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Romanticism's caf from other website round 5

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 03:34 PM


Roll the dice to find out… http://www.random.org/dice/?num=8

How many years have passed?
1) 5 years
2) 6 years
3) 4 years
4) 1 year
5) 3 years
6) 2 years

With your new job, and your SOs promotion, you are bringing in a lot more money than before. You decided to treat the family to something they can all enjoy… a new home!

What kind of home do you move to?
1) 5 bed, 3 bath ranch style home
2) 9 bed, 5 bath mansion
3) 4 bed, 3 bath colonial home
4) 3 bed, 2 bath townhouse
5) 6 bed, 4 bath modern family home
6) 4 bed, 3 bath two story apartment

Do you move to different town?
1) Yes, move due to SOs job
2) Yes, move due to your job
3) No, stay put
4) No, stay put
5) Yes, move due to your job
6) No, stay put

If yes, where do you move?
1) Sunrise, Florida
2) Enid, Oklahoma
3) Blytheville, Arkansas
4) Los Angeles, California
5) Waipahu, Hawaii
6) Havelock, Iowa


Now that you’re in your larger house, you invite either your elderly mother/father or your SOs elderly mother/father to come and live with you.

Who’s coming to stay?
1) Your mother
2) SOs mother
3) SOs father
4) Your father
5) SOs mother
6) Your father

What are their names?

Your/SOs mum:
FN: http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls
MN: http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls
LN: Your previous surname or SOs surname

Your/SOs dad:
FN: http://nameberry.com...-Names-for-Boys
MN: http://nameberry.com...-Names-for-Boys
LN: Your previous surname or SOs surname


Soon after one of the children’s grandparents moves in, you find out you’re pregnant again! Sadly, the child’s grandparent passes away shortly before the birth :) Everyone is deeply saddened, but you decide that the best way to honour them is to name the child(ren) after them.

What do you have?
1) DD
2) DS
3) DD
4) DS
5) DD/DS
6) DS/DD

FN: Must be related in some way to the deceased grandparent
MN: http://nameberry.com...sic-Girls-Names

FN: Must be related in some way to the deceased grandparent
MN: http://nameberry.com...ssic-Boys-Names

Your little one(s) look like:
1) Daddy’s hair colour, daddy’s hair texture, mummy’s eyes
2) Mummy’s hair colour, daddy’s hair texture, daddy’s eyes
3) Just like mummy
4) Daddy’s hair colour, mummy’s hair texture, mummy’s eyes
5) Mummy’s hair colour, mummy’s hair texture, daddy’s eyes
6) Just like daddy

In what month does your little one arrive?
Do you watch American Idol?
Yes – An odd numbered month
No – An even numbered month

And what day?
Do you watch American Idol?
Yes – An even number
No – An odd number

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 04:37 PM

My name is Elodie Amira Lunceford. I'm a twenty-two year old law student at the Hofstra University School of Law. It's a long way from my home in Corpus Christi, Texas, but I don't have a boyfriend, home or anywhere, so the only thing I'm missing is family. I have wavy blonde hair and brown eyes, not to mention the Texas twang in my voice.
Four years have passed since I last saw you! I have now graduated college and am working as a lawyer for the Jackson and MacNichol Law firm. But that's not the only thing that has changed. I am now married to Leo Orson Kessler, a twenty- seven year old accountant from Ripley, Mississippi. We first met when he transferred to my college and I laid eyes on his gorgeous curly dark brown hair and blue eyes. He proposed to me by the pond of the near-by park. We got married at St. John the Mariner, and then honeymooned in Barcelona. When we got back, we found out that Leo's aunt had brain cancer and we moved back to Ripley to be with her.
Again four years have passed and Leo and I just had twin girls named Luciana Angel *Luci* and Georgiana Eden *Georgi*. They have curly blonde hair and blue eyes. They were born on December 8th but we knew we were having twin girls long before they actually arrived.
It's been two years and we just had another (!) set of identical twin girls in October 30th. Again, we found out their genders ahead of time so we named them Ruth Irene *Ruthie* and Anne Mary *Annie*. They both have curly dark brown hair and brown eyes.
A year after Ruthie and Annie were born, I realized that I was dreading going back to work! After a long talk with Leo, I decided to change jobs. I am now a photographer.
Just another year later, and I found out I was pregnant again! This time it was completely unplanned and a shock to us both. Nico Aaron was born on May 17th with wavy blonde hair and brown eyes.
Again four years have passed and we have moved into a nine bedroom, five bathroom mansion in town. Since my father, Tobias Maxwell Lunceford, is elderly, we have invited him to live with us. Right after he moved in, we found out that I am pregnant again. Dad died on february second and Tobias Timothy *Toby* and Maxine Margaret *Max* were born on February 13th. They have wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes.

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 06:37 PM

Within the last year we moved to Blytheville, Arkansas due to my job into a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom colonial home. Henry’s mother Grace Josephine moved in with us but passed away suddenly. She never got to meet are newest addiction to the family home we named after her, Grace Caroline. Grace was born October 3rd and has straight blonde hair and blue eyes.

