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My playlist i mean namelist lolz:)

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#1 -SassyCassie-


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Posted 16 November 2009 - 11:45 AM

okay so i haven't really posted my list of names that i uber love on here yet so today is totally an accpetion: tell me what you think and ur faves and ur dislikes i can take it don't u worries:) here we go:*drum roll please*

girls list:


boys list:


and that's my lovely list thus so far:) tell me what u think dislikes or likes:)

#2 D3sire


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Posted 16 November 2009 - 02:58 PM

Caterina - I love this. It is interesting enough to keep your attention but still has a classic strength. I also think this makes for a fabulous mn with just about anything.
Nina - Ehh.. I find this boring. This could be a nn for Caterina.
Nadia - It doesn't wow me. I suppose it is a refreshing choice (not trendy etc).
Izzy - Not a fan. I do love Isobel/Isabel but this feels really unsubstantial to me.
Rose - I like its simple elegance.
Winry - ?? Never heard this one before. I can't say that I like it..
Katie-Faye - I don't care much for Katie as a given name. I like Kate & Katherine but Katie feels cutesy. If I planned on using Katie I would go with Katherine myself that way she would have more options. Katherine Faye works.
Faye - Not a fan. I don't hate it as a mn.
Nunally - Again I have never heard this.... not sure about the pronunciation but aesthetically I find it unattractive.
Bell - I prefer the spelling Belle. I like it's simplicity though I prefer it as a nn to something longer ie. Annabel, Isabel etc.
Melody - It has a very soft, feminine charm. I prefer Elodie but I like this too.
Harmony - Not my style. I find it harsh.
Kia - I don't care for it. Maybe as a nn? Kianna nn Kia etc. Really not my thing though. I think of the car brand.
Lilah - Beautiful! I prefer Lila but either way it is a pretty name.
Aria - Love it! It is unexpected and spunky without being too out there. It is feminine but not over the top.
Kiki - I strongly dislike this.
Esther - Not my style. I generally like names with an antique feel but this one just lacks appeal for me. I also think of the movie Orphan.
Hayden - Not my style. Too masculine for my liking.
Leah - Pretty. This is nice.
Lilac - Not so much my thing but I think this could grow on me some.
Ci-Ci - Ci-Ci as a given name is not my style. I REALLY don't like the dash. However I love CeCe or even CiCi as a nn. It could be short for Cecilia, Cecily, Celeste etc.
Fantasy - Not a name imo. I STRONGLY dislike this one.
Glimmer - Ditto Fantasy. These just feel cheesy to me.
Athena - Love it! See comments on Aria.
Trisha - Not my style, feels dated.
Kara - Ehh.. I prefer Cara myself. It is decent enough but a little on the boring side for me.
Maria - Again this feels bland.
Marie - Ditto Maria.
Renee - 70's dated.
Noelle - Pretty. I prefer it as a fn just because it is used so often as a mn.
Carmen - Harsh. Not my style.
Hina - I have a bad association with this one that aside it is still not my style. I prefer Mina.

Abel - It isn't really my thing but I can understand the appeal. It is chalked full of history, is recognizable yet uncommon and interesting.
Seth - Ehhh... just okay
Johnny - I don't mind it. I think I would go with John nn Johnny myself.
Jon - Prefer the spelling John. It's okay.
Kenny - Dated and nicknamey. Not my style.
Delo - Not my style.
Richter - Richter scale? Not my style.
Krys - I STRONGLY dislike this spelling. Chris imo is much more masculine. I would definitely assume Krys was female.Maybe Kristopher nn Kris if you are partial to the K?
Artrell - Not a fan.
Kenya - For a boy? Not my style.
Jake - I like it!
Adraine - I love Adrian but not this spelling.
Caine - I prefer Cain. I like it though I know some will bring up the Cain & Able Bible story but as a non-religious person this connection doesn't bother me.
Jasper - I like this but the Twilight connection is strong.
Jesse - I don't mind it.
Billy - Maybe as a nn for William?
Edward - Ehhh.. It is decent enough just not really my thing.
Alphonese - I don't like this at all.
Roy - Very dated. Not my style.
Mustang - This feels really cheesy to me.
Austin - Not really my thing but I don't mind it.
Dally - I don't like it.
Darry - Ditto.
Mugen - This is very visually unappealing for me. Not sure of the pronunciation but I don't think I like it.
Toleoh - ?? Unsure of pronunciation.
Haku - Reminds me of Haiku.
Akira - I prefer this to some of the others but it is still not my style.
Ikki - Does this sound like Icky? as in something one would say when something is gross? Not my style at all.
Agito - ??
Akito - ?? These feel very unpractical to me.
Stan - I think of South Park... I find the name to be boring and dated.
Ty - It feels rather unsubstantial to me... I don't dislike it as much as some of the others though.
Aiden - Been done to death. I also don't like the Aid part reminds me of AIDS.
Valdemir - Vladamir? It is better as a book character imo.
Apollo - I don't hate this... not sure how practical it is though..
Elliot - Hands down my favorite from your list. Very handsome.
Sam - I like it as a nn for Samuel.
Dean - I prefer Dane. It isnt really my thing...

