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Names for a romantic/tragic/drama

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 07:20 AM

Ok, the story is based upon this story I once heard.

The story is sent in-between 2 places and time zones, the first being early 70's Britain, and present day Britain. It features in the 70's part, the troubles in Ireland, with a young woman falling in love with an IRA man, and his brother falling in love with her. His jealousy results in her being murdered by the second brother and the two brothers squaring up to each other.

In present day Britain, her niece accidentally finds a film of photographs, which when developed reveal her murderer as well as some ugly home truths about the government of the day...

If you could please help and just tell me what you think of the names it would be much appreciated.


Lauren Anne Armstrong: The eldest of 5 children, and the pride and joy of her family. a member of the IRA through her photographs. Knows how to shoot however. Aspirations to take photo's for rolling stone. A good singer. Murdered in 1974 - before her photograph is published, and just after she accepts Nick (See below) hand in marriage.

Nicholas "Nick" Young: The elder twin of the young's. He is a brutal IRA member, although as he meets Lauren is ideals soften. He is a good liar, and would give his life for Lauren. When she dies, he in turn takes over protecting her niece, due to the fact he is reminded of Lauren very much. He can be a brutal murderer, and assumes his brothers name (Patrick) When he coverts to the unionists to hide the shame of losing his girl.

Patrick "Paddy" Young: Paddy is the younger twin. He fell in love with Lauren on seeing her, but when she turned him away he resorted to desperate measures. He brutally raped her younger sister, and managed to shoot up her house - although this attempt on the Armstrong lives was unsuccessful. He murdered Lauren when she was entering her flat by slitting her throat. He got away with it due to him becoming a Loyalist. He is determined to kill whoever has the last photograph of him shooting at his brother on Bloody Sunday. His main fixation is Lauren's niece however.

Present times

Arwen Armstrong-Mitchell: The middle child of Sergeant Andy Mitchell and Jane Armstrong. Looks like Jane, but has Andy's eyes, although at certain angles she is the image of Lauryn. She is quick witted and has learnt to shoot due to growing up in various zones of danger. She is nicknamed 'Mo's Minion' after she met Mo mowlam with her catholic friend, Sinead (see below) and is a protestant. She is an experienced explosive expert- although despises war. She is also bisexual and there are heavy hints that her and Sinead are in a polygamous relationship with Arwen's boyfriend Jackie. She is a journalist at eighteen and its her curiosity which returns Paddy to her.

Jane Louise Armstrong-Mitchell: Arwen's mother. Was brutally raped at the age of 14 by Paddy, although she doesnt know it was him. she is a journalist, and is neutral in the conflict of IRA and Britain. She is a good mother, despite appearing disinterested. She is brutally honest and loves all her children equally and lovingly. She will die to protect her family. Doesnt believe in God.

Sergeant Andy Mitchell: Arwen's father. Is an ex-soldier, although a consultant in the army. He is protective of his children, and pretends that he doesnt enjoy the fact that he has 3 girls and mockingly laments this fact. He loves them all, and always carries a gun with him. He never speaks about his experiences in the army, but when he does it's under stress.

Kate Lauren Mitchell: The eldest sister to Arwen, she is funny and witty although her and Arwen tend to ignore their younger sister Sadie whilst together. Kate is the one who discovers the photograph. She loves her family, and is a good medic. Aspires to be a singer when she grows up, and can play guitar. A good medic, Kate is shown on more than occasion pulling a bullet out of sinead. She is dating an Ulster boy named Jerome.

Sadie Armstrong-Mitchell: The youngest sister, by almost 15 years and 10. She is the light of her families lives, although her innocence easily riles Arwen.

Sinead O'Brien: Arwen's best friend. She is the archetypical Irish girl with flaming red hair and winsome green eyes. She is fluent in gaelic and plays the fiddle well. She, however, is a member of the IRA - although she usually doesnt attend meetings due to the fact she enjoys the air too much. She separates from the IRA to protect Arwen. She is an expert shot. A good catholic girl, but enjoys breaking rules. Eg. Her relationship with Arwen.

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 06:34 PM

They are cute

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