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Name Lists

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#1 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 25 January 2010 - 07:10 PM

I really like talking about name lists and seeing the different types of names that other people like so I though we could post our lists and comment on each other's names.

Reade Alexandra
Acadia Eden (pn Reed)
Kendra Jean
Copeland Pierce
Simone Savit (Savit pn suh VEE)
Luciana Margaret
Georgiana Grace
Freya Skye
Honor Alice
Sterling Rose
Gwendolyn Paige
Shannon Reese
Jocelyn Claire
Renna Nicole
Willa Mae
Leia Hope (pn LAY uh)
Isannah Maxine
Shemariah Ramona (pn shem muh RYE uh)
Roxane Noelle
Zoe Eleanor
Maya Diane
Miranda Faith
Alyssa Soleil
Ausdiz Jane (pn OW ss diss)
Bliss Sharon
Dallas Maeve
Caetrin Mary
Quinn Seraphina
Sabina Peace
Druinn Ophelia

Amos Ty
Angus Roy
Charles Francis
Henry Robert
Nicholas Thor
Samuel Eli
Oscar James
Orin Thomas
Kai Louis
Ross Gaetano
Trace Adam
Cullen Rufus
Broc Owen
Corbin Richard
Gaige William
Gideon Sage
Grayer Joseph
Hayes Theodore
Isaac Peter
Caleb Gregory
Keegan Jonah
Mateo Jack
Knox Simon
Truman Xavier
Zeben Noah (pn ZEB in)
Dhickon Oliver

#2 Lilah


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Posted 25 January 2010 - 09:52 PM

I'm sorry if some of my comments are too outspoken. Some of the names are very pretty/handsome

Simone Savit - I like Simone but I'm not fond of Savit
Freya Skye - I'm not fond of Freya
Sterling Rose - I don't like Sterling
Jocelyn Claire - This is very pretty
Leia Hope - Leia is one of my favorite names
Isannah Maxine - Not fond of this at all
Shemariah Ramona - Don't like it. It looks too made up
Ausdiz Jane - Not attractive at all
Bliss Sharon - I really don't think Bliss is a good name for a child
Dallas Maeve- I like Dallas, but only on a boy
Caetrin Mary - I can't pronounce this one
Druinn Ophelia - I don't like this

Amos Ty - I love Amos and I love Ty, but they don't sound good together
Angus Roy - Angus just sounds too outdated
Charles Francis - This combo seems very old fashioned
Nicholas Thor - I love Nicholas, but Thor just ruins it
Samuel Eli - This is very handsome
Kai Louis - I love Kai. Very nice
Trace Adam - Handsome
Cullen Rufus- Cullen is very handsome but Rufus reminds me of a dog
Gaige William - I like this one
Grayer Joseph - Very nice
Hayes Theodore - I don't like Hayes as a first name
Zeben Noah - Zeben seems too made-up
Dhickon Oliver - Dhickon is not a very attractive name

Here are the rest of the names that I liked, but I didn't like the combination that you chose:
Caleb, Jonah, Mateo, Knox, Simon

#3 Ryan-gal


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 11:35 AM

I like these of your names:
Acadia Eden- sweet
Simone Savit- I like them indivisually, but together kinda mush :)
Luciana Margaret- nice :)
Georgiana Grace: not one I'd usually like, but its kinda nice
Freya Skye: Kinda cute
Honor Alice: I've never heard of Honor before, but I kinda like it!
Sterling Rose: nice!
Gwendolyn Paige: like it! Gwen is really cute!
Shannon Reese: Like it a lot!
Renna Nicole: Cute!
Leia Hope: both really "cutesy", dont think they flow
Roxane Noelle: pretty
Zoe Eleanor: bias for Zoey :( Its nice!
Maya Diane: nice!
Alyssa Soleil: dont care for how it flows
Caetrin Mary: Caetrin is really different, but I think it could grow on me

Charles Francis: I like Charles
Henry Robert: Nice
Nicholas Thor: Nicholas is okay, dont care for Thor though :)
Samuel Eli: Love Samuel, love Eli!
Oscar James: Love James!
Orin Thomas: Love Thomas :) You have a lot of my favs is there!
Kai Louis: Its super cute, though I've a bias against Kai ... :)
Gaige William: cute! Love Gaige!
Gideon Sage: Cool name
Grayer Joseph: Nice
Hayes Theodore: Okay
Caleb Gregory: Nice
Mateo Jack: I like it!

#4 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 05:33 PM

everyone is commenting on my names but no one is adding their own. Please add your list because I love commenting on other names.