#3 alyssa897


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Posted 16 November 2009 - 03:00 PM

Hello Cassandra!

My thoughts:

caterina ~ Pretty, but I prefer Katerina. :lol:
nina ~ Love it! Tecca Nina!! :wub:
nadia ~ not a fan, sorry
izzy ~ I like it as a nickname to Isabelle/a, but not by itself
rose ~ love it for a middle name
winry ~ never heard of it...not really my style
katie-faye ~ I like Katie. Faye's not my style.
faye ~ see above
nunally ~ Non-uh-lee right? It's growing on me. :wub:
bell ~ I prefer Belle. Bell is a last name.
melody ~ pretty
harmony ~ not my style, but it's kinda pretty
kia ~ not my style
lilah ~ not my style...wicked step sister. lol.
aria ~ love it!
kiki ~ not my style
esther ~ Ummmm...the Orphan! lol
hayden ~ love it!
leah ~ pretty
lilac ~ love it!
ci-ci ~ as a nickname its okay
fantasy ~ not my style at all!
glimmer ~ not my style
athena ~ okay
trisha ~ nooo! it makes me think of Trisha, my dad's cousin. Ugh. lol.
kara ~ not my style
maria ~ not my style
marie ~ over used
renee ~ ugh, hate it, sorry.
noelle ~ love!
carmen ~ not my style
hina ~ not my style

Purple means favorite.

I'll do the boys later! Gtg!


#4 alyssa897


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Posted 16 November 2009 - 05:15 PM

I likeL=:

boys list:

abel ~ It's not my style, but I know you love it. I think it's perfect for you. I love TessB's idea of Abel Jasper!
seth ~ love it!
johnny ~ looove it! Soooo handsome.
jake ~ I love it! :wub:
jasper ~ love it! Great as a middle name!
jesse ~ love it! Sooo handsome. Jesse and Johnny... *swoons*
edward ~ love it! , but Twilight association!
roy ~ :DDDDDDDDD Soooo hard to come up with combos though...lol
austin ~ love it! :wub: Too bad you can't use it! lol
dally ~ same as above! I prefer Dallas, and Dally as a nickname
ty ~ sooo handsome
aiden ~ you better back off!!! lol
elliot ~ love it! So handsome
sam ~ like it! I don't like Samuel though...just Sam

There you go, Cass! I hope this helped.


#5 ~Nadezhda


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Posted 17 November 2009 - 06:51 AM


I really love these:

caterina: I'm a huge fan of this name and almost any of its variations. I believe it's stunning!
nina: It may used as a nickname, but I think it's fine as a full name, as long as it's paired with longer mn and last names.
nadia- I'm not the most objective :wub: but I really like my name. I think it's elegant and has a sweet sound (: plus I love the meaning!
izzy: I like it, but I wouldn't use it on its own. Great nickname for Isobel or Isabel, though, which I both love.
rose: The eternal classic. I think it will never lose its appeal, just like Elizabeth.
lilah: A very sweet name. I also like the spelling Lila.
esther: Ah, one of my favorites ever. I know most people find it old and boring, but really, i believe it's beautiful. My combo is Esther Joy.
leah: Just a tiny bit bland, but I love it nonetheless.
marie: With it being so popular as a (filler) middle name, I believe it would actually be a little unusual to see it in the first name spot.
Very elegant and classy!


These are the ones that I love:

abel: Nice, but would only use it as a middle name.
seth: One of my favorites. I love it!
jake: Bland, but really, it's not bad at all.
jesse: It's not my favorite ever, but I think it's a really nice name. Very handsome!
edward: Doesn't have a huge appeal to me, but it's not the worst of the list. Love the nickname Ed!
elliot: Absolutely love this.
sam: Okay, I guess. Would use it as a nn for Samuel (:

#6 Katie-Nana


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Posted 17 November 2009 - 11:42 AM

girls list:

LOVE - Rose, Lilah, Nadia

Like but NMS - Caterina, Nina, Izzy, Katie-Faye, Faye, Bell, Kia (I'd think of the car), Esther, Kiki, Aria, Leah, Lilac, Ci-Ci, Athena, Trisha, Kara, Maria, Marie, Renee, Noelle, Carmen, Hina

