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My Boys List

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#1 Katie-Nana


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Posted 12 September 2009 - 08:11 AM

I have sooooo many boys names that I LOVE...Please critique my first name list and middle name bank. IF you can please tell me what you LIKE AND DISLIKE about each name. Also let me know what your favorite combo is.

First Names...

Whitman nn Whit
Elias nn Eli (maybe)
Geoffrey nn Geoff
Nathaniel nn Nathan
William nn Will

Middle Names...(I like double middle names for boys..)

Lark-Alfred (my G-pa's name)
Luke-Avery or Lucas-Avery


#2 JaneyDragonfly


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Posted 12 September 2009 - 11:05 AM

First Names...

Whitman nn Whit (I'm not sure why I like this one.)
Wiley (I prefer Riley, this one just reminds me of looney toones)
Wes (NOT WESLEY) (I think this name is handsom, why not Wesley?)
James(classic I dont know of anyone that dislikes James)
Elias nn Eli (maybe) (I like Eli but not Elias. Maybe Elijah?)
Geoffrey nn Geoff (I prefer this spelling of Geoffrey to Jeffrey)
Nathaniel nn Nathan(I just have a bible name fetish I guess. Daniel, Michael, Jacob, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Caleb)
William nn Will ( I never liked Will or Willie as a nick name. I prefer Liam it's much more unique)

Middle Names...(I like double middle names for boys..)

Lark-Alfred (my G-pa's name) (i love lark, but not so much Alfred. However, considering it's a name sake, go for it.)
Alexander-Liam (Both very handsom names.)
Luke-Avery or Lucas-Avery(I'm not a fan of Avery but the names sound nice together)
Wisdom-Reid (Wisdom is a great name)
August-Liam(I think Liam adds trend to the more obscure August)
Abram-Doyle (I dont like either name)
Levi-Alan (LOVE this. Very masculine)
Alan-Reid(I dont like this combo so much)
James-Reid(This one either)
Abel-Worth(sounds like a surname Abelworth)
Lyn-Alexander(I dont like Lyn on a boy)
Lyn-Abram(I dont like either name)

#3 Anna.


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Posted 12 September 2009 - 07:01 PM

First Names:

Whitman nn Whit: I can't decide if I like this one. It has a handsome, professional ring to it. I think I might like it better as a middle name.
Wiley: I dislike this. My cousin has a dog named Wiley so I think of that. It sounds immature to me.
Wes (NOT WESLEY): I like Wes much better than Wesley. It's very handsome.
James: It's a classic, I love it.
Elias nn Eli: I'm neutral about Elias. I prefer Elijah.
Geoffrey nn Geoff : I like it. It's not my favorite but I don't hate it.
Nathaniel nn Nathan: I love Nathaniel. I especially love the nn Nate.
William nn Will: Again, a great classic. I really like it.

Middle Names. I can't say I'm a fan of double middle names but with the right first name they sound alright.

Lark-Alfred-Not my favorite names but a nice way to honor your grandpa.
Alexander-Liam-I like the two separately but not together.
Luke-Avery: This is my favorite double middle name you have. They go well together.
Wisdom-Reid: Not really liking Wisdom so much. Reid is handsome though.
August-Liam: I like this one! August is so handsome!
Abram-Doyle: I like Abram, not so much Doyle.
Levi-Alan: I like this one. I love Levi!
Alan-Reid: It's okay.
James-Reid: Very nice combo. Works well as a double mn.
Abel-Worth: Love Abel! Not so much Worth.
Lyn-Alexander: Very nice.
Lyn-Abram: I really like this one, it caught my eye.

Alexander: Classic and handsome.
August: Definitely on my guilty pleasure list. I love it!
Wisdom: Not my style.
Wayland: Not my style.
Doyle: Not my style.
James: Classic and handsome.

#4 Tyler


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Posted 01 November 2009 - 09:30 PM

First Names...

Whitman nn Whit: Not exactly my style, but I kind of like it! It's a little quirky. :D
Wiley: Definitely not my style. It reminds me of Wiley Coyote.
Wes: I'm not crazy about Wesley either, LOVE LOVE LOVE Wes...what about Westen/Westin?
James: One of my all time favorite names. So classic and handsome.
Elias nn Eli: Not crazy about these.
Geoffrey nn Geoff: I so much prefer Jeffery and Jeff.
Nathaniel nn Nathan: Love both names separately. To me, Nathan isn't a nickname for Nathaniel...I like Nat for Nathaniel and Nate for Nathan.
William nn Will: Another one of those classic names that I like. :P

Middle Names...(I like double middle names for boys..)

