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Crazy Celeb CAF

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 11:26 AM

I thought it would be fun to do come up with our own Crazy Celeb families...you can use some of your guilty pleasures and be creative.

http://roll-dice-online.com/ Roll the dice to decide which old Hollywood last name.

1. Bacall
2. Hepburn
3. Bancroft
4. Monroe
5. Crawford
6. Hayworth

FN (for both DH & DW) - http://www.babyhold....ood_Baby_Names/

MN (for both) - http://nameberry.com...t...p;x=59&y=12

First Birth: http://roll-dice-online.com/
1. DD
2. DD
3. DS
4. DD
5. DS
6. DS

FN: (FOR EITHER BOY OR GIRL) Go to -> http://nymbler.com/ Click Type the name of your choice and type in your favorite crazy celeb name, tell it whether you want a boy or a girls name and then click FIND NAME. Choose from one of the first fifteen.

MN: A name that would describe a day (i.e. Time of day: Early, Seven, Midnight; Weather: Sunny, Windy, Stormy; Or anything else you can come up with.)

Second Birth:
1. DS
2. DD
3. DS/DD
4. DS
5. DD

FN: (BOYS AND GIRLS) http://nameberry.com.../26/Roman-Names
MN: (BOYS AND GIRLS) http://nameberry.com...round-the-World

Third Birth:
1. DD/DD
2. DS
3. DS/DD
4. DS
5. DS/DS

GIRL- FN: http://nameberry.com...6/Musical-Names

BOTH MN:http://nameberry.com/list/225/Movie-Character-Names

Fourth Birth:
1. DS
2. DS
3. DD
4. DD
5. DS
6. DD

This is an Adopted child from another country...You choose country and find a traditional name for a boy or a girl. http://babynamesworl...ntsconnect.com/ Click the tab Browse by Origin and select Origin. (They can also be any age child you want)

Fifth Birth:
2. DS/DS
3. DD
4. DD
5. DD
6. DD/DS

FIRST/ONLY BOY or GIRL FN: http://nameberry.com...t/76/Bird-Names

SECOND/THIRD BOY FN: http://nameberry.com...Starting-with-P
MN: http://nameberry.com...ol-Middle-Names


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Posted 25 September 2009 - 01:34 PM

LN: Monroe

(47) DH: Spencer Lucien
(46) DW: Vivien Patience

(28) DD: Emma Dawn.

Partner: Husband, Stephen Michael Reynolds (30).
-Sophie Adele (3)
-Caleb Daniel (due in 2 1/2 months!)
Job: Kindergarten teacher.
Place of Residence: North Carolina.

Hobbies: Baking, Reading romance novels, walks on the beach,.
Favourite colour(s): Blue and purple.

[Continues in next post!..]

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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 25 September 2009 - 02:19 PM

LN: Bacall

DH: James Dexter
DW: Grace Larissa

DD: Violet Rain
DS: Maximus Austin "Max"
DD: Cadence Amélie "Cada"
DD: Giada Isabella
DS/DS: Phoenix Kai/Parker Jude

James and Grace Bacall w/ Violet, Max, Cada, Giada, Phoenix, and Parker

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 03:23 PM

LN: Monroe

DW: Vivien Matilda
DH: Clark Matthias

DD: Elle Midnight (6)

DS: Marcus Pilar (5)

DS/DD: Ephram Sullivan/ Cadence Amelie (2)

DD: Cecile Annette (4)

DD: Wren Caterina (0)

Vivien& Clark w/ Elle, Marcus, Ephram, Cadence, Cecile and Wren.
[I might add pictures and a little bit of a background story for this fam tomorrow :)]

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 03:49 PM

[Continued from last post!..]

(22) DD: Cassia Fleur

Partner: Boyfriend, Aaden Mitchell Terrel.
Job: Waitressing part-time.
Place of Residence: On UCLA campus.

Hobbies: Reading, Watching Disney movies, Dancing -mainly ballet-.
Favourite colour(s): Pink and yellow.

(18) DD: Piper Trinity

Partner: None.
Job: Working at her father's law firm, as an assitant.
Place of Residence: Home - with mum, dad, Maggie and Wren.

Hobbies: Writing short stories, baby-sitting, drinking coffee and taking pictures.
Favourite colour(s): Purple, green and blue.

(15) DD: Maggie Rose

Partner: None.
Job: None.
Place of Residence: Home - with mum, dad, Piper and Wren.

Hobbies: Dancing, basketball, drawing and ice-skating.
Favourite colour(s): Red, pink, yellow, black and purple.

(10) DD: Wren Olivia

Place of Residence: Home -with mum, dad, Piper and Maggie.

Hobbies: Playing football, basketball and cricket, reading, fishing and playing video-games. :)
Favourite colour(s): Blue, green, white and yellow.

