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Crazy Celeb CAF

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Posted 14 October 2009 - 11:45 AM

Last Name: Crawford

Husband: Gregory Simeon Crawford 39 (Greg)
Wife: Veronica Libby Crawford 34

1st Birth: Colton Sonny Crawford 15
2nd Birth: Marcus Louis Crawford 13 (Marc)
Laelia Gianna Crawford 13
3rd Birth: Belle Desi Crawford 10
Cadence Trinity Crawford 10
Harmony Evanna Crawford 10
Melody Amelie Crawford 10
4th Birth: Karissa Justine Crawford (Adopted) 2 months
5th Birth: Talon Reese Crawford 5
Parker James Crawford 5
Peyton Max Crawford 5

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 06:52 PM

LN: Hayworth

DH and DW: James Byron [45] and Katharine Antonia [41]

DD: Cordelia Thursday [18]
DS/DD: Atticus Joaquin / Mila Delphine[15]
DS: Peregrin Cyrus [12]
DS: Kiefer Matthias [10] (adopted from Switzerland)
DD: Alouette Amelia [9]

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 07:23 PM

The Bacall Family

Richard Ambrose and Lillian Adelaide

Josephine Twilight
Aurelia Beatrix, Atticus Damien, and Avita Elodie
Jagger Cash and Jasper Chase
Ailey Bevin
Alouette Elizabeth and Pilot Beck

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Posted 13 November 2010 - 06:43 AM

LN: Crawford

DH: Spencer Augustus
DW: Audrey Genevieve

DS: Indigo Dusk
DD: Cassia Elodie
DD/DD: Aria Nola / Cadence Amelie
DD: Natasza Anessia
DD: Teal Arabella

Spencer and Audrey Crawford with Indy, Cassia, Aria, Cady, Tasza, and Teal.

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Posted 13 November 2010 - 05:07 PM

LN: Crawford

DW: Grace Claudia
DH: Frank Harvey

DS: Doran Midnight
DS: Felix Eugenie
DS: Augustus Devlin
DS: Charvaka Prahbu (India)
DD: Jay Clementine

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Posted 11 February 2011 - 05:51 PM

Ava Camille Crawford and Errol Harvey Bancroft met on the set of one of Errol's early films. The actress and director immediately hit it off, and began dating within a month. They appeared at the film premier together, and not long afterwards announced their marriage. In true celebrity style, they got married in a large ceremony, and had a long three week honeymoon in the Canary Islands. After their marriage, they spent some time working on seperate projects, but finally got around to working together, and Ava decided to give up acting to team up with Errol. The couple are now a director and producer pair, and make films together all around the world.

About a year after their marriage, the couple announced their first pregnancy. And in July 1990, their daughter Melisande Rainee arrived. Now (2011), at the age of 20, Mel is beginning to launch her music career. Her band are releasing their first album in a few months, and are planning a tour for next year. She is currently dating music star Damon Jones, and has been for two years now. Following the scandal of her surprise pregnancy at the age of seventeen, Mel is emerging once again to show what she can do. Her daughter Ava Rainee is now three, and is the darling of the family. Her grandparents adore her, and Damon looks after her like she is his own. Mel is happy to have such a wonderful support system around her, and parents who approve of her life choices.

One year after the birth of Mel, Ava and Errol were surprised to be expecting again. November 1991 their second daughter Clemensia Alexane was brough into the world. Clem is now 19 and ready to take on the world. Unlike her older sister, she has decided that a life of fame isn't for her, and is training to be a lawyer. She is currently single, but hopes to meet the man of her dreams at University. She dotes on her niece, and one day hopes to have children of her own.

When Clem was three, Ava found herself pregnant again, this time with quads. In January 1994, Ava gave birth to four tiny little girls, and the whole of the celebrity watchers held their breaths. The babies pulled through despite all of the odds, and are protected by their older sisters. Bell Imogen, Calliope Jinx, Melody Kaena and Rhapsody Nola are now sixteen, and pulling through their studies. Bell and Callie practise in the choir, and are also on the netball team, while Melody and Rhapsody play in the orchestra, Melody on the flute, and Rhapsody on the oboe. All four girls are healthy, and strong nowadays, and are living life to the full.

