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A story: Part 2

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 09:51 AM

Hello. My name is August Mae Evans. I am 16 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My mom's name is Elsa Elizabeth and my father's is Benjamin Andrew. They met a college.


We live in England. After three years of marriage, they concieved Austin Benjamin. He's 19 years old and has blonde hair and green eyes. Then they had Drew Levi . He looks like my dad with brown hair and green eyes. He is 17. I was born after Drew. I am 16 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Then Noah Gavin was born. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He's 14 years old. Then Nolan Trentwas born. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 13 years old. Then Dylan Michael was born. He is 11 years old. He has blonde hair and green eyes. And finally Alexa Zoe was born. She is 8 mos. old.

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 10:29 AM

4) Where do they end up living?

5) After marriage, how many years later did they conceive their first child?
4 years

6) MC’s Siblings:
Isabella (9)
Emma (8)
Mia (8)
Sophia (5)
Joshua (4)

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 11:40 AM

http://www.hairstyle...-hair-color.jpg -Ali
My name is Alcott Louise after Louisa May Alcott but you can call me Ali! My mom is Cora Elizabeth and my dad is Michael Thomas. They met at a going away party for a friend in high school. They started dating and went to the same university. When they were 25 they got married and two years after they had me!

When I was three we moved to California and a year after that my brother Alexander Grant was born. Four years after Alex was born we adopted Amelia Claire from Russia.
http://us.123rf.com/...all-cap.jpg-Amy 16 years old

http://images.veer.c...3215_P.JPG-Alex when he was 8

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 12:42 PM

Hi! I'm Araminta Helen Evans but I mainly go by Minnie! My parents are Evelyn Caroline and Harry James Evans. They met at a party thrown by my dad's best friend Mark. My mom was drug there by her best friend Helen who had just started dating Mark. My parents met and fell in love. They were married on April 19, 1989, three months after my mom turned 19 and I came along a few months later. :)

Posted Image <---- Minnie (21)

Posted Image <------ Evelyn and Harry (40 and 41)

My dad inheirted his great-grandfather's house in Kent, England, soon after I was born. We moved there when I was just a few weeks old.

6 months after I was born which was a year and a half after they were married, my mom started to feel funny so she went to the doctor. I was getting a little brother or sister! Nine months later my little brother Theodore James arrived!

Posted Image<---- Theo (20)

2 years later my parents decided that they should expand our family with another baby but we were surprised with two! My little brother and sister Abraham Michael and Vivian Sarah.

Posted Image<----- Bram and Vivi (18)

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 12:44 PM

A year later my mom was feeling sick and went to the doctor. Sure enough eight months later my newest little brother was born! They named him Charles Edward.

Posted Image<----- Charlie (17)

3 years after Charlie was born my parents decided to try again but were having trouble. They decided to try IVF and we were blessed with the triplets! Christian Samuel, Nathaniel Thomas, and Theresa Kathryn.

Posted Image<----- Chris, Nate, and Tessa (14)

Evelyn and Harry Evans with Minnie, Theo, Bram, Vivi, Charlie, Chris, Nate and Tessa.

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Posted 18 August 2010 - 04:52 PM

Hi, my name is Abbott Frances Lightfeather, but everyone calls me Frankie. My mum's names is Evelyn Caroline, and my dad is Hugh Daniel. They went to the same high school, and got married at 25, just before I was born. I get my fiery red hair from my mum, but I have my dad's calm blue eyes. My mum has grey eyes, and my dad has brown hair. They both say that I got the best deal, both of the good bits of them, but I love them both to bits, who wouldn't?

We moved to California not long after I was born, because of family commitments there. Not long after we moved, about a year, mum wasn't feeling too good. She went to the doctors, and it turned out she was pregnant! Nine months later (or thereabouts) my little brother Evan Scott was born. He has mum's eyes and dad's hair. 2 years after Evan was born mum fell pregnant again. This time, Evan and I gained two siblings! The twins, Luke Spencer and Seth Garrett, joined our family, both looking the spitting image of dad. About a year after the twins, our sister Katelyn Marissa was born, with mum's hair and eyes. Our last sibling was Shelby Alexis, born on a frosty morning in January. Her brown hair comes from dad, but her stunning green eyes are a present from granny.

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Posted 02 June 2012 - 09:48 AM

Amanda Beth Evans is the daughter of Edward James and Clara Elizabeth Evans. Her parents went to school together and got married short after. 3 years later they moved to Florida and had a little girl, it was then that they decided not to have any more.

