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A story: Part 3

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 08:10 AM

part 1:MC: Emery Pearl Harding *Emmy*

DM (Dear mother): Pearl Elizabeth
DF (Dear Father): Alexander Charles*Alex*

How did main Character’s parents meet?
"Through college"
At what age did they marry?

Part 2:Where do they end up living?
'New York"
After marriage, how many years later did they conceive their first child?
"4 years"
MC’s Siblings: "6"
Sister- Megan Ashley(17)
MC: Emery Pearl (14)
Brother-Tyler James(12)
Brother-Kyle Jonathan(10)
Sister- Alexandra Nicole(9)
Sister- Kayla Jennifer(7)
Sister-Lauren Elizabeth(5)

Part 3:Main character graduates high school, and then goes onto college.
What does she major in?
She starts dating a handsome man…his name is Brandon Slade
Where did they meet?
at college
Her boyfriend then proposes.
At a fancy restaurant
They then get married, and go on their honeymoon
Where do they go?

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Posted 07 June 2012 - 08:58 PM

Anya majored in English Literature at Villanova University. It was there that she met Eric Vanegas through a party hosted by friends. He proposed at home, and they honeymooned in Vegas.

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Posted 12 June 2012 - 08:29 AM

Hi everyone! My name is Isabel Geraldine Patterson but everybody calls me Bella.

I have Irish origins from my father Patrick David Patterson. This lad met my mother (Leonora Caroline) at a party in Chicago when they were in their early twenties. They were both very independent young people: my father was a great singer and my mother an incredible dancer. They married at 24 in Church: they are both Catholics, my father being Irish and my mother being Mexican.

People say I inherited my mother's beauty and tanned skin but I know that my red hair and green eyes prove I'm my father's daughter!

Having both grown up in the Chicago suburbs, they both dreamed of another life and success. So at 25, they left Chicago to start a new life in California. There, they managed. My father sang in the streets, and my mother was a waitress during the day and an exotic dancer during the night. At 28, my mother fell pregnant with my big brothers (they're twins):Max Ruben and Trey Aaron.

At 29, they had my big sister: Dominique Gabriela.

Those three children were a little too much for them: my mother stopped working and my father started his own firm of real estate. It worked well and quick: at 35, they decided to have another child: one year later, I was born.

When the story starts:

I am 20
My parents, Patrick and Leonora, are 56.
Max and Trey are 28 and Dominique is 27.


My family being from so many different horizons, I chose to major in history at UCLA after highschool.

I had been raised in religious faith so I attended church every Sunday morning even when I lived far from my parents in LA (they lived in Frisco). I sat at the same seat every Sunday. A man sat next to me: his name was Jack Dunton. He was Irish as well: but not an American-Irish like me, no. He was a real Irishman whose parents had chosen to move to England for better opportunities. He had chosen the US and had become a successful banker there. He was a handsome man: not at all ruddy like my father but tall and slender and sweet. And red-haired, just like me! We used to talk after church for hald an hour or so and then we bade each other goodbye.

One day, he asked me out and we started our wonderful relationship. Jack was a little older than me (3 years older). When I was 21 and he was 24, he took me to nice restaurant and asked me to marry him: I couldn't be happier! My family was so happy for me! The wedding was great and very traditional. We married in the church of our meeting. It was romantic and nice.

I had always dreamed of going to Europe. Being a student in history, it was obvious that the country I chose for our honeymoon was Italy! And how great it was!

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 08:21 AM

When Arabella finishes her schooling, she decides to pursue further learning in Horticulture. While she loves to write like her mother, she doesn't have the patience to do it as much as her mother. She still dreams of someday joining a branch of the Military as well but for now she chooses to pursue her new found love and talent of Horticulture.

