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The Scratch Game

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Posted 04 December 2009 - 06:18 AM

... Names I've eliminated from my list for whatever reason. (Ok, it is a lame topic)

So basically, I started to think on my -very short- name list, and decided to really keep it realistic. There are a bunch of names that I really love, but I can't see myself using for any of my future children.
To me, every name has a personality attached. I'm afraid that by chosing a wrong name, I'm playing with the odds -I'm being overly dramatic, but just can't get over it.
As a result, i ended up scratching the mayority of names on my list.

Here's the updated:

Evelynn _________ Lin -I have given in, instead of giving up. I just have a major crush on the name. It's like a Bad Romance. I won't get over it, if I don't really want to get over it. Evelynn is the only name I can see myself using for my child. I'm gonna figure out anything with the surname. Anything. Need short mn suggestions.

Charlotte Marianne Lin - Is hanging from a very thin thread.

Journey Louise Lin - It's way too different from my other name choice.

Chloe Juliet Lin- I feel like something's missing.

Ivy Charlotte Lin-Ivy is too short for my taste. And I've met a LOT of Ivy's lately.

Jeremy Thomas Lin - I'm not sure about Thomas any longer. I still love Jeremy.

Benjamin Andrew Lin -I'm having the same Evelynn problem with Benjamin. It's way too rythmy. But I still love the combo and Andrew as a middle name.

Donald Phillipe - I know most of you have issues about Donald, but it stays.

At this point, I really can't find a name that makes me say WOW.
You know me, I like classic, old fashioned and dated names. I'm weird.

Any suggestions?

#2 alyssa897


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Posted 04 December 2009 - 02:48 PM

I don't think it's a lame topic! It's very realistic and something I have been trying to avoid myself, just because I'm always sad to see a name go off my life for whatever reason. :o

I have to same problem you do, about being afraid to choose the wrong name because the name has a certain personality to you.


Evelynn ______ Lin ~ Is Lin your last name? Because if it's not (and I don't want to be negative here) - you never know what the future holds. The guy you are with now may not be the guy you have children with. And I know you probably don't want to think about it, but it's a possibility. It's also a possibility that he is. You just never know. Regardless, if it's not your last name, then you can always use your own. Or you could always do Eve (Pronounced like Ev-uh) Lin, but she goes by Evelynn. I don't know, I'm just throwing things out there, lol.

I like Evelyn (I prefer one 'n'). It's very pretty and feminine, which are usually the names I love.

Evelynn Chloe
Evelynn Juliet
Evelynn Jane
Evelynn Grace
Evelynn Rose
Evelynn Katherine
Evelynn Camille
Evelynn Scarlett
Evelynn Louise (okay, so I put Lousie here and then I saw it on your list! haha how weird!)
Evelynn Cassandra
Evelynn Sophia
Evelynn Hope
Evelynn Faith
Evelynn Jean
Evelynn Marie

Charlotte Marianne ~ Pretty! I'm not typically a fan of Marianne, but it goes well with Charlotte. Evelynn and Charlotte make a great sib set! I actually know someone who wants two daughters named Evelyn and Charlotte, lol.

I love Benjamin...but there is the rhymying issue. :o

Donald Phillipe is actually okay! It's not my style, but it's a fitting combo, though I don't really think that Donald goes with Evelynn or Charlotte.

I am not a fan of Jeremy or Andrew, only because of people I know with those names that are not very good people. :(

Other girls names you may like based on Charlotte and Evelynn:

I like:
Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Grace
Charlotte Hannah
Charlotte Claire
Victoria Rose
Hannah Caroline
Amelia Ivy
Audrey Grace
Elisabeth Eve
Olivia Catherine

Good luck, I hope I helped you!


#3 ~Nadezhda


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Posted 04 December 2009 - 06:46 PM

To me, every name has a personality attached. I'm afraid that by chosing a wrong name, I'm playing with the odds -I'm being overly dramatic, but just can't get over it.

I can definitely relate to that! It can be so frustrating sometimes.

Here's my honest opinion:

*Benjamin Lin is not so rhimey. Obviously there's a very similar sound, but the outcome is not so bad IMO.
If you really love it, I'd say keep it. If you're not sure altogether, here are some combinations. I took into consideration the same criteria you listed for the girls names-- so old fashioned it is:

David Andrew Lin
Isaac Andrew Lin
Broderick Andrew Lin (nn Brody?)
Forrest Andrew Lin
Truman Andrew Lin
Frederick Andrew Lin (nn Freddie?)
Harrison Andrew Lin (nn Harry?)
Jackson Andrew Lin
Maxwell Andrew Lin (nn Max?)
Porter Andrew Lin
Rupert Andrew Lin
Theodore Andrew Lin (nn Ted?)
Crawford Andrew Lin
Asher Andrew Lin
Percival Andrew Lin (nn Percy?)

