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New & Revamped list

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#1 ~Nadezhda


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Posted 05 April 2010 - 03:33 PM

As I've said in the other topic, making a "semi-serious" list of 25 names for hypothetical kids was a nice experiment.
I finally stopped mulling over my old list I have, written in a document, where I kept mixing and matching the same 10 or so names. I think I was going crazy. :P

Instead, I looked at the names I love with a fresh set of eyes, researched some new names based on various criteria [in my case, for example, biblical] and was able came up with 25 combos I love. Let me tell you, it was useful-- and fun!!
{I totally think you should do it, too :) so head over to Andy's post, as soon as you have some time to kill!}

So I thought it might be a good idea to open a new topic to get reviews on "The List"; what is better than you great girls' honest feedback?
If you have some time, I would love if you could give me opinions on these 25 names.
Any likes, dislikes, suggestions-- virtually anything you want!
Just as long as you're honest :P

Of course, if you want, feel free to post your own list to be reviewed.

this is mine.


Eve Magdalene {or Shiphrah, or Tamar as middle names. opinions?}
Cassia Bethel
Beatrice Lydia
Grace Maryam
Dahlia Esther
Charlotte Sveta
Bianca Elisabeth
Vivian Mercy
Cecelia Joy
Caterine Moriah
{but I've also thought of Anaiah & Hosanna for mn's. opinions?}
Anika Temperance
Livia Nadine

Isaac Daniel
Henry Joseph
Julian Ezra
Liam Alexander
Elijah Samuel
Nicholas Jude
Maximilian Jace
Ephram David
Finn Gabriel
Matthias Levi
Asher Emanuel
Micah James


#2 Permanent Rose

Permanent Rose

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 04:33 PM

Eve Magdalene {or Shiphrah, or Tamar as middle names. opinions?}--definitely Magdalene for a middle name. I love Eve. It's such a great name that is so under used
Cassia Bethel--are you saying it as CASS-ee-uh or CASH-uh? Bethel sounds better with the second pronunciation. I do like Bethel--a nice twist to just Beth
Beatrice Lydia--I'd switch these two. Lydia Beatrice is nicer in my opinion, though both Beatrice Lydia and Lydia Beatrice flow nicely. I'm not a huge fan of Beatrice though
Grace Maryam--I love this combo. Its so hard to find middle names for names like Rose or Grace, but you've found the perfect one. Definitely keep this combo. I do like Miriam a bit better than Maryam/Mariam--just something to think about, though I wouldn't ask you to change this gorgeous combo :P
Dahlia Esther--Dahlia is so gorgeous. It works well with Esther, though I'm not a huge fan of Esther
Charlotte Sveta--How do you prn. Sveta? Not sure how I feel about this one. I adore the combo Charlotte Eden though--just another option for you to think about
Bianca Elisabeth--I don't know why, but I really dislike the name Bianca. Something's a bit off about the flow of this one--probably because both names are three syllables.I do like Elisabeth though--epecially spelt this way
Vivian Mercy--Vivian is gorgeous. I'm partial to the spelling Vivienne though. not a huge fan of Mercy, though it works beautifully with Vivian. Vivian Fleur or Vivian Rose would also make great combos
Cecelia Joy--Love it. I wouldn't use Cecelia myself, but I think its a very pretty name
Caterine Moria {but I've also thought of Anaiah & Hosanna for mn's. opinions?}--how do you say Caterine? Is it like Catherine, but without the "th" in the middle (CAT-rin?) or like Caterina, but with out the "uh" (CAT-eh-rine?) Not sure about Moria...I do like the name Moira though. I like Anaiah, but I really don't like Hosanna, especially for a girl--it reminds me of the song we sing in church that refers to Jesus, which gives it a masculine association for me. Susanna or Joanna might be other names you like.
Anika Temperance--Lovely flow, but I'm not a fan of either name
Livia Nadine--very nice. I really like this one (: Livia is a nice twist to the ever so popular Olivia

