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WANTED: Opinions :)

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#1 Katie-Nana


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Posted 26 February 2010 - 10:11 AM

Anna / Anna-Gail / Anna Gail
(Which spelling of Gail/Gayle/Gale)

FN/MN Combos

Edie Laurence
Anna Gail Charlotte
Prynn Eloise
Prynn Alexandra
Anna Patience
Anna Gail _______
Anna Winifred?

...I'm also loving the mn Prairie but I don't think it goes with any of my favorite girl names ;)

James Wisdom
Whitman Lark-Alfred (Lark Alfred is my G-pa and its important that I use both names)
Wiley Alexander
Wiley Abram
Wes Abram
Wes Lyn-Abram (Lyn is a family name)
Wiley _________

...I also love Alistair for mn but (again) not sure if it goes

#2 ~Nadezhda


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Posted 26 February 2010 - 11:59 AM

For girls, I really like Edie & Anna!
I would use Abigail rather than just Gail :')
Prynn is not really my style, sorry.

Boys: great names. Just wanted to say that :)
I love James, and Whitman is veeeery handsome.
Wiley I'm not extremely fond of, but it's not the worst either. I also love Wes, but I prefer it as a nickname for Wesley :')

I really like your combos.

Edie Laurence: love it.
Anna Gail Charlotte: I already gave my two cents on Gail. Anna & Charlotte are beautiful together, even on their own. But if you must keep all three, I would hyphenate. Anna-Gail Charlotte just seems to be less "quicker", if it makes any sense at all.
Prynn Eloise: Again, I'm not too fond of Prynn. But Eloise is very pretty and they go well together.
Prynn Alexandra: See above.
Anna Patience: I love virtue names.. Anna Patience is beautiful.
Anna Winifred: I don't like Winifred, sorry! ;)

James Wisdom: James is so simple, an uncommon middle name like Wisdom is perfect!
Whitman Lark-Alfred: These aren't necessarily names I would use for myself, but I really like the combo. Plus the family connection makes it even more meaningful!
Wiley Alexander: I'm not crazy about Wiley.. probably because it sounds like a misprounounced Riley to me. Alexander is super hansome. If I had to choose, I'd choose Abram {Too many L's in Wiley Alexander}, but it is still a great combo IMO.
Wiley Abram: See above; I like them together a lot.
Wes Abram: I think you get it that I like Abram :D Wes alone seems a little short, so I would either use Wesley or choose the hyphenate below.
Wes Lyn-Abram: I think it's a great alternative if you don't like the longer wesley. Great flow!

Oh, and random note: I think Wiley Alexander & Wesley Abram would make a great twin-boy set! :D

Hope it helped, good lucK!

#3 Mishada


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Posted 28 February 2010 - 10:38 PM

FOUND: opinions :)

Edie - honestly, it makes me think of an old lady... sorry.
Anna / Anna-Gail / Anna Gail - I like Gail better spelling-wise. I think a lot of people would think she you said Anna-Gail.
Prynn - I like this okay. Better for a middle name.
James - Love this name. Just love it.
Wiley - Okay. Pronunciation might be tricky.
Whitman - Also okay, definitely better as a middle name.
Wes - Great as a nickname for Wesley.

Edie Laurence - It looks like it is one letter away from a guys name. :)
Anna Gail Charlotte - I really like charlotte. Not sure about the combination.
Prynn Eloise - Sounds pretty good.
Prynn Alexandra - My 2nd fave of the girls combinations.
Anna Patience - Patience is one the few 'virtue' type names I like. I really like the combination. My fav for the girls
Anna Gail Victoria - so it is 2 1 3 syllable-wise which is nice
Anna Winifred? - I love most other forms of winifred, like Gwen/Gwendolyn/etc. Winifred is just okay. 3rd in the girls catagory

James Wisdom - Wisdom is a virtue name that is dont like. not even as a middle.
Whitman Lark-Alfred - If the name had significance, then that is great. I wouldn't say it goes particulary well with Whitman but that may just be me.
Wiley Alexander - Alexander seems to be the only really popular name you like (except maybe anna). I really happen to like it with Wiley. 1st in boys.
Wiley Abram -Abram is okay. I would prefer Abraham.
Wes Abram - seems a little short. Might get mashed together. Wesabram or something.
Wes Lyn-Abram (Lyn is a family name) - Same thing. I definitely like Wesley better.
Wiley Joseph, Wiley Oliver, Wiley Donovan, Wiley Nathaniel

Just my opinions. And I agree with the previous poster that Abbigail is superior to Anna-Gail however you spell it. Good luck!

#4 D3sire


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Posted 28 February 2010 - 11:53 PM

Edie - This feels very incomplete to me. I don't mind it as a nickname for something longer ie. Eden, but as a given name it is not my style.
Anna / Anna-Gail / Anna Gail - I love Anna though again I prefer it as a nickname. Anna-Gail doesn't do much for me. It just seems very plain Jane. I prefer the spelling Gail.
Prynn - I am not a fan, sorry. It sounds harsh.
James - Strong, handsome & classic.
Wiley - I strongly dislike this one. I think of Wiley Coyote or someone with a lisp trying to say Riley.
Whitman - Not my style.
- I don't mind Wes though I prefer Wesley.

FN/MN Combos

Edie Laurence - I am not particularly liking this, sorry.
Anna Gail Charlotte - Anna Charlotte is beautiful. I would nix Gail which just clutters it up imo.
Prynn Eloise - Eloise is nice.
Prynn Alexandra - I love Alexandra but I think the combo is very heavy sounding. I prefer the above.
Anna Patience - Patience is not my style.
Anna Gail _______ - See Anna Gail comments above.
Anna Winifred? - I prefer this to Anna Gail. Winifred adds interest. Do you like Wilhelmina?

Prairie - Not my style at all.

James Wisdom - James is nice. Wisdom is not my style at all.
Whitman Lark-Alfred - I like the significance of Lark-Alfred.
Wiley Alexander - See Wiley comments above.
Wiley Abram - I prefer this to above.
Wes Abram - Nice!
Wes Lyn-Abram - I definitley prefer Wes Abram minus Lyn.

James Alistair is nice.

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