Edward James and Clara Elizabeth
Posted Image

Amanda Beth Evans
Posted Image

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Posted 02 June 2012 - 10:22 AM

Evelyn Jane & Theodore Andrew Lightfeather

-Met at Princeton University

-Married at the age of 21

-Moved to England

-Two years later they had their first of four children

DS: Maxwell Connor [24]

Posted Image

DD: Emerson Rosalind [23]

Posted Image

DD: Savannah Alexis [21]

Posted Image

DD: Aubrey Victoria [18]

Posted Image

Theo & Evelyn Lightfeather +

Max, Emerson, Savannah, & Aubrey

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Posted 02 June 2012 - 12:29 PM

DM: Prudence Helen Harding {40}
DF: Andrew Thomas Harding {42}

DS: Noah Mason Harding {19}

DD (MC): Emerson Louise Harding {17}

DS: Tucker Caleb Harding {16}
DD/DD: Heather Cheyenne Harding & Marissa Aubrey Harding {15}

-How did main Character’s parents meet?
They met in their first year of College

- At what age did they marry?
They married at 18

-Where do they end up living?
They ended up moving to New York.

-After marriage, how many years later did they conceive their first child?

They had their first child three years into their marriage.

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Posted 02 June 2012 - 09:18 PM

MC: Allegra Margaret Evans (20) 'Ally'

DM: Florence Jane
DF: Samuel Charles

2) At church
3) 20
4) Florida
5) 1 year
6) 2
Kathryn Lydia (18)
Arthur Joel (16)

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Posted 03 June 2012 - 11:55 AM

LN: Harding
DH: Edward Thomas
DW: Ruth Katherine
DD: Eva Margaret
DS: Brian Alexander
DD: Kelsey Breanna
DD: Caitlyn Michelle

Ruth and Edward met through work. They got married at age 21.
They ended up living in New York.
Three years after getting married, Ruth and Edward had their first child, Eva.
Four years later, they had a son named Brian.
Four years later, they had a daughter named Kelsey.
Finally, three years later, they had a daughter named Caitlyn.

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 08:05 AM

part 1:MC: Emery Pearl Harding *Emmy*

DM (Dear mother): Pearl Elizabeth
DF (Dear Father): Alexander Charles*Alex*

How did main Character’s parents meet?
"Through college"
At what age did they marry?

Part 2:Where do they end up living?
New York
After marriage, how many years later did they conceive their first child?
4 years
MC’s Siblings: 6
Sister- Megan Ashley(17)
MC: Emery Pearl (14)
Brother-Tyler James(12)
Brother-Kyle Jonathan(10)
Sister- Alexandra Nicole(9)
Sister- Kayla Jennifer(7)
Sister-Lauren Elizabeth(5)

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Posted 07 June 2012 - 08:52 PM

Vivian and Thomas lived in CA and conceived three months after marriage. They had Anya(5), Jacob(3), and Noah(newborn).

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Posted 12 June 2012 - 08:12 AM

Hi everyone! My name is Isabel Geraldine Patterson.

I have Irish origins from my father Patrick David Patterson. This lad met my mother (Leonora Caroline) at a party in Chicago when they were in their early twenties. They were both very independent young people: my father was a great singer and my mother an incredible dancer. They married at 24 in Church: they are both Catholics, my father being Irish and my mother being Mexican.

People say I inherited my mother's beauty and tanned skin but I know that my red hair and green eyes prove I'm my father's daughter!

Having both grown up in the Chicago suburbs, they both dreamed of another life and success. So at 25, they left Chicago to start a new life in California. There, they managed. My father sang in the streets, and my mother was a waitress during the day and an exotic dancer during the night. At 28, my mother fell pregnant with my big brothers (they're twins):Max Ruben and Trey Aaron.

At 29, they had my big sister: Dominique Gabriela.

Those three children were a little too much for them: my mother stopped working and my father started his own firm of real estate. It worked well and quick: at 35, they decided to have another child: one year later, I was born.

I am now 20
My parents, Patrick and Leonora, are 56.
Max and Trey are 28 and Dominique is 27.

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 07:38 AM

Arabella 6+ 5 Siblings- B, 5 /G, 4 /B-B, 2 /G nb

James and Florence had lived in the city of New York all there lives and after marrying decided to stay within the city instead of moving away. Within six months of marrying, James and Florence are having their first baby. They are excited but soon after finding out about the pregnancy, James is called away to serve in the war. He is gone just under a year and returns when his child is just over a month old, who had been born in March of 1914. Florence had not felt right naming the child by herself and had only given her a first name, with James' return he picked her middle name, after his sister, and she was named Arabella Louise Lightfeather.

