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My Day Care.

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#1 AutumnLeigh


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Posted 30 September 2010 - 11:38 PM

I kinda copied this from the Create A Class game.
*So thanks for giving me this idea*

Each of you will have your own day care, and you will have 15 kids in your day care. The genders can be whatever you want them to be.

Teacher: Your full name.

LN: Start with an S. FN: Russian Origin. MN: A great grandparent on your mom's side.
LN: Start with a T. FN: Nature inspired name. MN: Has to start with your best friends FN intial.
LN: Start with an N. FN: End with the letter E. MN: Start with your MN initial.
LN: Start with an R. FN: Unisex name. MN: Has to be a spice.
LN: Start with a G. FN: Has to be a 7 letter name. MN: Grandparent on dad's side.
LN: Start with a Q: FN: Has to be one of your siblings MN. MN: Has to be a diffrent siblings first name. (If you're an only child make up your own name, and please specify in parentheses that you are an only child)
LN: Start with an E. FN: Choose from the following: Toni, Autumn, Jeffrey, Joshua, or Jordan. MN: Has to start with a K.
LN: Start with a Z. FN: Has come from the 1930s. MN: Has to be 2 syllables.
LN: Start with an H. FN: Has to Native American. MN: Has to be water related (ex. River, Lake, Creek, etc.)
LN: Start with an O. FN: Has to be Astology inspired. MN: Character from the last movie you watched.
LN: Start with an M. FN: Character from your favorite TV sitcom. MN: Character from your favorite book.
LN: Start with a B. FN: Has to be Southern. MN: Start with one of the following: E, C, or M.
LN: Start with an A. FN: Has to be Biblical. MN: Has to have something to do with the book "To Kill A Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee.
LN: Start with a P. FN: Has to be a month. MN: Has to end in "ayden" or "alyn" (ex. Jaidon or Kaelyn; spelling of your choice)
LN: Start with a C. FN: Has to be a state. MN: Your choice.

#2 ashooles


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 12:27 AM

Ashleigh Jade ...

Diana Hazel Simmons
River Emelio Thompson
Kane Jackson Nivais
Morgan Coriander Roberts
Rebecca Nola Gorgiano
Anne Carina Quade (I only have one sister, so I just reversed her name)
Toni Karmen Ellis
Edward Connor Zillman
Abey Ocean Henderson
Star Ella O'Reilly
Monica Elspeth Martin
Cody Milson Brown
John Atticus Armecello
April Jessalyn Peters
Carolina Amelia Carsten

Oh dear, the girls really do outweigh the boys :)

#3 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 01:10 AM

Teacher: Hannah Margaret Hewson *Mrs Hewson*

Anastasia Gwendolyn Steinbeck *Stasi*
River Liam Tarbuck
Justice Myles Norman *Tice*

Finley Cayenne Roberts *Finn*
Rosanne Margot Grimes *Rosa*

John Oliver Quart (only one brother, so used his names)
Jordan Khloe Engi
Mark Braden Zelinski
Kaliska Lake Hunter *Kallie*
Stella Juliet Olsen
Sawyer Wayne Bartlett
Isaac Jem Ackerman
March Kayden Potter
Alabama Rose Carter *Ally*

#4 PaperHeart


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 05:54 AM

names in italics are girls!

[28] Miss. Yasmine Cohen

[4] Nadia Marie Sloane
[4] Rose Madeleine Thorpe

[5] Cole Gideon Nicholson
[4] Taylor Sage Rowe
[4 1/2] Gabriel 'Gabe' Nahum Glover
[5] Jonathan 'Jonny' Ori Quest
[5] Joshua 'Josh' Kristofer Eames
[4] Anna Sophia Zillman
[5] Kai River Hollis
[3] Stella Nicole O'Mahoney
[4] Angela 'Angie' Faith McDermott
[4 1/2] Chance Michael Beaumont
[3] Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Harper Ackerman
[5] August Aden Penworth
[4] Carolina 'Carly' Bella Carter

Miss Y. Cohen with Nadia, Rose, Cole, Taylor, Gabe, Jonny, Josh, Anna, Kai, Stella, Angie, Chance, Lizzie, August and Carly.

