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Family Tree CAF #8 - 9/10

Family Tree CAF #8 - 9/10 Family Tree CAF #8 Family Tree CAF 9/10 Round 9 Part 9 Mine

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Posted 04 November 2019 - 08:47 PM

The Coogan Family


DD4: Greer Olivia Coogan (nee Katayama) {57}

DH: Jeremy Holton Coogan {60}

DH: Beckett Ace Ferrari {59} [Divorced]


DD1/DD2: Blake Vivienne Foley/Piper Jeanne Hauksson {37}

DS1: Owen Chadwick Ferrari {30}

DD3: Casey Brooke Ferrari {27}

DS2: Eliot Dexter Ferrari {25}

DS3/DD4: Wolf Ikari Coogan-Ayton/Luna Karla Coogan {24}


Greer & Jeremy with;

BlakePiperOwenCaseyEliWolf Luna




The Foley Family


DD1: Blake Vivienne Foley (nee Ferrari) {37} (Bisexual)

DH: Hawthorne Rain Foley {39}


DD1: Cheftzi-Bah Joy Foley {17}

DS1: Reed Gil Foley {6}

DS2: Porter Leo Foley {4}

DS3: Dominic Beau Foley {1}


Blake & Hawthorne with;

Che, Reed, Porter & Nic




The Hauksson Family


DD2: Piper Jeanne Hauksson (nee Ferrari) {37}

DH: Parker Steele Hauksson {37}


DD1: Vanessa Josie Hauksson {11}

DS1: Beckett Domnall Hauksson {9}

DD2: Georgina Reese Hauksson {2}


Piper & Parker with;

Nessie, Beckett & Georgie




The Ferrari/Conran Family


DS1: Owen Chadwick Ferrari {30} (Homosexual) [Biological father of Gloria]

DBF: Grant Talorc Conran {30} (Long-Term BF) [Biological father of Chad & Maisie]

DBF: Monty Xavier Cupp (Long-Term BF) {32} [Broke up]


DS1/DD1: Chad Dashiell Ferrari-Conran/Maisie Harlow Ferrari-Conran {4}

DD2: Gloria Juno Ferrari-Conran {3}


Owen Grant with;

Chad, Maisie & Gloria




The Ferrari/Burke Family


DD3: Casey Brooke Ferrari {27} (Homosexual) [Biological mother of Casen]

DFiancee: Shannon Eithne Burke {26}


DS1: Casen Oliver Ferrari {9}

DS2/DD1: Benedict Walter Ferrari-Burke/Ramona Shelley Ferrari-Burke {4}

DAS3: Philip Alan Ferrari-Burke {1}


Casey & Shannon with;

Casen, Benny, Mona & Phil




The Ferrari Family


DS2: Eliot Dexter Ferrari {25} (Homosexual)






The Coogan-Ayton Family


DS3: Wolf Ikari Coogan-Ayton {24} (Homosexual)

DH: Winston Errol Coogan-Ayton {24}


DAD1: Winnie Faye Coogan-Ayton {0}


Wolf & Winston with;





The Coogan/Hayes Family


DD4: Luna Karla Coogan {24}

DFiance: Scout Teagan Hayes {26}


DS1: Jeremiah Thatcher Hayes {7}

DS2: Homer Conrad Hayes {4}

DS3: Patrick Tobias Hayes {3}

DD1: Alexis Maribel Hayes {0}


Luna & Scout with;

Jeremiah, Homer, Pat & Lexi




The Katayama Family


DS4: Dalton Scott Katayama {55}

DW: Layla Rose Katayama (nee Beckham) {54}


DS1: Grayson Axel Katayama-White {35}

DD1: Addison Rae Katayama-Hewitt {34}

DS2: Jefferson Thor Katayama-Sutton {32}

DD2: Lauren Romy Herschel {27}

DS3: Soren Valor Katayama {24}

DS4/DD3: Ali Landon Katayama/Rosalie Light Katayama {23}
DS5: Galen Joseph Katayama {22}


