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Posted 08 March 2014 - 07:45 PM

My name is Lavender Louise Worthington and I am 17 years old. Currently I am attending Alabama Academy Boarding School. I have Blonde Hair and Green Eyes. I am head-over-heels in love with my boyfriend of several months, Thomas Noel Chambers, however my parents do not approve. He has Black Hair and Hazel Eyes.



It was December of my senior year when I found out I was almost 4 weeks pregnant. I was so incredibly shocked and decided to hide my pregnancy for the rest of the year. After the school year finished at the end of May, I ran away to New York City and started working at a little Cafe while living in the apartment above. On August 21st, 2013 I deliver a baby boy named Caleb Ezra Worthington. He has Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes, an exact mix of Thomas and myself.



Two years later I was still working at Cafe, as manager, and living above it with little Caleb. I think about my family and Thomas a lot, but could never bear to go back to Alabama, Not long after Caleb's second birthday I meet Julian Kieran Kincaid. I was picking up some groceries when Caleb started fussing and dropped his stuffed animal, Julian picked it up, brought it over and helped me calm Caleb down. Julian is a Banker and has Blonde Hair and Grey Eyes. We hit it off and within a week are dating.


A year after meeting, Julian proposes to me. We are married in November on the beach, with just Thomas' family and our friends in attendance. We take a quick honeymoon to Niagara Falls and on the last day I begin to feel a little odd. Turns out I am pregnant...with twins! Julian and I are terrified, but are equally excited. Two months later we find out we are having twin boys! Lance Crispin Kincaid and Sebastian Gabriel Kincaid are born on May 28th, 2017. Lance has Blonde Hair and Grey Eyes, a mini me of Julian, while Sebastian has Blonde Hair and Green Eyes.


Only four months after Lance and Sebastian are born, I begin taking night classes for architecture. After 9 months of classes I am fully certified to work as an Architect. It is also then that I find out I am pregnant again! Julian and I are so excited to be welcoming a new addition, so soon as we can we find out the gender. This baby is our first baby girl and we couldn't be more thrilled to welcome our little princess. On March 22nd, 2019 our baby girl is born and we name her Madeleine Harper Kincaid. She has Blonde Hair and Grey Eyes.


I can barely believe this has happened to me. Julian on his way home from the bank was struck head on by a drunk driver in their SUV. Madeleine was only six weeks old and I can barely look at her without breaking down. She will never know her father and the great man There are too many memories in our home and so I decide to move our family to Brighton England. In Brighton I take a job as a Writer for a local paper.

After a year of staying strong, me and my new friend Isla go out to a club for a night while my neighbor, Ilene, an old widow watches the children. There I meet a charming young man and we get to know each other quite well during that one night. So well that in nine months I deliver Nathaniel Julian-Kian Worthington. He has Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes. He must have gotten those eyes from his father though.


Four years after the birth of my fifth child things are going well. I am becoming a household name within the writing community and have made friends that are always there for me. Caleb, Lance, Sebastian, Madeleine and Nathaniel are all excelling in school so far. Even though it pains me to have not seen my family in ten years I couldn't bear to see them after all of this.

One day an incredibly wealthy and handsome man, at least 35, bumped into me at a coffee shop. He spilled his coffee on me and was so extremely sorry. He ended up buying me a new top and coffee and we started to talk. He says his name is Giles Aubrey Rothschild and he lives a lonely life without a wife. Apparently I intrigued him enough for a date and so two days later the Light Brown Hair and Blue Eyes charmer took me out for dinner. Turns out he is 36. After two months of dating he meets my five and I meet his kids. His kids are Elliot Heathcliff Rothschild [14], Virginia Georgiana Rothschild [11] and Helen Gabriella Rothschild [8]. Their mother left them for a young man in Cuba five years ago.

A year later we marry in a ceremony primarily consisting of strangers. After that our family of ten moves into A Fourteen Bedroom Gothic-Mansion. Everything is perfect.