#5 MissCinDeeT


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 07:55 AM

Mrs. Cindy Thomspon

Zoey Lila Stepp
Kai Aidan Treece
Cole Jackson Newman
Ryleigh Anise Rogers
Beckett James Griffin
Brandon Kyle Quinn
Autumn Kate Edwards
Clara Hadley Zimmerman
Tyee River Hawke*Ty*
Aeson Christopher Owens
Darby Claire Matthews
Bo Christian
Luke Radley Adams
January Caedyn Phillips
Maine Greyson Colins

#6 lifesaboutmusic


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 09:26 AM

Teacher: Staci Lei Robertson

Alexis Camille Spooner
River Killian Thomas
Chase Landon Nichols
Rylee Laurel Richardson
Anthony John Gates
Caitlin Nicole Quintly
Joshua Kevin Edwards
James Colton Zooks
Mika Brooke Holden
Orion Douglas O'Donnell
Meredith Renee Marx
Savannah Colleen Bright
Adam Jeremy Anderson
April Jocelyn Peters
Georgia Noelle Collins

#7 Rylee's Mommy

Rylee's Mommy

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 09:57 AM

Each of you will have your own day care, and you will have 15 kids in your day care. The genders can be whatever you want them to be.

Teacher: Kelly Bullard

Alek William Sanderson
Oakley Kassandra Thompson
Isabelle Marnie Nelson
Avery Saffron Ryan
Griffin Ansel Garrett
Corey Christopher Quinn
Jordan Kassidy Ellison
Margaret Riley Zimmerman
Cheyenne Brooke Henderson
Starr Alice Owens
Damon Rhett Mitchell
George Elliott Brown

Grace Harper Allison
October Kaelan Peterson
Virginia Elizabeth Caldwell

Mrs. Bullard's Class Is:
Alek, Oakley, Izzy, Avie, Finn, Corey, Jordan, Maggie, Cheyenne, Starr, Damon, Elliott, Grace, Tobi, and Ginny

#8 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 01:30 PM

Teacher: Mrs. Z

Abram Milo Svenson
Poppy Alyssa Thompson
Anne-Louise Margaret Nason
Tobi Sage Riordan

Jamison Eugene Guthrie *Jamie*
Serefin Thor Quenton *Finn*
(only child)
Autumn Kerensa Edwards
Charles Francis Zabinski *Charlie*
Nova Tallulah Hopi
Orion Peter Olsen
Freddy Valentin McGee

Georgia Mae Benson
Gideon Scout Anderson
August Hayden Phillips *Auggy*

Montana Elaine Cullen

Mrs. Z's class:
Abram, Poppy, Anne-Louise, Tobi, Jamie, Finn, Autumn, Charlie, Nova, Orion, Freddy, Georgia, Gideon, Auggy, and Montana



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Posted 01 October 2010 - 03:41 PM

Teacher: Toni Lachae English. (Mrs. Chae)

Aleks Lou Stantford (Boy) 3-1/2
Juniper (Juni) Autumn Treeson (Girl) 2
Allize Laken Namly (Girl) 4
Stoney Corriander Ryley (Boy) 3
Brionna Maria Gonzales (Girl) 2
Jordan Leigh Quills (Girl) 4 (sis- Jordan bro- Lee)
Jeffrey Kingsley Effron (Boy) 1
Josephine (Josie) Kendra Zankole (Girl) 4
Lena Nautica Hashbro (Girl) 3 (Nautica Ocean)
Aries Carter Olan (Boy) 4 (Carter- Rush Hour 3)
Brenda Hermione Makif (Girl) 1
Maybelle Cathiryn Bernard (Girl) 3
Jesus Harper Armando (Boy) 2
April Madilyn Powell (Girl) 1 1/2
Nevada (Nevi) Ryder Collier (Boy) 3

Mrs. English's class: Aleks, Juni, Allize, Corri, Bri, Jordi, Jeffrey, Josie, Lena, Ari, Brenda, Belle, Harper, Madi, Nevi.