Soon after attending the school she bumps into a young man in the courtyard, after a hurried apology she rushes off, both embarrassed and late for her classes. Later that same day as she exits her final class, she see's the young man waiting outside the door. Still embarrassed, she attempts to hide behind her books but he still spots her. He introduces himself as Paul Edmund Arrowood. He is a few years older than her and they begin to talk on their breaks from class. She finds out that Paul is in the Army and is going to school for English Literature! They soon begin dating and are very much in love.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Arabella Louise Lightfeather(18) and Paul Edmund Arrowood (20)

One day, after nearly a year of courtship, Paul takes her out to the theater to see a show. During intermission, he leads her outside and proposes for all of New York to see! She is so happy that the rest of the show is a blur for her and she cannot wait to tell her parents the good news! They of course are very happy that such a fine young man has asked for their daughter's hand and her father is very pleased that it was a Military man. Though Florence is a little wary of that aspect for her daughter, as she knows it was sometimes difficult to be married to someone who was away for long periods of time, especially if they had children.

Within the year they are happily married and Paul surprises her by telling her that they will be honeymooning in Italy! Arabella has a wonderful time in Italy and send postcards to her family and buys many trinkets and gifts for her family as well as for her and Paul's new home that is waiting for them back in New York. When they return to the States, her family is happy to see her again and love their gifts and want to know all about her trip to Italy.

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Posted 12 October 2012 - 12:40 PM

{24} Ivy Winnifred Lopez

graduated high school;

attended university for Mathematics

{24} Brandon Henry Atwater

graduated high school;

attened university for English Literature

[Ivy + Brandon]

met: High School Sweethearts

engaged: Brandon proposed in Paris

honeymoon: Italy


{53} Arthur Paul + Edith Caroline {51}

met: through church

married: when Arthur was 27 and Edith was 25

settled in: California

first child: 2 years after marriage (Ivy)

second child: 2 years later (Brooke Alexandra)

third child: 2 years later (Claudia Paige)

fourth child: 5 years later (Liam Chase)

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Posted 19 October 2012 - 07:03 PM

Octavia Pearl Lightfeather is all grown up. While in high school she met her true love, Aaron Mosqueda. They both go off to college. She majors in History and he majors in Horticulture. After they graduate, Aaron proposes to her at home. They have a lovely wedding and honeymoon in beautiful Alaska.

Posted Image

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 11:48 PM

Dearest Reader,

I would like to tell you the story of h0w my parents met. My mom, Adelia Helen, was a princess when she was younger. She had two older brothers, so that's how her parents treated her, because she was their only daughter. She always got what she wanted, she was a ballerina from ages 4-10, and loved doing bake sales with her mother. She and her mother loved to bake all kinds of treats; cookies, pies, cakes, etc. I guess you could say my mom was spoiled, but she was anything but a brat. She was very sweet and kind, always helping others. She especially loved to help the elderly. She helped them cross the street, play games with them, and just talked to them. I guess this was because her grandmother was in a nursing home. Things went great with my mom, up until her grandmother died. After that, my mom was a train wreck - completely flustered, confused, and most of all, she changed. She was a completely different person after the incident. She was 11 when her grandmother died, so she would have been going into middle school. Her change started off small. First, it was her attitude. She wasn't the charming, bubbly, happy-go-lucky little girl her parents knew anymore. She was....distant. Something threw my mother's mom off with what she said. She basically told her mom, "You were just like her." Oddly enough, their relationship wasn't the same anymore. By the time my mom reached 8th grade, she got herself into the wrong crowd. She was hanging out with the rebels and the druggies. She actually experimented a few times.

It wasn't until high school that my parents met. By 9th grade, my mom's grades have completely dropped, she skipped school often (to screw around), and she was just bad in general. She talked back to the teachers (actually got one fired because she kissed him and reported it to the principal), hit other students, shut out her friends, and got into quite a few fights. Luckily, if my mom hadn't met my dad, well I wouldn't be here for one, and my mom would have been dead. My mom was in a huge physical fight with her current boyfriend, and my dad came and rescued her from the mess. He was a charming young man (my mother would later tell me "exactly the opposite of me"), named Charles Lawrence Lightfeather, who liked helping others, and unlike her, had great grades.

