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Posted 02 July 2010 - 08:51 PM



LN: O'Malley

DH: John Edward
DW: Rena Hazel

D: Lydia Marguerite
S: Daniel Frederick
D: Theresa Mae
D: Cora Pearl

John and Rena with Lydie, Danny, Tess and Cora O'Malley


LN: Carter

DH: Samuel Claude
DW: Helen Gertrude

S: Nathan Oscar
S: Ralph Robert
D/S: Amy Anne/Adam Alexander
S: Martin Joseph
D: Louisa Jane
S: Theodore Harold
D/D: Mollie Catherine/Lizzie Florence

Sam and Helen with Nate, Ralphie, Amy and Adam, Marty, Lou-Lou, Theo, Mollie and Lizzie Carter


LN: Abbott

DH: Jack Luther
DW: Rachel Winifred

S: Owen Charles
D: Josephine Ruby
D: Daisy Victoria
S: Timothy Leon

Jack and Rachel with Owen, Josie, Daisy, and Timothy Abbott


LN: Taylor

DH: Alvin Wesley
DW: Dorothy Sophia

D: Emma Caroline
S/S: Michael Edgar/Stephen Edwin
D: Vera Christine
D: Viola Harriett
D: Matilda Frances
S: Felix Raymond
D: Celia Pauline

Al and Dottie with Emma, Michael, Stephen, Vera, Viola, Tilda, Felix and CeCe Taylor


LN: Richardson

DH: Rufus Otto
DW: Marie Estella

S: Clifford Franklin
D: Lola Lucille

Rufus and Marie with Clifford and Lola Richardson


LN: King

DH: Hugh Bernard
DW: Laura Kate

S: Jeff Warren
S: Reuben Everett
D: Sylvia Jean
S: Harrison Victor
D: Sally Genevieve
D: Nina Marion

Hugh and Laura with Jeff, Reuben, Sylvie, Harrison, Sally and Nina King

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:16 PM

Wagon Master
Sylvester Morris

My Family.

LN Anders

DH Walter John {47}
DW Sylvia Bess {38}

DD Eleanor Pearl {21}
DS Thomas Walter {19}
DD Matilda Ruby {18}
DD/DD Josephine Alice / Caroline Sadie {16}
DD Rebecca Agnes {12}
DS Edward Carl {11}
DS Stephen Alfred {9}
DD Theresa Ellen {8}
DS Leonard Oscar {6}
DD Harriet Daisy {5}

Walter & Sylvia Anders +
Nora, Tommy, Tilly, Josie, Carol, Becky, Eddie, Steve, Tess, Leo and Hattie.


Family Two.

LN Baker

DH Francis Eugene {35}
DW Mary Anne {32}

DD Celia Rose {16}

Frank & Mary Anne Baker +


Family Three.

LN Abbott

DH Richard Ernest {61}
DW Margaret Susan {49}

DS Charles Wallace {34}
DS Henry Julius {31}
DS Robert Lewis {30}
DS James Abraham {28}
DD Sara Grace {26}

Dick & Marg Abbott +
Chuck, Hank, Bobby, Jim and Sally {With their families}.


Family Four:

LN Brown

DH Alfred Herman {30}
DW Marie Helen {27}

DD/DD Lydia Beatrice / Elsie Catherine {11}
DS John Gilbert {9}
DS Harry Edmund {7}
DD Mollie Virginia {5}
DS Peter Lawrence {3}

Alfie & Marie Brown +
Lydia, Elsie, John, Harry, Mollie and Peter.


Family Five.

LN Johnson

DH Martin Willis {28}
DW Edith Clara {28}

DD/DD Annie Charlotte / Ruby Louisa {9}
DS Noah George {7}
DS/DS Jack Theodore / Hugh Warren {5}
DD May Frances {2}

Martin & Edie Johnson +
Annie, Ruby, Noah, Jack, Hugh and May.


Family Six.

LN Clark

DH Paul Franklin {23}
DW Myra Adeline {19}

DS August Louis {2}
DD Olive Ruth {1}
DD Hazel Jane {NB}

Paul & Myra Clark +
Gus, Olive and Hazel.