After the quads were born Ava and Errol decided to wait a while before having anymore children, however, whilst taking a holiday in France they came across an orphanage, and decided that maybe one more child wouldn't hurt. Just after the quads turned one the orphanage phoned up the couple, and told them that they had found a child for them. After six months of waiting, two year old Felicienne Vivi joined the stars's family. Now aged seventeen, Fliss is planning a trip around the world with her long time boyfriend Edwin Thompson. They are expecting to visit most continents, and on their return are planning to go to university. Fliss would like to become a teacher, and would like to teach the children about all the places she will have visited.

After adopting Fliss, Ava and Errol took a break from babies for seven years. Then, Ava fell unexpectedly pregnant. After a long, hard pregnancy, Ava gave birth to their youngest daughter Starling Camille in September of 2002. Star is now eight years old, and loving her life. She dotes on her older sisters, and tries to do what they do. She loves to sing, dance, and act, and has already been in a few feature films. She wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and be a famous actress, or be a model, as she loves clothes. She is the light of the family, and all of her older sisters spoil her rotten. Star loves being the baby of the family, but sometimes she wishes she had a younger sibling to play with.

LN: Bancroft
DH: Errol Harvey
DW: Ava Camille
DD: Melisande Rainee [20] *Mel*
~ DD: Ava Rainee [3] *Rai*
DD: Clemensia Alexane [19] *Clem*
DAD: Felicienne Vivi [17] *Fliss*
DD/DD/DD/DD: Bell Imogen/Calliope Jinx *Callie*/Melody Kaena/Rhapsody Nola [16]
DD: Starling Camille [8] *Star*

Errol and Ava Bancroft w/ Mel (w/ Rai), Clem, Fliss, Bell, Callie, Melody, Rhapsody and Star

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Posted 12 February 2011 - 05:22 AM

James August & Grace Emmeline

DD Lydia Autumn {19}
DD Cassia Niamh {16}
DS Blake Cyrus {14}
DD Esme Honore {9}
DD Wren Isobel {5}

James {44} and Grace {41} Monroe.
Lydia, Cassia, Blake, Esme & Wren.

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Posted 13 February 2011 - 07:50 PM

Charlie Harrison and Ava Lillian Hayworth
DS: Austen Cole (Cold)
DS: Atticus Manon
DS: Dexter Chase
DS: Cane Asher
DS/DS: Finch Alexander/ Parker Bryn

Charlie and Ava Hayworth

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Posted 23 February 2011 - 11:23 AM

The Bacall Family

Vivien Alice & Clark Augustus
Blade Midnight
Decima Noemi
Aiden Cyrus & Jaxon Devlin
Abrianna Adare
Hawk Flynn & Ptolemy Gray

Vivi & Clark with
Blade, Deci, Aiden, Jax, Bria, Hawk & Lemy

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Posted 23 February 2011 - 12:56 PM

DH: Richard Alfie Monroe *Ricky* (25)
~Brown Hair, Grey Eyes

DW: Taylor Amelia Monroe *Taylor* (23)
~Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes

DS: Andrew Dusk *Andy* (5)
~Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes

DD: Aurelia Violetta *Auri* (5)
~Blonde Hair, Grey Eyes

DS/DD: Aaron Reed and Avery Piper (3)
A.R.M & A.P.M
~Both Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

DD: Peyton Charlotte (1)
~Adopted From England
~ Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes

DS: Phoenix Michael (1)
~ Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

Ricky and Taylor with Andy, Auri, Aaron, Avery, Peyton and Phoenix

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Posted 24 February 2011 - 03:48 AM

LN: Monroe-Bacall
DH: Charlton Everett *Charlie* [35]
DW: Katharine Blanche *Kate* [31[
DS: Saylor Midnight [10]
DS/DD: Nero Iman/Mila Carmen [7]
DS/DS: Reuben Lux/Kai Oberon [5]
DAD: Mei-Lien Rui (adopted from China) [4]
DD: Aya Katharine *Kitty* [1]

Charlie and Kate Monroe-Bacall w/ Saylor, Nero, Mila, Reuben, Kai, Mei-Lien and Kitty

