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Posted 30 September 2010 - 04:34 PM

One rule: You MUST have 10 boys and 10 girls, but it is your choice which ones.

Teacher: LN: Curley FN: Starts with the same letter as you LN MN: Starts with the same letter as your FN.
LN: Acosta FN: Nature name MN: A grandparent from your mother’s side
LN: Desjardins FN: A name from the 1950’s MN: Starts with G
LN: Marr FN: The main character in the book you last read/currently reading MN: A name a celebrity would use
LN: Stella FN & MN: Have the initials SK
LN: Sheets FN: A grandparent from your father’s side MN: The name you might have been called
LN: Isenberg FN: Starts with N MN: A name which ends with “lyn”
LN: Finger FN: A Scottish name MN: Your best friend’s name/middle name
LN: MacGregor FN: A name which ends in R MN: Italian name
LN: Endsley FN: A name from a song MN: A flower
LN: Brownfield FN: A bird MN: A name which ends in K
LN: Doll FN & MN: Have the initials JH
LN: Burdett FN: A biblical name MN: A popular name from 2010
LN: Lavender FN: A 1 syllable name MN: Has to be longer than the FN
LN: Beyer FN: Has to be Justin/Justine MN: Your choice
LN: Stetson FN: A unisex name MN: A name with 6 letters
LN: Summerville FN: A name generally used for the opposite sex (depending on your choice) MN: Nature name
LN: Dominick FN: A Nicname MN: Another way to spell Caden
LN: Hartmann FN: Your favourite name (g or :) MN: A name you really hate (g or :D
LN: Lincoln FN: A name you really hate (If g above, then boy, etc) MN: Your favourite name (If b above, then girl, etc)
LN: Whitman FN: Starts with D MN: English name

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Posted 30 September 2010 - 05:46 PM

Teacher: Payton Tamela Curley

Skye Elaine Acosta
David Greyson Desjardins
Charlotte Katy Marr
Scott Kevin Stella
Alton Tyler Sheets
Nola Gracelyn Isenberg
Kade Maxwell Finger
Taelor Gianna MacGregor
Layla Rose Endsley
Jay Erik Brownfield
Jonah Harris Doll
Abigail Charlotte Burdett
Jace Isaiah Lavender
Justine Mackenzie Beyer
Rowan Olivia Stetson
Elliot Briar Summerville
Bryce Cayden Dominick
Brooklyn Georgia Hartmann
Declan Brady Lincoln
Dallas Oliver Whitman

#3 ashooles


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Posted 30 September 2010 - 05:48 PM

Mr Simon Alexander Curley's class

BOY: River William Acosta
BOY: Ronald Garrett Desjardins
GIRL: Mara LilLil Marr
GIRL: Sarah Khloe Stella
GIRL: Nola Melanie Sheets
GIRL: Natalie Jocelyn Isenberg
BOY: Allister Samuel Finger
BOY: Connor Vittorio MacGregor
GIRL: Barbara Rose Endsley
BOY: Raven MacCormack Brownfield
GIRL: Jessica Hannah Doll
BOY: Paul Noah Burdett
GIRL: Grace Amelia Lavender
GIRL: Justine Elizabeth Beyer
BOY: Ashley Oliver Stetson
GIRL: Ashton Raine Summerville
BOY: Ben Caiden Dominick
BOY: Jackson William Hartmann
GIRL: Avery Regan Lincoln
BOY: Douglas Michael Whitman

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Posted 30 September 2010 - 07:33 PM

Teacher: Scarlett Allyson Curley
LN: River Gaylord Acosta
LN: Samuel Gordon Desjardins
LN: Will Ryder Marr
LN: Steven Kane Stella
LN: Randall Steve Sheets
LN: Natalie Carlyn Isenberg
LN: Broden Allen Finger
LN: Tanner Carlo MacGregor
LN: Johnny Pine Endsley
LN: Robin Jack Brownfield
LN: Jayden Harlow Doll
LN: Rebekah Addison Burdett
LN: Kim Alexandria Lavender
LN: Justine Marie Beyer
LN: Jordann Leigha Stetson
LN: Noah Rose Summerville
LN: Lenny Kaedyn Dominick
LN: Presley Michelle Hartmann
LN: Nicholas Cade Lincoln FN:
LN: Dannah Abigail Whitman FN: Starts with D MN: English name