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 05:59 PM

Wagon Master: Samuel Carter

Upton Family
DH: Peter Eugene
DW: Sarah May

DD: Mary Frances
DD: Ellen Katherine
DS: Peter Eugene Jr. (PJ)
DS/DD: Archie Philip/Esther Mollie
DD: Eleanor Rachel
DS: Franklin Dennis (Frank)
DS: Willard Levi (Will)
DD/DD: Estelle Leona (Stella)/Eliza Lucille

Miller Family
DH: Chester Theodore (Theo)
DW: Mary Josephine

Parson Family
DH: Clarence Roy
DW: Martha Alice
DS/DS: Harvey Claude/Lawrence Guy

Williams Family
DH: Leonard Allen (Leo)
DW: Georgia Charlotte
DD: Amanda Jane
DD: Susan Caroline
DS: August Patrick

Richardson Family
DH: William Charles (Will)
DW: Margaret Grave (Marge)
DS: William Charles Jr (Willie)
DS: Edward James (Ted)
DD: Clara Florence
DD:Ethel Mabel
DS: Ernest Carl
DS: Michael Hugh
DS: Jacob Clyde (Coby)
DD: Rosa Blanche

Hill Family
DH: David Richard
DW: Anna Margaret (Annie)
DS/DD: Wesley Everett/Josie Barbara
DS: Percy Russell

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 07:44 PM

Wagon Mater: John Charles Smith

LN: Anders

DH: Frank William
DW: Mary Emma
(I was born in the 9th month of the year)
DS: Henry Robert
DD: Alice Grace
DD/DS: Clara Elizabeth and Samuel Arthur
DS: Isaac Allen
DS: Oliver Stephen
DS: Roy Howard
DS: Peter Micheal
DD: Jennie Pearl

DH:Robert Earl
DW: Lillian Maude
( I have 1 book in arms length from me)
DD: Ada Marie

LN: Abbott

DH:Ralph Eugene
DW: Lola Evelyn
(my maternal grandparents had 5 kids)
DD:Rachel Ann
DD: Dorothy Louisa
DD: Della Katherine
DS: Jacob Martin
DS: Joseph Ralph


DH:Richard Samuel
DW: Laura Helen
(my phone # ends in 1)
DS: Andrew Carl

Family #5
LN: Nicholson

DH: Elmer Lewis
DW:Nora Elsie
( I have 6 siblings,so x2 is 12)

DS: Lewis Andrew
DS: Lee Peter
DS: Willie Herman
DS: Ben Lawrence
DD: Lillie Louise
DS: Tom Raymond
DS: Earl Howard
DD: Rose Rebecca
DS: Alex Warren
DS: Dave Everett
DS: Jay Gilbert
DD: Daisy Ruth

LN: Clark

DH: Charles Isaac
DW: Della Ruth
( I want a bunch of kids)
DD/DS: Cora Victoria & Noah Timothy
DD: Carrie Marguerite
DD: Catherine Isabelle
DD: Caroline Sue
DS: Hugh Silas
DS: Patrick Vernon
DD: Charlotte Irene
DS: Theodore Charles
DS: Stephen Louis
DS: Isaac Henry
DS: Mark Richard
DD:Celia Elizabeth
DD/DD: Clara Margeret& Callie Rose

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Posted 02 May 2012 - 01:11 AM

WAGON MASTER: Simon Virgil Williams


LN: O'Malley
DH: Reuben Edward
DW: Estella Jean

DD/DD: Lillian Pearl & Clara Rose
DS: Reuben Edward Jr. "R.J"
DS: Henry William
DS/DD: Theordore Robert "Theo" & Nora Frances
DS: Frederick Michael "Freddy"
DD: Caroline Jane

Reuben & Estella O'Malley +
Lillian, Clara, R.J., Henry, Theo, Nora, Freddy, & Caroline


LN: Wheeler

DH: Andrew Charles
DW: Sarah Elizabeth

DS: Samuel David
DD: Amelia Kate

Andrew & Sarah Wheeler +
Samuel & Amelia


LN: Bishop
DH: James Marshall
DW: Marion Josephine

DD: Eva Mae
DD: Ella Margaret
DD: Emma Marie

James & Marion Bishop +
Eva, Ella, & Emma


LN: Taylor
DH: Benjamin Willard
DW: Adeline Sue

DS: Christopher Owen
DS: Elijah Phillip
DD: Charlotte Hazel
DS: Emmett Wallace

Ben & Adeline Taylor +
Chris, Eli, Charlotte, & Emmett


LN: Johnson
DH: Everett Maurice
DW: Victoria Mabel

DD: Lydia Christine
DD: Effie Ruth
DS/DS: Jacob Oliver & Charlie Oscar

Everett & Victoria Johnson +
Lydia, Effie, Jacob & Charlie


LN: King
DH: Abraham Jasper
DW: Evelyn Louise

DS: Harrison Alexander
DD/DD: Lena Rachel & Sophia Eleanor
DS: Wesley Mack

Abe & Evelyn King +
Harrison, Lena, Sophia, & Wesley

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Posted 03 November 2012 - 08:42 AM

Wagon Master: S. T. Langley


DH John Walter Sr.