Dalton Layla with;

GrayAddyJeffLaurenSorenAliRose & Galen




The Katayama-White Family


DS1: Grayson Axel Katayama-White {35} (Homosexual) [Biological father of Harry]

DH: Henry Oliver Katayama-White {35}


DS1: Harry James Katayama-White {8}

DS2: Arthur Lennon Katayama-White {3}


Grayson Henry with;

Harry & Artie




The Katayama-Hewitt Family


DD1: Addison Rae Katayama-Hewitt {34} (Homosexual) [Biological mother of Judas, Paige & Layla]

DW: Esther Skye Katayama-Hewitt {33}


DS1: Judas Camden Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {19}

DD1: Paige Noelle Katayama-Hewitt {15}

DD2: Layla Josephine Katayama-Hewitt {4}


Addy & Esther with;

Judas, Paige & Layla




The Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone Family


DS1: Judas Camden Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {19} (Homosexual) [Biological father of Cam]

DH: Enrique Lachlan Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {19} [Biological father of Carmelo]


DS1: Camden Wallace Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {3}

DS2: Carmelo Brodie Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {2}

DAS3: Auden Cyrus Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {1}


Judas & Ricky with;

Cam, Carmelo & Auden




The Katayama-Sutton Family


DS2: Jefferson Thor Katayama-Sutton {32} (Bisexual)

DH: Nico Chandler Katayama-Sutton {33} 


DAS1: Scott Edward Katayama-Sutton {11} [Adopted from USA]

DAD1: Molly Jane Katayama-Sutton {5} [Adopted from USA]

DAD2: Sierra Eleanor Katayama-Sutton {2} [Adopted from USA]


Jeff & Nico with;

Scott, Molly & Sierra




The Herschel Family


DD2: Lauren Romy Herschel (nee Katayama) {27}

DH: Peter Dawson Herschel {30}


DS1: Peter Dalton Herschel {9}

DD1: Savannah Finlay Herschel {2}


Lauren & Peter with;

Peter & Savannah




The Katayama Family


DS3: Soren Valor Katayama {24}

DW: Phoebe Coral Katayama (nee Robles) {24}


DS1: Valiant Dalton Katayama {5}

DS2: Atticus Thor Katayama {3}

DS3: Phoebus Odin Katayama {1}

DD1: Sora Kit Katayama {0}


Soren & Phoebe with;

Val, Atticus, Phoebus & Sora




The Katayama Family


DS4: Ali Landon Katayama {23}

DW: Naomi Skye Katayama (nee Shay) {23}


DS1: Skylar Dylan Katayama {9}

DD1/DD2/DS2: Bronte Keren Katayama/Carleigh Aoife Katayama/Lincoln Cole Katayama {0}


Ali & Naomi with;

Skylar, Bronte, Leigh & Link




The Katayama Family


DD3: Rosalie Light Katayama {23}

DFiance: Alexander Lennon Ryland {25} [Broke up]






The Katayama/Harrison Family


DS5: Galen Joseph Katayama {22}

DGF: Megan Iona Harrison {21} (Short-Term GF)


DS1: Joseph Scott Katayama {0}


Galen & Megan with;





The Lee Family


DD5: Adrienne Kelly Lee (nee Katayama) {55}

DH: Carleton Murray Lee {56}

DBF: Bryan Richard Poole {55} (Short-Term BF) [Broke up]


DD1: Frankie Claire Lee {20}


Adrienne Carl with;





 The Lee/Ogden Family


DD1: Frankie Claire Lee {20}

DFiance: Ember Berry Ogden {22}


DS1: Barrett Jacob Odgen {2}


Frankie & Ember with;


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Posted 04 November 2019 - 08:51 PM

Generations of the Katayama Family:


Jamie and Madeline Katayama; with MillieGarrettLaurynTatumTheoNoahGreerDalton & Adrienne