LN: Zimmerman

DH: Henry Levi
DW: Violet Alexandra

DS: Keaton Lucas
DD/DD/DD: Charlotte Victoria / Emma Katherine / Sophia Elizabeth
DS: Andrew Daniel
DD: Grace Josephine

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 08:04 PM

1 year has passed
We have bought a 5 bed, 3 bath ranch style home
My father (Emmett Maxwell Linscott) has come to live with us
Not to long later, shortly before our next child's birth he passes away
On May 16th Emma Jane was born
She has Ned's straight hair and eyes

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 08:24 PM

So now 6 years have passed, and we finally decided to get a new home. We finally decided on a 9 room, 5 bath mansion. I know it's alittle much, but we need alot of room for the children to play and grow. We decided to stay in the town we were already living in because it's what the children are used to and, to be honest, I love it here too. My elderly mother comes to stay with us so we can care for here and make sure she gets properly looked after. Her name is Tess Josephine, but the kids call her Grandma Tessie. Soon we found that we are pregnant once again, this time with another little girl. Sadly my mother passed away before she was born. We decided to name our newest daughter Tessa Grace and call her Tessie. She has straight, blonde hair (my natural hair color before I dyed it red) and brown eyes. Her birthdate is February 15th.

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 08:46 PM

My name is Alyssa Zara Mauer. I am 18 years old and just graduated from high school in Willimantic, Connecticut and I am getting ready to go to college where I want to study to become a police officer. I have straight red hair and blue eyes and I am currently single.


Four years have passed since I've seen you last and I am now 22 years old, graduated from college and working in my dream job as a police officer. But that's not the only thing that has changed! I am also now married to Leo August Zuckerman so I am now Alyssa Zara Zuckerman! Leo is a 23 year old screenwriter. He has wavy black hair and green eyes. He proposed to me after 2 years of dating while we were having dinner at my parent's house. We actually had our wedding on a live TV show! Leo was able to arrange it because he is a screenwriter on that particular show. We had our honeymoon in Milan, Italy and afterwards we settled down in Nassau, New York where we currently live. We moved here for Leo's job which he commutes to in New York City 2 days a week, the other 3 days he is able to work from home.


After 2 years Leo and I decided that we were financially stable enough to start trying for a family. We didn't had much trouble and we conceived right away. Leo was 25 and I was 24 when we welcomed Garrett Lucas Zuckerman into the world on September 28th. He has my straight red hair and Leo's green eyes. Although it was difficult Leo and I decided that we wanted to wait to find out the sex of the baby so we were very suprised and excited to meet our little boy!


2 years after Garrett was born Leo and I decided to try for another baby. We were shocked when we found out we were having triplets although we shouldn't have been because multiples run in Leo's family. On June 4th we welcomed little Robert Adam, Richard Alexander and Zachary Andrew into the world. We decided that we would call them Robbie, Richie and Zach. Although we decided to keep the gender of Garrett a suprise, as soon as we found out we were having triplets we knew we needed to get ready so we decided to find out the sexes of the babies. Robbie, Richie and Zach all have Leo's wavy black hair and my blue eyes.


A year after the triplets are born I realized that I was dreading going back to work.After a long talk with Leo I realized that being a police officer isn't all that I thought it would be, especially with 4 little boys the age of 3 at home. I then decided it was time for a change of careers. Leo, however is very happy as a screenwriter and has just received a promotion! I decided to apply for a position as a caterer and a week after the interview I found out I got the job!


A year after I began my new career as a caterer I discovered I was pregnant again. This time it came as a complete shock to Leo and I because we were not trying for a baby but we were thrilled because we always wanted a large family. Little William Benjamin or Will as we call him was a very exciting Christmas present for our family. That's right Will was born on December 25th! While the rest of our boys are a pretty good combination of both Leo and I, Will is the spitting image of his father with his wavy black hair and green eyes.


Another year has passed and with Leo's promotion and my new job we are making a lot more money than before. To treat our family we decide to buy a new house! We end up buying a 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom modern family home. This home is actually located in Waipahu, Hawaii! We decided to relocate there because the catering company that I was working for decided to expand their business to Hawaii and wanted me to help get everything set up.


Now that we are living in a larger house we invite Leo's mother to come live with us because her husband has just passed away. Beatrice Cora Zuckerman or Grandma Bea as the kids all call her is a delight to have with us. Soon after Grandma Bea comes to stay with us I find out I am pregnant again! Sadly, Grandma Bea passed away shortly before the births. That's right, I said births. We ended up having twins. Rowan Anthony and Corrina Virginia were born on April 9th. We decided to name the children after Grandma Bea as a way to honor her. Rowan is a masculine name that is similar to Beatrice and Corrina is similar to Cora. Rowan and Corrina both have wavy red hair and green eyes. We are very excited to finally have a daughter! Currently, Leo is 30 and I am 29. We now have 7 children! Garrett is 5, Robbie, Richie and Zach are 3, Will is 1 and Rowan and Corrina are 1 month old.

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 09:19 PM

It's Lill again. Leo says hello. Ian and Wyatt are now 9! They're so big! Matt, Daniel and Jacob started kindergarten this year. They can't be this big yet. My babies are growing up. Leo got a large promotion this three years ago, allowing us to buy a new home. It's a 6 bed, 4 bath which is great. We were really getting to big for the old one. We had to move to Waipahu, Hawaii because of Leo's promotion, but the kids love it. We live right by the beach. Along with our move, Leo's mother, Clara Beatrice Mohn has come to live with us as well. Within months of moving to Hawaii, I find I am pregnant yet again (which I blame on the stress Clara causes) I am secretly hoping I have girl this time around, having five boys already. At the second ultra sound the doctor finds a second heart. Shortly after, Clara passes away. The entire family is devastated. Ian suggests we name the babies after Grandma Clara. Leo and I loved the idea. We decided to wait to find out the genders of the babies. The twins come on June 4th, at 38 weeks. Baby A was a boy. We named him Carter Andrew. Carter came from Grandma Clara's brother who died as a child. And Andrew was her father's name. Baby B- was our long awaited girl. Named Claire Elizabeth, Claire was after Clara.
DS/DD- Carter Andrew has Mommy’s red hair, but daddy's curls and smokey eyes.
Claire- Looks just like dad. Red, curly hair, and smokey eyes. She resembles her grandmother in many ways.

our family is now complete
Lill and Leo with:
Ian and Wyatt, Matt, Jacob, and Daniel, Carter and Claire.

