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Your Opinions Please

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 05:39 PM

I have an enormous list of names that I like and wanted some opinions on them, so I thought this would be the perfect place to come. :D
Of course, I don't have any kids yet (I'm only 17) but it is still nice to know what people think of my style. With certain names I felt the need to include my personal opinions on them :P
Here we go:

Alyson Jade- (love the nickname Aly)
Kailyn Mackenzie (love the meaning "Pure")
Vanessa Cadence
Alexis Faith- (even though it has the J&K+8 association, I still think its way cute)
Juliana Kate
Jamie Paige
Deanna Grace
Elena Shay
Jolie Claire
Elliot Makenna- (I just heard this combo the other day and thought it was pretty cute, even though I'm not usually a big fan of boys names on girls)
Alana Brielle
Aurora Rose- (Love this combo and the nickname Rory...I'm a hardcore Gilmore Girls addict) :P
Emma Charlotte- (Love the name, and I really like Jane Austen)
Abigail Kathleen
Charissa Faith
Taylor Danielle- (It just flows really nicely in my opinion)
Kirsten Makenna
Vanessa Renee
Annabelle Jade- (love all the nickname possibilities with this combo)
Nora Jane
Sierra Joelle
Madison Brooke
Kristen Jade
Scarlett Rose
Kylie Michelle
Delaney Shea
Rosalie Alexis
Zoey Madison
Kaileigh Michelle
Hallie Elizabeth

Adam Daniel
Seth Jacob- (I absolutely adore the name Seth!)
Griffin Joseph- (I like that Griffin isn't ridiculously common)
Jared Tristan
Preston James
Jason Scott
Jonathan Christopher
Jace Alexander- (I absolutely adore the name Jace!)
Kellan Christopher
Evan Alexander
Bryce Mason- (Flows really well in my opinion)
Owen Alexander- (I love Owen)
Carter James
Chace Matthew
Nathaniel Robert
Nicholas Isaiah
Tristan Daniel
Blake Collin
Benjamin Tyler
Ethan Blake
Parker David
Jaren Cole- (I didn't like this at all when I first heard it- I thought it was weird. As I said it more, it began to grow on me; now I really like it.)
Sean Evan
Jacob Russell
Andrew James
Noah Jamison
Simon Anthony
Ryan Christopher
Milo Anthony
Jensen Ross

Please be honest, but please don't be too mean. ;) I'm just a girl :D

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 06:21 PM

I like:
Juliana Kate - Cute.
Elena - Very pretty. Not a fan of Shay though and together it feels mismatched for style.
Aurora Rose - I like both Aurora & Rose separately but together it is too much R. The names run together and it feels very harsh. Aurora needs something soft imo ie. Aurora Lily.
Emma Charlotte - I like both names but prefer this in reverse Charlotte Emma.
Abigail Kathleen - I don't particularly love either name but they are well matched and the flow is nice.
Annabelle - Love Annabelle, prefer the spelling Annabel. Jade is not my style, feels very filler. Annabelle Jane would be nice and better matched for style imo.
Nora Jane - Well matched. Nice flow.
Scarlett Rose - Again I love both names but not together. It feels very descriptive ie. red rose.
Rosalie - Very pretty though the Twilight connection bothers me.

Griffin Joseph - I appreciate Griffins obscurity also. I love Joseph.
Owen Alexander - I don't love Owen but I understand the appeal. The combo is nice though a bit predictable.
Nathaniel Robert - Strong names.
Nicholas Isaiah - I like Nicholas though it is very popular.
Tristan Daniel - Tristan has a soft artistic vibe that I love. Good flow.
Simon Anthony - Maybe a little mismatched for style but the flow is fine.
Milo Anthony - I love Milo. Its my cats name :P

#3 Katie-Nana


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Posted 14 April 2010 - 09:18 AM

Most of your names flow really well, though they are a bit popular for my taste.

A few thoughts...

Aurora Rose is a bit R heavy...Aurora is hard to say as it is without adding Rose into the mix...something like Aurora Sage would flow better IMO

I've never been a fan of the Kaitlyn/Kayla's but I do like Kailyn (it just is has something extra) but I could see it getting confused with all the Kaitlyn's and Kaylas as well.

I really like Hallie Elizabeth (though I prefer the Halle Berry spelling) I think it is much classier than the overly popular Hailey (which I've never thought ages very well)

My favorite of you girls names would have to be Hallie Elizabeth or Nora Jane.

Of your boys I really like Jace Alexander (even though it is kinda trendy) & Evan Alexander (I really like Alexander for a mn :P )

Sean Evan is a bit choppy and should probably be paired with a longer mn. And I'm not a fan of Blake Collin (I've never been able to find a mn that goes very well with fn Blake)

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