Millie and Caspar Arias; with LewisMiriamLauraJoey & Anton

Garrett and Angelina Katayama with; HollandRowanMarinaCaitlyn & Candice

Lauryn Miller and Ian MacDiarmid with; JasonHazelMJ & Heidi

Tatum and Ellis Napolitano with; Renee

Theo and Lily Katayama; with ChanceMonroeAlaKare Carson

Noah and Charlotte Katayama; with CourtlandJamesonEmMavBellaPenny & Brayden

Greer and Jeremy Coogan; with BlakePiperOwenCaseyEliWolf Luna

Dalton and Layla Katayama; with GrayAddyJeffLaurenSorenAliRose & Galen

Adrienne Katayama & Carl Lee with; Frankie


Lewis Shephard and Grace McGee with; ZephyrZeke Brian

Miriam and Staci Shephard-Potticary with; Leon & Posie

Laura Shephard and Matt Ledger with; CleoWarren

Joey and Rhys Mansour with; OdetteGemma, Nora & Story

Anton Shephard & Calli Chang with; Sarah, Lucy & Sophia


Holland and Tony Stratford with; LyraAngelClaraLenaRoman, Briar, Booker & JC

Rowan & Carmen Katayama with; Rowena & Hanna

Marina and Violet Katayama-McGowan

Caitlyn Katayama and Austin Exner with; Ezra

Candice and Kirsten Katayama-Slughorn with; Kieran


Jason Miller and Madison Simpson with; Cal

Hazel and Truman Rupesh with; True & Raina

MJ Miller and Huck Gunnarsson with; Gina, Luna & Thea

Heidi Miller and Fallon Thorpe with; Fal


Renee Mloclam and Truman Theroux with; Michelle & Iris


Chance Katayama and Irina Usyk with; ScarlettAda & Zack

Monroe and Logan Sosa with; Ali & Jimmy

Ala Katayama and John Steiger with; ZenBlueHonorBowie, West & Hero

Kare and Em Katayama with; Silas & Cassius

Carson Katayama with; Carter


Courtland and Courtney Katayama with; AvaEver, Wilder, Lark, Gideon & Lea

Jameson and Jess Katayama; with Jace, Jules, NoahDannyHugh, Jack & Chris

Emmanuel Katayama and Steve Graves with; NateCara, Brad, Fisher, Charlie, Luke & Ally

Mav Katayama and India Martinez with; Ari, Ryan & Kayden

Bella and Darcy Barton with; Anna

Penny Katayama

Brayden Katayama


Blake and Hawthorne Foley; with Che, Reed, Porter & Nic

Piper and Parker Hauksson with; Nessie, Beckett & Georgie

Owen Ferrari and Grant Conran with; Chad, Maisie & Gloria

Casey Ferrari and Shannon Burke with; Casen, Benny, Mona & Phil

Eli Ferrari

Wolf Coogan and Winston Ayton with; Winnie

Luna Coogan and Scout Hayes with; Jeremiah, Homer, Pat & Lexi


Grayson and Henry Katayama-White with; Harry & Artie

Addison and Esther Katayama-Hewitt with; Judas, Paige & Layla

Jeff and Nico Katayama-Sutton with; Scott, Molly & Sierra

Lauren and Peter Herschel with; Peter & Savannah

Soren and Phoebe Katayama with; Val, Atticus, Phoebus & Sora

Ali Katayama and Naomi Shay with; Skylar, Bronte, Leigh & Link

Rose Katayama

Galen Katayama and Megan Harrison with; Joey


Frankie Lee and Ember Ogden with; Barry


Jace Katayama and Archer Smith with; Archie


Judas and Ricky Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone with; Cam, Carmelo & Auden

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Posted 23 November 2019 - 10:24 PM

Adin Alonzo Sanford  82

DW: Natalia Brava Maria Falsson  79


Blossom Florence Nishimura  82

DW: Hazel Anthea Cage  84


DS/DS: Edmund Even Sanford/West Wheeler Sanford  60

DD: Tatum Teresa Nishimura  58

DD: Rhoswen Riona Nishimura  56

DS: Giles Garnet Sanford  55

DS:  Caspian Caleb Sanford  51 (adopted)