PS: I love Andrew as a middle name!

Are any of these cutting it for you? I'm just throwing names out there, maybe I went a little overboard on the old-fashioned thing. LOL

*Evelynn is truly a beautiful name, and it's on my list of favourites as well (I just spell it Evelyn).

When paired with the last name Lin, it does create a strong rhimey sound. But honestly? Weirder things have happened.
I mean, if Bob Geldof gets away with naming his daughters Peaches Honeyblossom and Fifi Trixibelle, you should only worry about it so much.
It's hardly gonna ruin your girl's life: besides, how many people will call her by both first and last name on a daily basis? Not many, I presume.

You know, I actually think she's gonna thank you one day -when she'll be in class, surrounded by Kayleigh's and Nevaeh's- for giving her such a gorgeous name!

Middle name suggestions just on top of my head:
[short and traditional, for the most part]

Evelynn Sara Lin
Evelynn Cassia Lin
Evelynn Clare Lin
Evelynn Sofia Lin
Evelynn Greta Lin
Evelynn Nora Lin
Evelynn Briana Lin
Evelynn Jane Lin
Evelynn Cara Lin
Evelynn Katie Lin
Evelynn Francie Lin
Evelynn Georgia Lin
Evelynn Macy Lin
(or, Evelynn Marcy Lin)
Evelynn Maggie Lin
Evelynn Maya Lin
Evelynn Cassandra Lin [this is not short, but I think it flows]
Evelynn Phoebe Lin
Evelynn Paige Lin
Evelynn Rosa Lin
Evelynn Serena Lin
Evelynn Tamara Lin

Hope some of this have helped, or at least inspired you!

As for the other names, Charlotte Marianne is a good combo, maybe not my favourite but definitely two beautiful names!
Donald is not really my style, but it goes well with Philippe.

Good luck, Deysi!

#4 Filly


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Posted 09 December 2009 - 08:11 AM

Evelynn _________ Lin - I personally would cringe if I heard these names together, but as was pointed out, weirder things have happened! I like the suggestion of maybe her last name won't be Lin, or maybe you would be willing to give her a hyphenated last name? Yours and her fathers? Lots of people I know have hyphenated names. But, perhaps you WILL get over it though, because I remember a number of months ago, when I was on here more frequently, you couldn't give up on Journey, and then Hazel, and CERTAINLY not Charlotte ever....and well, look: Hazel didn't even make the Scratch list, Journey's crossed off and Charlotte's hanging by a thin thread. :( Trust me, I'm so indecisive and I change my mind all the time, so I feel your pain. LoL That being said, Evelyn (with one n most preferably) is pretty and classic, have you thought of changing it to Evelina/Evelyna Lin? Or just Evey Lin? Then it wouldn't be AS rhyming. Some middle name suggestions: Evelyn Sage, Evelyn Jo (Evey/Evy Jo would be adorable), Evelyn May, Evelyn Hope, Evelyn Patricia, Evelyn Georgette, Evelyn Charlotte is even okay.

Charlotte Marianne Lin - Alright, I despise Charlotte, but this combo rolls off the tongue nicely and works A LOT better with your last name.

Journey Louise Lin - I agree that this name should be scratched. It's pretty, but too different and too "trendy" in my opinion.

Chloe Juliet Lin- This was your best name combo that I ever read on here. I love it, but alas, it's scratched. I DID also like Hazel Juliet a lot.

Ivy Charlotte Lin- Dislike Ivy and Charlotte so I'm glad it's scratched.

Jeremy Thomas Lin - I love this combo. It's classic and strong and works well with Lin. Keep it just the way it is!

Benjamin Andrew Lin - Benjamin Lin doesn't bother me nearly as much as Evelynn Lin. I think it's cute actually. Benjamin Andrew works well.

Donald Phillipe - I love Donnie for a nn to maybe Donovan, but Donald isn't bad really. It's very much your style I think. LOVE Phillipe as a middle name, good combo!

I say you've got a decent list (much narrower than mine, which is good!). Good luck!

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