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Posted 30 September 2010 - 09:08 PM

Miss Veronica Jade Curley's Class

Dahlia Nancy Acosta
Patricia Grace Desjardins
Corran Xavier Marr
Samuel Kellan Stella "Sam"
Abner Joesph Sheets
Nora Madelyn Isenberg
Catriona Ellen Finger
Spencer Matteo MacGregor
Layla Rose Endsley
Peregrin Erik Brownfield "Perry"
Julia Helen Doll
Isaac Matthew Burdett
Scott Andrew Lavender
Justin Lucas Beyer
Rowan Amelia Stetson
Elliot Rose Summerville "Ellie"
Liam Kaden Dominick
Gavin Francis Hartmann
Nevaeh Katherine Lincoln
Daniel Archer Whitman

Miss Curley w/ Dahlia, Patricia, Corran, Sam, Abner, Nora, Catriona, Spencer, Layla, Perry, Julia, Isaac, Scott, Justin, Rowan, Ellie, Liam, Gavin, Nevaeh, and Daniel

#6 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 30 September 2010 - 10:11 PM

Teacher: Curley, Linnea Margaret
Acosta, Skye Joan
Desjardins, Mary Grace *Mary Grace*

Marr, Valentin Manhattan
Stella, Samuel Kevin *Sam*

Sheets, Jackson Thor *Jack*
Isenberg, Naomi Lyn
Finger, Cullen Reed
MacGregor, Greer Isabella
Endsley, Lucy Alyssa
Brownfield, Phoenix Lark
Doll, Jamison Henry *Jamie*
Burdett, Gideon Jacob
Lavender, Kai Louis
Beyer Justin Boone *Boone*
Stetson, Hayden Oliver
Summerville, Toby Sage
Dominick, Tilly Kayd'n
Hartmann, Imogen Olivia
Lincoln, Felix Reade
Whitman, Dallas Evangeline

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 10:33 AM

[36] Miss Charlotte Y. Curley

[16] Acosta, Lily Harriet
[17] Desjardins, Julie Grace

[17] Marr, Lucas 'Luc' Hayden
[16 1/2] Stella, Sophie Katherine
[17] Sheets, Adam Daniel
[17] Isenberg, Nicolas 'Nick' Flyn
[17] Finger, Ewan Daniel
[17] MacGregor, Jennifer 'Jenny' Isabella
[16 1/2] Endsley, Lucie Rose
[16] Brownfield, Raven Erik
[17] Doll, Jessica 'Jessie' Hannah
[16] Burdett, Gideon Max
[16 1/2] Lavender, Paige Alexandria
[17] Beyer, Justin Patrick
[17] Stetson, Kai Wesley
[16] Summerville, Riley Brooke
[16 1/2] Dominick, Jace Kaden
[17] Hartmann, Amelie 'Amie' Georgia
[16] Lincoln, Aden Thomas
[16 1/2] Whitman, Daisy Evangeline

Miss C. Curly with Lily, Julie, Luc, Sophie, Adam, Nick, Ewan, Jenny, Lucie, Raven, Jessie, Gideon, Paige, Justin, Kai, Riley, Jace, Amie, Aden and Daisy.