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 01:44 AM

LN: Monroe
DH: Spencer August
DW: Lana Antoinette
Posted Image

DS: Landon Winter (14)
Posted Image
DD: Livia Simone (10)
Posted Image
DS: Jett Sullivan (7)
Posted Image
DAD(FRANCE): Jewel Amie (5)
Posted Image

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 01:45 AM

DS/DS: Talon Reed/ Penn Frost
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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:54 AM

LN: Hayworth

DH: Clark Ambrose
DW: Audrey Adeline

DS: Kingston Seven
DD/DS/DD: Aurelia Kalindi & Maximus Pilar "Max" & Cassia Simone "Cassy"
DD/DD/DD/DD: Calliope Lux "Callie" & Cadence Arwen & Aria Trinity & Seraphine Wren "Sera"
DS: Bomani Zuka "Bo" (from Africa)
DS/DS/DS: Talon Knox & Pax Gray & Kai Reed

Clark & Audrey Hayworth +
Kingston, Aurelia, Max, Cassy, Callie, Cadence, Aria, Sera, Bo, Talon, Pax, & Kai

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 01:33 PM

Surname: Hepburn

DH: John Alcott
DW: Rita Agnes

DD: Alexandria Storm

DS: Nero Hudson

DS: Grayson Reed

DS: Carlo Giovanni
Adopted from Italy.

DS: Robin Pax
DS: Sparrow Jude

John, Rita, Alexandria, Nero, Grayson, Carlo, Robin, and Sparrow.

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 02:24 PM

The Bacall Family

Clara Beatrix [30] and Richard Alfie [32]

Harlow Sunrise [12]

Maximus Fyodor [10]

Ransom Flint [7]

Aeron Floyd [6]

Sparrow Sunset and Pilot Frost [2]

Clara and Rich Bacall with Harlow, Max, Ransom, Aeron, Sparrow and Pilot

Rich was Clara's one night stand at a party she went to with her friends one night. She was too drunk to notice that he was Richard Bacall, the famous young director, but immediately regretted her decision. Rich wasn't drunk, and he managed to get Clara's number in the aftermath of their encounter. He plagued her with phone calls for a couple of months before she finally picked up, and told him that she was eighteen. He was shocked, but he was only twenty and two years wasn't a big gap. She asked him not to call her again, and he obliged, being a gentleman. It wasn't until two months later that he heard from Clara again, and she asked to meet him somewhere private. He agreed and booked a table at a restaurant in town. Once there, Clara dropped a bombshell. She was pregnant. Rich didn't need time to think, he wanted to be there for her, with her, and he asked her to be with him. Clara still needed time to figure things out, but she accepted his offer of helping out with the baby. Clara didn't answer Rich's question until she was lying in the delivery room in the throes of labour. Baby Harlow came out just in time to hear her mommy yelling "Yes!" at her father.

For two years Clara and Rich dated, and baby Harlow was growing cuter by the minute. By now, the whole of the celebrity world had taken to the newest couple in town, and were hanging on their every move. Harlow was the sweetie pie of every magazine, and often graced the covers in her parents' arms. It was in the year that Harlow turned two, that Rich proposed to Clara. She was surprised! She'd been expecting something entirely different, and yet Rich was down on one knee in front of her, asking her to marry him. She said yes straight away this time, not waiting nearly seven months to answer him. Harlow didn't understand what was going on, but she liked seeing her parents happy. The wedding was a small affair, with just family and close friends attending. Harlow was the flower girl, accompanied by Rich's younger sister. It was on the night of the wedding, that Clara told Rich she was pregnant.

In January of the next year (six whole months before Harlow turned three), Maximus joined the Bacall family. Harlow was excited to have a baby brother, although she didn't understand why all he did was cry, and why he didn't want to play with her. The world exploded at the news of Max's birth, and soon pictures of the family were being demanded from every corner. The Bacall's played it safe, and didn't take Max anywhere public for the first few months of his life, only publishing family photos for close friends to see. It was no surprise then, that the first time Max left the house he was surrounded by paparazzi. Harlow cooed and smiled for them, as every little girl would, and Max just stared. Not even his name had been known to the public, so Clara and Rich took the time to stop and talk to the press. They announced that their son was called Maximus, and that he was a little angel. Harlow stamped her feet when people stopped taking pictures of her, but was calmed by a red lolly given to her by Rich. The family then moved on to do their grocery shopping.

