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Another top 25

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Posted 11 May 2010 - 12:11 PM


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Posted 11 May 2010 - 12:55 PM

Matilda Flora Beatrix
Willa Florence Mae
Beatrix Siobahn
Winifred Gretchen
Penelope Kate
Genevieve Dorothy
Gwendolen Dawn
Annika Cassie
Elise Savannah

Gideon Connor
Silas Blake
Tobias Leeroy
Titus Bentley
Josiah Maverick
Elliott Clinton

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Posted 11 May 2010 - 09:12 PM

Matilda Flora Beatrix - I love Matilda! I like Flora & Beatrix as well but all together it feels a bit clunky. Matilda Beatrix works though still a bit heavy.
Willa Florence Mae - LOVE Willa!! I like the combo but prefer Willa Mae!
Beatrix Siobahn - Not a big Siobahn fan. I suppose the combo works though.
Viola Jane - Nice! Well matched for style & great flow!
Elisabeth Aria - Very pretty though I prefer it in reverse.
Winifred Gretchen - Not loving Winifred. I do love Wilhelmina though. Gretchen feels really harsh here.
Penelope Kate - Beautiful!!! Love this!
Genevieve Dorothy - I like Genevieve but Dorothy is not my style. I am all for bringing back the oldies but Dorothy does nothing for me.
Gwendolen Dawn - I prefer Gwendolyn which I love! Too much D here.
Camilla Meredith - Not crazy about either name. I prefer Camille and the combo is m heavy.
Evelyn Serena - Evelyn in nice. Serena isn't really my thing but it works. Nice balance of old and new.
Annika Cassie - I love Annika but Cassie isn't working for me. It feels incomplete and they are mismatched for style imo.
Elise Savannah

Abel Henry - Love Henry! Abel is a guilty pleasure of mine. I prefer this in reverse but Abel is great with your sons names!
Judah Sebastian - Very handsome!! I really like this one! I prefer Jude myself but Judah is great too!
Boaz Patrick - Boaz is a guilty pleasure. Patrick is not my style and I don`t care for the P & B sounds together.
Gideon Connor - Connor seems really trendy here.
Silas Blake - Silas is great but I am not loving the combo. I think Silas needs something strong and timeless.
Tobias Leeroy - I like Tobias but Leeroy is not for me. Seems really mismatched and I would ditch the extra E.
Felix Jude - LOOOOOVVVEEE!! Two of my favorites! They are awesome together!!
Barnabus Keanu - Not a fan of either & they feel mismatched for style.
Elijah Alec - Love Elijah and I don`t mind Alec but the combo doesn't wow me.
Titus Bentley - Titus is a guilty pleasure. Bentley is too trendy for me.
Josiah Maverick - I prefer Jonah or even Jonas. Maverick is not my style.
Elliott Clinton[ - Elliott is very handsome but Clinton makes me think of Bill.

Great names!!

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