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My top 10

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#1 EverydayAngel


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Posted 07 May 2010 - 04:46 PM

For each name:
A) Give it a rating out of ten.
:( Explain why you gave it that ratin.
C) Suggest any changes I could make, for example a differant middle name or alternate spelling (Optional)
D) If you are given more than one option for middle names/spelling, say which one you like best and why.

5. Chanel Amber/Shanelle Amber.
4. Angaline Samantha (Lena)
3. Jovi Michelle/Jovi Taylor
2. Leia Rose
1. Krysta Wednesday

5. Cameron Jacob/Jacob Cameron (Jake)
4. Dylan Edward
3. Lucas Mitchell (Luke)
2. Hayden Daniel
1. Anakin Charles

Yes I am aware that some names make me seem like I'm obsessed with Star Wars [Lucas/Luke (Luke Skywalker/George Lucas, creator of star wars) Leia (Princess Leia), Anakin (Anakin Skywalker) and Hayden (Hayden Christensen, Anakin's (insanely gorgeous) actor)] Twilight [Jacob Cameron/Cameron Jacob (Jacob Black) and Dylan Edward (Edward Cullen)] and the Addams Family [Krysta Wednesday (Wednesday Addams) and Lucas (Lucas Beineke, Addams Family Musical)], but it's just a coincidence. Don't worry, I won't use names that fall into the same theme. (Ex. Naming my kids Luke and Leia.)

Thanks! I love hearing others' opinions.

#2 Erased


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Posted 07 May 2010 - 06:48 PM

5. Chanel Amber/Shanelle Amber.~4 because I do not like the name Shanelle. I would spell it Shanelle
4. Angaline Samantha (Lena)~6 becuase love the name Angeline but doesnt flow with Samantha. I prefer Angelina.
3. Jovi Michelle/Jovi Taylor~3 do not like the name Jove. Prfer Taylor
2. Leia Rose~9 becuase I love the name
1. Krysta Wednesday~7 love the name Wednesday

5. Cameron Jacob/Jacob Cameron (Jake)~5 Like Cameron. Prefer Cameron Jacob
4. Dylan Edward~2 becuase it does not flow well and I am not a fan of Dylan
3. Lucas Mitchell (Luke)~7becuase I Love the name Lucas but doesnt flow well with Mitchell.
2. Hayden Daniel~1 becuase I dislike the name Hayden very much
1. Anakin Charles~5 because Anakin is an okay name but love with Charles

#3 alyssa897


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Posted 07 May 2010 - 11:51 PM

5. Chanel Amber/Shanelle Amber.
A) Rating- 5
B) I'm not really a fan of either names.
C) I think Amber Chanel would sound better.

4. Angaline Samantha (Lena)
A) Rating - 4.5
B) I don't like the spelling Angaline. It just looks weird in my opinion. I definitely think Angeline would be better.
C) see ^^

3. Jovi Michelle/Jovi Taylor
A) Rating - 5
B) I liked Jovi when I first saw this, but then I thought of Bon Jovi.
D) I prefer Jovi Michelle

2. Leia Rose
A) Rating - 7.5
B) Leia is pretty and different, but Rose is fairly common and although it sounds pretty with Leia I think a longer middle name would be better.
C) Leia Michelle, Leia Christine, Leia Rosalie, Leia Rosalyn, Leia Joselyn, Leia Rosemary

1. Krysta Wednesday
A) Rating 5.5
B) I actually like Wednesday for a middle name (I used to be obsessed with Wednesday 13, for about a week), but I don't think Krysta goes with it at all. Krysta is okay, but not with Wednesday in my opinion.
C) Wednesday Michelle, Wednesday Taylor, Eleanor Wednesday, Wednesday Kristine, Allison Wednesday, Samantha Wednesday

5. Cameron Jacob/Jacob Cameron (Jake)
A) Rating - 8
B) Cameron and Jacob are both strong names that go really well together. Both combos are great.
D) I really like both combos, but if I had to choose one, I prefer Jacob Cameron better because I love Jacob.

4. Dylan Edward
A) Rating - 6
B) I love Edward, but for some reason Dylan has always bothered me.

3. Lucas Mitchell (Luke)
A) Rating - 8
B) Both names go really well together. I love Luke. :)

2. Hayden Daniel
A) Rating - 7
B) I absolutely love Hayden, but I don't like Daniel at all.
C) Hayden Reid, Hayden Levi, Hayden Robert, Hayden Jude, Hayden Rhys, Hayden Trey, Hayden Carson, Hayden Demitri, Hayden Vaughn, Hayden James, Hayden Seth, Hayden Jase, Hayden Noah, Hayden Graham, Hayden Patrick, Hayden Riley, Nicholas Hayden, Jacob Hayden

1. Anakin Charles
Oops I forgot to do this one! :)
A) Rating - 7
B) I like both names actually, even though I'm not a Star Wars fan.

I hope this helps!


#4 caitleanne0109


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Posted 09 May 2010 - 03:27 PM

LOVE Anakin.
But im not a big fan of the middle name...