My dad - chestnut brown hair, bright blue eyes, tall, fit, good grades, kind, gentle - everything a girl could dream for. I can see why my mom married him now. My dad actually came from a completely different background than my mom. He actually wasn't tight knit with his parents or his 5 brothers. He was the youngest, and picked on by all of them. He told my mom that school was the only place he fit in. Ironically, at school, he wasn't much different in how alone he was. Until he met my mom, he only had 1 best friend. My dad didn't have a girlfriend prior to my mom. I think he was afraid of his dad. Well, my dad wasn't afraid to be with my mom. He changed her, coming into her life. It was in 9th grade that they met, in 9th grade that he told her he loved her, and just that summer he asked her to marry him. Being as skeptical as she is, my mom actually said no; but only because she was already in enough trouble as she was. My mom told my dad that she had to straighten everything out.

And it was that summer that my mom changed for my dad. He told her that she shouldn't change for him. She said, "I'm not. I'm doing it because I want to." My mom would later recall that huge smile that appeared on his face. That summer, my mom changed everything - her looks (she went back to the way she was), her attitude, and her relationships. It was never completely rekindled with her mom, but it was with her friends. By the following school year, in 11th grade, my mom had straight As again. And that summer, my dad proposed to her again, and she said yes. During their entire senior year, they were planning their wedding, unbeknowst to eithers' parents.

After my parents graduated high school, they eloped and got married a year later. Sadly, my mom never saw her family again, but she did talk to her brothers on the phone, and occasionally her mother (her dad ran off for another woman).

When my parents eloped, they ended up in Florida. My dad had an uncle there, who was completely supportive of their situation. Being as nice as he was, surprisingly not, he took them under his wing. He treated my dad like he was his own son, and my mom his daughter-in-law. Considering that my parents were now married, it wasn't surprising that my mom got pregnant. Yup, and that was with me. My little sister is 6 years younger than me. Her name is Kayla Morgan.

During the writing of this letter, I graduated high school, and I am heading off to college. I am majoring in English Literature. While at college, I met the most gorgeous man on the planet - Aaron Joshua Fisher. It was at a party hosted by a few of my friends. I immediately fell in love with him right then and there. On a vacation to New York City, Aaron proposes to me. I say yes! We go to Las Vegas for our honeymoon!

~Amaya Genevieve Lightfeather

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 03:01 PM

A story, part one

Main character (MC): Arden Matilda Lightfeather

DM: Ivy Olivia Lightfeather
DF: Leo Nicholas Lightfeather

How did main Character’s parents meet: Went to the same high school

At what age did they marry: 18

A story, part two

Where do they end up living: New York

After marriage, how many years later did they conceive their first child: 1 year

MC’s Siblings: 2

Brother: Tyler Zachary Lightfeather (3 Years older than MC)
Sister: Callie Sophia Lightfeather (5 Years younger than MC)

A story, part three

Main character graduates high school, and then goes onto college.

What does she major in: Spanish

She starts dating a handsome man…

His name:

Where did they meet: Met through work

Her boyfriend then proposes.

Where: At a fancy restaurant

They then get married, and go on their honeymoon.

Where do they go: Barbados

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 11:00 PM

MC: Aspen Theodora Evans

DM: Kay Frances Evans
DF: Daniel Isaac Evans

Aspen's parents met in high school and were married shortly after graduation at the age of 18. They end up living in California, and a year after they were married they conceived their first child, Mia Elizabeth Evans.

-Mia Elizabeth {19}
-Aspen Theodora {17}
-Mason Alexander {14}
-Sophia Abigail {13}
-Jacob William {10}
-Aiden Michael {7}
-Emma Madison {5}

Aspen graduates high school, and then goes onto college, majoring in English Literature. She starts dating a handsome man named Dag Demitrio Kerwer. Aspen and Dag met at a party hosted by friends.

Dag proposes to Aspen in Paris. After the wedding they honeymoon in Las Vegas.

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 06:00 PM

Nathaniel 'Nate' William Patterson [59]
Lucinda 'Lucy' Elizabeth Patterson [59]
William 'Will' Samuel Patterson [31]
Christopher 'Kit' Andrew Patterson [27]
Angelica 'Angie' Margaret Patterson [25]
Nicholas 'Nick' Michael Patterson [22]

Nate and Lucy met at college.
They married when they were 24. 
They live in Vermont.