A year later I am finally settled in. The kids are all loving their new life and I have just sold my writing business reaping in a big sum of money that I place in my own account for a rainy day, or rather a rainy year. To my great and joyous surprise Giles and I are pregnant. We will have nine kids all under fifteen but our house is big enough for twenty. Eight months later I give birth to our boy: Oliver Maxwell Rothschild. He becomes quickly the joy of the whole family with his Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Three years later, Giles and I want one more baby to complete the Rothschild-Kincaid-Worthington family; Giles is 41 and I am 32 and we couldn't be happier. After a little bit of trying we welcome a second son together, Daniel Noah Rothschild, who has Light Brown Hair and Green Eyes.


Only five months after Daniel is born my life gets bad again. At first I think maybe Giles is just going through a mid-life crisis because of his obsessive working and constant drinking. He begins getting angry with the kids and me so I begin taking the kids for weekend trips. At the moment they are 16, 14, 13, 11, 11, 10, 9, 3 and five months. Elliot has moved out as he is now 19.

But one night things go horribly wrong. Giles is so drunk that he rapes me. I tell myself that he is just not thinking but I can't help cringing whenever he talks to me and goes to touch me. I am devastated when I find out I am pregnant, but after a few months I come to terms with the baby growing inside of me. The baby is mine and not Giles', never will be.

Joshua Cole Rothschild is born two months early and we both spend a long time in the hospital. He has Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. Giles tries to come visit, but I either pretend to be sleeping or ask a nurse to tell him I'm too tired or anything to keep him away. The weeks I spend in the hospital give me some time to think and I decide on a divorce. I need to do what's right for me and the children. I go back to my maiden name.


While divorcing Giles, he is charged with money laundering, domestic abuse (by me and his ex-wife) and tax evasion. Turns out he wasn't as rich as we all thought he was. Before he is sentenced to prison he gets me pregnant again. I don't remember how it happened nor do I want to but it did. I am distraught and panicked as well as the mother of eleven children who are still reeling from this event. To my complete shock I find out that I am pregnant with multiples. After Giles is good and locked away in prison I give birth to twin boys William Mason Worthington and Addison Harper Worthington. William has Light Brown Hair and Blue Eyes while Addison has Blonde Hair and Green Eyes.


Three years after Giles is finally out of our life and after we were blessed with Will and Addy I decide to move back to America. I have had enough of living in Giles' old house and living with his memory.


After selling the house, collecting my divorce settlement and the money from selling the writing business we move out of Europe and into America. Back to Alabama, a town away from where I grew up. My step-kids, who are 24, 21 and 18, as well as my biological children, who are 19, 16, 16, 15, 14, 8, 5, 4, 3 and 3 all come with me. Also Elliot's wife comes with us as well. Elliot and his wife, Elena Josephine Rothschild, have four children; Tatum Eloise Rothschild [3], Brooke Elyse Rothschild [2], Preston Emmett Rothschild [0] and Camden Everett Rothschild [0].


Virginia starts her Masters degree in Bio-Chem at a University two towns over whilst Caleb and Helen transfer to the same college where they are working on a Business/Pre-Law and Accounting degrees respectively. I enroll the rest of the kids into private schools in the area. However, a month into living back in Alabama Caleb informs me he'd like to meet his biological father. I'm a little taken aback as Caleb had never shown an interest in this before. I do agree though, that he has the right and so I track Thomas down in the phone book. It turns out he lives in our old town still. I know it's not the most conventional means, but after having Virginia and Helen come over to help the older kids watch the younger ones Caleb and I drive to where Thomas lives.