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 10:33 PM

Hey my name is Eliza Caroline Holyfield. I have straight, light brown hair and blue eyes, I’m 23 years old and in my last year of Law School, as you can probably tell I want to be a lawyer. I am in a serious relationship with the best guy

Four years later, I am 27 and working in a great Law Firm. I’m still with the best guy too, his name is Henry Hudson Muller, he is also 27 years old but he has curly red hair and blue eyes. We met years ago when he crashed in to my car. He works in accounting. He proposed 2 years ago in our favorite public park , we were married not long after in a beautiful wedding in his parents back yard after which he honeymooned in Dublin Ireland. When we got back we moved
Pocatello, Idaho for my job.

2 years later, We just had babies!!! We knew it was twins but, waited the whole nine months just to find out what they were, two GIRLS!!! They are Aurora Grace and Arabella Faith aka Rory and Bella. Rory has straight light brown hair and blue eyes (just like me!!) and Bella has straight red hair and blue eyes. They were welcomed into the world on May 20th

4 years later, Once again we had multiples *who knew they ran in Henrys family!!!* Once again we waited until they were born to find out what they were, this time it was TRIPLETS!! 2 boys and a girl. Their names are Christopher Andrew, Nathaniel William and Rebecca Rose aka Topher, Nathan and Becca. Topher has curly red hair and blue eyes while Nathan and Becca have straight red hair and blue eyes. They were born on April 22nd.
A year later I realized I didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore, I switch to being a Dietician and love it. A week after I got my job Henry got a promotion!
2 years after the triplets were born I was excited and shocked to have another baby, this time a single one too a baby boy we named Matteo Benjamin aka Matt. He looks just like his mommy! He was born on December 31st

2 years later, We have made a lot of money and have moved to a 6 bed, 4 bath modern family home, we have fortunately not had to move at all. Since my mother, Charlotte Sophia Holyfield, is elderly and living alone she has com to live with us.
Right after she moved in we found out we were pregnant again! Unfortunately a week before our daughter was born my mother passed away. In honor of her we named her Charlotte Kate (Kate is after Henrys mom) we call her Lottie. She was born January 25th. Lottie has curly red hair and her daddys eyes.

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 11:05 PM

My name is Aven Grace Paxson. I live in Willmantic Connecticut, I am 22 and in college, my dream career is to become a psychologist. I have curly red hair and green eyes. At the moment I am only interested in casual dating

Four Years later - My new last name is Richter, since I married Leo Sebastien Richter, he is a 26 year old fire fighter with wavy blonde hair and green eyes. We met at the dry cleaners, after a few months of dating he proposed to me at the local park and we were married on the beach in hawaii in the summer. After our honeymoon in Dublin Ireland, we made our new home in Evansville Indiana, due to my job.

Three Years later - We decided that we were finally financially stable enough to start a family, and we had no trouble concieving, after some debate we decided to find out the sex of the baby and to our surprise we were having TWINS... Lilianna Sophie & Isabella Zoe *Lily & Bella*were born on December 1st, they have mommy's red hair with daddy's wavy texture and daddy's eyes.

Three Years later - It has been 3 years wince the twins were born and Leo and I decided that it was time to try for another, little did we know that once again we would be blessed with multiples!! We once again decided to find out the sexes, and this time around we were having three BOYS!! Jack Henry, Nicholas Paul *Cole*, and William Luke*Liam* were born on November 15th, and all three boys look just like daddy! After taking a few months off work to be with the kids, I just couldn't imagine going back to a full time job as a psychologist anymore, I just didn't have the passion like before. After a little soul searching i decided that I really wanted to persue a career in photography. It has a flexable schedule, and that is a must with 5 kids. Leo got the big promotion at the fire station he had been hoping for, and is more in love with his work than ever, and I got hired on as a part time photographer with a local studio! A year later I was shocked to find out that i was pregnant once again!!! It was a total surprise to the entire family, because we were not trying to have another baby. Thankfully this time it was only 1 beautiful baby girl, and Elizabeth Carolina * Ella* was born on December 31st, she looks just like mommy!

Four Years later - Four years after Ella was born, we were making a considerable amount more money than we used to, so we decided to buy a new 9 bedroom 5 bath mansion in Blytheville Arkansas, due to Leo's job. Leo's mom and dad Jasper August and Olivia Charlotte have also made the move with us so that we can look after them due to their ages and health problems. Not long after moving we found out that we were expecting yet agian! Sadly, our joy was short lived, because just a couple of months before the babys birth Leo's mother passed away. So it seemed only right that we name our new daughter Olivia Charlotte after her grandmother. Olivia was born on July 17th and looks just like her daddy

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Posted 16 July 2010 - 05:49 AM

My name is Saffron Leah Paxson I am 19 and a colledge student, my dream career is to become a Teacher. I have Black curly hair, have green eyes and am in a very serious relationship. Currently I live in Hickory, North Carolina.