DW Mary Alice

DS John Walter Jr.

DS Wilson George

DS Abraham Peter

DS Christopher Martin

DD/DD Florence Maude / Katherine Ada

DS Edmund Harvey

DD Virginia Louise

DS/DD/DS Theodore Samuel / Matilda Frances / Harrison Richard

John and Mary Alice O'Malley.

Wally, Bill, Abe, Chip, Flora, Kathy, Eddie, Ginny, Teddy, Mattie and Harris.


DH Stanley Philip

DW Myra Ellen

Stan and Myra Baker.


DH Amos Franklin

DW Vera Christine

DS Henry Thomas

DD Amelia Caroline

DD Sophia Eleanor

DS David Robert

Amos and Vera Abbott.

Hank, Millie, Sophia and David.


DH Arthur Samuel

DW Georgia Esther

DD Maggie Irene

DD Emma Lois

DD Hattie Rose

Artie and Gigi Smith.

Maggie, Emma and Hattie.


DH James Lawrence

DW Etta Marion

DS/DS Perry Wallace / Gus Warren

DD Cora Blanche

DS Simon Gilbert

DD Olive Rebecca

DS Max Leonard

James and Etta Johnson.

Perry, Gus, Cora, Simon, Olive and Max.


DH Charles Alfred Sr.

DW Viola Edith

DS/DD Charles Alfred Jr. / Margaret Celia

DD Adeline Mary

Chuck and Viola Clark.

Alfie, Maggie and Della.

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 10:42 PM

WAGON MASTER: Frank Leonard O'Neill


LN: Epstein

DH: Claud Perry {41}
DW: Mabel Rose {39}

DS: Joseph Henry {19}
DD: Alice Grace {18}
DD: Elizabeth Louise
S: Peter Lawrence {15}
DS: Theodore Philip {14}
DD: Sallie Alma {12}
DD: Georgia Hazel {11}
D: Lydia Anne {10}
DD: Matilda Rena {8}
DD: Alberta Myra {7}
DD: Christine Estelle {6}
DS: Stanley Earnest {4}

Claud & Mabe;
Joey, Ali, Lizzie, Pete, Teddy, Sallie, Georgie, Lydia, Mattie, Berta, Chrissy, and Stan


LN: Wheeler

DH: Wallace Melvin {48}
DW: Barbara Delia {45}

DD: Evelyn Janie {16}

Wally & Barb;


LN: Bishop

DH: Adam Noah {41}
DW: Goldie Nell {40}

DS: Frederick Abraham {17}
DS: Simon Felix {13}
DS: Glenn Virgil {10}
DS: Irvin Max {6}
DS: Nicholas Edmund {1}

Adam & Goldie;
Freddie, Simon, Glenn, Irv, and Nick


LN: Jones

DH: Mark Ross {40}
DW: Victoria Gladys {36}

DD: Louisa Olga {17}
DD: Genevieve Winnie {15}
DS: Timothy Curtis {14}
DD: Isabelle Roxie {11}
DS: Cecil Clayton {9}
DS: Mike Ollie {6}
DS: Silas Owen {5}
S: Noah Wesley {3}
DS: Lester Everett {nb}

Mark & Vicky;
Louisa, Eve, Timmy, Izzy, Cecil, Mike, Silas, Noah, and Lester


LN: Johnson

DH: Leslie Harold {33}
DW: Virginia Emily {34}

Les & Ginny


LN: Ward

DH: Clifford Allen {34}
DW: Olive Lottie {32}

DD: Mollie Jane {9}
DD: Charlotte Kathryn {5}
DS: August Anthony {3}

Cliff & Liv;
Mollie, Charlie, and Gus

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 11:53 PM



LN: Ingles

DH: Daniel Oscar {32}
DW: Julia Louise {26}

DS: Andrew Oscar {11}
DD: Nellie Katherine {9}
DD: Maggie Josephine {8}
DS: Charlie Louis {6}
DD/DS: Hattie Elizabeth & Wesley Calvin {5}
DS: Julius Daniel {3}

Daniel & Julia Ingles.
Andrew, Nellie, Maggie, Charlie, Hattie, Wesley, & Julius.