I knocked on the door and sure enough I recognized Thomas, he was older of course. Taller, a little broader and his hair had started to pepper, but I could never forget my first love. I introduced myself and asked if we could come in. Thomas let us in and we sat down and talked for four hours. I told him everything from top to bottom. Of my fear of hurting him, my two marriages and all thirteen of my children. I told him how he had a son and that was Caleb. In turn, I learned about how Thomas spent years looking for me before giving up, how he'd gone on to achieve his desire to become a doctor, and how he'd fallen in love with an E.R Nurse and how they'd had three children together, Blythe Lavender Chambers [12], Thatcher Louis Chambers [10] and Fletcher Warren Chambers [10], and how he'd lost her seven years ago in a car accident. I remembered everything I'd once felt and on a spur of the moment asked Thomas out. He said yes. 


Nine months later, after multiple dates and small trips, Thomas and I get married. I wear a beautiful white dress and my whole family attends, including my family from home I haven't seen in more than twenty years. My parents meet their grandchildren and step-grandchildren and even step-great grandchildren. Things finally felt right. I loved Julian, but Thomas is truly my soul mate. I'm so glad we're together and despite all the hardships I've suffered it's all been worth it to have my family as it is now with all of my children and step-children, and everyone.



The Chambers/Rothschild/Kincaid/Worthington Family


DH: Thomas Noel Chambers [38]

DW: Lavender Louise Chambers [38]


DSS: Elliot Heathcliff Rothschild [25]

DSD: Virginia Georgiana Rothschild [22]

DS: Caleb Ezra Worthington [20]

DSD Helen Gabriella Rothschild [19]

DS/DS: Lance Crispin Kincaid & Sebastian Gabriel Kincaid [17]

DD: Madeleine Harper Kincaid [16]

DS: Nathaniel Julian-Kian Worthington [15]

DSD: Blythe Lavender Chambers [13]

DSS/DSS: Thatcher Louis Chambers & Fletcher Warren Chambers [11]

DS: Oliver Maxwell Rothschild [9]

DS: Daniel Noah Rothschild [6]

DS: Joshua Cole Rothschild [5]

DS/DS: William Mason Worthington & Addison Harper Worthington [4]


Lavender and Thomas; with Elliot, Virginia, Caleb, Helen, Lance, Sebastian, Madeleine, Nathaniel, Blythe, Thatcher, Fletcher, Oliver, Daniel, Joshua, William & Addison




The Rothschild Family


DH: Elliot Heathcliff Rothschild [25]

DW: Elena Josephine Rothschild [28]


DD: Tatum Eloise Rothschild [4]

DD: Brooke Elyse Rothschild [3]

DS/DS: Preston Emmett Rothschild & Camden Everett Rothschild [1]


Elliot and Elena; with Tatum, Brooke, Preston & Camden


Past People

Julian Kieran Kincaid [Dec. Husband] (Lance, Sebastian & Madeleine's Biological Father)

? [One Night Stand] (Nathaniel's Biological Father)

Giles Aubrey Rothschild [Div. Husband] (Elliot, Virginia, Helen, Oliver, Daniel, Joshua, William & Addison's Biological Father)

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Posted 08 March 2014 - 10:30 PM

Three years later, I still live in the house that my ex-husband Felix bought us.  With money from the divorce and from selling my business, I'm pretty well set.  However, it is still difficult living here, and I decide it's time to move back to the states.  I bring all my children, including my step children.  Even Charlotte moves to the states with her husband and her four children, Hazel Fiona (3), Gideon Kade (2), and the twins Wesley Joel and Jeremy Seth (nb).  We move back to my home town, Charlotte and her husband move next door, and Elliot, Solomon, and Rosemary all begin college. 


