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#1 BellaBoo


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Posted 26 November 2009 - 05:29 PM

I was at my grandmother's for Thanksgiving and a lot of my cousin's were there with their babies, so of course i was thinking about baby names.

I would really love to honor my grandmother when naming my first child (years and years and YEARS from now). Her name is Judith, so I'm thinking Judith if I have a girl and Jude if I have a boy.

Any first name ideas?? So far I've thought of:

Ava Judith
Emma Judith
Sadie Judith
Eva Judith

Colin Jude
Parker Jude
Carter Jude
Nathan Jude

but I really could use any ideas! I like classic names for both sexes, naturey girls names and also surnames for boys.

Thanks so much!!


#2 alyssa897


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Posted 30 November 2009 - 02:51 PM

I love Ava Judith!

Emma Jude would be very pretty! <~~ my favorite!

For a boy I like Parker Jude.

I hopw this helps!


#3 Anna.


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Posted 30 November 2009 - 03:11 PM

I love Jude for a boy!

My favorite from your list is Nathan Jude, although I would prefer Nathaniel Jude nickname Nathan/Nate.

How about:
Oliver Jude
Elliot Jude
Cohen Jude
Thomas Jude
Brendan Jude
Liam Jude
Caleb Jude
Connor Jude
Ethan Jude

For the girls, I love Ava Judith! It is so sweet!

How about:
Naomi Judith
Amelia Judith
Maya Judith
Summer Judith
Ella Judith
Lydia Judith
Clara Judith
Scarlett Judith
Evelyn Judith
Anna Judith
Sarah Judith

#4 Permanent Rose

Permanent Rose

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Posted 30 November 2009 - 05:00 PM

How about Judy for a girl instead of Judith?

Emma Judy
Ava Judy
Eva Judy

#5 BellaBoo


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Posted 30 November 2009 - 06:57 PM

Rose- I wouldn't say absolutely no to Judy instead of Judith... it just feels... I don't know, incomplete I guess.

Anna- I LOVE so many of the girls names you listed!
I really like:

I really like Brendan, Caleb and Connor for a boy too.

Alyssa- I really like Ava Judith and Parker Jude too :(


#6 Sami Marie

Sami Marie

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Posted 30 November 2009 - 07:49 PM

My great aunt's name is Judy Ann...And I love the idea of honoring her using Judith nickname Judy for a girl and Jude for a boy's middle name.

Judith as a first name: Alexandra, Alexa, Alice, Ann, Brielle, Christina, Claire, Christine, Cecilia, Dawn, Elizabeth, Elodie, Evelyn, Eleanor, Fiona, Hannah, Isabel, Kendall, Larissa, Lenore, Louise, Natalie, Piper, Reese, Rebecca, Virginia

Judith as a middle name: Abigail, Aurora, Claire, Kayley, Marlena

Jude as a middle name: Benjamin, Blaine, Bryce, Caleb, Caspian, Dalton, Daniel, Declan, Emerson, Finley, Gabe, Harrison, Leo, Sebastian, Thomas, Tristan, Wyatt, Zachariah, Zachary

#7 Judyariel


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Posted 02 December 2009 - 05:16 PM

My name is Judith (Judith Ann, in fact), and I would definitely recommend using the whole name Judith instead of Judy for naming a child. Everyone calls me Judy, and it's so...bland or something.
Eleanor Judith
Chloe Judith
Zoe Judith
Caroline Judith
Rosemary Judith
Rosalie Judith
Talia Judith
Cecilia Judith
Ariel Judith
Rebecca Judith
Savannah Judith
Lily Judith
Angelica Judith
Emma Judith
Natalia Judith
Emily Judith
Aria Judith
Ariana Judith
Felicity Judith
Carina Judith/Karina Judith
Madeline Judith
Annika Judith
Michaela Judith
Miranda Judith
Olivia Judith
Willow Judith

Judith Ariel
Judith Aurelia
Judith Claire
Judith Kiara
Judith Camille
Judith Calista
Judith Alice
Judith Alicia
Judith Robin
Judith Violet
Judith Olivia
Judith Rosabel
Judith Elise
Judith Miranda
Judith Maribel
Judith Simone
Judith Michaela
Judith Eve
Judith Rhiannon
Judith Rose
Judith Rosemary
Judith Evelyn
Judith Isabelle
Judith Iris
Judith Eliana
Judith Elena
Judith Ariana
Judith Carina/Judith Karina
Judith Evangeline
Judith Emmeline
Judith Eleanor
Judith Beatrice
Judith Beatrix
Judith Willow
Judith Amara
Judith Amelia
Judith Anneliese
Judith Miriam
Judith Hope
Judith Abigail
Judith Marigold
Judith Lysandra
Judith Briony
Judith Belle
Judith Elodie
Judith Melody
Judith Arabelle
Judith Annabelle
Judith Pearl
Judith Savannah

Elias Jude
Thaddeus Jude
Adrian Jude
Evan Jude
Finnian Jude
Levi Jude
Nathan Jude
Noah Jude
Oliver Jude
Spencer Jude
Silas Jude
Skyler Jude/Schuyler Jude
Riley Jude
Zachary Jude
Donovan Jude
Alexander Jude
Xavier Jude
Zion Jude
Cyrus Jude
Dominic Jude
Cameron Jude
Everett Jude
Ari Jude
Asa Jude
Ezra Jude
Ezekiel Jude
Charles Jude
Kenan Jude/Keenan Jude
Logan Jude
Marcus Jude
Tiernan Jude
Tobin Jude
Tobias Jude

#8 D3sire


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Posted 04 December 2009 - 10:16 AM

I am not big on Judith but I LOVE Jude! If I had a family member named Judith that I wanted to honor I would definitely do it with Jude. I like Colin Jude & Nathan Jude. Have you considered Jude as a fn?

Jude Nathaniel
Jude Alexander
Jude Oliver
Jude Henry
Jude Maxwell
Jude William

William Jude
Oliver Jude
Emery Jude
Emmett Jude
Miles Jude
Nolan Jude
Thomas Jude
Samuel Jude

These can pretty much all be swapped the other way around too. Jude seems to work with almost anything.

You could also do Julian nn Jude.

Julian Avery
Julian Everett
Julian Grant
Julian Bennett

and Juliet or Juliana, Juliane, Julia for girls in honor of Judith if this isn't too much of a stretch for you.

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