LN: Baker

DH: Timothy Wilson {30}
DW: Isabel Sue {25}

DS: Timothy Edmund {8}
DS: Wilson Oliver {6}
DD: Susie Mae {5}

Tim & Izzie Baker.
Timmy, Willy, & Susie.



LN: Abbott

DH: Earl William {32}
DW: Sophia Jane {29}

DD: Victoria Jean {13}
DS: William Franklin {11}
DS: Patrick Russell {10}
DD: Christina Alberta {8}

Earl & Sophie Abbott.
Vicki, Bill, Rick, & Christi.



LN: Smith

DH: Michael Jack {40}
DW: Elsie Ruth {31}

DS: Michael Chester {13}
DD: Martha Ellen {11}
DS: Jack Samuel {10}
DS: Robert Edward {8}
DS: Joe Richard {6}
DD/DS: Lizzie Mae & Jessie Philip {4}

Michael & Elsie Smith.
Mike, Martha, Jack, Rob, Joe, Lizzie, & Jessie.



LN: Nicholson

DH: Theodore Alexander {45}
DW: Viola Irene {37}

DD: Nina Christine {18}
DD: Irene Harriet {16}
DS: Theodore Allen {15}
DD: Stella Ruth {13}
DD: Eva Frances {11}
DS: Alexander Luther {8}

Theodore & Viola Nicholson.
Nina, Irene, Theo, Stella, Eva, & Alex.



LN: Clark

DH: Edwin Lewis {20]
DW: Nina Christine (Nicholson) {18}

DS/DS: Matthew Lewis & Jacob Theodore {3}
DD: Lucy Christine {1}

Ed & Nina Clark.
Matt, Jake, & Lucy.

-------------------------THE END.

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 02:01 PM


LN: Upton

DH: Joseph Robert
DW: Mary Ida

DS: William John


LN: Baker

DH: James Edward
DW: Grace Florence

"To determine # of children. Count the number of books within arms reach. That is the number of children."
uh, oh, I'm sitting next to a book case..... I'm just going to go with 8. haha

DD/DD: Hattie Rose / Emma Cora
DS: Charles Walter
DS: William George
DD: Lillian Carrie
DD: Annie Sarah
DD: Margaret Laura
DS: Arthur Louis

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 04:06 PM

Wagon Master: John David O'Malley

The Epstein Family
Frank Edwin and Alice Mae

John Francis
Robert Elmer
Mary Katherine
Ethel Maude and Annie Mabel
Edward Allen
Alice May
Frank Edwin Jr.
James Patrick

Frank and Alice Epstein with John, Robert, Mary, Ethel, Annie, Edward, Alice, Frankie, and James

The Wheeler Family
Thomas John and Anna Florence

Walter John
Clara Elizabeth
Thomas Albert

Thomas and Anna Wheeler with Walter, Clara, and Thomas

The Parson Family
Arthur Joseph and Mary Grace

Samuel Clarence
Martha Josephine and Peter Ralph
Edith Ada

Arthur and Mary Parson with Samuel, Martha, Peter, and Edith

The Thomason Family
Jack Edward and Effie Louise

Jack Benjamin and Edward James
Hattie Anne
Percy Norman
Eliza Susan
Kate Amanda

Jack and Effie Thomason with Benjamin, Edward, Hattie, Percy, Eliza, and Kate

The Ward Family
Stephan Bernard and Esther Harriet

Ellen Harriet
Mamie Katherine
Agnes Esther

Stephanie and Esther Ward with Ellen, Mamie, and Agnes

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 11:45 AM

William 'Will' George O'Malley [34]
Emma 'Em
' Martha O'Malley [30]

Jennifer 'Jenny' Ida O'Malley [13]

Benjamin 'Ben
' David Tanner [40]

Edith 'Edi' Clara Tanner [35]

Margaret 'Maggie' Mabel Tanner [7]

Jessica 'Jessie' AnnaTanner [3]

Henry 'Hank
' Charles Bishop [30]