Isaac Daniel--love it
Henry Joseph--love it, though I'm not the biggest fan of Henry
Julian Ezra---this name is so handsome. I just can't get over how perfect this combo is
Liam Alexander--I adore this one. I just might steal it for my own use :)
Elijah Samuel--love it
Nicholas Jude--wouldn't use either of these names myself, but it is a handsome combo
Maximilian Jace--awesome name. Trendy and old fashioned all at the same time. and the nn Max is SUCH a cool name :P
Ephram David--not liking Ephram, but the flow is just fine
Finn Gabriel--I think I just fell in love. I might steal this one too :o
Matthias Levi--love it
Asher Emanuel-not a fan of either name. I'd spell Emmanuel like this. But the combo is great even though I don't like the names
Micah James--so handsome

Well, as you can see, I like your boy names a bit better :P Seriously Nadia, these are a bunch of gorgeous names, and you really know how to put great combos together. There was only, like, one name on here that I didn't think flowed. Great names. You have such a great style--I'd call it a bit old fashioned/biblical.

I think I might go post my list now :P

#3 ~Nadezhda


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Posted 05 April 2010 - 05:12 PM

Oh, Rosie, WOW. Thanks for taking the time to review every single name! :P May I say that you.girl.rock?

Anyways :o Thanks for the compliments! It really, really means a lot to hear those kind words from you :P

You have such a great style--I'd call it a bit old fashioned/biblical.

The Biblical part is definitely intentional, but I think I'm okay with the old fashioned part, too! :P

Onto the names:

- Cassia is definitely "CASS-ee-uh" to me. You know, the good old latin way (: I like Bethel, too, because -aside from being putting a nice twist on Beth, which is def. good- it is the name of a place and it means "house of God". And I know I'm strange and everything, but I can only think of few things I'd like to wish to my child more than being a house, a temple for God. So :)

-Sveta is pronounced "SVE-tah". I know it is definitely unusual; name sites list the meaning to be "light", but that is not where I got it from.
I heard it during a visit to Medjugorje, Bosnia-- it is a word from the Bosnian/Croatian "Hail Mary".
The part that in English recites "Holy Mary.., etc" is, in Bosnian, "Sveta Maria..".
So to me, it means Holy :P
Oh, and Charlotte Eden is very sweet <3

-Caterine: I guess I never actually paid too much attention to the pronunciation. Though I, as usual, don't see such a great difference (what a surprise, uh? :P), I guess I would prn. it CAT-eh-rine. Probably.
Moriah is a variation of Mariah, if I'm not wrong, so the pronunciation is similar. mo-RYE-ah.
And Anaiah is a recent discovery :P I happen to think it's very pretty, and Hosanna is definitely a guilty pleasure. I probably wouldn't use it :P
I gotta find the perfect middle name for Caterine!!

Oh, and you're welcome to steal Liam & Finn, Rosie! They seem to be universally loved names :P

Go, post your list! I can't wait to read it & review! (:

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 11:29 PM

Eve Magdalene {or Shiphrah, or Tamar as middle names. opinions?} - I like Eve quite a bit, though I usually have it as a middle name. Do you like the nickname Evie (or any other spelling)? I like the nn quite a bit. Magdalene is okay, not a personal fave of mine but still very nice. It flows alright with Eve. I like it better than Shiphrah (makes me think of ships) and Tamar (which sounds sort of masculine to me). I'll admit I've never heard those two before. If I may make a suggestion? Evelyn looks a tad bit more complete to me as a first name, and definitely has a stronger feel to it. Plus, you could still call her Eve or Evie.

Cassia Bethel - Beth is one of the few old-fashioned names that I hate, no offense. It just sounds flat and bleh to me. Bethel is almost worse than Beth. Cassia, on the other hand, is gorgeous. I would never use it, but I certainly find it fun, endearing, and a nice twist on the tired Cassandra.

Beatrice Lydia - Beatrice pretty much the same as Beth, slightly worse than that if anything. Lydia is nice, and I really do like it.... BUT I was on Y!answers the other day where someone mentioned that they took Lydia off their fave list when they got a comment that it rhymes with chlamydia. I didn't notice it until I read that, but not the name is ruined for me.