#10 ~Nadezhda


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 03:52 PM

Teacher: Miss Nadia Delacroix [I won't be sharing my last name here, so I went crazy and picked an unusual one with the same initials.]

[5]Nikolai Joseph Schultz
[3]Ruby Adelaide & Violet Arianne Thorns
[3]Jude Levi Nixon
[4]Harper Anise Roswell
[4]Beatrix Concetta Gilroy
[5]Viviana Flavia Queshire*
[4]Joshua Kieran Eckenrode
[3]Leonard Henry Zieger
[4]Nara Mayim Huron
[5]Lyra Philippa Olsen
[3]Jack Holden Mahoney
[5]Sawyer Christian Buchanan
[3]Gideon Atticus Altman
[5]Mae Carolyn Padmore
[4]Virginia Elodie Caswell

Miss Nadia with Niko, Ruby, Violet, Jude, Harper, Bea, Viviana, Joshua, Leo, Nara, Lyra, Jack, Sawye, Gideon, Mae and Ginny.


* I have two sisters but none of us have middle names. To avoid a completely disastrous cacophony, I used my cousin's name as the first name, and my sister's name as the middle name.

#11 Eva Phoenix

Eva Phoenix

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 09:16 PM

Eva Elizabeth Davis (28)

Alexei David Sarkozsy *Alex* (4)
Sparrow Stefan Thomason (2)

Julianne Emerson Nadler *Annie* (3)
Sasha Saffron Reilly (3.5)
Rebecca Charlotte Gordon *Becky* (2)

Adam Matthew Quinley (4)
Joshua Karson Embry (2)
William Ryan Zellinga *Liam* (3)

Nolcha River Henderson (3)
Galaxy Melinda Owens (18 moz)
Lily Eliza Mattingly (2.5)

Chance Michael Beaumont (3)
Noah Lee Adamson (10 moz)

October Jaiden Phillips (3.5)
Indiana Hope Collins *Indi* (4)

Eva's Daycare:
Alex, Sparrow, Annie, Sasha, Becky, Adam, Joshua, Liam, Nolcha, Galaxy, Lily, Chance, Noah, October, and Indi.

#12 NicoleMarie


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 10:01 PM

Teacher: Miss. C.

Natasha Mary Santos
Lily Kadence Talen
Ebonie Marie Noll
Cameron Ginger Robertson
Michael Adam Goll
Tony Joesph Quiroz
Joshua Kayden Elsen
Margaret Breanne Zaleski
Chayton Lake Hess
Amber Catelyn O'Reilly
Spencer Austin Mack
Hunter Matthew Bullock
Theresa Harper Anderson
April Kaelyn Parker
Montana Leah Coss

#13 Rawbecah


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 10:47 PM

Teacher: Rebecca Paige Mendoza

Andrei William Samarin *Andy*
Willow Lily Tomilson
Elle Pheobe Nichols

Taylor Basil Robart
Leilani Catherine Gonzalez
Jared Marshall Quincy
Jeffrey Kennedy Ellison *Kenny*
Arthur Lucas Zimmerman *Luke*

Nova Ocean Hopper
Leo Matthew Olivier
Michael Eli Madison *Mikey*

Georgia Mae Bethel *Georgia Mae*
Susannah Scout Anderson *Annie*
December Caelyn Prescott *Ember*

York Isaac Carter *Isaac*

#14 Jenna Hansen

Jenna Hansen

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 10:49 PM

Teacher: Jenna Lee Struve

G: Alisa Ruth Scott(5)


G: Rose Mae Turner(3)