Wren is the baby of the family, and the son Spencer always wished for.

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 06:32 PM

LN: Hayworth

DH: James Matthias
DW: Grace Olive

DD: Mila Autumn
DS: Cato Rafael
DS: Lachlan Cash
DD: Nala Genet
DS/DS: Avis Flynn / Phoenix Jude

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 09:26 PM

LN: Hayworth

DH: James Augustus
DW: Audrey Annabel

DD: Aria Sunset
DD/DS/DD: Laelia Francesca, Lucius Fabien & Livia Fleur **(This list http://nameberry.com...round-the-World is all girls names so I used the masculine version of Fabienne for the DS)
DS: Caius Draven
DD: Mila Anastasiya (Russia)
DS: Phoenix Roman

James & Audrey Hayworth w/Aria, Laelia, Lucius, Liv, Caius, Mila & Phoenix

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 10:07 PM

LN: Bacall
DH: James Samson
DW: Audrey Beatrice

DD: Emma Storm (12)

DD: Laurentia Luz nn Lauren (11)

DD: Calliope Elle nn Callie (9)

DD: Delaney Harper (6)

DS/DS/DS: Phoenix Andrew, Peyton James, and Presley Reese (2)

#9 Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 11:27 PM

LN: Hepburn

DH: Charlton Thaddeus
DW: Lillian Beatrice

DS: Lucas Morning
DS: Justus Manon
DD/DD: Cadence Arwen / Seraphine Bellatrix
DS: Alexandros Nikolai
DD: Raven Elizabeth

~~*~~The Hepburn Family~~*~~
~~Charlie & Lily~~
Luke, Just, Cady, Sera, Alex, & Rae

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Leighton Rose

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 02:00 PM

LN: Hepburn

(36) DH: Gregory Lucian
(35) DW: Grace Matilda

(10) DS: Rowan Wintyr
(8) DS/DD: Marcus Fyodor / Aurelia Elodie
(6) DS/DS: Chase Mandolin / Phinneas Reed
(3) DS: Charlie Emeric
(2) DD: Phoenix Vivienne

Greg and Grace Hepburn
Rowan, Marcus, Lia, Chase, Phinn, Charlie and Fee

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 08:04 PM

LN: Bacall
DH: James Conrad
DW: Audrey Celia

DS: Caspian Rainn
DS: Atticus Oceane
DD/DD: Aria Ballatrix / Lyric Amelie
DAS: Alejandro Benicio
DD: Sparrow Victoria

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Posted 27 September 2009 - 08:01 AM


DH Spencer Augustus 57
DW Ava Beatrice 46

Spencer was and still is a very famous man, he has been acting all his life, his first role, was in a commercial for washing up soap. He went to act in movies, as well as comercials . When he was 15, he created a band, who's albums sound millions and are heard all over the world. Meanwhile, Ava had hit the headlines, she had been modeling since she was a baby but she only made it big was she she 16. Spencer and Ava met at a party, hosted by a well known director and film producer, when Ava was 20 and Spencer 31. They hit it off, both loved each others sense of homour and they had a good time. After wirlwind romance they married a month later, in a lavish ceromony with over 700 guests. It boosted their popularity, so the next three years was very busy indeed with acting, filming and Spencer even set up his own theatre school in London. It was a big surprise when she began feeling ill and had tender breasts, and knew that she was pregnant. She was worried for her future and career, and also Spencer's reaction. he was overjoyed, he longed for a little son to play with. The pregnancy did wonders for her career, and she did many photos shoots, bump and all.

Spencer got his wish, when little Braydon Sonny arrived. The small family were overjoyed, and Ava cherished her little son. But when he was only a few months old she went back to work. Times were good, they bought a bigger house in the English countryside as well as a house in California and Italy. Spencer opened up his own restaurant chain, which did really well, so when Braydon was four they decided they wanted one more, Ava got pregnant easily. However instead of one, it was two. The family were overwhelmed but very happy. Thankfully, money wasn't a problem. Cassia and Maximus arrived three weeks early, but healthy. They were doted on by their parents and grandparents, though Braydon wasn't too sure about his two new siblings that always seemed to wail. The restaurants were taking off, and the theater school was flurishing. Spencer was a millionaire, he knew important people and visited many countries and helped fight poverty.