Four years have passed! I have now graduated college and now working as a Teacher. Im now married to Henry Ray Kaiser , a firefighter, who is 25 , he has gorgeous red hair and blue eyes. We met one day while I was shopping and I tripped over and lost all the stuff in my hands, he was the only one who helped me pick it up and we exchanged numbers. We began dating and one day he proposed to me, while we were watching our favourite tv show and we got married 1 year later in my parents backyard. We honeymooned in Dublin, Ireland and now live in Pocatella, Idaho due to a job relocation.
After one year we have finally settled into our new life and we decide to start trying for a baby and fall pregnant straight away. We found out we were having twins but decided to keep there genders a secret. On May 8th we welcome twin baby girls Savannah Heaven and Isabella Neveah into our lives. Both girls look exactly like their mummy with black hair and green eyes.

3 years had past, and we began to feel clucky again, so we decided to try again. We were very shocked to hear we were having Triplet boys. On April 30th, Matthew Julian , Thomas Jack , Zachary James were added to the family. All 3 boys have daddys red hair but its curly like mummys with bright greens eyes.

A year after the boys were born I realised I didnt wanna be a Teacher anymore and got a job as a Photographer and at the same time Henry got a promotion.

Just another year later we find out we were pregnant again! This time it’s was completely unplanned but we were very excited to welcome our new baby girl
Sophia Ava on May 17th. Sophia has mummy's black curly hair and daddys green eyes.

Another 3 years have passed and we moved to a new home with 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. With all the extra space Henry mum, Mae Violet moved in and at the same time we fell pregnant again. Sadness fell through the whole family when Mae got sick and never recovered, when the twins were born we wanted to honour her names with the children who were born on her birthday 30th September.Black hair and green eyed identical twins Charlie-Mae Eliza and Maeson Edward brought joy back into the family.

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Posted 16 July 2010 - 08:06 AM

My name is Acacia Roxanne Blasko. I'm 19 and I have curly, dark brown hair and green eyes. I'm from Linden, California and I'm currently attending university, where I'm studying criminal justice in hopes of becoming a police officer. I'm casually dating right now.


Four years later, I am now 23 and a rookie police officer! I recently married the love of my life, Leo Sebastian Wolf, a straight, dark brown-haired and grey-eyed, 26-year-old dentist. We met one day at the dry cleaners while I was in college. I was working there to get some extra money and he brought in his best suit to be cleaned after his friend spilled wine on it at a wedding. We began dating and fell in love and eventually, he proposed to me at our favorite restaraunt! We married in a quaint little ceremony in his parents' backyard and honeymooned in New York City, where we saw a few Broadway shows. Recently, we relocated to Nassau, New York because he was offered a fantastic job in an upscale cosmetic dentistry office.


One year later, we decided it was time to start a family! We had no problem concieving, but decided to keep the sex a surprise. On May 20th, we had a little baby girl who looks just like her mommy, with curly, dark brown hair and green eyes, and named her Aurora Serenity. We call our baby girl Rory. :)


Two years later, we decided to try for another baby and found out we were having twins! Again, we decided to keep the sexes a surprise, and on April 22nd, we had two identical little boys, James Anthony and Alexander Julian (James and Xander). They look just like their daddy, with straight, dark brown hair and grey eyes. A year after the boys were born, I decided that my career just wasn't suited to me anymore. Being a police officer is too much of a risk when you have three little babies at home. I decided to start up my own catering business instead and it is going very well. Around the same time, Leo was promoted in his office! Just a year after I started my business, I started to recognize the familiar signs of pregnancy. We weren't trying to get pregnant, but sure enough, we had another little girl on May 17th named Amelie Geneva. She has daddy's straight brown hair and mommy's green eyes.


Four years later, after saving up diligently, we bought a new house! It's a ranch style, 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom. With all the extra space, we decided that it would be good to bring Leo's mom, Violet Josephine Wolf, to live with us so the kids could get to know her. Soon after she moved in, we found out I was pregnant with twins again! Unfortunately, Grammy didn't get to meet our babies as she passed shortly before they were born on July 6th. We named our son and daughter in her honor: Violet Sophia and Joseph (Joey) Stephen. These sweeties have brown curly hair and green eyes like their mommy.

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Posted 16 July 2010 - 02:23 PM

My name is Rose Cassandra Weatherholt, and I am an 18-year old student. I just graduated high school and I am now preparing for college, where I will study English and Education. My dream is to become a teacher one day.
I have curly, red hair and bright green eyes. I have Irish heritage, but I was born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina, where I met the guy I'm now casually dating, Clark.