Edmund Even Sanford  60

DW: Avalon Kyrie Salinger  59


DS: Simon Salinger Sanford  35

DD: Kaia Kathleen Sanford  33

DD/DS: Arden Annelil Sanford/Auburn Ajax Sanford  31

DS: Khalil Kurtley Sanford  22




Simon Salinger Sanford  35

GF: Sarah Gisele Washington  37

DW: Freja Cecily Renner  deceased


DS:  Riley Renner Sanford  18

DD: Clementine Charity Sanford  14

DS: Finnick Francesco Sanford  12

DD: Flora Felicity Sanford  11

DS/DD: Cordelia Clare Sanford/Cadin Cecil Sanford 9

DS/DD: Walker Washington Sanford/Willow Wren Sanford  2

DS: Soren Shane Sanford  nb




R. Renner Sanford  18

  DW: Ayla Wildrose Moriarty  19


DS: Miles Moriarty Sanford  nb




Kaia Kathleen Sanford  33

DH: Rafferty Ash Devlin  36


DS:  Bryn Elliot Sanford  18

DS: Nico Cassidy Sanford  14

DD: Aven Zooey Sanford  11

DS: Luca Scott Sanford  10

DD/DS: Esme Susannah Sanford/Enzo Finn Sanford  7

DD:  Fern Sierra Devlin  4

DD/DD: Skye Poppy Devlin/Shea Apple Devlin  nb




Bryn Elliot Sanford  18

recently dating Olena Charmaine Krueger 19




Arden Annelil Sanford  31

DF: Wesley Marshall Bereton  32


DD:  Bronte Benicia Sanford  13

DD/DD: Coral Celine Sanford/Cheyenne Calliope Sanford  9

DS:  Duncan David Sanford  6

DD: Elspeth Evelina Sanford  4

DD: Faye Fontana Sanford  nb




Auburn Ajax Sanford  31

DF: Ruby-Grace Irene Wakefield  31


DS: Colin Constantin Sanford  9

DS: Odin Osmund Sanford  5

DD:  Anna-Sophia Serenity Sanford  4

DD: Emmy-Rose Raina Sanford  2




Khalil Kurtley Sanford  22 bi

DW: Kirsten Angelou Cordova


DS: Konrad Kendall Sanford  3



West Wheeler Sanford de Medici  60 g

DH: Crispin Claus de Medici  62


DS: Solomon Seth de Medici  34

DS: Theseus Tyler de Medici  31

DS: Ansel Alaric de Medici  26

DS: Gibson Gerald de Medici  25

DS/DS: Henry Hawk de Medici/Harris Hiram de Medici  23

DD: Zoraida Zephyrine de Medici  20



Solomon Seth de Medici  34 bi

DW: Amity Argent Alexander  37


DD:  Daisy Delphine de Medici  11

DS:  Milo Moses de Medici  9

DD:  Pearl Penelope de Medici  5

DD: Iris Isla de Medici  4

DD: Opal Odalys de Medici 3

DS: Blake Bishop de Medici  1



Theseus Tyler de Medici  31 bi

DH: Zeke Edison Sartor  32


DS: Thorin Thelonius Grimaldi  13



 Ansel Alaric de Medici  26

GF: Seren Temperance Flamel  27


DS: Sawyer Alphonse de Medici  8

DD:  Athena Thursday Flamel 1



Gibson Gerald de Medici  25

DH: Massimo Herakles Sherwood  26


DS: Gideon Claude Sherwood  nb



Henry Hawk de Medici  23

recently dating Cynthia Dove Dorsey  22



Harris Hiram de Medici  23 s

GF: April Callista Spencer


DS: Atticus North de Medici  4

DS:  Florin Equinox de Medici  3



Zoraida Zephyrine de Medici  20

recently dating Nolan Dallas Thomas


