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Posted 02 January 2010 - 11:11 AM

What kind of person do you think of when you hear these names? They are characters for a story I'm starting, and I'd like opinions(besides my own :wub:) on possible looks and personalities for them. <_<


Cole Porter
Ryan Hanson
Brett Kuhn
Tyler Matthias
Noah McFarland
Carter Farrell
Seth Hart

Alyson Winchester
Hailey Spencer
Mia Harris
Alyssa McLane
Kailey Connors
Samantha Soriano
Karina Bradshaw

I really appreciate any and all help! Thanks! <3

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 09:19 PM

Cole: Justin Bieber Hair, Loud, likes sports but is super clumsy, ADHD, Wants to be a "jock" but again clumsy and annoying. Good with girls but doesn't respect them, Moderately attractive likes being the center of attention all the time, class clown
Ryan: Quiet, and sweet . he's attractive (blue eyes, long blond hair with long bangs that hides his eyes) and sweet, and would treat the girl like a princess but everyone forgets about Ryan because he is shy and doesn't talk. Is really tall. Doesn't like sports, he loves art
Brett: the Tough Guy. Good at everything he does and he does everything. He has the best grades imaginable. He has a new girlfriend every other day and all girls are in love with him. But the only girl he REALLY wants to be with is Mia. Likes being star. But doesn't show off too much. (Brett has Black Hair, Green Eyes)
Tyler: the PROFESSIONAL class clown and prankster. He is serious about scaring and humiliating people and making the OTHER people laugh. He has it tough at home and his parents ignore him so he always wants to have EVERYONE looking at ONLY HIM at school. Has brown hair, stormy gray, determined eyes. He could have as good grades as Brett or Ryan if he tried and gave it effort.
Noah( that is one of my FAVORITE-EST names!): he's the swimmer. He smells like chlorine all the time cause he swims, like every spare second. His hair used to be dark blown but now it's almost blond. He's really competitive and loves to race at everything. He could be good at football but he isn't interested. He doesn't have any time for a girlfriend and he doesn't really want one. He'll stop swimming when he's ready, and when he's ready to stop THEN he'll have a girl. He loves animals. He has chocolatey, beautiful, make-a-girl-melt, Brown eyes. He doesn't have prefect grades but they are good enough. He has some emotional issues because his parents split up when he was 12 years old. He has so much anger inside him and the only way to let it out is through his swimming. A
Carter: He is his girlfriend. Meaning, when people walk up to him they say "I know you, you're Samantha's boyfriend." Or "hey yo! Sam's guy! Get ova here!" He is only remembered because he is Sam's steady boyfriend. They do like each other but in reality, they are TOO different to be happy together.
Seth: the Animal Man. that's actually what people call him. He brought a puppy, a kitten, and a chick in for Show and Tell in Second Grade and it got crazy and crazier. His dad owns the local no-kill animal shelter and Seth loves hanging out there and his best friend is Chicken the dog. (He named it Chicken when he was two and the name stuck.) his mom died when Seth was less than a year old. She died in an airplane crash on her way to Brazil. She was going to brazil to take pictures of the rain Forrest. She was a professional nature photographer. Seth has blond hair (buzz cut) and hazel eyes

Alyson: the Diva, she thinks she is the queen and boss of everything. She also thinks everybody loves her and she is so hot, blah blah blah. But she is so stuck up that nobody likes her, even though she is attractive. ( Wavy Brown hair, Gray eyes)

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 10:19 PM

Where I left off:
Her only true friends are Ana and Alley. But they are kinda dumb. (Like the stereo-type blond, exept they're brownies) Alyson has blond hair that she dyed with red streaks. And Brown eyes.

Hailey: SPORTY! Hailey plays softball, basketball, hockey, archery, swimming, tennis, and loves flag football. She loves sports, like, alot! Her dream guy is Noah. She has Blond hair that she always wears in a French braid. She has blue twinkly eyes that sparkle when she wins. Her dad is a personal trainer and her mom is a nutritionist. She is an only child.

Mia: she is quiet. But she always has the cutest clothes and shoes and purses. Basically the SHOPPER! She loves science and is a little tiny bit nerdy, but she is the most popular girl in school cause she is so sweet. Mia has curly blond hair, and gentle green eyes, that turn emerald colored when she's mad. She has 8 siblings and she is second-oldest. Her older brother (Michael) annoys her the most and they don't get along. Mia's parents are divorced and her mom has custody of the 2 oldest children and the 3 youngest, and Dad takes care of the other 4 middle kids. Mom is remarrying to Jason Dunwoody ( a widower) who has 5 of his own kids, from the previous relation ship. Mia loves Jason, and her best friend is his oldest daughter, Emily. Mia knows Brett likes her but she's not interested. She likes a boy from church, William.

Alyssa: the Cutie. Alyssa is that girl who everyone likes, the people pleaser, the smartie. The girl who's always prepared for anything, from baby brother, Jake's "boo-boo's" to having that extra something ( pencil, birthday card, girly personal stuff, dollar, flashlight, ect.)
She has wavy brown hair, cinnamon brown eyes with gold specks. And freckles :)

Kailey: the "Playa." meaning, she has gone out with every guy from church, school, ect. She can only think about guys and is constantly gossiping about them. Has STRAIGHT, Blond hair, Gray eyes.

Samantha: The Buisness -Woman. Dreams of being the First Woman as President. Follows politics closely. Always has a "professional air" is polite and acts way older than she looks. Reddish Brown hair that is always in a tight bun and green eyes.She has a little brother that she has to take care of. Parents died at a early age and now the live with Aunt Eloise. Her boyfriend is Carter. He annoys her but -in her eyes- he is too cute to break up with.

Karina: The Environmentalist. Animals are her passion and loves thinking about ways to be "greener" and how to save the earth. She has a pet monkey that she rescued from a petting zoo. The owners abused and neglected the animals and Karina helped find new loving homes for the "little babies". The monkey's name is Kudzoo. She also has a Doberman, mouse, beagle, tabby cat, and Raccoon named Thief. Her dream man is Seth because he cares about animals as much as she. Sometimes Karina is called the Dog Whisperer because she and her Doberman "communicate" with their eyes. She can calm him by touching him. Or tell him do something without speaking. But she isn't geeky or weird. She is best friends with,Alyssa and they do everything together. She has Black hair that is tied up in a pony tail and has blue eyes with green and gold flecks in them.

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Posted 05 December 2012 - 08:28 PM

Sooooooo WDYT? :)

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