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top 15 boy and girl names

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#1 kate_00


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Posted 24 May 2010 - 06:33 PM

Thsi is my new list of favorite names lots of them are
suggestions from my other posts and some names i have
seen on Mishada17s profile that i loved.
If you have any other sugguestions i'm open to here them.
and i need lots of help coming up with name combos so feel free
to give a fn or mn for the ones that need one
thanks in advance every one (:

Evangeline Willow
Camilla Odette
Sofia Eve (eden??)
Emma Seraphine
Serena Ivy
Caroline (need fn or mn)
Soleil (need fn)
Calista (need mn)
Amelia (need mn
Madeline (need mn)
Emmeline (need mn)
Celeste (need fm)
Isla (need mn)
Genevieve (need mn)
Eliza(need mn)

Nathan Gabriel
William Patrick
Benjamin Rhys
Jonathan August
Jacob Oliver
Spencer Elliot
Joshua Dean
Christian Oliver
Matthew (need fn or mn)
Christopher (need mn)
Andrew (need fn)
Thomas (need fn or mn)
Owen (need fn or mn)
Adam (need fn)
Nolan(need fn or mn)

#2 Adamsmommy


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Posted 24 May 2010 - 07:05 PM

Evangeline Willow-LOVE Willow
Camilla Odette-nms
Sofia Eve (eden??)-Cute
Emma Seraphine-Love Emma
Serena Ivy-serena nms but like ivy
Caroline (need fn or mn)-love caroline as a mn
Soleil (need fn)-nms
Calista (need mn)-nms
Amelia (need mn-nms
Madeline (need mn)-LOVE
Emmeline (need mn)_Love
Celeste (need fm)-nms cousin mn my cousin fn is Kaydence
Isla (need mn)-nms
Genevieve (need mn)-cute but nms
Eliza(need mn)-love..Eliza Jane

Nathan Gabriel-love
William Patrick-love william
Benjamin Rhys-rhys is nms
Jonathan August -dont like august
Jacob Oliver-cute
Spencer Elliot-cute
Joshua Dean-dont like dean
Christian Oliver-nms
Matthew (need fn or mn)-love
Christopher (need mn)-LOVE
Andrew (need fn)-love this name
Thomas (need fn or mn)-love it as a mn
Owen (need fn or mn)-ok
Adam (need fn)-i love the name Adam..what about Zackary Adam/Wesley Adam?
Nolan(need fn or mn)-nms

#3 Mishada


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Posted 24 May 2010 - 09:12 PM

I'm not going to comment on the ones I suggested or the ones I've commented on before (Benjamin Rhys!!). I'm also not going to suggest names for the ones from my profile (Soleil!!) because the only ones I want to suggest are the ones I have them with... Here goes:\\

Sofia Eve (eden??) - I prefer Sophia Eden/ Sofia Eden. I love Eve and Eden equally, but I think Eden flows better with Sophia. I'm not a fan of Sophia/Sofia though.
Caroline (need fn or mn)
-- Caroline Jolie; yeah, like Angelina Jolie. Did you know that Jolie is actually her middle name? Look it up. Jolie is a French name that means 'pretty'.
-- Caroline Ruby; Ruby is on the 'trendy' side, but I don't mind it too much. It is pretty enough to make up for it.
Amelia (need mn) - It isn't on my profile, but I don't update that often. It is on my signature as Amelia Eden. pretty, and a new pick. Amelia is classic and popular, but what drew me to is was the nn Mia. Breathtaking. I <3 Amelia nn Mia. Since it is relatively new for me, I think I'll share some of the other possibles that were floating in my mind recently. It isn't nearly as set in stone as most of the rest of them.
-- Amelia Piper; I love Piper, just haven't found the right fit.
-- Amelia Wren; I find Wren quirky and fun as a middle name, though a bit hippyish perhaps.
Madeline (need mn)
-- Madeline Aoife; gorgeous gorgeous Gaelic name. prn: ee-fa. Promise me you will say the combo out loud a few times before you toss it. Oh, and Aoife means 'beautiful/radiant/joyful'
-- Madeline Sarai; Sarai was the original name of Sarah in the Bible. It is prn. like sah-rye. Really easy.
Emmeline (need mn)
-- Emmeline Celeste; I think these two go nicely together, and since you like both...
Celeste (need fm)
-- Arianna Celeste; I like it.
-- Natalia Celeste; I love Nat as a nn.
Isla (need mn)
-- Isla Dawn; not sure if it is too cliche... probably is. Just popped into my head and I decided to keep it on here.
-- Isla Penelope; the word 'darling' comes to mind when I say this out loud.
Genevieve (need mn)
-- Genevieve Adele; this is much harder than the previous ones... I think Genevieve needs something more modern but I don't have many on my list.
-- Genevieve Noelle; yeah, this is a much better place for Noelle imao.
Andrew (need fn)
-- Jason Andrew; very strong and solid combo
-- Callum Andrew; for something a little different
Thomas (need fn or mn) - I definitley prefer it as a middle name. I'm not a fan of Tom as a nn.
-- Ian Thomas; cute
-- Thomas Conrad (or Conrad Thomas); I like Conrad... sounds explorer-y.
Adam (need fn)
-- ?? Adam is hard to find a first name for because when I put it in the middle name spot I keep wanted to add an 's' because I know lots of people with Adams as their last name, sorry.
Nolan(need fn or mn)
-- Nolan Blake (or Blake Nolan)
-- Seth Nolan
-- Christopher Nolan; REALLY LOVE. *immediately puts on her own list* muhahahahahahahahaha.

#4 TessaRose


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Posted 26 May 2010 - 01:54 AM

I love-

Evangeline Willow
Camilla Odette
Sofia Eden
Serena Ivy

I like-


I love-

Nathan Gabriel
Spencer Elliott
Joshua Dean

And the rest are ok, a bit simple imo :D

#5 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 26 May 2010 - 01:43 PM

Evangeline Willow
Jemima Soleil
Madeline Celeste
Isla Corinne
Genevieve Coraline
Eliza Danielle

Christopher Alan
Milo Thomas
Nolan Reed

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