Grace Maryam - LOVE this. It is amazing, and I honestly would have said I hated the name Maryam before I saw this. Wow. Perfect 10. Oh, and even though I late say that I don't like virtue names, that mostly extends to them either being obnoxious (Chastity/Destiny) or being boring filler middle names (Hope, Faith, Grace). I think Grace makes a good and interesting first name, especially since I'm so tired of it in the middle.

Dahlia Esther - I love Dahlia too. It is in my top 15 girls first names for sure. A real shame that some people think of the Black Dahlia every time they hear it. The woman's name wasn't even Dahlia. That is the only reason it isn't higher on my list.

Charlotte Sveta - I'm not a fan of Charlotte. It is only on my list as a possible way to honor my father (Charles). The only variation of his first or middle name that I can stand, and he doesn't like his name that much either. Sveta is nice and interesting, it definitely spices up Charlotte. I do immediately think of Russia though, and since your Italian I don't know if that is something you want to avoid or don't care about, but I'm just putting it out there.

Bianca Elisabeth - Bianca is on my list, but it is certainly a name people I've talked to tend to dislike. It has dropped quite a few places on my list since I put it on there. Elisabeth is okay. I prefer Eliza though becase, as I stated before, I really dislike Beth. Eliza just seems more streamlined and sophisticated to me than Elisabeth/Elizabeth.

Vivian Mercy - I really dislike most "virture" names. Mercy is definitely different, but I think of hospitals, people on their death beds, and the Angel of Mercy/Death. I think you could do better with Vivian. Vivian is a nice, solid name. I like it even though it isn't my style. Could I suggest my favorite virtue name? It has special meaning to me, and I don't see it all that often - Serenity. I wouldn't use it as a first name, but the word brings thoughts of peace
and prayer to my mind without being as loud/pretentious as Chastity, Destiny, Trinity, etc.

Cecelia Joy - Joy is better as a middle name than Hope, Faith, or Grace, but I'm still not fond of it. Cecelia is awesome, though not the best on your list. I love seeing it and I must admit the flow is nice.

Caterine Moriah {but I've also thought of Anaiah & Hosanna for mn's. opinions?} - I prefer Catherine/Katherine. Caterine makes me want to say Catarina or Catriona or Katrina. I do see why you changed it, though, since it does flow better with Moriah without the 'h'. Moriah is okay, I just find is a little less that pretty. Just not great. I think I like Anaiah best of the 3 middle names, but you would definitely have to put the 'h' back in.

Anika Temperance - Temperance makes me think of Bones (that TV show), and I do sort of like it. I would warn you that the name is sort of punny (I don't know if that is a word but oh well). It immediately made me think, "I need a Temperance." I know that doesn't make much sense, but what I'm trying to say is that if you do use Anika, pair is with a name that isn't a word name. Also, are you pronouncing it as (AN-ee-ka) or (Ah-NIH kah)? Babynames.com has it both ways, but I'm using the first one.

Livia Nadine - I'm watching the Sopranos this week, and Livia (the character) is a really horrible old lady so obviously I can't be fair about it. Nadine is okay. They flow well. I'm just not into the names.

I'll try to be quicker with the boys names because this is taking forever:
Isaac Daniel - Not a fan of either name. I like Daniel slightly better. Not the best flow.

Henry Joseph - This one has fantastic flow, though I like Joseph quite a bit more than Henry and would do Joseph Henry instead. I think that flows just as well, but if you like Henry better for a first name then keep it. My fourth favorite.

Julian Ezra - I actually like both name. Julian isn't on my list though, since I have Juliana Soleil on their and I can't bear to part with it. Ezra isn't on my list either, but I appreciate the sound of it. This combo second favorite.

Liam Alexander - I like Liam better as a nickname for William (my 3rd favorite boy name) because I also like the name Will. Liam is fine and everything, William is just a personal preference. I do not, however, like Alexander. I never have, and can't really explain it since I like Xander a lot.