It's already been four years since I last saw you!
I am now 22, and I've been working as a first grade teacher for the past year. Being a teacher has always been my biggest dream, and I feel so lucky to have that opportunity.
I am also incredibly lucky to have met the most important person of my life.
Clark and I had broken up for about nine months, when I crashed into a young man just after getting out of the mall. I was full of shopping bags and trying to find my car keys in the purse, so I really wasn't paying much attention to where I was going. He was very engrossed in a phone call, so we inevitably ran into each other, and I dropped all my bags in the process. He was very polite and chatty, though, so he helped me pick up my shopping and asked to offer me drinks to apologize.
There wasn't much he had to apologize for, but I think it was merely an excuse. I will never be thankful enough to have accepted.
Henry Atticus Schneider is now my incredible husband. He is 26 and an handsome architect. He is tall, with wavy dark blond hair, that almost lean towards brown, and deep hazel eyes.
After being together for almost two years, and living together for ten months, he proposed while we were visiting my parents for Easter.
He hid the ring in one of the plastic eggs, and wrote my name on it so that when the little ones found it, they would bring it to me.
I was stunned when I opened the egg, but I was quick to recover and say "yes" with tears in my eyes.
We had a very intimate ceremony in the small church of my neighborhood, with just our families and close friends. Immediately after we flew to Spain, where we spent two weeks in Barcelona and other ten days touring around the coast.
It wasn't long after Henry was promoted at the firm he has been working at for three years. The promotion was a blessing to our family, but it also meant taking over the offices in New York. We were a little sad to leave our families behind, but we also took it as an opportunity to start fresh together.

We've been living in New York for four years now. I am 26, and I'm working at a local elementary school for four days a week-- I really love the job.
Henry's new job has finally settled down at the new offices, and he also has a more defined role, with enough freedom and a stable income.
He is thirty, and we decided it is finally time that we try to expand out little family.
It didn't take long for us to get pregnant, and we were so excited that we could not wait until the birth to find out the gender.
On July 8th, under the blazing sun, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. His full name is Thomas Maximilian Schneider, after my father and Henry's Dutch descent, but we just call him Max.
He already has my red curls and freckles, but his sweet eyes are all daddy.

When Max was two, we thought it was a good time gap to start trying for another child.
What we were shocked to hear at our second ultrasound, was that we were not carrying one baby, but three!
Thinking about it, it shouldn't have been a huge shock, since multiples run in Henry's family, but we could not help it.
How would we be able to cope with one energetic toddler and three babies?

This time, we decided to keep the genders a surprise.
The babies were due in late January, but we already knew we'd be welcoming them much earlier. A scheduled c-section brought three bundles of joy into this world on November 30th, all three of them little boys.
We named them Alexander Matthew, Luke Joseph and William Frederick; all three of them were spitting images of Henry, with light brown hair and hazel eyes.
We couldn't have been more delighted.

A year after the triplets were born, law required that I go back to work.
I've always loved being a teacher, but being a mommy to three babies under two had been an awfully tiring task.
Rewarding, yes, but tiring. I realized that I dreaded going back to work. It was not that I didn't like my job anymore, because I still did.
I just couldn't imagine spending half of my days teaching young children, then coming home to three screaming babies and a toddler.
Too much stress would be adding up, and I would feel overwhelmed. After discussing it thoroughly with Henry, we decided that leaving the job at school would be the best decision for our family. Henry still worked at the company that brought him to New York, but he was blessed with yet another promotion.
He was made head of the New York Affiliate Office, and his position allowed me to stay at home for the first months after I quit my job. During this time, I started to discover and fall in love with photography, which I started with my own children and then for friends. After I was sure I had acquired enough skills to become a professional, I applied for a job as the assistant of a wedding photographer.
A week later I found out I'd been accepted-- what a wonderful adventure to embark on!

Just a year has passed. Things have been going well, I have adjusted to having a four year old boy and two year old triplets. In the meantime, I opened up my own photography business, which has been flexible enough for our family dynamic.
But shocking news were waiting for me.
In september, I receive the news that I am yet again pregnant. It was definitely not planned, and with four small children still to tend to, I admit I was scared when I found out.
Fear soon turned to utter happiness, though, to be sharing our love with another little one.
On May 3rd I gave birth to a wonderful baby, who we were delighted to find out was a girl.
We gave her two first names, one for Henry's mother Greta and one to honour my Irish heritage, and a middle name after my sister Caroline.
Our first daughter, Grace Niamh Carolina Schneider, sported bright red hair and green eyes.
Finally, a daughter who looks exactly like her mommy!

Three years after Gracie's birth, my business was still going well & Henry's job as the head of the office gave us the stability we needed.
We had a higher income than when we started our family, and we decided to treat the six of us to something we could all enjoy... a new home!
After debating it for a few days, we decided to stay put in New York. We bought a beautiful, modern family home in the suburbs, with six bedrooms and four bathrooms.
It was comfortable enough for the whole family: Max had his own room to play and read in, the triplets shared another room where they could ran havoc & play together, and Grace had her own girly room, while Henry and I treated ourselves to a spacious bedroom.
Since we now had a bigger home, my lonely mom, Beatrice Sophia Weatherholt, started visiting more and more often. We were happy to have her, but we also knew she was getting very old, and it was not safe for her to travel alone so often.
We decided to invite her to stay with us, since we had two guest bedrooms that were currently unused. She was very happy to accept and spend time with her nephews and niece.
Soon after my mom moved in, Henry and I found out we were expecting our sixth child. Sadly, my mother passed away very shortly before the baby arrived, and we decided the best way to remember her was to name our little one after her.
We had a girl, just like I thought we would, and we named her Sofia Eleanor Beatrix Schneider.
Both her first & middle name are after her amazing grandmother; we added Eleanor, a strong name we loved, to keep the girls in our family with two first names.

Little Sofia was the most beautiful baby girl I'd ever seen. She had my red hair, just like her sister Grace, but they were as wavy as her dad's.
She also had identical eyes as her brothers, deep hazel like Henry's. She joined our family on February 13th, just a day before the day that celebrates love.

