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Japenese names :D

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Posted 02 October 2009 - 05:32 PM

I looked up some japenese names, cause I've been having a fascination for them, sooo yeah. Here are a list, what do you think? (I have names and meanings). (some of these are boys names, but I like all these on girls):

Aiko-love, affection/child
Aina-love, affection/vegtables, green
Airi-love, affection/pear, jasmine
Akiko-sparkle, bright/autumn mixed with child
Akira-bright, clear
Asuka-tomorrow/smell, perfume
Haruka-far off, distant
Hikaru-light, radiance
Michiko-beautiful, wisdom, intellect
Noa-love, affection
Sakura-cherry blossom
Shiro-Four son
Amaya-night rain
Emi-beautiful picture
Mari-obstinacy, rebelliousness
Mariko-true village child
Momo-peach (like Momo Cicerone aka Deysi ;D I love your screen name!!)
Naoki-above all; beauty
Rin-cold, dignified, severe
Ryoko-bright child, refreshing child
Sakura-cherry blossom
Raiden-thunder and lightning
Maiko-dancing girl
Suki (I don't know :l)

I hope this isn't too much, but it would be SO GREAT for your advice and opinions!!!!! Thanks!

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Posted 02 October 2009 - 07:57 PM

I'm not sure how to pronounce these but I'll do my best at trying!

Aiko-love, affection/child : Cute.
Aina-love, affection/vegtables, green : It's alright. The first meaning is sweet.
Airi-love, affection/pear, jasmine : I like this one!
Akiko-sparkle, bright/autumn mixed with child : So cute!
Akira-bright, clear : I love this one :)
Asuka-tomorrow/smell, perfume : Okay.
Hanako-flower/child : Pretty.
Haruka-far off, distant : Okay.
Hikaru-light, radiance : Nice meaning. Tejal is a girls name in Hindu that also means radiance.
Michiko-beautiful, wisdom, intellect : Okay.
Noa-love, affection : It's alright but also a common name here in the states. I only like Noa(h) on a boy.
Sakura-cherry blossom : Cute.
Shiro-Four son : Handsome.
Takara-treasure : Okay.
Amaya-night rain : LOVE!
Emi-beautiful picture : Cute.
Mai-dance : Love!
Mari-obstinacy, rebelliousness : Cute.
Mariko-true village child : Alright.
Megumi-blessing : Nice meaning, dont like the name.
Michi-pathway : Okay.
Momo-peach (like Momo Cicerone aka Deysi ;D I love your screen name!!) : Cute!
Naoki-above all; beauty : Cute.
Rin-cold, dignified, severe : Okay.
Ryoko-bright child, refreshing child : Love the meaning, good for a boy.
Raiden-thunder and lightning : Kind of cool. Too close to American -aiden sounding names to sound Japanese to me!
Maiko-dancing girl : So cute!
Suki (I don't know :l) : Love this one! Reminds me of Gilmore girls :)

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