Elijah Samuel - love Samuel (#9 on my top 10). Elijah, not so much. I just don't think it is a very strong name, and those are the ones I tend to like. The flow it very nice, though.

Nicholas Jude - Nicholas is okay, and Nick is an okay nickname. I prefer Judy on a girl and I don't like Jude much. On the other hand, this is the best Jude combo I can remember seeing. Every time I see Jude, people pair it with a really short name and it sounds ridiculous. It goes very well with Nicholas. My second favorite of your original names (would be third if you switched to Joseph Henry).

Maximilian Jace - I like it. An excellent combo, and I usually don't like Maximilian. I prefer Maxwell, and only as middle name. Jace is very cool in this combo. The word that comes to mind is sleek. As in sleek and stylish. This name has real character. My favorite on your list.

Ephram David - Ephram sounds old to me. David is overused but still nice.

Finn Gabriel - Love Gabriel, especially as a middle name. Finn is one I really dislike. Makes me think of sharp fins on a fish.

Matthias Levi - I prefer Matthew to Matthias, but I can understand why you wouldn't - Matthew is super common after all. Matthias is alright in my eyes, but Matthew is my fourth favorite boys name and it has a special place in my heart. Levi is okay, makes me think of demin and jeans. The combo flows quite nicely.

Asher Emanuel - I like Asher okay. The nn Ash is awesome. Emanuel is alright. Not my type of name. Flow is nice, just not quite as good as the rest.

Micah James - finally! The last one. James is a good, solid middle name. I'm just not sold on Micah and I think the pair is very short. I said it out loud a few times and just didn't like it.

DONE. :P Good luck!

EDIT: I just wanted to say that overall, I really love your style of names and think you have some real winners. I like: Grace Maryam, Maximilion Jace, Julian Ezra, Henry Joseph, Nicholas Jude, and Matthias Levi. In that order. Most of the rest are still good names, and I wasn't trying to bash them. Just trying to give constructive criticism.

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 06:43 PM

Eve Magdalene - Beautiful! I love Eve! The simplistic Eve needs a long, interesting middle name and Magdalene definitley gives the combo interest. I prefer Magdalena myself but it works either way.
Cassia Bethel - I really like Cassia. Bethel is not my style and I don't think the two names compliment each other for style.
Beatrice Lydia - Beatrice is not something I would use myself but I like it. Lydia works really well here.
Grace Maryam - Grace has always felt a little bland to me. Maryam is not my style at all. I prefer Miriam but neither is my thing.
Dahlia Esther - I love Dahlia! Esther is not for me.
Charlotte Sveta - Charlotte is nice. I think Sveta could work in the right combo. I feel this combo is mismatched.
Bianca Elisabeth - I dislike Bianca for personal reasons. If I push that aside the combo is nice and flows well.
Vivian Mercy - Mercy is not my style and the strong V's in Vivian and the hard R in Mercy make it feel clunky.
Cecelia Joy - I prefer the spelling Cecilia but spelling aside I love the name. Joy isn't really my thing. Feels a bit cheesy to me. Cecelia Jane?
Caterine Moriah - I think Anaiah would work better here. I like Caterine but prefer Caterina.
Anika Temperance - I love Anika. Not a fan of Temperance. I feel that they are mismatched for style.
Livia Nadine - Love Livia. Not sold on Nadine but the flow is fine.

Isaac Daniel - Handsome. Neither name 'wows' me but both are strong classics and the flow is nice.
Henry Joseph - Love! Love both names! Great flow & well matched for style!
Julian Ezra - LOVE!! Julian is my favorite boys name of all time. I love Ezra and the flow is awesome!
Liam Alexander - I prefer William to Liam. I like both names but feels a bit predictable.
Elijah Samuel - Very nice! I love Elijah! Samuel is nice. Very well matched and good flow!
Nicholas Jude - I love Jude! Nicholas is nice but too popular for me. Do you like Nikolai?
Maximilian Jace - I like Maximilian though I prefer Maximus or Maxim. Jace is not my style too trendy for Maximilian imo.
Ephram David - Neither name is my style.
Finn Gabriel - Handsome! I love both names. I prefer Finley and Finnian to Finn but handsome name nonetheless.
Matthias Levi - Love Matthias. I have Matthias Gabriel on my list. Levi is ok but I don't think it matches Matthias for style. Matthias Leo?
Asher Emanuel - Love Asher. Emanuel is not my style.
Micah James - Love Micah and the flow is good. James just feels a bit predictable imo.