Lark-Alfred: I'm really not crazy about these double-middle names, but I like Lark...don't love Alfred so much.
Alexander-Liam: Love Alexander, love Liam...not necessarily sure I love them together.
Luke-Avery or Lucas-Avery: I would like Lucas Avery as a first and middle name combo.
Wisdom-Reid: I would prefer Wilson-Reid
August-Liam: LOVE LOVE LOVE August as a middle name.
Abram-Doyle: I sort of hate both names...but they work together.
Levi-Alan: I like Levi, not so hot on Alan.
Alan-Reid: I like Reid...but still no on Alan.
James-Reid: I like it.
Abel-Worth: I don't really like this at all. They're both weird names, and they're extra-weird together.
Lyn-Alexander: I love Alexander so much, but Lyn seems a little feminine to me.
Lyn-Abram: Not that bad, actually...I like this combo better than Lyn-Alexander, the flow's a littler better.

Alexander: I LOVE THIS NAME! I prefer it as a first name, but it'd make a nice middle name for sure.
August: This is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Definitely usable as a middle name!
Wisdom: I don't care so much for this.
Wayland: I really really like this!! I've never heard it, but it's a really nice middle name.
Doyle: Not crazy about Doyle. It's a little old-mannish in my opinion.
James: I love the name, but it's not my favorite for a middle name...a little too common. It makes a much bigger impact as a first name in my opinion.

#5 D3sire


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Posted 01 November 2009 - 10:55 PM

I love:
Elias nn Eli - I like its soft 'romantic' feel.
William nn Will - Classic. It never goes out of style and doesn't feel dated to a certain decade. Strong and handsome.
August - Like Elias this one has that soft literary feel that I love.
Alexander - Another strong classic. I also love its historical roots.

I like:
James - Like William I consider James to be a timeless classic. It just doesn't have the same strength for me that William has. I also strongly dislike most of the names potential nicknames eg. Jamie (feels weak), Jim/Jimmy (dated) etc.
Nathaniel nn Nathan - I think if I planned on using the nn Nathan I would do just Nathan as it is very much a full name to me and not a nn. I think I prefer Nathaniel slightly to Nathan and while both are fine names there just isn't much of a draw for me. I like either on someone else's kid but they aren't something I would use myself.

I dislike:
Whitman nn Whit - Its a last name to me and just doesn't cut it as a fn imo.
Wiley - I strongly dislike Wiley. The sound just turns me off. It sounds like Riley being said with a lisp. It also makes me think of Wile E coyote. Overall it just sounds awkward and weak.
Wes - I prefer this to the two above but it isn't my cup of tea. I just looks/sounds incomplete to me, like it should be a nn. I don't care for Wesley though either
Geoffrey nn Geoff - I much prefer the spelling Jeffrey which just looks cleaner and simpler to me though Geoffrey is the traditional British spelling however the name no matter its spelling is not my style. It just feels dated to the 60's/70's.
Wisdom - To be quite honest this just feels cheesy to me. I am not much of a virtue name fan and this one in particular is a real turn off for me.
Wayland - This is terribly dated and too "cowboy" for my liking.
Doyle - See above.

#6 Katie-Nana


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Posted 05 November 2009 - 02:48 PM

James - Like William I consider James to be a timeless classic. It just doesn't have the same strength for me that William has. I also strongly dislike most of the names potential nicknames eg. Jamie (feels weak), Jim/Jimmy (dated) etc.

Thanks for the input everyone.

D3sire...I also dont like the nn's for James very much...so if I used it I would call him James.

#7 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 16 January 2010 - 08:14 PM

First Names...
Elias nn Eli (maybe)
William nn Will

Middle Names...


#8 Nani&Erick


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Posted 19 January 2010 - 03:13 PM

OH i really like

Whitley Lee-Grayson
nn whit


Whitley Lark-Grayson :)

#9 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 03:33 PM

First Names

Whitman nn Whit ~ cute, but I can't picture using it myself. The full name seems too old, Whit could be young, though.
Wiley ~I really like it, actually! Its really handsome sounding!!
Wes ~ it does sound kind of cut off, but its handsome :)
James ~ I adore this name <3
Elias nn Eli ~ sounds super handsome!!!
Geoffrey nn Geoff ~ Okay, perfectly fine just not my tatse X3
Nathaniel nn Nathan ~ love it! (though I have a bias, my biggest brother)
William nn Will ~ I adore it! I couldn't use will myself, cause my friend ruined Will for me XP Ah well, but still so handsome!!!!!

Middle Names

Lark-Alfred (my G-pa's name) ~ I think it's great, especially after him!
Alexander-Liam ~ Adore it!!!!! <3 <3
Luke-Avery or Lucas-Avery ~ Nice :P
Wisdom-Reid ~ okay, but kinda sounds like reading a book to get wiser or something :D
August-Liam ~ okay
Abram-Doyle ~ not my taste
Levi-Alan ~ really handsome!
Alan-Reid ~ nice!
James-Reid ~ very handsome
Abel-Worth ~ Nice!
Lyn-Abram ~ I know a boy named Linh, from Korea, but Lyn looks very feminen. Maybe Lin?
Lyn-Alexander ~ Okay :D

Alexander ~ love it!!
August ~ okay
Wisdom ~ okay
Wayland ~ Too much teasing potential, I think. "He's off in waylands place" is something my mum always told me when I was either being dumb or spacing out D:
Doyle ~ okay
James ~ love it!


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