Elizabeth 'Betty' Sarah Bishop [27]

Daniel 'Danny' Peter Bishop [5]

Thomas 'Tom
' Samuel Smith [19]

Catherine 'Kitty' Mary Smith [15]

Eleanor 'Ellie' Florence Smith [0]

Robert 'Bob
' Edward Johnson [24]

Grace 'Gracie' Ethel Johnson [22]

Richard 'Dick
' James King [37]

Lillian 'Lily' Alice King [32]
James 'Jim
' Arthur King [14]

Joseph 'Joe' Albert King [11]

Jonathan 'Jon' Alfred King [11]

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 12:44 PM

Wagon Master: Howard Oscar "Howie" Moore


My Family


Frank Edward O'Malley [38]

Martha Belle O'Malley [37]

Frank Edward O'Malley, Jr. "Frankie" [13]

Albert Harry O'Malley "Al" [11]

Samuel Robert O'Malley "Sam" [9]

Sarah Grace O'Malley [8]

Anna Helen O'Malley [6]

Joseph Clarence O'Malley "Joey" [5]


Frank & Martha with Frankie, Al, Sam, Sarah, Anna, & Joey


Family #2


Isaac Harold Miller [28]

Mary Louise Miller [24]

Charlie Isaac Miller [2]


Isaac & Mary Louise with Charlie



Family #3


Calvin Luther Bishop "Cal"

Ellen Harriet Bishop

Callie-Mae Bishop [5]

Lillian Mary Bishop "Lilly" [4]

Alice Emma Bishop [8 mos.]


Cal & Ellen Bishop with Callie-Mae, Lilly, & Alice


Family #4


 Daniel Adam Brown [23]

Margaret Anne Brown "Maggie" [20]

[Maggie is 9 mos. pregnant (the last number of my phone # is 0)]


Daniel & Maggie Brown


Family #5


Louis David Johnson [42]

Elizabeth Pearl Johnson [44]

William Louis Johnson "Will" [14]

Thomas Clyde Johnson "Tommy" [12]


Louis & Elizabeth with Will & Tommy


Family #6


Christopher Lloyd Lee

Caroline Barbara Lee "Carrie"

Clara Gertrude Lee [11]

Nathan Jay Lee "Nate" [10]

Michael Jacob Lee [8]

Mabel Beatrice Lee [8]


Christopher & Carrie Lee with Clara, Nate, Michael & Mabel

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 01:47 PM

WAGON MASTER: John O'Harriety 


LN: O'Malley

DH: Ernest Daniel [35]
DW: Sara Edna [28]


DS: Clarence Archibald O'Malley [13]

DD: Josephine Edna O'Malley [11]

DD: Ada Catherine O'Malley [10]

DD: Amelia Eula O'Malley [6]

DD: Harriet Delia O'Malley [1] 


LN: Miller 

DH: Adolph Willard "Will" Miller [33]
DW: Elizabeth Viola [29]


DS: Edmund Adolph Miller [14]

DS: Amos Willard Miller [13]

DD: Eleanor Hazel [12]

DD: Elizabeth "Betty" Luella [3]


LN: Church

DH: Elijah Cornelius [47]
DW: Eula Winifred [44]


DD: Lydia Mabel [22]

DD: Anna Olive [17]

DS: Ellis Wilbur [16] 


LN: Brown 

DH: Emmett Melvin [42]
DW: Louisa Bernice [31]


DS: Harley Amos [17]

DS: Stanley Norman [16]

DD: Bess "Bessie" Nell [14]

DS: Lloyd Theodore [14]

DD: Jessie Alice [6]

DS: Oliver Clyde [4]


LN: Richardson 

DH: Claude Paul [29]
DW: Mary Susan [27]-pregnant with 5th child

DS: Benjamin Claude [12]

DS: Nicholas Matthew [10]

DS: Lewis Oliver [6]

DD: Emily Jane [2]


LN: Clark

DH: Victor Alexander [45]
DW: Minnie Amelia [38]


DS: Edwin Alexander[18]

DD: Lela Mildred [17]

DD: Catherine Marion [15]

DS: Timothy Jacob [12]

DD/DD: Ruby Amelia/Ruth Gladys [8]

DS: Alfred "Alfie" Rufus [6]

DS: Jacob "Jake" Wilson [4]

DS: Leroy Ellis [3]

DS: John Matthew [2] 

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