DW: Iris Louise Benedict

dd: Charlotte Carolina Cartwright (24)

ds: Elliot Milo Cartwright (21)

ds: Solomon Jude Benedict (19)

dd: Rosemary Susannah Cartwright (18)

dd/dd: Celia Juliet Song/Audrey Helen Song (16)

dd: Felicity Harper Song (15)

ds: Simon Arthur Benedict (14)

ds: August Henry Cartwright (8)

dd: Avery Grace Cartwright (5)

ds: Daniel Zachary Benedict (4)

dd/dd/ds: Ella Sofia Benedict/Amelia Madison Benedict/Noah James Benedict (3)


Charlotte Carolina Prosper

Abraham Gage Prosper

dd: Hazel Fiona Prosper (3)

ds: Gideon Kade Prosper (2)

ds/ds: Wesley Joel Prosper/Jeremy Seth Prosper (nb)

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Posted 13 March 2014 - 09:26 PM

My name is Laurel Grace Baker, I'm 17 years old, and I have grey eyes and black hair. I go to a prestigious private high school in Alabama. I'm  in love with this amazing guy named Thomas Gabriel Curio, except my parents despise him. He is 18 and has hazel eyes and black hair. We've been secretly dating for several months.


It's December of my senior year and I find out I'm pregnant. It's a massive shock, and I can't bear to tell my boyfriend or family. I end up running away to New York City, and making friends with a woman there and I end up staying with her in her little cafe.


Nine months later, I deliver my first child, a boy named Noah Jude Baker. He has my grey eyes and black hair.


It's two years later, my son is now two and thriving. I am still living in my friend's apartment. I work long hours at her cafe and sleep in the spare room with my son. I think about my family a lot, and wonder how they are, but I never want to see them again.


Out of the blue I meet the most handsome man at a nightclub. His name is Anthony Breccan Marciano. He has blue eyes and red hair, and he works as an 8th grade Math Teacher. We become serious very quickly.


A year later, Tony proposes to me. We get married in a friend's garden.


On our honeymoon I begin to feel sick, and take a pregnancy test to be sure. Guess what, I'm pregnant. And it's twins...I am excited but also worried. How will I afford to have 3 kids? I decide to keep them though.


I give birth to a boy and a girl. They are named Brandon Dominic and Jessica Alexis Marciano. Brandon and Jessica have blue eyes and black hair.


Four months after the twins are born, I go to night classes to get more training in clothing design.


When my oldest son is 5, and the twins are 1, I find out I'm pregnant again. It's a complete surprise. Tony and I are very anxious. How could we cope with four children under 5? I'm still slightly excited. I go to find out the sex of the baby and....


....6 months later I give birth to a baby boy. His name is Spencer Hayes. He has grey eyes and black hair.


When my 4th child is only six weeks old, out of the blue, my husband dies in a car crash. I am devastated and petrified for the future. How will I cope with four young children, and pay the bills? In the end, I decide to move to England and start fresh. I have just enough savings to get there.

After a lengthy legal process, I finally move to Bath. I settle down and start a business from home as an English tutor.


I've lived in England for a year now, and my children are  6, 2, 2 and 1. I finally have a night out while a nice neighbour looks after the kids. I end up in a club and having a one night stand with a stranger. I can't remember what he looks like or even his name.


Nine months later, I give birth to a baby boy. He is named Dylan Anthony Marciano. He has hazel eyes and blonde hair.


Four years later and things aren't going too bad. My kids are now 10, 6, 6, 5 and 4. They're all in school, my business is booming and I'm slowly getting over the loss of my husband. I often wonder about my family, and what they're up to. I hope my last name change and my new home is enough to keep me hidden. But I'm happy with my family, new home and I've met some great friends.

I meet a pretty gorgeous man who sweeps me off my feet. He is incredibly wealthy and quite a bit older than me, but very generous.
His name is Hugh Daniel Phillips, and he has grey eyes and blonde hair.


He also has three older kids, aged 14, 11 and 8, that live with him. His ex-wife abandoned him and the kids to live in Cuba with a new man, five years before. He doesn't mind my five kids. He loves children to bits. His oldest is his son Clay Samson, who is 14 years old. His middle child, Abigail Savannah, is 11 years old. His youngest is Elliot Sawyer, who is 8.


A year later, we marry in a posh ceremony with over 200 guests who I hardly know. Just after the wedding, we move into a new 7 bedroom farm house.


