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What do you think of Bryce?

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#1 Antelope


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Posted 26 July 2008 - 10:54 AM

He it is Antelope and I just wanted to know what you guys thought of Bryce? It caught my eye on a poll and wanted some feedback on it!

Thanks! :P

#2 Guest_bellasbellas_*

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 01:07 PM

I really like Bryce and Brycen.

#3 Smile


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Posted 27 July 2008 - 04:29 PM

I really like it and prefer it to Bryson(brycen). I think it is a handsome name that works well for a fn and mn and it is underused.

#4 *Amber*


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Posted 27 July 2008 - 07:36 PM

I like Bryce, but I think I like Bryson the best.

#5 ~Liz~


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Posted 04 August 2008 - 05:14 PM

I like Bryce. It's a nice classy name, a nice substitute for the common Bryan. Thumbs up =)

Other boy names you might like:





#6 Jellybean


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Posted 11 August 2008 - 04:02 PM

I don't like it.It has no personality to it.

#7 Jessie


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Posted 15 February 2009 - 03:08 PM

It's one of my favorites! I LOVE IT!

#8 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 28 February 2009 - 05:17 PM

I like it!!

my one friend has a little brother named Bryce and somehow when I was little I got started to call him Sprite and he still answers to it after 11 years.

#9 KristaDeanne


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Posted 05 March 2009 - 12:56 PM

I like the name a lot!! Very nice!

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