#8 Rylee's Mommy

Rylee's Mommy

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 11:19 AM

Teacher: Beatrice Kadence Curley

Ashe Henry Acosta
Mary Georgia Desjardins
Catarina Kennedy Marr
Steven Karter Stella
Lillian Kerry Sheets
Norah Kaylyn Isenberg
Angus Duvall Finger
Jagger Matteo MacGregor

Devin Rose Endsley
Wren Brook Brownfield

James Harold Doll
Joshua Jacob Burdett

Jane Annalise Lavender
Justin Alexander Beyer
Sawyer Isobel Stetson
Aiden Sunshine Summerville

Max Caiden Dominick
Myles Theodore Hartmann
Olive Arabella Lincoln
David Anson Whitman

Ms. Curley's Class:
Ashe, Steven, Angus, Jagger, Jamie, Josh, Justin, Max, Myles, David
Mary, Cat, Lily, Norah, Devin, Wren, Jane, Sawyer, Aiden, Olive

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 11:29 AM

Teacher: Holly Harper Curley

Acosta, River David
Desjardins, Margaret Grace *Maggie*
Marr, Harriet Sunday *Harry*
Stella, Scout Katherine

Sheets, Richard Matthew *Richie*
Isenberg, Noah Caelyn
Finger, Angus Luke *Gus*

MacGregor, Eleanor Fiore *Ellie*
Endsley, Roxanne Daisy *Roxie*

Brownfield, Bluejay Mark *Jay*
Doll, Jolissa Harriet *Jo*
Burdett, Rebekah Emily *Beka*
Lavender, Ross Justin
Beyer, Justine Alexa
Stetson, Finley Hannah *Finn*
Summerville, Ryan Lake
Dominick, Ben Kayden
Hartmann, Reuban Wade
Lincoln, Chase Jayk
Whitman, Dorian Alistair

Mrs Holly Curley with River, Maggie, Harry, Scout, Richie, Noah, Gus, Ellie, Roxie, Jay, Jo, Beka, Ross, Justine, Finn, Ryan, Ben, Reuban, Chase and Dorian

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 01:10 PM

Teacher: Natalie Anne Curley

G: Willow Jean Acosta
B: Michael Grant Desjardins
G: Sookie Coco Marr
G: Sydney Katherine Stella

B: Roger Brandon Sheets
G: Natasha Brooklyn Isenberg
B: Collin Taylor Finger
B: Cooper Emilio MacGregor

G: Delilah Rose Endsley
B: Sparrow Mark Brownfild
G: Jenna Harper Doll
B: Caleb Alexander Burdett
B: Ried Daneil Lavender

G: Justine Michelle Beyer
G: Reese Amelia Stetson
G: Rylee Amber Summerville

B: Alex Kaden Dominick
G: Kara Bethany Hartmann
B: Steven Reid Lincoln
B: Deacon Barrett Whitman

#11 anniefaith


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Posted 02 October 2010 - 03:59 PM

Teacher: Payton Samantha Curley

GIRL: Lily Virginia Acosta
GIRL: Rosemary Gretchen Desjardins
GIRL: Anna Violet Marr
GIRL: Sarah Katherine Stella
BOY: David Christian Sheets
GIRL: Noelle Madelyn Isenberg
BOY: Derek Matthew Finger
BOY: Spencer Luca MacGregor
GIRL: Caroline Dahlia Endsley
BOY: Wren Erik Brownfield
BOY: Jacob Henry Doll
GIRL: Elizabeth Abigail Burdett
GIRL: Grace Rebekah Lavender
BOY: Justin Robert Beyer
BOY: Riley Joseph Stetson
GIRL: Devin Lilac Summerville
BOY: Luke Caeden Dominick
GIRL: Kaleigh Adrienne Hartmann
BOY: Chase Ryan Lincoln
BOY: Daniel Alexander Whitman

Miss Payton Curley's Pre-school class: Lily, Rose, Anna, Sarah, David, Noelle, Derek, Spencer, Caroline, Wren, Jacob, Elizabeth, Grace, Justin, Riley, Devin, Luke, Kaleigh, Chase, and Daniel

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 04:36 PM

Teacher: Delia Nadine Curley

Laurel Olga Acosta

Miles Gideon Desjardins
Elizabeth Vida Marr
Silas Kane Stella
Pascal Marco Sheets

