to see the curly haired sister. Mamie held Immy, tickling her and trying to get her to say Gracie and Rosie. Everyone laughed at Immy as she pointed and said, "Ayzee" and "Ohzee". Hudson's heart swelled, pride beamed from his every pore. Lucy wiped a tear away as she surveyed the room. She looked at Gracie and Rosie and realized seven was not the perfect number. It was definitely nine.

LN: Linville

DH: Hudson Orlando
DW: Lucy Annabel

DD: Anna Merce (17)
DS: Grant Harrison (17)

DD: Mamie Celeste (13)

DS: Alec Weston (5)
DS: Adam Scott (5)
DS: Austin Lane (5)

DD: Immy Briella (1)

DD: Gracie Juliette (NB)
DD: Rosie Nicolette (NB)

Hudson and Lucy Linville; Anna, Grant, Mamie, Alec, Adam, Austin, Immy, Gracie and Rosie

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Posted 28 August 2010 - 02:55 PM

LN: Travers

DH: Holden Niko
DW: Brianna Imogen

1.(G/B) Nina Joss & Nolan James
2.(B) Reed Colton
3.(G/G/B/B) Josie Claire, Jules Bryn, Adam Lane & Aaron Scott
4.(B) Michael Rocco
5.(B/G) Keagan Levi & Layla Kaylin

The Travers Family
Holden & Bri
Nina, Nolan, Reed, Josie, Jules,
Adam, Aaron, Michale, Keagan, & Layla

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Posted 27 September 2010 - 02:55 PM

LN: Foss
DH: Hudson Alexei
DW: Bryn Adair

DD/DD: Annalie Cerulean/Vanya Story
DS: Graydon Kyle
DD: Daisy Chan
DS: Michael Cruz
DD/DD: Bryony Rose/Cerys Amber

Hudson and Bryn Foss with Annalie, Vanya, Graydon, Daisy, Michael, Bryony and Cerys

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Posted 29 December 2013 - 01:54 PM

LN: Lacroix

DH: Milo Odin
DW: Julie Annika

DD/DS/DD: Nina Holiday, Luca Knightley, Anya Calliope
DD: Clara Mandolin
DD/DS/DD: Edie Zoe, Arthur Weston, & Ellie Asa
DS: Anthony Wolfgang
DD: Ruby Elena

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