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Name the families

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#1 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 10 October 2010 - 12:29 PM

Name these families

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#2 AutumnLeigh


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Posted 10 October 2010 - 02:42 PM

Family 1.
LN: Thompson

DH: Jakeen Roland
DW: Karice Anne

DS: Michael DeShawn
DS: Gabriel Anton

I couldn't really tell i the family has 2 boys
or a boy and girl so just in case here's my girl name:

DD: Lydia Faith

Jakeen & Karice Thompson w/
Michael & Gabriel

Jakeen & Karice Thompson w/
Michael & Lydia

Family 2.
LN: Samuels

DH: Martin Grant
DW: Lindsay Beth

DD: Farris Danielle
DD: Carsyn Lianne
DS: Harrison Grant

Martin & Lindsay Samuels w/
Farris, Carsyn, & Grant

Family 3.
LN: Phillips

DH: Brandon Owen
DW: Elizabeth Kate

DS: Steven Owen
DD: Lucy Kate
DD: Marlee Anne

Brandon & Beth Owens w/
Steven, Lucy, & Marlee

Family 4.
LN: Clark

DH: David James
DW: Linda Mae

DD: Marcy Anne
DS: Dylan Kyle
DD: Megan Alice
DD: Frances Mae
DS: Cooper James

David & Linda Clark w/
Marcy, Dylan, Megan, Frankie, and Cooper.

#3 AmyB


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Posted 10 October 2010 - 03:13 PM

Family 1: The Harvey's

Trent & Lina
Malcolm Josiah
Connor Elias

Family 2: The Osbourne's

Corey & Krista
Nina Kylie
Courtney Pippa
Jackson Grant

Family 3: The Caldwell's

Eric & Angie
Jacob Alexander
Sophia Brianne
Alexia Jordyn

Family 4: The Brittany's

Sebastian & Tina
Olivia Charlotte
Maxwell Edmund
Samantha Louise
Zoey Patricia
Anthony George

#4 ashooles


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Posted 10 October 2010 - 03:39 PM

Family 1:

LN: Smith

DH: Martino Roland
DW: Keisha May

DS: Farid Lokus
DS: Hamille Bentley

Family 2:

LN: Taylor

DH: Jonathan Nathaniel
DW: Emily Jessica

DD: Delilah Felicity
DD: Rebecca Emily
DS: Malachai John

Family 3:

LN: Gaul

DH: David Luke
DW: Victoria Marie

DS: Benjamin Luke
DD: Kaitlyn Marie
DD: Tessa Marie

Family 4:

LN: Henderson

DH: Duncan Edward
DW: Adilah Safiah

DS: Daniel Collin
DD: Mae Louise
DD: Justina Adilah
DS: Harrison Oliver

#5 MumToBe2013


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Posted 10 October 2010 - 03:48 PM

Family 1: John
Parents: Robert and Destiny
Older Boy: Robert James Jr.
Younger boy: Brylan Kai

Family 2: Hunter

Parents: Dave and Jennifer
Older Girl: Isabella Marie
Younger Girl: Amanda Mae
Boy: Trenton Mitchell

Family 3: Sprett

Parents: Bill and Tina
Boy: Aaron Jacob
Older girl: Clarissa Nicole
Younger girl: Hadleigh Camille

Family 4: Moss

Parents: Scott and Diana
Oldest Girl: Kayla Laine
Middle Girl: Amy Kathleen
Youngest Girl: Grace Jillian
Older Boy: Daniel Ryan
Younger Boy: Joel Isaac

#6 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 15 October 2010 - 10:29 PM

1. Theodore Michael *Ted* and Michelle Marigold
Jamie Theodore (top) and Jesse Michael (bottom)

2. Ryan Patrick and Danielle Marie
Twins Skye Alyssa and Summer Jade and brother Elijah Owen *Eli*

3. John Peter and Mary Elizabeth *Mary-Beth*
Benjamin Joseph *Ben*, Jenna Louise (taller), and Tessa Mary (shorter)

4. Peter Charles and Renee Ming
l to r Christina Mei, Lucas Charles, Shannon Marie, Amanda Ming, and David Corey

#7 D3sire


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Posted 16 October 2010 - 03:55 AM

Family 1
DH: Clifford Dwight
DW: Noreen Elsa
DS: Josiah Clifford
DS: Noah Maxwell

Family 2
DH: Joshua David "Josh"
DW: Brittany Lynn
DD: Kendra Lynn
DD: Sierra Dawn
DS: Rylan David

Family 3
DH: John Paul
DW: Elizabeth Jane "Liz"
DS: Adrian Paul
DD: Madeline Grace
DD: Ava Catherine

Family 4
DH: Timothy Edward "Tim"
DW: Joy Hikari
DD: Lydia Mei
DS: Asher Kai
DD: Isabel Sora
DD: Caroline Aya "Cara"
DS: Christian Yasu

#8 LiveLaughLove


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Posted 16 October 2010 - 08:21 AM

Family 1: The Williams'

Jackson Tyler
Katherine Josie
Ryder William
Colton James

Jack, Kate, Ryder & Cole

Family 2: The Thompson's

David Maxwell
Olivia Rose
Kendall Olivia
Ryann Savannah
Brady Maxwell

Dave, Olivia, Kendall, Ryann & Brady

Family 3: The Anderson's

Alexander Joseph
Molly Paige
Levi Joseph
Charlotte Taylor
Victoria Molly

A.J, Molly, Levi, Charlie & Tori

Family 4: The Jones'

Trevor Keith
Carrie Anne
Elizabeth Samara
Dustin Cody
Callie Anne
Gia Noelle
William Trevor

Trevor, Carrie, Eliza, Dustin, Callie, Gia & Liam

#9 Guest_Madison(mommy of two)_*

Guest_Madison(mommy of two)_*
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Posted 21 October 2010 - 06:43 AM

Family 1
LN: Hess
DH: Peter Emerson
DW: Antonia Quinn
DS: Jacob Gavin
DS: Isaac Timothy

Family 2
LN: Rodger
DH: Eric Dean
DW: Nicole Gina
DD: Luna Sage
DD: Claire Treasure
DS: Seth Maxwell

Family 3
LN: Smythe
DH: Dale Brennan
DW: Stacey Brooke
DS: Alexander Quentin
DD: Kylie Kate
DD: Lillian Esther

Family 4
LN: Palmer
DH: Paul Bradyn
DW: Shayla Janice
DD: Autumn Kenya
DS: Travis Andrew
DD: Stefanie Leeanne
DD: Dakota Celeste
DS: Caleb Matthew

#10 Rylee's Mommy

Rylee's Mommy

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Posted 21 October 2010 - 09:57 AM

The Jordyn Family
George Steven and Linda Marie with
Micah George and Lucas Steven

George and Linda with
Mikey, and Luke

The Richardson Family
Wyatt Joseph and Adrienne Michelle with
Lydia Renee, Sophia Maribelle, and Joseph Michael

Wyatt and Adrienne with
Lydie, Sophie, and Joey

The Hopewell Family
John Carter and Melina Noelle with
Jackson Carter, Nina Elizabeth, and Ella-Grace Noelle

John and Lina with
Jack, Nina, and Ella-Grace

The Johanson Family
Marcus Nelson and Mika Raeanne with
Joshua Nathaniel, Jordan Nicholas, Norah Leeanne, Naomi Chyenne, and Natalee Isabelle

Mark and Mika with
Josh, Jordy, Norah, Nomi, and Nattie

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