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Posted 16 July 2010 - 10:47 PM

My name is Leilani Sariah Caley, but everyone calls me Leila and I am a 19 year old college student. My dream job is to be a psychologist.
I have curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am casually dating and I currently live in Tullahoma, Tennessee.
Its been four years and many things have changed. The first major thing that has changed is my name. I am no long Leila Caley. I am now Leila Lang.
I married Walter Sullivan Lang, or Sully, in the church I grew up in and we honeymooned in Barcelona, Spain. He is 24 years old.
While I was studying in college, I practically lived at the library and that is where I met Sully and fell in love almost instantly. He has straight black hair and brown eyes.
He is working his dream job as a dentist. He proposed to me at our favorite restaurant, which also happens to be where we went on our first date.
We now live in Fresno, California because we wanted to start a fresh life together.
Sully and I always wanted a family and a year after we married we welcomed our first child. We wanted to find out the gender immediately and we did.
Sully was so happy when he found out that I was carrying a little boy. We decided to name him Griffin Elias and call him Finn.
Finn was born September 20th. Finn looks just like Sully. He has head full of black hair and beautiful brown eyes.
It has been three years since Finn was born. Sully and I decided to try again and became pregnant very quickly. We found out the gender as we did with Finn.
We found out that we were expecting three little girls. We were so surprised to find out that we were expecting multiples.
We decided to name them Anna Sophia, Caroline Eve and Elizabeth Louisa and we plan to call them Annie, Carly and Libby. They all have a head full of straight black hair,
just like their daddy and brown eyes just like me. The girls were born on June 22nd.

A year after the triplets were born. I realized I was dreading going back to work. After talking to Sully about it, I decided I needed a change in my life. I decided to become a photographer,
which would give me more time at home to spend time with my children. Sully is so happy with being a dentist, that he has decided to partner
with one of his buddies from school and open up their own practice.

Two year after the triplets were born, Sully and I decided that we would try for another kid. Soon after I got pregnant. We soon found out that we were expecting a little boy.
Matteo Jacob, or Teo, was born December 31st. Teo was born with a head full of curly dark brown hair and brown eyes, just like his mommy.
It has been five years now. Finn is 11 years old. Annie, Carly and Libby are seven and Teo is five.
Ever since Sully opened his new practice, we have been making alot of money. We decided to
treat our family to something nice, a new house. We recently moved into a six bedroom, four bath modern family home in Fresno, California,
where we moved right after getting married. Since we
have extra room in the new home, my elderly mother, Isabella Mabel Caley, moved in with us.
Soon after my mom moved in with us, I found out I was pregnant. Sully and I found out that we
were expecting a little boy. About a month before my due date, my mom passed away.
I was so upset but I thought it would be nice to honor my mom by naming the baby
after her in some way. Isaac Michael was born on October 17th. Isaac looks just like me,
with curly dark brown hair and brown eyes.

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Posted 17 July 2010 - 12:09 PM

Henry Levi and Rose Alexandra Morgan (Nee Lennon).

At the library, went to the same University, Henry was a year above.

Proposal, Marriage and Honeymoon:
Henry proposed at my parents house and we married a year later at my parent's lodge back in our home-town in North Carolina. He then organised our honeymoon to be London, England.

6 bed, 4 bath modern family home.

Current ages:

Previous job - Psychologist, current job - Speech therapist.
Fire fighter.

Dyed dark red (Naturally light brown), wavy.
Dark brown, straight.

Eye colours:


After we were married for two years and we made sure we were financially stable, we decided to try for our first baby. We kept the gender a surprise through out, though Henry was dying to find out. After 8 1/2 months of pregnancy, I gave birth to our first baby girl Isabella.

[9] Isabella 'Bella' Eden - Born July 1st.
Dark brown, wavy hair and green eyes.

When Bella was 2, we decided to give her a little brother or sister. When we found out we were having twins, we decided not to keep the genders a surprise, just to make it easier. Our twin girls were born via c-section 8 months later.

[7] Charlotte 'Charlie' Emily - Born November 24th.
Dark brown, straight hair and hazel eyes.

[7] Madeline 'Maddie' Sophia - Born November 24th.
Dark brown, straight hair and hazel eyes.

A year after the twins were born I decided I didn't want to go back to work and decided on a career change. I got a job as a speech therapist. That same month, Henry got a promotion! Life was going great. After another year we found out we were pregnant again... We were both quite shocked. We both had said that we would stop after the twins, since 3 children under 5 were plenty for us! Nonetheless, we welcomed this new addition with open arms. 7 months after finding out, I gave birth to our first son, Alexander.

[5] Alexander 'Alex' Jacob - Born May 17th.
Light brown, straight hair and hazel eyes.

Five years after Alex's birth we decided that since we were making more money and we could afford to, we'd move house! We bought a modern family home with enough rooms for all the kids to have their own bedrooms and to have a guest room. Henry is the youngest of his 5 siblings, and his mother, Grace Josephine Morgan, was 69 years old. His father had died a few years before so since we had a spare bedroom we asked her if she would like to move in - and she said yes! So within 2 months we had 7 people living in our home. About 2 weeks after Grace moved in, we discovered that we were expecting another bundle of joy! We found out at our 20 week scan that we were expecting yet another girl! Within the space of 5 months, Grace was diagnosed with a rare form and cancer and we were told she had only a few months to live. She died in hospital whilst I was 8 months pregnant. She had been so excited to meet her granddaughter and so, after giving birth to our newest princess, we honoured grandma Grace.

[nb] Grace Katherine - Born January 20th.