Great names! I especially love your taste in boys names!

#6 BellaBoo


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Posted 15 April 2010 - 10:58 AM

Eve Magdalene- Eve has never been my favorite name, but I love this combo, and the nickname Evie is adorable!
Cassia Bethel- Very pretty
Beatrice Lydia- I prefer Lydia as a first name.
Grace Maryam- Love this! Grace is my favorite girls name and Maryam is a good balance.
Dahlia Esther Ė Love Dahlia! Esther isnít my favorite.
Charlotte Sveta- Charlotte is beautiful. Iím not sure about Sveta.
Bianca Elisabeth Ė Love this one. I never used to like Bianca, but lately I really like it. I prefer Elizabeth (my middle name) but Elisabeth is softer looking and goes really well with Bianca.
Vivian Mercy- I like this one too. I love the name Mercy.
Cecelia Joy- Love, love, love. I could never use Cecelia for personal reasons, but itís gorgeous and I love Joy.
Caterine Moriah- Love it like this. Moriah works best with Caterine, which is gorgeous too.
Anika Temperance- Very cute and spunky.
Livia Nadine- I love Livia! Nadine works really well!

Isaac Daniel- Isaac isnít my favorite, but this is a handsome, classic combination.
Henry Joseph Ė Love! I donít know what else to say, I love it so much.
Julian Ezra Ė Ezra isnít my favorite, but I like it with Julian.
Liam Alexander- I love this one too!
Elijah Samuel- Same with thisóLove! I like Samuel more than Elijah, but the combination Elijah Samuel is so handsome!
Nicholas Jude- And another one that I just love more than words!
Maximilian Jace- Maximilian isnít my style, but Max is such a cute nickname. I like Jace with it too.
Ephram David- Not my favorite, but itís nice.
Finn Gabriel- I love Finn and Gabriel, not sure if I love them together.
Matthias Levi Ė I prefer Levi, but Matthias is nice too.
Asher Emanuel- Very Handsome
Micah James- Micah isnít my style. Love James

Eve Magdalene
Grace Maryam
Bianca Elisabeth
Livia Nadine
Cecelia Joy
Henry Joseph
Julian Ezra
Liam Alexander
Elijah Samuel
Nicholas Jude

#7 -SassyCassie-


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Posted 19 April 2010 - 12:54 PM

Eve Magdalene {or Shiphrah, or Tamar as middle names. opinions?}-like eve love it shiphrah for middle name i thinkXD
Cassia Bethel -love but guess cause its sort of like a sister name to cassie xD :D
Beatrice Lydia-sweet sounding
Grace Maryam-nice
Dahlia Esther -pretty
Charlotte Sveta-cute
Bianca Elisabeth-um well not really into bianca right now :P
Vivian Mercy-like it somewhat but wouldn't use vivian
Cecelia Joy-like it i have a friend name that cecelia
Caterine Moriah {but I've also thought of Anaiah & Hosanna for mn's. opinions?}-i like it like anaiah for the mnXD
Anika Temperance-love the anika right now its pretty to me :D
Livia Nadine-oh i actually like it XD

Isaac Daniel-like it
Henry Joseph -wouldn't use henry not my style sometimes
Julian Ezra -nice i suppose
Liam Alexander-nice liam is always a good name :P
Elijah Samuel-oh me love the name elijah me like it
Nicholas Jude-cute
Maximilian Jace-nice like it
Ephram David-dont know how you'd pronouce that at all ?_?
Finn Gabriel-okay but finn reminds me of french films at the end saying fin (or the end) ;)
Matthias Levi -like it
Asher Emanuel-nice like the name asher
Micah James-like it somewhat xD

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