DS:  Killian Zeph de Medici  1



Tatum Teresa Nishimura  58 bi

DF: Delta Odessa Cragg  60

ex-DH: Jude Maximilian Goss  60


DS/DS: Gray Oliver Goss/Avery Chandler Goss  36

DD: Skyler Marcella Goss 28

DS: Addison Joseph Goss 26

DD: Noah Frances Goss 23

DS: Rowan Octavius Goss  20



Gray Oliver Goss  36

DW: Eden Esther Skye Gallo  36


DD/DD: Viva Elena Goss/Leta Evangeline Goss  11

DS: Thor Otto Goss  9

DD:  Fina Eugenie Goss  6

DD:  Nida Eloise Goss  4

DS: Argo Owain Goss  3



Avery Chandler Goss  36

DH: Martin Oscar Rocco Goss  38


DS: Tennyson Asher Goss  4

DS: Quincy Victor Goss  3



Skyler Marcella Goss  28

DW: Zadie Arwen Kilmer  30


DS/DD: Loyal Maurice Goss-Kilmer/Larkin Ruth Goss-Kilmer 5

DD:  Teagan Judith Goss-Kilmer  2 



Addison Joseph Goss 26 bi

DF: Gala Ixchel McFadyen  27


DS: Shannon Dimitri Goss  6

DD: Flynn Sabina McFadyen  1




Noah Frances Goss  23 bi

DF: Shepard Griffith Boros  23

ex-GF: Marlowe Briallen Cavanah  23


DD:  Michael Emmaline "M.E." Goss  6

DS: Florian Jadin Goss  2



Rowan Octavius Goss  20 bi

BF: Ferris Indrajit Lara  21


DD: Padmavati Eliza Goss  4

DS: Tristan Almos Goss  1



Rhoswen Riona Nishimura  56

DH: Julian Elias Whitaker  54

ex-DF: Hugo Jonas Wellman  59

ex-DH: Roman Zacharias Verdi  56


DD: Ronit Magnolia Verdi  38

DS: Rembrandt "Brandt" Cole Nishimura  34

DD: Rina Lenore Verdi  32

DS: Rainer Angelos Nishimura  29

DS: Rudolf "Rudy" Taylor Nishimura  27

DD: Rosalind Calico Nishimura 23



Ronit Magnolia Verdi  38 bi

DH: Leander Jackson King  40


DS/DS: Ryder Cason King/Ronan Mason King  18

DS: Rhett Emerson King  16

DD: Rhonwen Cecilia Verdi  13

DD: Roma Giulia Verdi  12

DS: River Reason King  10

DD/DS: Roxanne Noelia Verdi/Riordan Judson King  9

DS: Roy Dawson King  8

DS: Ross Harrison King  1

DD/DD: Rosalie Amelia King/Reeva Emilia King  nb




Ryder Cason King  18 g




Ronan Mason King  18

GF: Vaila Tempest Robles  17


DD/DS: Vienna Mesa Robles/Vale Thaddeus “VT” Robles  4



"Brandt" Cole Nishimura  34

DW:  Astrid Prudence Yardley  36


DD: Roswitha Columbia Yardley 11

DS: Irving "Zep" Zeppelin Yardley  10

DS/DS: Whitman Dylan Yardley/Auden Cash Yardley  8

DS:  Gable Mercury Yardley  6

DD:  Sojourner Genesis Yardley  3



Rina Lenore Verdi  32

DH: Zebulon Jeremiah "ZJ" De Campo  35


DS: Ford Zacchaeus Verdi  14

DS: Zadin Morleo Verdi  8

DS: Noble Zebedee Verdi  7

DD: Briony Zephyr De Campo  3

DD: Zora Oswen De Campo  1



Rainer Angelos Nishimura  29

DF: Cedar Abraham Frisk  30



 "Rudy" Taylor Nishimura  27 bi

DF: Edith Monday Vasili 27


DD: Rose Tamsyn Nishimura  6

DD: Etta Michelle Nichimura  4



Rosalind Calico Nishimura  23

recently dating Silas Benedict Wyatt  27