A year after I got married for the 2nd time, I find out I'm pregnant with number six. I am excited, even though I have 8 kids under 16. I have time to be a stay at home mom after I sold my business and made a lot of money which I keep. I have a wonderful house, and a good husband who provides lots of money.


I give birth to a baby girl named Charlotte Aurora Phillips. She has grey eyes and black hair.


Three years later, I try for my last baby. My step children are now 19, 16 13, and my biological children are 15, 11, 11, 10, 9, 3. I am very happy and my husband is sweet to me.


I give birth to a baby girl named Sophia Madison Phillips. She has grey eyes and blonde hair.


Things began to turn bad when my daughter turned five months. My husband was always working late and would then come home drunk. I often took the kids on day trips so they wouldn't see their dad. I was too scared to leave, and I didn't want to depend on myself like in the past. One evening when my youngest wasn't even one, Hugh forced me to have sex.

I was very scared when I found out I was pregnant again. I had a
baby girl named Olivia Summer Phillips. She has grey eyes and blonde hair. She was born two months early and I spent a lot of time in the hospital with her. At home, the violence was getting worse, and I was often attacked by my husband. When she finally came home from the hospital, I decided enough was enough and I had to get a divorce and leave quickly.


I was in the divorce process when my husband was charged and sentenced for money laundering, domestic abuse, and tax evasion. He's sent to prison for many years, leaving me alone with 11 children, and to make matters worse I find out I'm pregnant again, with his baby. I am devastated. To my utter shock, I find out I'm pregnant with triplets.


I give birth to a girl and two boys. They are named Lily Ava, Benjamin William, and Jacob Christopher Phillips. They have grey eyes and blonde hair.


Three years later, I still live in my ex-husband's grand house, and I get a sizable chunk of money from the divorce. With that money and the money from selling my business, it means I'm pretty wealthy. My stepchildren are 24, 21, 18, and my biological children are 20, 16, 16, 15, 14, 8, 5, 4, 3, 3, and 3. I am extremely busy, even with a part-time nanny.

I decide it's time to move back to America. My children are excited - only the oldest 4 had been there before. I bring the whole family, even my 24 year old step-son moves over with his new wife and son, Ethan James, to get away from his father and the dreadful few years.


I move back to my hometown, and get a large house for all my kids. My 24 year old step-son buys a house next door, and the younger two go to college as well as my oldest who's now 20.


The Marciano-Phillips Family


DM: Laurel Grace Phillips {37}


DSS: Clay Samson Phillips {24}

DSD: Abigail Savannah Phillips {21}

DS: Noah Jude Marciano {20}

DSS: Elliot Sawyer Phillips {18}

DS/DD: Brandon Dominic/Jessica Alexis Marciano {16}

DS: Spencer Hayes Marciano {15}

DS: Dylan Anthony Marciano {14}

DD: Charlotte Aurora Phillips {8}

DD: Sophia Madison Phillips {5}

DD: Olivia Summer Phillips {4}

DD/DS/DS: Lily Ava/Benjamin William/Jacob Christopher Phillips {3}

DSGS: Ethan James Phillips {newborn}


Laurel; with Clay, Abigail, Noah, Eli, Brandon, Jessie, Spence, Dylan, Charlie, Soph, Liv, Lily, Benji, Jake, & Ethan

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 08:53 AM

Three years later, you still live in your ex husbands grand house, and you get a sizable chunk of money from the divorce. With that money and the money from selling your business, it means you're pretty wealthy. Your stepchildren are 24, 21 18, and your biological children are 19, 16, 16, 15, 14, 8, 5, 4, 3, 3. You are extremely busy, even with a part time nanny. You decide it's time to move back to America, your children are excited, only the oldest 4 had been there before. You bring the whole family, even your 24 year old step child moves over with his new wife and children, to get away from his father and the dreadful few years. You move back to your hometown, and get a large house for all your kids. Your 24 year old step child buys a house next door, and the younger two go to college as well as your oldest whose now 19. 