After the initial 'showing' of Max, the paparazzi lay off of the Bacall family for a while. This suited Clara tremendously, as just after Max's first birthday she suffered from a miscarriage. The whole family was devastated, and they took a trip to get away from it all. Returning after three months in France, they found the paparazzi lined up outside of their house again, not aware that they'd left the country. Life followed in the same way for another two years, until the year that Max turned three and Clara turned five. It was this year that Clara fell pregnant again, and, not wishing to jinx it, the couple didn't tell anyone. It wasn't until Clara was seven months gone, and pretty close to the end that the secret got out. It was Harlow who spilled the secret, to her best friend who was five already. Harlow's best friend told a lot of people, and by the time it got around to the press they were already printing front pages. Clara didn't care in the end though, she was heavily pregnant, and just ready to give birth. Ransom didn't want to wait around either, and was a whole three weeks early. He was healthy and strong though, and went home the day after. Harlow and Max were thrilled to bits with another baby in the house, although Harlow secretly wished for a little sister every time.

Three years later, the Bacall family went on holiday to Wales. They visited every place that they could, including the local orphanage. Harlow, Max and Ransom were already well-behaved, polite children who knew how to share and what good manners were. They immediately took to the children, and ran off to play with them. Clara looked at Rich, and she knew he was thinking exactly the same thing as she was. It wasn't until Ransom came over with his new best friend that they decided to do it. It took five months, but finally Aeron [2] was able to come home to his new family. The older children loved him already, and Clara and Rich had fallen in love the moment they saw his cute little face. The Bacall's were content, and thought that their family was complete.

Two years after the adoption of Aeron, Clara unexpectedly fell pregnant again. Unsure of how to feel, they kept it quiet until they knew what they were going to do. After their initial ultrasound, Clara and Rich announced to the world that they'd be welcoming two new little people into their family. Their older children were extremely excited, and couldn't wait to see their new siblings. Aeron and Ransom didn't fully understand what was going on (being only 4 and 5 respectively), so Clara explained that the babies were in mummy's tummy, and would be ready soon. Sparrow and Pilot arrived on a hot day in July, to a very excited crowd of small faces waiting outside. Harlow was pleased to finally have a sister, and the twins were welcomed with lots of love into the Bacall family.

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Posted 31 May 2012 - 07:41 PM

LN: Hepburn

DH: James Alcott
DW: Clara Adelaide

DD: Janna Seven(9)
DD/DS/DD: Marilla Simone/Marcus Fabien/ Tullia Carmen(4)
DD/DD/DD/DD: Cadence Amelie, Calliope Lidda , Celeste Serendipity, Cappela Wren(2)
DS: Eirik Hagan(7)
DS: Hawk Andrew(nb)

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Posted 09 June 2012 - 05:59 PM

LN: Bancroft

DH: Gregory Edmund “Greg”
DW: Clara Genevieve “Clara”

DS: Matthias Twilight “Matt”
DD: Cassia Francesca “Cassie”
DD/DD: Aria Imogen “Aria” / Allegro Olive “Ally”
DS: Luciano Timoteo “Luc”
DD: Wren Victoria “Wren”

~*~The Bancroft~*~
~*~Greg & Clara~*~
~*~Matt, Cassie, Aria, Ally, Luc, & Wren~*~

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Posted 12 June 2012 - 10:17 AM

The Hayworth Family

Grace Antonia {35} and Clark Alfred {37}

Saylor Midnight {12}

Urban Feodor and Tertia Elettra {7}

Roman Bartleby {5}

Viva Hajnal {4} - Adopted from Hungary

Hawk Sterling, Pilot Birch and Puma Dane {1}

Grace and Clark Hayworth with Saylor, Urban, Tertia, Roman, Viva, Hawk, Pilot and Puma

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Posted 12 June 2012 - 01:02 PM

LN: Hepburn

DH: Clark Asa
DW: Ginger Amity

DD: Adelle Sunday (Addie Hepburn)
DD: Augusta Quintana (Gussie Hepburn)
DS/DD: Jeremiah Morpheus / Bell Petal (Bell & Jerry Hepburn)
DS: Binh
DS/DS: Philip Pine /Ptolemy Frost (Phil & Toly Hepburn)

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