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Sibling Names

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#21 Riley-Kate


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Posted 01 June 2010 - 02:11 PM

A friend of mine's parents chose the names before they knew if the baby would be a boy or girl.

Taylor Ashby (G)
Parker Jamie (:D
Kendall Ray (G)

I def see Kendall Ray as a girl's name, and Parker Jamie for a boy, but Taylor Ashby is more of a guy name to me.

#22 TessaRose


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Posted 02 June 2010 - 06:35 AM

Primrose I love all of the names in your family!
Well, i'm Tessa Rose, my brother is Chase Campbell and my sister is Paris Camille. Both of my siblings have 'cam' as part of their mns in honour of my grandfather. And i have rose just because my mum liked it haha. All of our fns were chosen for that reason too (although my dad had to agree too of course, my mum desperately wanted to call me Tahlia, but he hated it, and when she finally talked him into it the second time round it turned out to be a boy haha). I'm not sure that they go together, i guess they're sort of different styles, what does everyone else think?

#23 -Regan<3


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Posted 05 June 2010 - 03:02 AM

Regan Danielle and Cambrie-Anna Elizabeth.
I dont think they go together but my mother has weird taste and she loves them, there are also 9 years between us so maybe she didnt want to be all matchy matchy because of that. :D

#24 TiffaniNicole


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Posted 22 July 2013 - 02:29 PM

My siblings are all half siblings but they were born years before me so My name had to flow with theirs (which it doesn't)

Stephanie Imaleigh (I think her middle name is after her grandma)
Christopher Allen (mn is our dad's)
Jessica Mae (after our great grandma)
Tiffani Nicole (I hate my name but there's a story to it)

So my mom wanted to name me Krista Cheyenne and call me KC but my brother insisted Krista was too close to Chris and my dad wanted Nicole in my name so they came up with Tiffani. I HATE my name. Everyone's always misspelling it and I'm always accidentally being called Stephanie. I hate every common nickname for my name. So I'm stuck with a name I absolutely hate. If they say Krista and Chris are too close then how did it not occur to anyone that Tiffani and Stephanie are too close?

And my nieces and nephews are

Steph's sons are James Allenlee and Jax Ira

Chris's son is Cayden Allen

And Jessi's daughters are Kyleigh Anne and Makennzi Lynn

so I have a family full of odd names.


#25 brittany111


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Posted 22 July 2013 - 10:28 PM

My Name is Brittany Grace, my brother is Jordan Elliott.
We both have 'place' first names and the same ammount of accumulative letters.
My parents pn Brittany very brittish brit-tah-nee not Brit-Nee and it frustrates them to no end the amount of Britneys :P i perfer to just go by Britt.
My brother is now hating on his name because everyone thinks he is a girl and said recently he will only call his children names that are sure to have no confusion :P

#26 PaigeA


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Posted 23 July 2013 - 09:28 AM

My eldest sister is Megan Vanessa Claire followed by Grace Erika Michelle, Nicole Christina Brooke and then me Paige Samara Hazel :P My middle names are from my mum's childhood friend and her sister. I don't like my name but I think our names go together pretty well.

#27 Camellia


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Posted 23 July 2013 - 12:52 PM

Well, I have a lot of siblings, and each of us is named after someone, so here we go.
Jenna Marie (27) - Marie is after our aunt, Leta Marie.
Steven Daniel (25) - Steven is after our dad's middle name, Steen, and Daniel is our dad's first name.
Margaret Ann "Maggie" (24) - Ann is after our grandma, Elizabeth Ann, and our mom, Karen Ann.
Ryan James (21) - James is after our grandpa, James Patrick
Brett Lawrence (19) - Brett is named after George Brett (a Kansas City Royals hall-of-famer) and Lawrence is after our uncle, Lawrence Eugene.
Camela Grace "Cami" (17) [that's me!] - Camela is pronounced like Pamela but with a C. Grace is after our grandma, Lois Grace.
Douglas Scott "Doug" (16) - We call him Dougy, but everyone else calls him Doug. Scott is after our uncle, Andrew Scott.
Aven Kay "Ava" (14) - Aven is our grandma's maiden name, and Kay is after our aunt Cheryl Kay.

So, in conclusion, there's Jenna, Steven, Maggie, Ryan, Brett, Cami, Doug(y), and Ava. We're all full siblings. I think our names go very well together.

#28 Alexis!


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Posted 24 July 2013 - 12:43 AM

[21] Amanda Taylor

[20(ish)] Alexis Brooke [me!]

[14] Austin Blake

[2] Logan Warren

My sister is my only full sibling and both of our names were picked based on our nicknames. My mom wanted to just named us Mandy & Lexi, but my "father" insisted on full names and just using them as nicknames. Mandy got her name when my mom was shopping for baby clothes and a mother was shopping with her little girl Mandy. She heard the name, fell in love and it just got lengthened to Amanda. Lexi actually came from a soap opera my mom watched (she likes to tease me by telling me I caused as much drama during her pregnancy as the soap opera character did in the show ;)). It got lengthened to Alexis, which I really do not like! I'm not really sure why they chose our middle names.

With my oldest half-brother, my mom wanted to keep up the A theme and because my step-dad has a last name that starts with an E, she deliberated picked a B name so his initials would be ABE, after her grandpa Abel. Blake was the only B name they both liked, so it stuck. Honestly, I'm not sure how Logan got his first name, but Warren is his mother's maiden name, I believe. I haven't spoken to my "father" since he announced his wife was expecting, so the details on that are a little bit iffy.

Honestly, I do kind of like the sound of Amanda, Alexis & Austin together, but Logan feels awkward in the mix, being the only non-A name in the bunch. (Then again, it's awkward to have a sibling that's 17 and a half years (to the day) younger than you are.)

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