DD/DD: Rhiannon Green Nishimura/Rhosyn Violet Nishimura  9

DS: Ransom Grey Nishimura  1




Giles Garnet Sanford  55

DW: Beatrice Ophelia Norgaard  55


DD: Bianca Linnet Sangaard  35

DD/DD: Bela Margaret Sangaard/Bernadine "Bernie" Harriet Sangaard  26

DS: Garrett Theodore Sangaard  24

DS/DS: George Roscoe Sangaard/Gabriel Kane Sangaard  22

DS: Gustav Clyde Sangaard  21

DS: Gavin Gervaise Sangalier  19

DS: Gregor Jesse Sangaard  18



Bianca Linnet Sangaard  35

DW: Marina Paige Manalov 35


DS: Bastian Squire Mangaard  13

DS/DS: Booker Crane Mangaard/ Bruno Heron Mangaard  10

DS:  Bartholomew Ocean Mangaard  9

DS: Bryan Albus "B.A." Mangaard  8

DS:  Bradin Fletcher Mangaard  6

DS: Barnett Fox Mangaard  2

DD: Miranda Scarlet Mangaard  1



Bela Margaret Sangaard  26

GF: Loretta Glory Scarbrough


DS: Matias Bloom Sangaard  6



"Bernie" Harriet Sangaard  26

DW: Juniper Eirlys Mauche Sangaard  27


DS: Jasper Ophir Sangaard  nb



Garrett Theodore Sangaard  24

DH: Conall Grant MacGregor Sangaard  27


DD: Gladys Ada Sangaard  2

DS: Gordon Cosmo Sangaard nb



George Roscoe Sangaard  22 bi

DH: Axel Ulysses Finnbogason  24 


DS/DD: August Donato Sinnbogaard/Gianna Io Sinnbogaard  2

DS: Arlo Fraser Sinnbogaard 1


Gabriel Kane Sangaard  22 bi

DW: Azalea Xandra Knottley  20


DS: Grayson Aires Sangley 1



Gustav Clyde Sangaard  21

GF: Dimity Luna Tyndall  20


DS: Dashiell Finnegan Sangall  nb



Gavin Gervaise Sangalier  19 bi

DW: Adara Zinnia Sangalier nee Duvalier  17


DS: Anders Austin Sangalier  4

DD: Beatrix Brielle Sangalier  1

DS: Cassian Cyrus Sangalier  nb 



Gregor Jesse Sangaard  18

recently dating Weston Darcy Hyland  19




Caspian Caleb Sanford  51

DH:  Lysander Zane Hancox  52


DD: Helen Mikami Sanford  24

DD: Lucia Higashi Sanford  20

DS/DS: Dylan Cable Sanford/Lyle Zacchai Sanford  18

DD: Imogen Ayako Sanford  16



Helen Mikami Sanford  24

DF: Aria Story Zambrano  24


DS: Cohen Chujiro Sanford  8

DS: Bridger Akira Sanford  1



Lucia Higashi Sanford  20

DF: Lincoln Tadhg Unger   22


DS: Abel Cuan Unger  1



Dylan Cable Sanford  18 

GF: India Kaelani Piccoli 16 


DS: Aarav Yosemite Sanford  4



Lyle Zacchai Sanford  18

recently dating Inessa Venus Albini  17


DS: Imre Casey Sanford  2


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Posted 26 November 2019 - 12:05 PM

Dovydas Ignas Sandfield [90]

m. Judie Aileen Scipio [89]

Winifred Palma Sandfield [59]

Byron Eric Sandfield [59]

Mackenzie Tristan Sandfield [57]

Maude Amorie Sandfield [56]


Winifred Palma Sandfield [59]

Lilian Sophie Sandfield [38]

d. Laurence James Rossi [60; ex-boyfriend]

d. Karsten Rudolf Valery [59; ex-boyfriend]