Me: Laurel Theresa Armstrong (37) - Hazel eyes and red hair

My step-son: Elliot Jude Armstrong (24) - Blue eyes and blonde hair

My step-son: Darcy Orlando Armstrong (21) - Black eyes and brown hair

My princess: Esther 'Essie' Serenity Whittaker (19) - Brown eyes and blonde hair

My step-daughter: Piper Mirabelle Armstrong (18) - Blue eyes and brown hair

My rascals: Edmund 'Ned' Henry St. Claire and Hector Egeon St. Claire (16) - Hazel eyes and blonde hair, and green eyes and blonde hair

My cheeky monkey: Dominic 'DJ' James St. Claire (15) - Green eyes and blonde hair

My baby girl: Evianna 'Evie' Mona St. Claire (14) - Blue eyes and blonde hair

My sweetheart: Faith Cordelia Armstrong (8) - Black eyes and blonde hair

My smiley man: Matthew 'Matt' Logan Armstrong (5) - Hazel eyes and blonde hair

My funny guy: Samuel 'Sam' Corey Armstrong (4) - Hazel eyes and red hair

My cutie pies: Benjamin 'Benji' David Armstrong and Addison 'Addy' Lily Armstrong (3) - Black eyes and blonde hair, and hazel eyes and red hair


My step-son: Elliot Jude Armstrong (24) - Blue eyes and blonde hair

His wife: Annamarie Louise Armstrong (23) - Green eyes and brown hair

His son: Jayden 'Jay' Michael Armstrong (3) - Green eyes and blonde hair


Essie's dad: Geoffrey Shepherd Close (37) - Brown eyes and blonde hair

Ned, Hector, and DJ's dad: Frederick Eamon St. Claire (deceased) - Green eyes and blonde hair

Elliot, Darcy, Piper, Faith, Matt, and Sam's dad:  Rupert Liam Armstrong (45) - Black eyes and blonde hair


Laurie Armstrong with Elliot, Darcy, Essie, Piper, Ned, Hector, DJ, Evie, Faith, Matt, Sam, Benji, and Addy

Elliot and Anna Armstrong with Jay

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 07:43 PM

My name is Dahlia Jane Springer.  I have dark brown hair and blue eyes.  I am seventeen years old and attend a prestigious high school called St. Catherine's in Vermont.  I've been dating my boyfriend Edward "Eddie" Michael Thornton for a few months now.  He has light brown hair and brown eyes.  I'm madly in love with him, but my parents can't stand him.