Thomas 'Tom' Joseph Watson [24]
Angelica 'Angie' Margaret Patterson [25]

Angie majors in Spanish.
Angie and Tom met at work.
Tom proposes at a fancy restaurant.
They go to Italy on their honeymoon.

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 04:46 PM

MC: Arwen Matilda Harding 


DM: Elsie Patricia 

DF: James Alexander 


Elsie and James met at a party and got married at 19. 


They moved to England and one year later they had me! 

I have one younger sister named Amber Melissa Harding. 


A few years later and I have finally graduated high school! I’m moving on to university majoring in English Literature.


While touring the university, I bumped into the most handsome man named, Erick Finnegan Banks. We click instantly and start dating. 6 months later, he proposed while we were taking a walk in the local park. 5 months later we got married and traveled to Alaska for our honeymoon.


The Harding Family: 

James Alexander (39) 

Elsie Patricia (39) 

Arwen Matilda (19)

Amber Melissa (17) 


The Banks Family:

Erick Finnegan (20)

Arwen Matilda (19)

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 06:07 PM

Eliana Genevieve [Harding] Welsh
--Mom: Vivian Charlotte Harding
--Dad: Mark Daniel Harding
-Brother: Nicholas Ethan "Nick"
-Brother: Colin Bryce
-Sister: Jessica Summer "Jessie"
-Brother: Logan Blake
-Brother: Seth Caleb

Keenan Titus Welsh

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 10:47 PM

A story, part one

MC: Ingrid Frances Lightfeather (18)

DM: Imogen Patricia (39)
DF: Jack John (39)

2) How did main Character’s parents meet?


Me through work

3) At what age did they marry?





A story, part two

4) Where do they end up living? 


5) After marriage, how many years later did they conceive their first child?

3 years

6) MC’s Siblings:

Roll two dice, add them up and then find the same number from below and that’s how many children they had. 

Sister - Isabella Mae Lightfeather (18)



A story, part three

6) What does she major in?

English Literature

She starts dating a handsome man…

Jeremy Lionel Grace (19)

7) Where did they meet?

Through College

Her boyfriend then proposes.

7) Where? 

In the local park

They then get married, and go on their honeymoon.

8) Where do they go?


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 11:57 AM

[23] Arden Genevieve Stanford (Smith)

-majors in Horticulture

-meets [24] Isaac Liam Stanford

-begin dating

-Liam proposes at a fancy restaurant

-honeymoon in Alaska



[54] Hugh Robert & Clara Frances [53]

-lived in same neighbourhood growing up

-Hugh was 20 and Clara was 19 when they married

-settled in Vermont

-pregnant after one year of marriage

-had 6 kids



[32] Joanna Evelyn Harding (Smith)

[29] Caleb Marcus Smith

[27] Bailey Emma Roswell (Smith)

[24] Nathaniel Edwin Smith

[17] Gage Oliver Smith

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Posted 13 December 2013 - 11:59 AM

Peter Nicholas Harding and Miriam Barbara Lincoln met at a high school party. They started dating aged 17, and got married when they were 24. They moved into a three bedroom town house in South Dakota. One year into the marriage, Miriam fell pregnant, and the couple welcomed their first child; a son named Micah Sebastian. Two years later Miriam fell pregnant again, and the family welcomed another son, Ruben Kristopher. When Ruben started school, Miriam and Pete started trying for another baby, and soon welcomed their third child, a girl named Eliora Genevieve. A year later Miriam was surprised to find herself pregnant for the fourth time, and the family welcomed their last child into the world; baby Summer Caroline.


Elli graduates high school with an A average, and goes to college in California. She majors in Spanish and meets a cute guy named Cecil Montgomery Williams who is studying on the same program as her. They date for three years and then Cecil decides to propose. He makes sure to get Peter's blessing, and proposes at sunset on the local beach. Elli says yes, and the couple have a smallish wedding at their local church. They honeymoon on the Isle of Wight in England, and have a wonderful time.



Peter Nicholas Harding {53} and Miriam Barbara (Lincoln) Harding {53} with Micah Sebastian Harding {28}, Ruben Kristopher Harding {26}, Eliora Genevieve Harding {21}, and Summer Caroline Harding {20}

Elli {21} and Cecil Montgomery Williams {21}

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