Within a month of James return, they discover that Florence is pregnant again! Though Arabella is only a few months old, they are confident that they can handle a new baby in nine months. After all, Arabella is a quite and calm baby and hardly any trouble between feeding times. They soon discover that not all babies are alike however, when Michael James Lightfeather is born in April of 1915. Unlike is sister, he is a colicky baby and cannot be calmed no matter what they try. He cries and cries and no amount of rocking or feeding can console him. Eventually it is Arabella that consoles him, when during a late night, Florence lays him in her cot with her in her haste. With Arabella as his bed mate, Michael is quite and restful and soon drifts off to sleep.

It is soon after discovering Michael and Arabella's bond that Florence tells James that she is pregnant once again. Though they had always dreamed of a big family, they never thought it would happen so quickly and with the knowledge that not all children are the same, they are wary of what their newest child will be like. In June of 1916, Abigail Grace Lightfeather is born. Sadly, within a month of her birth, James is called to serve his country again. Leaving Florence to care for three young children alone. This time he is gone much longer.

In the two years that James is gone, Arabella and Michael are walking and talking and Abigail is beginning to take her first steps. Florence misses her husband dearly and the children miss their father, often asking where he is. Florence dreads every knock on the door, afraid that it is bad news about James. Posted Image

Abigail Grace Lightfeather (2), Michael James Lightfeather (3) and Arabella Louise (4)

Thankfully, just after Abigail's second birthday, James returns home! He is ecstatic to see his children and how they have grown and the children know who he is immediately. They greet him with hugs and cries of joy as the family is finally reunited and made whole again.

Once again, within a month of James' return, Florence is pregnant again! This time something is off however. The entire pregnancy feels different and Florence remarks that the child is usually active and her stomach is much larger that with her other three pregnancies. The following summer, in August of 1918, they find out why. It was twins boys!! It was quite a shock to the entire family but they welcome the extra addition with open arms and happy smiles. The boys are named:

Benjamin Todd Lightfeather and Jonathan Samuel Lightfeather.

Posted Image

Now with a house of five children, all under the age of five, Florence and James were very busy. James was often gone for days at a time on the ships going out to sea which left Florence with the children. James was aware of this and often took over watching the children when he was home so that Florence could rest. The next two years passed in this manner and Florence and James thought they were finally through with having children. Instead, 9 months later in November of 1920, Elizabeth Charlotte Lightfeather was born.

Posted Image

Nicholas James Lightfeather (25) and Charlotte Florence Lightfeather (nee Harding) (24)

Arabella Louise Lightfeather (6)

Michael James Lightfeather (5)

Abigail Grace Lightfeather (4)

Benjamin Todd Lightfeather and Jonathan Samuel Lightfeather (2)

Elizabeth Charlotte Lightfeather (NB)

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Posted 12 October 2012 - 12:34 PM

{19} Ivy Winnifred Lopez

Posted Image


{48} Arthur Paul + Edith Caroline {46}

Posted Image

met: through church

married: when Arthur was 27 and Edith was 25

settled in: California

first child: 2 years after marriage (Ivy)

second child: 2 years later (Brooke Alexandra)

third child: 2 years later (Claudia Paige)

fourth child: 5 years later (Liam Chase)

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Posted 19 October 2012 - 02:01 PM

After getting married and honeymooning in Hawaii, Vera Margaret and William George Lightfeather moved to Vermont, where William's friend wanted to hire him. Just 6 months after their wedding, the newlyweds conceived their first child Gabriela Krystal. Just two years later, they had their only boy, Dalton Bruce. Having a girl and a boy, they felt like they had a complete family and didn't desire anymore children. They did their best to not have anymore, but 5 years later, little Britney Cynthia came as a surprise. The parents weren't good at preventing pregnancy because 5 years later they also welcomed Nichole Sophia. They love their children so much, but really didn't want any more. Unfortunately the very fertile pair conceived and gave birth to Octavia Pearl 4 years later.