It's December of my senior year, and I just found out I'm pregnant with my boyfriend's child.  Knowing the judgment and scorn I would receive from my family, Eddie's family, and my school community, I decided to run away to New York.  I met a woman named Talia Grace Kenwood who owns a cafe to pay the bills while pursuing her dreams on Broadway.  She let me stay with her at her apartment, so long as I payed rent.  I started working at the cafe and gave birth to a baby boy nine months later on September 13th.  I named him Caleb Matthew Springer.  He has my dark brown hair and Eddie's brown eyes.
Two years after Caleb was born, I met the most handsome man at a party hosted by one of Talia's friends.  His name is Christopher Garrett "Chris" Goldwater.  He is an artist with his own studio a few miles away.  He has dyed blue hair and blue eyes.  We became serious very quickly, which helped fill the void I had been feeling lately from not seeing my family or friends in two years.
A year after Chris and I started dating, he proposed.  We got married and honeymooned in Las Vegas.  I soon after found out I was pregnant - with twins.  I was nervous about supporting three kids financially, but Chris and I decided to keep them.  With Talia's help, we moved into an apartment a few blocks from the cafe.  I gave birth to Ross Henry and Diana Clare Goldwater on October 16th.  They have Chris' brown eyes and dark hair.
A year after the twins were born, I started going to night classes on childcare to get more training in hopes of getting a higher-paying job.  I found out I was pregnant again with a baby boy.  I was anxious about having four children under four years old, but Chris and I were happy to welcome little Finn Atlas Goldwater on January 5th.
Only six weeks after Finn was born, Chris died in a freak car accident.  I felt lost and panicked, so I decided to pack up the family and move to Norwich, England for a fresh start.  I got a job as a child minder and things started improving financially.  A year after the move, I had a drunken one night stand with a stranger after visiting a club.  I couldn't remember the man's name or appearance the next day.  Nine months later, on May 4th, I gave birth to his child, a baby boy, whom I named Ethan Garrett Springer, Garrett being Chris' middle name.
Four years later, things began to take a turn for the better.  Business was booming, and with the kids in school, I could take on more clients.  Plus, I met this amazing man named Trevor Liam Buckley.  He was very wealthy and quite a few years older than me, but he proved very generous, and we began dating.  Trevor's ex-wife abandoned him and his three kids five years ago to elope with another man in Cuba.  His kids' names are Elliot ChanceAlice Juliette, and Grace Elisabetta Buckley.  A year later, I married Trevor in a posh wedding with over 200 guests I barely knew.  We moved into a gothic-style house with 14 bedrooms.
One year later, I became pregnant.  I had quit my job since Trevor had so much money, and with eight children to care for, I became a full-time stay-at-home mom.  I gave birth to a little girl named Hazel Florence Buckley on August 22nd.
Three years later, Trevor and I decided to try for our final child.  We had a baby boy on March 15th, whom we named Daniel James Buckley.
Not even a year after Daniel was born, Trevor began spending long hours at work and then coming home drunk.  I started taking the kids on day trips so they wouldn't have to see their father, but one evening, he forced me into sex.  I gave birth to a baby boy on June 10th; we named him Joseph Graham Buckley.  He was born two months early, so I had to spend a lot of time in the hospital with him.  When I got home, Trevor continued hurting me.  I was afraid he would start harming the children, so I decided to file for a divorce.
During the divorce proceedings, Trevor was charged and sentenced for money laundering, domestic abuse, and tax evasion. He was sent to prison for many years, leaving me alone with 11 children, and to make matters worse, I found out I was pregnant again, with his baby.  I found out I was expecting twin girls, whom I named Isabella Charlotte and Aubrey Elizabeth Springer.  After the divorce was finalized, I decided to have all of my children's names changed to my maiden name Springer.  The surnames Buckley and Goldwater brought up negative memories.  Only my step-kids kept their given surname, Buckley.
Three years passed, and I decided to move back to America.  I was still living in Trevor's mansion and had a sizeable amount of money from the divorce.  Elliot chose not to attend college, what with all of the family drama, and instead married his high school sweetheart, Jordan Alessandra Monroe.  They had two children together, Jude Harrison and Reese Eliana Buckley.  Caleb transferred into New York University, and Grace decided to attend the University of South Carolina.  The rest of the kids and I settled down in my home state of Vermont, and Elliot, Jordan, Jude, and Reese moved in next door.
Dahlia Jane Springer {37}
Elliot Chance Buckley {24}
- Jordan Alessandra Monroe Buckley {24}
- Jude Harrison Buckley {3}
- Reese Eliana Buckley {1}
Alice Juliette Buckley {22}
Caleb Matthew Springer {19}
Grace Elisabetta Buckley {18}
Ross Henry Springer {16}
Diana Clare Springer {16}
Finn Atlas Springer {15}
Ethan Garrett Springer {14}
Hazel Florence Springer {8}
Daniel James Springer {5}
Joseph "Joe" Graham Springer {4}
Isabella "Bella" Charlotte Springer {3}
Aubrey Elizabeth Springer {3}
The Springer Family
Dahlia, Elliot, Alice, Caleb, Grace, Ross, Diana, Finn, Ethan, Hazel, Daniel, Joe, Bella, & Aubrey
The Buckley Family
Elliot, Jordan, Jude, & Reese

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