Rose and Henry Morgan with their children Bella, Charlie, Maddie, Alex and Grace, living in Newington, Connecticut.

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Posted 18 July 2010 - 12:11 PM

LN: Bauer
DW: Alyssa Caroline (Solt) (35)
DH: Leo Dexter (38)
DS: Jasper Lucas (12)
DS/DS/DD: Nathan Vincent / Anthony Jack / Faith Rebecca (7)
DD: Sophia Gianna (5)
DD: Teresa Edith (n)
Paternal Grandma: Tess Josephine Bauer

5 years after Sophia, we moved into a two story apartment with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We were able to move because of the promotions and the new job but we stayed in Ripley, Mississippi to be close to his family. With this move we’ve also extended an invitation for Leo’s mom, Bauer to come live with us.
Grandma Tess Josephine Bauer moved in and about 3 months later I found out that we were expecting again. Although everyone is very happy about the new baby we are all very saddening by the loss of Grandma. On August 9th our 3rd daughter was born and given the name Teresa Edith. Tessa got wavy blonde hair and hazel eyes.

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Posted 18 July 2010 - 04:12 PM

Two years after Susan was born, Adele's catering business is booming. The Grossman's decided to look for a larger place. They found a nice two story apartment in a great neighborhood in Fresno. Around that time they decided to ask Adele's widower father, Henry Byron Ellenburg to move in with them. Not long afterward Adele finds out that she is pregnant again. Sadly before the babies are born Adele's father takes a turn for the worse and passes away. Adele and Walter decided to name the new babies after her father.

Walter Ray Grossman & Asphodel Winifred "Adele" Grossman

Calvin Daniel Grossman (7)

Mary Frances Grossman, Jane Margaret Grossman & Simon Anthony Grossman (4)
Susan Georgiana (3)
Henrietta Katherine & Byron Matthew (NB)

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Posted 19 July 2010 - 06:01 PM

Lily Jasmine Marconi
37 years old and a Caterer
Straight Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes
Born in Mansfield, Ohio

Leo Dexter Roth
37 years old and a Firefighter
Curly Red Hair and Blue Eyes

Met when he crashed into my car outside a restaurant
Proposed at the restaurant we met outside
Married on a beach in Hawaii
Honeymooned in Paris, France
Living in Nassau, New York

Joseph Alexander and Thomas Jacob
9 years old
Straight Red Hair and Brown Eyes
Born 28th May

Matthew Charles and Nicholas James
7 years old
Curly Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes
Born 4th April

Elizabeth Georgina
6 years old
Straight Red Hair and Blue Eyes
Born 17th May

Moved into a 9 Bed, 5 Bath Mansion in Sunrise, Florida after I expand my catering company.
Olivia Sophia Noth comes to live with us and sadly dies shortly after.

Oliver Benjamin and Sophie Catherine
Curly Red Hair and Brown Eyes
Born 11th April

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Posted 29 July 2010 - 10:58 AM

My name is Fleur Isolde Heimann, but everyone calls me Issy, and I am 22 years old. I have curly dark brown hair and black eyes. I live in Linden California, where I attend university. My goal dream is to be a teacher, and at the moment I am casually dating, because I want to focus on my career

So, four years have passed, and I am now married to the love of my life, Leo Kai Kessler. He is 23, and has curly black hair and brown eyes. We met at the library, where I was studying, and fell in love. He is a fire-fighter, and dedicates his life to saving people, so I had to wait nearly three years for him to propose. He proposed at our favourite restaurant on a moonlit evening, with the sky full of stars. We got married at my parent's country lodge in Linden, California, and spent a great two weeks honeymooning in New York City. After our honeymoon we were supposed to move into my flat in Linden, but we had to relocate to Ripley, Mississippi, to be with Leo's father, who discovered he had cancer on our last day in New York.

So, two years have passed so quickly. Leo and I decided that we are now able to support a child, and it didn't take very long to get pregnant. We wanted to find out the gender, so we could get the nursery ready, and found out that we wre expecting a little girl. Valentina Heaven (Vallie) was born on the 14th of February, and is absolutely gorgeous. She looks just like her mummy, though whether that is a good thing, I am not sure yet.

Another three years have passed, and everything has changed. It had been a while since Valentina was born, so Leo and I decided to try for another child. We were shocked when the doctor revealed that we were expecting identical twin boys, but we should really have seen it coming, as it runs in Leo's family. Arthur Timothy (Artie) and Martin Joseph (Martie) arrived on the 19th August, three weeks early, and have curly dark brown hair and brown eyes.

A year after the twins were born, I decided that my job was too stressful, looking after other people's children all day and then coming home to my own was a chore, and I couldn't think of doing anything worse. I talked to Leo about it, and decided that being a Dietician would be less hectic. I could work from home, and had much more time to spend with the children. Leo loves his job though, he even got a promotion, and a week after applying for my new job, I get it. A year later, and we found out we were pregnant again, much to our surprise, although we couldn't be happier with the news. We were too excited to keep the gender a secret, and found that we were having another little girl. Grazia Savannah (Gracie) arrived on the 17th May, and recieved a warm welcome. She looks just like Leo, which makes him so proud.