Joseph Rudolf Valery [26]

Astoria Careen Valery [26]

m. Cosmo Donato Dooley [61]

Francine Dale Dooley [24]


Lilian Sophie Sandfield [38]

Chloe Jasmine Sandfield [24]

Luca Vincenzo Sandfield [14]

Rose Padmavati Sandfield [13]

Aila Judith Sandfield [9]

d. Minoru Phunihel Wells [39; ex-boyfriend]

Parker Brogan Wells [18]

Bailey Harper Wells [18]

Abigail Jane Wells [17]

d. Tobias Whit Paige [40; fiancé]

Bibi Thursday Paige [2]

Ada Jennifer Paige [2]


Chloe Jasmine Sandfield [24; bisexual]

m. Rock Marcel Ryley [25]

Koa Maxwell Ryley [8]

Asia Rebecca Ryley [6]

Tais Adrien Ryley [4]

Dex Edmund Ryley [2]


Parker Brogan Wells [18; bisexual]

d. Sutton Barthelemy Enfield [19; long term boyfriend]


Bailey Harper Wells [18]

m. Quill Brody Svavarsson [18]

Anna-Sophia Rose Svavarsson [3]

William James Svavarsson [1]

Evan Robert Svavarsson [0]


Joseph Rudolf Valery [26]

Estrella Renee Valery [7]

Julia Eileen Valery [6]

m. Jenna Claudine Keelan [25]

Violet Eleven Valery [5]


Astoria Careen Valery [26; lesbian]

d. Moira Annabel Arawn [29; fiancée]

Langley Peter Arawn-Valery [4; adopted]


Francine Dale Dooley [24; lesbian]

Martina Irene Dooley [7]

m. Jamie-Lynn Clare Clark [24]


Byron Eric Sandfield [59]

Anja Veronika Sandfield [28]

Logan Elijah Sandfield [23]

d. Blythe Beatrice Silverberry [59; ex-girlfriend]

m. Samaia Hymn Toups [54]

Theron Joy Sandfield [20]


Anja Veronika Sandfield [28; lesbian]

m. Cora Charlotte Warwick [29]

Linus Jupiter Warwick-Sandfield [8; adopted]

Reuben Thatcher Warwick-Sandfield [8; adopted]

Story Grey Warwick-Sandfield [6; adopted]

Blake Emery Warwick-Sandfield [1; adopted]

Delta Kirrily Warwick-Sandfield [0; adopted]


Logan Elijah Sandfield [23; bisexual]

m. Beatrice Annette Roald [24]

Tyler Cassius Sandfield [5]

Aiden Daniel Sandfield [2]

Hadley Primrose Sandfield [0]


Theron Joy Sandfield [20]

d. Helena Rose Marquez [21; long term girlfriend]

Cameron Joseph Sandfield [2]


Mackenzie Tristan Sandfield [57]

d. Amelia Aza Alarcon [56; ex-fiancée]

m. Coco Hyacinthe Ococ [59; ex-wife]

Hedwig Rachel Sandfield [34]

Zane Shelton Sandfield [32]

Paz Nathan Sandfield [30]

Eli Albert Sandfield [28]

Mikulas Adi Sandfield [28]

Pia Katarina Sandfield [26]

Armelia Elisabeth Sandfield [24]

Sabine Despina Sandfield [20]

m. Carbry Paige To [55; ex-wife]

d. Lois Alice Henderson [55; fiancée]


Hedwig Rachel Sandfield [34]

Ryan Alexander Sandfield [17]

Oscar Benjamin Sandfield [16]

m. Brooks Holden Plante [35]

Margot Emmeline Plante [11]

Nora Beatrice Plante [11]

Silas Christopher Plante [5]

Ivy Genevieve Plante [4]

Adam Harris Plante [3]

Olivia Eleanor Plante [1]


Zane Shelton Sandfield [32; gay]

m. Gary McKinley Guerino [33]