Posted Image

B: Luke Lincoln Nietert(6)

Posted Image

G: Carter Safron Royde(2)

Posted Image

B: Matthew James Grant(nb)

Posted Image

#15 Jenna Hansen

Jenna Hansen

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 10:54 PM

G: Leign Jo Quirk(4)

Posted Image

B: Jordan Kristopher Evans(3)

Posted Image

B: Jack Alex Zoolander(5)

Posted Image

G: Aponi River Helgens(6)

Posted Image

G: Anareta Chastity Owens(2)

Posted Image

#16 Jenna Hansen

Jenna Hansen

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 11:01 PM

B: Spencer Rudy Muehsam(6)

Posted Image

B: Cade Elliott Branson(1)

Posted Image

B: Daniel Jeremy Aldin(7)

Posted Image

G: April Raelyn Pensley(nb)

Posted Image

G: Georgia Rae Clenson nn. Georgie(4)

Posted Image

#17 Tressie06


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Posted 02 October 2010 - 12:29 AM

Teacher: Mrs. Tressie Alice Johnson

1. Margarita Alice Sawyer
2. Willow Reese Tucker
3. Maggie Alexandria Nolte
4. Andi Caraway Roberts
5. Madison Kay Graves
6. Miles Ashley Quinn
7. Joshua Kyle Evans
8. Joseph Thomas Zanders
9. Kaya Rain Halcomb (Kaya means "elder sister")
10. Archer Dawson Orleander
11. Meredith Jane Menley
12. Daisy Ella Brooks
13. Matthew Jeremy Allen (Jeremy is Jems first name:Jeremy Atticus Finch. goes by Jem.)
14. August Kayden Price
15. Arizona Leigh Caudill

this wasn't easy. and I would only ever consider 2, 9, 12, 13, and MAYBE 15 lol

#18 Lish4042


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Posted 02 October 2010 - 01:36 PM

G: Alexandra Karen Smith
B: Asher Tate Thompson
G: Brooke Natalie Nichols
G: Rylee Ginger Reid

B: Everett Roger Gordon
B: Carson Blake Quinn

G: Autumn Katherine Elliott
G: Alice Danielle Zamaira
G: Savannah Brooke Henderson

B: Clay Mason Olson
G: Hailey Alice Matthews
B: Wesley Charles Bennett
B: Aaron Jeremy Alexander

G: April Coralyn Pillips
G: Arizona Rose Carter

#19 LiveLaughLove


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Posted 02 October 2010 - 01:38 PM

Teacher: Ms. Blakney (used my grandmother's maiden name, because I don't want to but my last name on here)

Alexandra "Lexi" Annie Sawyer
Briar Mackenzie Thompson

Jude Elliott Nichols
Ryan Ginger Reynolds
Grayson Alton Grant
Matthew "Matt" Rowan Quincy

Jordan Kendall Edwards
David "Dave" Jaxon Zane
Nosh Lake Hamilton
Orion Adam Olivier
Joseph "Joey" David Matthews

Savannah Makenna Brooks
Caleb Atticus Arsenault
April Jayden Peterson
California "Callie" Marie Collins

#20 AutumnLeigh


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Posted 02 October 2010 - 08:34 PM

Teacher: Mrs. Leigh

Sanders, Ira Elizabeth
Taylor, Stormie Tessa
Noland, Elaine Leeanne
Rainer, Jordan Saffron
Griffin, Stephen Randal
Quinn, Tristan Diane
Ellis, Jeffrey Kade
Zanakis, Shirley Cathrine
Harden, Dena Lake
Oland, Leo Jonah
Morris, Cora Rosalie
Baker, Scarlett Maegan
Allen, Micah Atticus
Pearson, January Kalyn
Carlson, Kansas Delainey

My Class: Beth, Stormie, Leeanne, Jordan, Stephen, Tristan, Kade, Shirley, Dena, Jonah, Cora, Scarlett, Micah, Janny, and Kansas.

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