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Please Help Name An Unknown Gender

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 09:53 PM

Hello my name is Cheyenne. I am new to this community, I am twenty nine years old as of this last October. I have eight children, this is where people either walk away or call me a damned Mormon. WHich is true, but is not the reason I have seven children. All of these children where born while my husband who will be twenty seven in two months, and I have been married. They are in my signature, but I'm going to name them again.

Colton Nicholas & Brenton Kaiser [twins]
Evelyn Quinor
Mason John
Kadison Violet
Samson Levi & Triston David will be one tomorrow! [twins]
And baby number EIGHT is due.

Which is what I'm here for. Is it all right if I quote my poll from the main site? They'd sugg. names and this was my feedback/choices. I called my husband 'Tristan' in here which is his middle name. I just was tired (and still am) his name is Nicholas.

I’m sorry I’ve been gone visiting relatives for a bit! And the roads are bad where I live at the moment. Thank you all for your suggestions so far we like:

florence- for a girl of course, it sounds lovely! And one of our daughters mn is violet so that just seems to go together well.

analyn- is jsut adoringly beautiful!

cordelia- I could just imagine calling my daughter Corrie or Delia. Our other daughters (if this is a girl) nn’s are Evvie & Kadi so it seems to go well.

laurel- I just have loved this name since childhood, but had totally forgotten it!

bryson- I think it sound good with Brenton, Colton, Samson, Triston & Mason. I dislike the name Bryce though, so I am glad it’s not Bryceon.

anderson- this goes with are swedish/norwegian ancestry ( we live in MN)
And goes with our -ON trad.

everson- I think everson is jsut ADORABLE, but my husband does not. Hopefully I could convince him, maybe?

bronson- is just well liked

aster/astor- more of mn, b/c we’d like to stick with our -on tradition at the end of boys names. And it just doesn’t cut it with a girl for us.

graham- another mn maybe?

dashiell- I’d use this for a girl sadly, not as a fn as course but still.

stellon- is just sooo cute.

gabriel- cute mn!

wyston- nice and it reminds me of a little blonde boy! (Mason’s our only blonde, so yeah I don’t get enough of those..)

bennet- cute mn (w/o an extra t)

trenton- I actually love this. But hate Trent alone

soron- cute!

leander- adorable mn.

quinon- we like this one a lot

rowon- not really liked, but liked. That makes no sense does it? :)

We also like penelope & lawson

thank you to who mentioned colton, we love it and appreciate it. But one of our son’s is already named colton.

Wow this is really long! Thank you all for your replies! We really appreciate it! Taking time out of you Christmas Eve. Now I’ve got to go play Santa, thank you again.

Since someone replied after I began my long humongous comment, I’d feel bad to not look at there sugg. so I did. And called my husband and we went over them. And we liked some, so yeah I just had to comment again.

milton- ADORABLE. I love it!

aldon- okay I really don’t like it with an on, I do with an en. But I’d hate to break tradition of on after naming seven kids with an on at the end.

myron- I think it’s too old fashioned for now. But my husband just had to go and love it. I just dislike it. And I think if my husband had named our children they go around being sam (for a girl), and ryan.

yvette- this was on our list! we love it!@

hattie- I’d use this as a middle name, it was my great great grandma’s name. She was born in maxville, canada in 1893. And her parents moved to montana. Her maiden name was Fraser. SO yeah, I must have looked over it last time. So yeah on to-

fraser- boys mn. Loved.

winifred- I just like it for a mn. Tristan (my hubby) hates it for some reason.

Olive is my grandma’s name. I like it a lot. But just don’t want to sue it. It’s like sacred. Evvie is already named after one of my great grandma’s. And where thinking about hattie. So yeah...

Bruce is my dad’s name, we where thinking it for Mason’s mn, but decided against it and went with John. The only other name we’ve found that went with Bruce as a middle name was Robert (so far), and that’s my uncle’s name so no. ;) Anyway, Dennis is my brother’s name so no.

Thank you!

I will put my children's pictures in there lilypie banner things in my sig. for them soon. For proof. Because many people think I'm a faker. What woman has eight children by twenty nine?

Anyway, please help suggest more names/or say if you like any I had in the quote. Please? Thank you!

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 01:41 AM

Welcome to the site! I really like some of your kids' names, especially Colton Nicholas, Samson Levi, and Mason John. All of those first names are also on my list. I think they are so handsome. Well from the names that you mentioned in your quote, I really like Cordelia and Anderson to go with your other kids' names. I think Cordelia is very beautiful and the nicknames are so adorable. It's on my list as well. Anderson isn't a name that I'd normally like, but I think it would fit very well with the other boys. And I love the nickname Andy for a little boy. I think it's adorable. Other names that I liked for the girl was Penelope Laurel. I find these names very beautiful and uncommon.

Here are some names that I think would fit well with the other children (I tried to add some from my list, as well as unique names that are not common):

Crispin (this one is on my list. I think it's so unique and handsome)


Some of my favorites for boys are: Crispin, Logan, Gavin, and Lucian
My favorites from the girls are: Ivy, Hazel, Catalina, Bianca, Temperance, and Lucia

I hope this helped!

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