#5 Mishada


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Posted 09 May 2010 - 11:50 PM

5. Chanel Amber/Shanelle Amber.
A. 6/3
B. 6 for Chanel because it is pretty but I've never liked Amber. I would prefer Chantel. I knew a Chantel and I always thought it was nice. I definitely prefer the spelling Chanel to Shanelle which is why it gets a 3.
C. ^ already did. Chantel.
D. Just want to add that Shanelle seems more made-up while Chanel seems a bit wanna-be high class. Like Chardonnay. I don't mean that in a mean way of course. Not sure how to explain it.
4. Angaline Samantha (Lena)
Did you mean Angeline? I looked for Angaline and couldn't find it. I'm not fond of made-up names so if I'm wrong, tell me. 4 because I do like Samantha. Also, love the nn Lena. The name doesn't flow particularly well, though.
3. Jovi Michelle/Jovi Taylor - Definitely Jovi Michelle. I don't really like Jovi, makes me think of Juvie which is short for Juvenille Detention Center. It also sound kinda made-up. Michelle is a bit boring/dated but still better than some filler names. Taylor... never liked it. I've know too many from both genders to find the name either feminine or masculine. I just think of it as a last name now. 6 for Jovi Michelle and 3 for Jovi Taylor.
2. Leia Rose - Love Leia. Rose is boring but still pretty. 8.
1. Krysta Wednesday - I actually like Wednesday, which is weird for me. I think it is a gorgeous middle name, especially if it has real life significance. Krysta reminds me of Krystal. I don't like it. It as a very harsh sound to me, or maybe I just really don't like it. 7 but only because I like Wednesday so much. It would be a 4 otherwise.

5. Cameron Jacob/Jacob Cameron (Jake) - Cameron is a bit too unisex for me to use on a boy, but I know some people don't care or like that kinda thing. Jacob is sooooo boring it is ridiculous. 4 for Cameron Jacob and 3 for Jacob Cameron. I think Cameron Jacob has a better flow, plus I like Cam better for a nickname than Jake. I have 2 Jakes in my studio class of 13 people.
4. Dylan Edward - LOVE Dylan. I also love Edward, which is mostly because it isn't really riding the same wave as other Twilight names like Alice, Jasper, Isabella, and Jacob. It is sort of surprising but I don't see it often. I love this combo and Edward (a very old, traditional name) really strengthens the newer sounding Dylan. 10.
3. Lucas Mitchell (Luke) - Lucas is my baby (well, he is a baby to me at least) brother. He has never really liked his name due to teasing he went through. His name rhymes with some not-so-good things, afterall: puke, pukus, mucas, dookie (for Lukie which is something we called him when he was younger) and I'm sure I'm forgetting some other things. Don't get me wrong, I love his name. I just wanted to warn you just in case. I love Mitchell, by the way. I very nice, strong middle name. The combo flows really well, too. 8 but would be a 9 if not for my brother.
2. Hayden Daniel - Hayden is an automatic 0 from me. Daniel is okay, but nothing can save Hayden in my mind. Way too trendy. I truly, truly hate the name. Sorry for being harsh, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels that way about it.
1. Anakin Charles - Anakin is okay, I'm not a Star Wars fan or anything, but Lucas/Leia are way better. I think that I don't like it because it starts with 'Ana' and makes my mind immediately go to the girl's name Anna. The combo itself is very good. I like Charles as a middle name (though not as a first). It happens to be my dad's name. 5.

Done. :( Good luck.

#6 D3sire


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Posted 11 May 2010 - 09:23 PM

5. Chanel Amber/Shanelle Amber - 3 - Chanel makes me think of CoCo Chanel which just feels kind of cheesy to me. I prefer Chantal. Amber is 80`s dated.
4. Angaline Samantha (Lena) - 5 - I prefer Angelina especially if you intend on using Lena. Samantha feels dated and uninspiring. I feel that they are mismatched for style.
3. Jovi Michelle/Jovi Taylor - 2 - Jovi feels incomplete, like a nn rather than a given name. It also feels harsh and clunky to me. Michelle & Taylor are dated and bland imo.
2. Leia Rose - 7 - I like both names and they are well paired. I don`t like that both names have only 4 letters.
1. Krysta Wednesday - 1 - Krista is dated and I strongly dislike Y`s in replace of I`s and vice versa. Wednesday reminds me of the Addams Family.

5. Cameron Jacob/Jacob Cameron (Jake) - 5 - It just doesn't do much for me. Very mainstream trendy. I prefer Jacob (Jake) to Cameron but it is incredibly popular at the moment.
4. Dylan Edward - 3 - I`ve never liked Dylan. I get this big dumb jock image. Edward is nice. The combo is D heavy.
3. Lucas Mitchell (Luke) - 1 - I strongly dislike both names. I much prefer Luke to Lucas which feels 90`s trendy to me.
2. Hayden Daniel - 5 - The combo is decent but neither name is really my thing.
1. Anakin Charles - 2 - Anakin makes me think of Star Wars. Charles is nice.

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