DH: William George Lightfeather (37)

DW: Vera Margaret Lightfeather (nee Smith) (37)

DD: Gabriela Krystal Lightfeather (16)

DS: Dalton Bruce (14)

DD: Britney Cynthia (9)

DD: Nichole Sophia (4)

DD: Octavia Pearl (nb)


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 11:37 PM

Dearest Reader,

I would like to tell you the story of h0w my parents met. My mom, Adelia Helen, was a princess when she was younger. She had two older brothers, so that's how her parents treated her, because she was their only daughter. She always got what she wanted, she was a ballerina from ages 4-10, and loved doing bake sales with her mother. She and her mother loved to bake all kinds of treats; cookies, pies, cakes, etc. I guess you could say my mom was spoiled, but she was anything but a brat. She was very sweet and kind, always helping others. She especially loved to help the elderly. She helped them cross the street, play games with them, and just talked to them. I guess this was because her grandmother was in a nursing home. Things went great with my mom, up until her grandmother died. After that, my mom was a train wreck - completely flustered, confused, and most of all, she changed. She was a completely different person after the incident. She was 11 when her grandmother died, so she would have been going into middle school. Her change started off small. First, it was her attitude. She wasn't the charming, bubbly, happy-go-lucky little girl her parents knew anymore. She was....distant. Something threw my mother's mom off with what she said. She basically told her mom, "You were just like her." Oddly enough, their relationship wasn't the same anymore. By the time my mom reached 8th grade, she got herself into the wrong crowd. She was hanging out with the rebels and the druggies. She actually experimented a few times.

It wasn't until high school that my parents met. By 9th grade, my mom's grades have completely dropped, she skipped school often (to screw around), and she was just bad in general. She talked back to the teachers (actually got one fired because she kissed him and reported it to the principal), hit other students, shut out her friends, and got into quite a few fights. Luckily, if my mom hadn't met my dad, well I wouldn't be here for one, and my mom would have been dead. My mom was in a huge physical fight with her current boyfriend, and my dad came and rescued her from the mess. He was a charming young man (my mother would later tell me "exactly the opposite of me"), named Charles Lawrence Lightfeather, who liked helping others, and unlike her, had great grades.

My dad - chestnut brown hair, bright blue eyes, tall, fit, good grades, kind, gentle - everything a girl could dream for. I can see why my mom married him now. My dad actually came from a completely different background than my mom. He actually wasn't tight knit with his parents or his 5 brothers. He was the youngest, and picked on by all of them. He told my mom that school was the only place he fit in. Ironically, at school, he wasn't much different in how alone he was. Until he met my mom, he only had 1 best friend. My dad didn't have a girlfriend prior to my mom. I think he was afraid of his dad. Well, my dad wasn't afraid to be with my mom. He changed her, coming into her life. It was in 9th grade that they met, in 9th grade that he told her he loved her, and just that summer he asked her to marry him. Being as skeptical as she is, my mom actually said no; but only because she was already in enough trouble as she was. My mom told my dad that she had to straighten everything out.

And it was that summer that my mom changed for my dad. He told her that she shouldn't change for him. She said, "I'm not. I'm doing it because I want to." My mom would later recall that huge smile that appeared on his face. That summer, my mom changed everything - her looks (she went back to the way she was), her attitude, and her relationships. It was never completely rekindled with her mom, but it was with her friends. By the following school year, in 11th grade, my mom had straight As again. And that summer, my dad proposed to her again, and she said yes. During their entire senior year, they were planning their wedding, unbeknowst to eithers' parents.

After my parents graduated high school, they eloped and got married a year later. Sadly, my mom never saw her family again, but she did talk to her brothers on the phone, and occasionally her mother (her dad ran off for another woman).

When my parents eloped, they ended up in Florida. My dad had an uncle there, who was completely supportive of their situation. Being as nice as he was, surprisingly not, he took them under his wing. He treated my dad like he was his own son, and my mom his daughter-in-law. Considering that my parents were now married, it wasn't surprising that my mom got pregnant. Yup, and that was with me. My little sister is 6 years younger than me. Her name is Kayla Morgan.

~Amaya Genevieve Lightfeather

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 02:25 PM

A story, part one

Main character (MC): Arden Matilda Lightfeather

DM: Ivy Olivia Lightfeather
DF: Leo Nicholas Lightfeather

How did main Character’s parents meet: Went to the same high school

At what age did they marry: 18

A story, part two

Where do they end up living: New York

After marriage, how many years later did they conceive their first child: 1 year

MC’s Siblings: 2

Brother: Tyler Zachary Lightfeather (3 Years older than MC)
Sister: Callie Sophia Lightfeather (5 Years younger than MC)

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 10:39 PM

MC: Aspen Theodora Evans

DM: Kay Frances Evans
DF: Daniel Isaac Evans

Aspen's parents met in high school and were married shortly after graduation at the age of 18. They end up living in California, and a year after they were married they conceived their first child, Mia Elizabeth Evans.

-Mia Elizabeth {19}
-Aspen Theodora {17}
-Mason Alexander {14}
-Sophia Abigail {13}
-Jacob William {10}
-Aiden Michael {7}
-Emma Madison {5}

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