Another two years have flown by, and the children are all growing up so fast. With my lovely new job and Leo's promotion, we decided that a new house was in order, and so, we moved. We bought a lovely ranch style home, with three bathrooms and five bedrooms, although the twins still have to share, and our new neighbours here in Los Angeles, California are as friendly as. The state move was due to Leo's job promotion, as it wasn't available in Ripley. Now that we have our new house, Leo's mother, Isabella Amelia Kessler, is coming to stay. His father died before Gracie was born, and we couldn't leave her all alone in Ripley. Not long after she moved in, we found out we were expecting again, but she sadly passed away before meeting our new arrival. Another little girl, Amelie Isabelle (Ammie), arrived on the 9th of April, and we decided to name her after Isabella, in honour of her memory. She has beautiful curly black hair, and black eyes, and is so cute.

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 12:01 AM

Hello again! It seems I am only writing when we have big news to share. This letter is no different! Four years have passed since we last communicated. Did you notice the postmark? We are now in Enid, Oklahoma! My photography is really taking off and I was offered a position here I couldn't refuse. Leo has opened his own accounting firm and loves being his own boss.

Griffin and Hudson are tweens now. Like their father, both excel in math. Griffin is playing soccer and baseball. Hudson has taken up cross country running and is learning to play the guitar. He is really quite talented musically. Simon and Adam are both 6 now and in school all day. They have so much energy! They both play soccer and take swimming lessons. Anything to tire them out! Lucy is now 4! She is so excited to start K4 and go to school with the boys. She likes cars, balls and all the boys toys. But, when they are all off to school, I can get her to sit down and enjoy a girly tea party! I'm sure you guessed it, she has her Daddy wrapped tightly around her little finger! She just has to hug his neck and bat her green eyes and anything she wants is hers!

Leo's father, Oliver Elias Hoffmeyer (Ollie) came to live with us in our new 5 bedroom, 3 bath ranch style home. With the 5th bedroom, we were able to offer him his own bedroom and private bathroom. Shortly after he moved in, Leo and I found out we were pregnant - AGAIN! And, once again, I was carrying twins. This time though, a boy and a girl! Sadly, Ollie passed away just 6 weeks before the twins arrived.

To honor Ollie, we named the twins Eli Matthew Hoffmeyer and Olivia Madeline Hoffmeyer. Eli and Olivia were born on August 17th. Both look just like their daddy!

I promise to write again soon!

Leo and Cami Hoffmeyer; Griffin, Hudson, Simon, Adam, Lucy, Eli and Olivia

Leo Hudson Hoffmeyer (35)
...curly brown hair, green eyes, accountant, home town is Mansfield, Ohio
Camellia Roxanne Griffeth Hoffmeyer (37)...wavy dark brown hair, green eyes, photographer, home town is Mansfield, Ohio

Married on live television and honeymooned in Paris. Currently living in Enid, OK.

Griffin David Hoffmeyer (11)
Hudson Jacob Hoffmeyer (11)
Simon Edward Hoffmeyer (6)
Adam Nicholas Hoffmeyer (6)
Lucy Savannah Hoffmeyer (4)
Theodore Patrick Hoffmeyer (N
Olivia Anne Hoffmeyer (NB)

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 12:28 AM

My name is Tulia Agave Labarre. I am 18 years old and just graduated from High School to hopefully pursue a career as an artist. I have dark, brown, straight hair, finished with unusual black eyes. I am currently single and live in Mansfield, Ohio.
Four years have passed since I last saw you and I have now graduated from college and am working as an artist in a company that designs logos. And that isn’t all that has changed. I am now married to Arthur Hugo Studebaker. He is 24-just two years older than myself. Like me, he also has dark brown hair, which is straight also. Green eyes go well with his hair. While I am pursuing my career as an artist, he is fulfilling his as an architect We met in my second year of college, where he transferred there to study. It was kind of a whirlwind marriage, but how could I say no when he proposed to me out of the blue when we were watching TV? And to complement his proposal, we got married on a live TV show and then jetsetted off to Paris for our romantic honeymoon. On returning, we relocated to Nassau in New York, due to Arthur’s job.
One year passed before both of us realised were ready to have kids. We had the money coming in, so we thought, why not? Both of us agreed that it would be fun to keep the gender a surprise, but when our little one arrived, we named him Joseph Yannic Studebaker, born on the 1st of May. He looks more like Arthur than myself, little Joseph. With exactly the same hair colour and texture, you would think you were looking at the baby version of my husband. But in saying that, he has my unusual black eye colour.
This time two years have passed and Arthur and I have decided it’s time for us to start trying for another baby. This time, we decide to find out the gender of the baby and are shocked when they tell us we are having twin girls. We name them Jill Diana and Laura Kate, who were born on April 15th. Like their big brother, Joseph, they have their dad’s hair and their mum’s eyes. After the girl’s births, I realise I am dreading going back to my job and decide to start a new career as a caterer. Arthur, on the other hand is more than happy in his job and due to his good work, gets a promotion. One year into this job and we get the shock of our lives when we find out that I am pregnant yet again. I have another boy and we name him Sydney Samuel. Finally, I get a little one who looks more like me. My eyes and my hair style, but still with Arthur’s hair colour. Sydney was born on October 3rd.
Another year has gone by and with both Lionel and I with good careers, we decide to move house. But it’s not just any house. We buy a nine bedroom, 5 bathroom mansion. However, we remain in New York. Because we are living in a big house, we invite Arthur’s mother, Beatrice Clementine Studebaker to come and live with us, as she is getting old and rather ill. Only 3 days after the death of Beatrice, our twins are born. In honour of Arthur’s mother, we name our daughter Beatrice Eve and our son, Clement Harry. Both have the same features as little Sydney. The twins were born on the 23rd of January.

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