Nina Caitlyn Isenberg
Lilias Arianna Finger

Asher Tommaso MacGregor
Zoe Viola Endsley
Jonah Clark Brownfield
Julian Harrison Doll
Samson Edward Burdett

Mae Christiane Lavender
Justin Matthias Beyer
Harper Bianca Stetson
Elliot Rose Summerville

Max Kaden Dominick
Grace Kayleigh Hartmann
Anthony Isaac Lincoln
Danika Scarlett Whitney

Miss Delia Curley with Laurel, Miles, Elizabeth, Silas, Pascal, Nina, Lilias, Asher, Zoe, Jonah, Julian, Sam, Mae, Matt, Harper, Ellie, Max, Grace, Tony and Danika.

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Posted 05 October 2010 - 06:05 AM

Teacher - Samantha Jane Curley

Wade Albert Acosta
Mark Grayson Desjardins
Alice Phoenix Marr
Sebastian Kai Stella
Phyllis Laura Sheets
Natalie Madalyn Isenberg
Catriona Belle Finger
Oliver Marco MacGregor
Rhiannon Rose Endsley
Jay Fredrick Brownfield
Jasmine Hannah Doll
Lydia Isabelle Burdett
Zoe Madeleine Lavender
Justin Zachary Beyer
Ryan Austin Stetson
Cameron Lily Summerville
Alex Kaeden Dominick
Nicholas Micah Hartmann
Nevaeh Elizabeth Lincoln
Declan Cole Whitman

Mrs C's Class
Wade ~ Mark ~ Alice ~ Seb ~ Lil ~ Nat ~ Cat ~ Ollie ~ Rhi ~ Jay
Jazz ~ Lydia ~ Zoe ~ JZ~ Ry ~ Cammie ~ Alex ~ Nick ~ Nevvie ~ Dec

#14 Rylee's Mommy

Rylee's Mommy

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Posted 05 October 2010 - 07:17 PM

Brooklyn Kelsie Curley

Willow Olivia Acosta "Wills"
James Grayson Desjardins "Jimmy"
Victoria Sophia Marr "Tori"
Savannah Kate Stella "Savvy"

Ansel Bradley Sheets "Ansel"
Noelle Madalyn Isenberg "Noelle"
Brendan David Finger "Brendan"
Asher Giovanni MacGregor "Ashe"

Madeline Lily Endsley "Maddie"
Raven Brook Brownfield "Raven"

Joshua Harrison Doll "Josh"
Mary Isabelle Burdett "Mary"
Rex Avery Lavender "Rex"
Justine Michelle Beyer "Justine"
Riley Taylor Stetson "Riley"
Mikel Raine Summerville "Miki"
Brad Cadyn Dominick "Brad"
Cash Otis Hartmann "Cash"

Frederique Tuesday Lincoln "Freddi"
Darius Alexander Whitman "Darius"

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Posted 10 October 2010 - 04:09 PM

Teacher: Melissa Kristine Curley

B: Branch William Acosta
B: Joseph Gordon Desjardins *Joey
G: Kristin Sonnet Marr
B: Samuel Kyler Stella
B: James Donald Sheets
G: Natalie Brooklyn Isenberg
G: Ainsley Rachelle Finger
G: Harper Sienna MacGregor
G: Caroline Rose Endsley
B: Phoenix Broderick Brownfield
G: Julia Hope Doll
B: Noah Michael Burdett
G: Faith Elizabeth Lavender
B: Justin Philip Beyer
B: Blake Nathaniel Stetson
G: Jaxon Willow Summerville *Jaxi
G: Drew Kaydin Dominick
B: Luke Richard Hartmann
G: Yvette Amelia Lincoln *Eve
B: Dillon Miles Whitman

#16 PaperHeart


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 11:34 AM

[29] Curly, Celeste Y.