#5 D3sire


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 08:54 PM

Reade Alexandra - Not a fan of Reade. It feels very hard and masculine. I love Alexandra but the two paired together are very heavy.
Acadia Eden - Acadia is not my style. I don't mind Acacia though. Eden is nice.
Kendra Jean - Not a fan of either name. Feels very dated.
Copeland Pierce - Again neither is my style. Very masculine sounding.
Simone Savit (Savit pn suh VEE) - I don't like either name.
Luciana Margaret - Pretty. Definitely my favorite combo thus far.
Georgiana Grace - I prefer the simpler Georgia though I don't mind Georgiana. I think she needs a softer middle name.
Freya Skye - Not a fan of either name.
Honor Alice - Honor is not my style. I don't mind Alice as a mn.
Sterling Rose - I don't care for Sterling.
Gwendolyn Paige - I love Gwendolyn. Paige feels mismatched her. Gwendolyn Alice is nice.
Shannon Reese - Shannon is dated. Reese is masculine.
Jocelyn Claire - Pretty. Jocelyn isn't really my style but the combo works and I appreciate the names feminine appeal.
Renna Nicole - Not my style. The combo is very N heavy.
Willa Mae - Love Willa!! I tend to pair Willa with longer mn's but this is nice too.
Leia Hope (pn LAY uh) - Nice.
Isannah Maxine - Neither name is my style. Maxine feels very dated to me.
Shemariah Ramona (pn shem muh RYE uh) - Not my style at all. Shemariah is very visually unappealing imo.
Roxane Noelle - Roxanne makes me think of the Police song. The character Roxanne in the song was a prostitute, not the best connotation. I like Noelle and the combo flows well.
Zoe Eleanor - I don't particularly love either name but the combo is nice and Zoe gives Eleanor interest.
Maya Diane - Not my style. Diane is dated.
Miranda Faith - I love Miranda. Not a big fan of Faith. Miranda Juliet is my favorite Miranda combo.
Alyssa Soleil - Alyssa is ok, a bit 90's dated for me. The combo is very S heavy and smooshes together.
Ausdiz Jane (pn OW ss diss) - The first name is definitley not my style. Jane makes a nice mn.
Bliss Sharon - I strongly dislike both names. They feel very mismatched for style.
Dallas Maeve - Dallas is again not my style at all. I find it masculine and while I don't like the name on either sex it is that much worse for me on a girl. Maeve is nice.
Caetrin Mary - I prefer the spelling Catrine. The combo is ok.
Quinn Seraphina - I actually kind of like this one. I do prefer Quinn on a boy but the femininity of Seraphina pulls it together quite well. I love Seraphina.
Sabina Peace - Sabina is not my thing. Peace is not so much my style but I don't mind it in the middle spot.
Druinn Ophelia - Druinn is not my style. Ophelia is ok though I much prefer Odelia.

Amos Ty - Amos appeals to my quirky side. Not big on Ty. I think Amos needs a longer mn.
Angus Roy - Angus is a guilty pleasure for me. It is what I call nerdy-cool. I love the nn Gus. Roy is not my style and makes the name feel more nerdy than cool. I think Angus needs a lighter feeling mn.
Charles Francis - Strong classic.
Henry Robert - Ditto. I really like Henry.
Nicholas Thor - I like Nicholas despite its popularity. I do prefer Nikolai and Nikolai Thor would be awesome imo. I like that Thor adds interest to Nicholas.
Samuel Eli - Very handsome. I really like this.
Oscar James - Oscar is another guilty pleasure of mine. I like the combo.
Orin Thomas - Nice though I prefer Oren.
Kai Louis - Mismatched for style imo. Kai is better as a nn.
Ross Gaetano - Neither is my style.
Trace Adam - I don't care for Trace at all. Adam is ok.
Cullen Rufus - I prefer Callum to Cullen which makes me think of Twilight. Rufus is awesome. It is again strictly a gp for me but it makes for a really cool mn.
Broc Owen - Not a fan of Broc at all. I would prefer Brock but either way it is not my style. It sounds more like a bird sound to me. Owen is ok.
Corbin Richard - Neither name is my style. I strongly dislike Richard.
Gaige William - I don't like Gaige at all. I think the 'i' is unnecessary. Gage looks better to me though still not my style. I love William.
Gideon Sage - It isn't really my style but I can see the appeal.
Grayer Joseph - I much prefer Gray or Grayson. I love Joseph.
Hayes Theodore - Not a fan of Hayes. Theodore is ok. I prefer Theo.
Isaac Peter - Decent enough though not really my thing.
Caleb Gregory - Ditto. Gregory feels dated.
Keegan Jonah - I prefer Kieran. I like Jonah the combo is nice.
Mateo Jack - I prefer the spelling Matteo. Jack is nice too though I think they are mismatched for style.
Knox Simon - I don't like Knox at all, very celeb trendy. Simon is nice.
Truman Xavier - I like Xavier but not Truman.
Zeben Noah (pn ZEB in) - Not so much my style but it has a cool feel to it. I don't mind it.
Dhickon Oliver - Dhickon??? I STRONGLY dislike this one. Can you imagine the nicknames? I love Oliver.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

Julian August
August Leander
Felix Ambrose
Oliver Jude
Dante Roman
River Julian
Elias Roman
Caius Leander

Eve Alexandra
Ivy Josephine
Elodie Francesca
Cecily Miranda
Aria Josephine
Anya Caterina

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