DS Braydon Sonny 23
DS/DD Cassia Delphine and Maximus Toril 19
DD/DD/DD/DD Lyric Trinity, Calliope Kaena, Aria Bellatrix, and Jazz Serendipity 16
DS Luka Dimitri 10
DD Raven Paradise 5

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Posted 27 September 2009 - 04:58 PM

LN: Bancroft

DH: James Conrad
DW: Audrey Tess

DS: Holt Skyler
DD/DS/DD: Aurelia Raquel / Feliz Toril / Laelia Elodie
DS/DS: Wesley Sullivan / Griffin Cash
DD: Anya Nadean (Russian)
DS/DS: Talon James / Parker Jude

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Posted 27 September 2009 - 10:02 PM

LN: Hayworth

DH: James Conrad
DW: Vivien Tess

DS: Francisco Hurricane
DS: Maximus Tamar
DS/DS: Cruz Neo and Boone Sullivan
DD: Sofia Catalina
DD: Phoenix Josephine

James and Vivien Hayworth: Cisco, Max, Cruz, Boone, Sofia and Nixie

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Posted 28 September 2009 - 02:39 PM

LN: Hayworth

DH: Errol Dexter (47)
DW: Ginger Libby (42)

Errol immigrated to California from Iceland when he was in his early twenties. He almost immediately started working as a model, booking magazine and billboard ads on a regular basis. At his first high fashion shoot he met Ginger who was a successful fashion model at only 19. They hit it off and began hanging out a lot together and dating. After a few years Ginger had a pregnancy scare, it turned out to be just a scare but it got them thinking about their future and though Ginger was still very young, they decided to get married. A few years later Ginger was pregnant with thier first child...

DD: Ava Early (19)

After Ava was born, Ginger got her first acting role as a one time character on a popular police show and became very busy modeling and acting. Errol took some time off to stay and care for little Ava. When Ava was three, she eagerly became a big sister and Ginger and Errol switched roles. Errol's became the career man and Ginger stayed home, only taking small acting roles every now and then.

Ava is starting her first year at UCLA, she wants to study Dance and Photography.

DD: Mila Signy (16)

Mila looks very much like her mother and is a big self proclaimed "science nerd." She is the president of the Science club at school and tutors kids in science in LAs high risk neighborhoods. Though she is only a junior in highschool, she has put a lot of thought into college and she would like to go to Berkeley and pursue a degree in Microbiology.

When Mila was two, Ginger became pregnant with their third child. It was a big time in Errol's career. He was still modeling but he had started getting into photography as well and a big time magazine was willing to take a chance on him. Just after Errol's first big shoot, Ginger found out that they would be having twins. The news made an impression on Errol and he decided to re-do the shoot using only twins. The magazine was impressed and they decided to give him a regular gig. The bigger pay check was just what Ginger and Errol needed now that two more babies were on the way.

DD/DD: Celeste Fairchild / Seraphine Zee (13)

Celeste and Sera are two happy go lucky teens. They are very close and have their own special language almost like Pig Latin that they have come up with, they call it Bird Chinese.

Less then a year after the twins were born, Ginger found herself being offered the role of a lifetime. She knew it would be a lot of work and it would mean less time with her young family but she and Errol talked it over and they decided it was something that she couldn't pass up. After a lot of hard work, the movie was a success and Ginger received an award for her break out role. Her family was very proud of her. Afterward she began working all the time, and Errol was very busy with his photography and he was flying to distant locals to shoot on location. It was a very stressful time for the two of them and they were seeing less and less of the girls. Errol decided that something had to be done and he proposed that they both take a few months off work (since they could now afford it) and take a family vacation to Iceland, where he was from (which he hadnt seen since he came to America almost fifteen years previous). The family spent three months in Iceland and had a great time. While they were their Errol and Ginger often drove by a small orphanage and would see the children playing outside. Errol felt a real kinship to these children, since he lost both his parents as a teen and the two of them decided that they would give a donation to the orphanage to help it out. When they went to visit and give the orphanage the money they met baby Eydis and fell in love with her and decided that when they left they would take her with them.

DD: Eydis Brynja (Iceland) (9)

Though Eydis is adopted, they often hear remarks on how much she looks like Errol. Since all of their girls have the Asian features like their mom, Eydis and Errol have a special bond and she often goes to photo shoots with Errol.

DD: Starling Babe (7)

When Ava was eleven, Mila nine, the twins four and Eydis 18 mo, Ginger was surprised to find that she was again pregnant. She had planned to start shooting for a new movie, but since she would be showing for part of the shooting she had to turn down the part. Yet, Ginger was still excited about the new baby and she and Errol hoped for a boy to add to their brood. They kept the sex a surprise until the birth, two weeks before christmas the family recieved the best gift of the year. A perfect baby girl. Neither Errol or Ginger were dissapointed, Errol always says he is a ladies man and would be happy with nothing less than all girls.

Starling is very much the baby of the family and is very much used to getting her way. She can have quite the temper sometimes, but other times she is very giving and thoughtful of others. After Starling was born, Errol and Ginger found a way to balance both work and family and couldn't be happier.