[12] Acosta, Poppy Marie
[11] Desjardins, Evelyn Gracie
[11] Marr, Rebecca Hadley
[11] Stella, Sam Kristian
[12] Sheets, Ezra Benjamin
[11] Isenberg, Noemi Catelyn
[12] Finger, Ewan Daniel
[12] MacGregor, Oliver Luca
[11] Endsley, Beth Viola
[12] Brownfield, Pheonix Patrick
[11] Doll, Josie Hannah
[12] Burdett, Caleb Thomas
[12] Lavender, Clare Vivienne
[12] Beyer, Justin Michael
[12] Stetson, Riley George
[12] Summerville, Eliot Rose
[12] Dominick, Jake Kaden
[11] Hartmann, Isobel Daisy
[12] Lincoln, Edward Jude
[11] Whitman, Daniela Scarlett

Miss C.

with her students

Poppy, Evy, Becca, Sam, Ezra, Noemi, Ewan,

Ollie, Beth, Pheonix, Josie, Caleb, Clare,

Justin, Riley, Elle, Jake, Izzie, Ed and Dani.

#17 NicoleMarie


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 02:02 PM

Ciara Nicolina Curley

River Michael Acosta
Mary Geneiveve Desjardins
Cory Holden Marr
Samantha Kaylee Stella
Dorothy Caroline Sheets
Nevaeh Jacklyn Isenberg
Ainsley Rose Finger
Asher Tony MacGregor
Sarah Lily Endsley
Raven Brook Brownfield
Justin Finnley Doll
Josiah Jackson Burdett
Claire Breanna Lavender
Justine Allyson Beyer
Riley Trevor Stetson
Ryan Lily Summerville
Nick Kayden Dominick
Conner Jasper Hartmann
Lyle Jace Lincoln
Danielle Poppy Whitman

#18 AmyB


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 02:38 PM

[28] Miss. Bridget Anna Curley

[18] Lily Marie Acosta
[18˝] Michael Gregory Desjardins
[18] Christopher Lapel Marr
[18˝] Samuel Kieran Stella
[18] Johnathan Aaron Sheets
[18] Nina Adalyn Isenberg
[18˝] Caiomhe Kathleen Finger
[18] Archer Sylvio MacGregor
[18] Jenny Rose Endsley

[18˝] Wren Tamerisk Brownfield
[18] Jacob Henry Doll
[18] Elizabeth Ava Burdett
[18˝] Nate Alexander Lavender
[18˝] Justin Bentley Beyer
[18] Taylor Anabel Stetson
[18] Brett Azalea Summerville
[18] Annie Kayden Dominick
[18˝] Molly Claire Hartmann
[18˝] Rhys Nathaniel
[18] Damian Edward Whitman

Miss. Bridget Curley
and her class

Lily, Mike, Chris, Sam, John, Nina, Caiomhe, Archer, Jenny, Wren, Jake, Lizzie, Nate, Justin, Taylor, Brett, Annie, Molly, Rhys, Damian

#19 Alexx


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 03:39 PM

Teacher: Samantha Alexis Curley "Ms. Curley" (25)
Student: Violet Florence Acosta "Vi" (6)
Student: Andrew Gabriel Desjardins "Andy" (6)
Student: Megan Sophia Marr "Meg" (7)
Student: Sophia Khiana Stella "Sofi" (6)
Student: Henry Alex Sheets (7)
Student: Nikki Lynn Isenberg (7)
Student: Alexander Michael Finger "Lex" (6)
Student: Alastair Mario Macgregor "Alec" (6)
Student: Taylor Azalea Endsley (7)
Student: Robin Brook Brownfeild "Robi" (7)
Student: Jaxon Henry Doll "Jax" (7)
Student: Noah Isabelle Burdett (6)
Student: Quinn Micahel Lavender (6)
Student: Justin James Beyer (6)
Student: Alex Brooke Setson (7)
Student: Eliot Skye Summerville "Ellie" (6)
Student: Eli Kayden Dominick (6)
Student: Peyton Noelle Hartmann (6)
Student: Phoenix Kai Lincoln (6)
Student: Dylan Albert Whitman (6)

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