Don't like - Winry ?, Nunally (I knew someone who had this as a last name but not a very cute fn), Melody, Hayden, Fantasy, Glimmer

boys list:

LOVE - Abel, Johnny, Jesse, Elliot, Jasper

Like but NMS - Seth, Jon, Kenny, Richter, Krys (Kinda looks feminine with the y like the begining of Krystal), Jake, Adraine, Caine, Billy (Prefer nn Will to Bill for William), Edward, Roy, Austin, Dally, Darry, Ikki, Stan, Ty, Aiden, Sam, Dean

Don't like - Delo, Artrell, Kenya (I knew a girl named this), Alphonese, Mustang, Mugen, Toleoh (No idea how to pronounce this), Haku, Akira (sounds like a girl), Agito, Akito, Vlademir, Apollo

#7 TessB


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Posted 17 November 2009 - 03:23 PM

girls list:

Caterina- Its sweet :lol:
Nina- not my taste, but okay
Nadia- Really pretty
Izzy- I definately prefer as a nn, but its a cute nn :D
Rose- Lovely :(
Winry- Never heard of it before, not my taste though, sorry :wub:
Katie-Faye- I'm glad you like it :D Gorgeous (lol I'll pretend there isn't a bias ;D)
Faye- Beautiful
Nunally- not my taste :wub:
Bell- Cute
Melody- Nice name :P
Harmony- really sweet
Kia- is it said Key-ah? its nice, if so
Lilah- love it
Aria- gorgeous!!
Kiki- also prefer as a nn but nice :(
Esther- nice
Hayden- Lol another bias ;D I have to love it! XD
Leah- sweet :)
Lilac- okay
Ci-ci- also nn-ish to me personally, but cute
Fantasy- I'd keep it as a guilty pleasure, but not my style
Glimmer- I cant picture it on an older person, though I kinda find it cute on a little kid X3

#8 TessB


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Posted 17 November 2009 - 03:24 PM

Athena- nice :lol:
Trisha- nice
Kara- sweet
Maria- okay
Marie- also okay
Renee- love it
Noelle- another bias :( love it!!
Carmen- nice
Hina- it made me think of a hiyeena (sp?) no offense lol

boys list:

Abel- Love it!!
Seth- also love it!
Johnny- not my taste :)
Jon- okay, wdyt of Jonathan? Thats a cute nn for Jonathan :(
Kenny- bias against it. BF's worst ex-boyfriend :wub:
Delo- Never heard it, not my taste :wub:
Richter- like Richard?
Krys- looks more femenenenen (sp? XD) Chris is nice!
Artrell- also never heard of it, but its kinda cool
Kenya- not my taste
Jake- really cute though I could never use
Adraine- Cute!
Caine- omg love it!
Jasper- On my list!
Jesse- cute
Billy- not so much my taste XP
Edward- I'm currently in love with Edward Scizzorhands right now, so there's a bias lol!
Alphonese- never heard it but its okay
Roy- okay
Mustang- not my taste
Austin- pretty cool
Dally- not my taste
Darry- not my taste
Mugen- not my taste
Toleoh- is it Toll-ee-oh? Sounds kinda cool but looks really odd :P
Haku- sounds cool :D
Akira- Also sounds cool :D
Ikki- like Icky lol? XP
Agito- okay
Akito- like it
Stan- okay
Ty- super cute
Aiden- nice
Valdemir- makes me think of an evil disney character lol
Apollo- not my taste
Elliot- love it
Sam- so cute!
Dean- okay

Hope I helped, Cassie! -Tess

#9 JENN2688


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Posted 17 November 2009 - 10:17 PM

These are my favorites:

Caterina - Prefer the spelling Katerina
Nadia - Very cute and elegant
Izzy - I actually love this as a name all on its own, but also a great nickname for Isabel/Isabella
Rose - Very elegant and classical
Faye - I actually love this as a middle name only. This is my mother's middle name - Cindy Faye
Lilah - Cute and elegant.
Leah - Cute but prefer the spelling Leigha
Lilac - I really like this one.
Kara - Cute but prefer the spelling Cara

Jake - Very handsome
Caine - Love it.
Jasper - LOVE, LOVE this one.
Jesse - Handsome and amazing
Edward - Dated but very handsome. Very strong name.
Austin - Cute . I have a nephew named Austin
Aiden - Handsome and love it
Elliot - Love it

#10 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 16 January 2010 - 07:50 PM



#11 TessaRose


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Posted 18 January 2010 - 02:09 AM

My favourites are:



#12 -SassyCassie-


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Posted 20 January 2010 - 02:35 PM

oh thank you for helping me out i really do apprecaite (dont know if i spelled that right but anyways) your comments and thoughts :) thank you all :P

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