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Posted 29 September 2009 - 08:48 PM

LN: Crawford
DH: James Lucian(36)
DW: Olivia Tess(37)

James and Olivia met while working on an indie film together and he knew it was love at 1st sight. Though Olivia hated him at 1st, Jim was positive she was his 'one'. After six months of courting his princess, Olivia finally gave in to a date but was surprised by how much she liked Jim.
Five months later Olivia became pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby girl.
DD: Katelin Dawn (9)
Posted Image

At Katelin's baby shower Jim showed up just before everyone was about leave and surprised Olivia with an engagement ring.

While planning the wedding Olivia fell pregnant again, with another little girl, causing the couple to push their wedding date.
DD: Mila Raquel (8)
Posted Image

Months after the wedding Olivia received news that she would have trouble conceiving again and turned to fertility drugs and ended up with four more girls.
DD/DD/DD/DD: Harmony Nola/Lyric Trinity/Cadence Olive/Viola Elle(6)
Posted Image

With six daughters Jim wanted a son and the couple decided to try adoption, falling in love with a little boy in Russia.
DS: Nikolai Luka (4)

Always wanting a big family Olivia turned to fertility drugs again and gave birth to twins.
DD/DS: Robyn Ashlie/Parker James(4)
Posted Image

Jim and Olivia with Katie, Mila, Harmony, Lyric, Cadence, Viola, Nik, Robyn and Parker

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Erin (was NameFreak) :-)

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Posted 30 September 2009 - 03:54 PM

LN: Hayworth

DH: Rafael Cassius
DW: Aeliyatt Amber

Rafael was a well-paid actor from Spain, who starred in many romances and such, but longed for love himself. He found himself falling in love with his co-star in a movie, Aeliyatt (nick name Aeli), and only two months after they met, they were engaged, and Aeliyatt was pregnant
Aeliyatt was thrilled to be pregnant, and soon they had a beautiful daughter, Asher Isabeau, who is now ten years old.

DD: Asher Isabeau
Is healthy and lively, and loves to sing! They expect her to be a great performer.

Soon, when Asher was two, Aeli and Rafael were wishing for more children. After months of trying, they found out that they were having triplets!

DD/DS/DD: Farrah Ashlyn, Diego Rafael and Kleia Avery
Though delivered three weeks early, Farrah, Diego and Kleia were quite healthy. Farrah is a loud, active child. Like her big sister, she loves to sing! Diego, however, is quiet and shy, and prefers darkness. Kleia is right in the middle, not quite as loud as Farrah, and not quite and silent as Diego.

When the triplets were five and Asher seven, the couple learnt that Aeli could no longer concieve. At first it was crushing, but then, Rafael came up with the idea to adopt! The couple fell for a wonderful eight year old girl from India.

DD: Arya Garudi (India)
Arya is a sweet, quiet girl who loves to draw and write. She loves all of her siblings, and her best friend is Asher.

Eventually, when Arya turned ten, Rafael found that Diego longed for a brother, and suggested to Aeli that they adopt a boy! So they found a wonderful nine year old boy, just Diego's age! And they adopted him from France.

DS: Aluin Vernell
Aluin is learning his English, and doing very well. He has brought Diego out of his shell, and they love to play together!

Finally, Rafael and Aeli decided that they had had enough children! They love their family dearly.
Asher, Farrah, Diego, Kleia, Arya and Aluin. Six kids! But they couldn't love any children more.

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Posted 01 October 2009 - 04:35 PM

LN: Crawford

DH: Spencer Conrad
DW: Brigitte Annabel

DS: Proctor Storm
DS: Julius Marit
DS/DD: Dillinger Maximus / Rhapsody Petal
DS: Sacha Andrei (Russian)
DD/DS: Sparrow Jade / Phoenix Gray

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Posted 06 October 2009 - 03:48 PM

LN: Crawford
DW: Grace Annabel
DH: Charlton Matthias *Charlie
DD: Genevieve Summer *ViVi
DD/DS: Laelia Maeve *Laela
Magnus Toril *Maggie
DD/DD/DD/DD: Seraphine Elle *Sera
Celeste Amelie *Cello
Fife Nola
Aria Olive *Ari
DS: Javier Eduardo
DS/DS/DS: Jay Sterling
Phinnaeus Kai *Finn
Pax Scout
Grace, Charlie, ViVi, Laela, Maggie, Sera, Cello, Fife, Ari, Javier, Jay, Finn, and Pax

#20 Lilah


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Posted 06 October 2009 - 05:14 PM

LN: Bacall

DW: Lana Matilda
DH: Charlie Simeon

DD: Luna Raine
DS/DD: Justus Iman / Avita Simone
DS/DS: Caspian Roux / Lucian Kale
DD: Alisia Asmin (Armenian)
DD/DS: Paloma Eve / Phoenix Kai

Since the first few names came out with the same type of style (they all have a sort of Spanish style to them), I tried to stick with that theme for all of the names.

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