Ellie Jessica Sandfield-Guerino [1; adopted]


Paz Nathan Sandfield [30; gay]

d. Iggy Max Xylander [31; ex-boyfriend]

m. Blaise Leopold Jackson [30]

Jett Cayden Jackson-Sandfield [4; adopted]

Nico Hunter Jackson-Sandfield [1; adopted]

Isla Maeve Jackson-Sandfield [0; adopted]


Eli Albert Sandfield [28]

m. Alia Caroline Fawcett [28]

Angel Jane Sandfield [12]

Royal Callahan Sandfield [5]

Amara Charlotte Sandfield [3]

Hayven Brielle Sandfield [0]


Mikulas Adi Sandfield [28]

m. Raven Margaret Ramsey [29]

Elsie Anastasia Sandfield [10]

Nate Patrick Sandfield [4]

Freya Penelope Sandfield [1]


Pia Katarina Sandfield [26; lesbian]

m. Ivy Lisann Hood [28]

Jasper Thomas Sandfield-Hood [7; adopted]

Shay Gallagher Sandfield-Hood [6; adopted]

Leo Peter Sandfield-Hood [5; adopted]

Finn Wyatt Sandfield-Hood [0; adopted]


Armelia Elisabeth Sandfield [24; lesbian]

d. Esmarie Philou Ogden [23; long term girlfriend]

Keira-Faye Florence Ogden-Sandfield [3; biologically Armelia's daughter]

Dashiell Finnegan Ogden-Sandfield [1; biologically Esmarie's son]

Zamora Clarabelle Ogden-Sandfield [0; biologically Esmarie's daughter]


Sabine Despina Sandfield [20; lesbian]

d. Merry Imogen Dobson [22; fiancée]


Maude Amorie Sandfield [56]

Scarlett Raquel Sandfield [36]

m. Heino Tyge Fuller [58; ex-husband]

Bastien Percy Fuller [30]

m. Colt Peregrine Cook [57]

Caspar Harrison Cook [24]

Mathilde Christa Cook [23]


Scarlett Raquel Sandfield [36; lesbian]

m. Katie Jessica Payne [37]

Ruby Josephine Sandfield-Payne [17; adopted]

Floyd Llewellyn Sandfield-Payne [12; adopted]

Brynn Liliana Sandfield-Payne [3; biologically Scarlett's daughter]


Bastien Percy Fuller [30; gay]

m. Grant Michael Fedelmid [32]

Miles Theodore Fedelmid-Fuller [5; adopted]

Beckett Jesse Fedelmid-Fuller [4; adopted]

Lucas Alexander Fedelmid-Fuller [4; adopted]


Caspar Harrison Cook [24]

Dawson Lucas Cook [7]

d. Gala Noreen Nelson [24; fiancée]

Lexi Hannah Cook [4]


Mathilde Christa Cook [23; lesbian]

d. Pearl Moana Webley [25; long term girlfriend]

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Posted 17 January 2020 - 12:50 PM

The Howard Family


DH: Brian Winslow Howard (90)

DW: Eirlys Taylor Shard Howard (83)


DS/DS: Sawyer Stasys Howard/Emmett Lars Howard (62)

DS: Kevin Lee Howard (59)

DD: Freya Michelle Howard (58)

DD: Harriet Ivy Howard (55)


Brian and Eirlys Howard; with SawyerEmmettKevinFreya, and Harriet



The Howard Family


DH: Sawyer Stasys Howard (62)

DW: Bell Octavia Tanabe Howard (64)


DS: Warren Alexej Howard (37)

DD: Idony Arabella Howard (36)

DD: Tilda Charlotte Howard (30)

DS: Sheldon Bryant Howard (25)


ExDW: Julia Blossom Carr (61) - Mother of Warren, Idony, Tilda, and Sheldon


Sawyer (and ex-wife Julia Carr) and Bell Howard; with WarrenIdonyTilda, and Sheldon



The Howard Family


DH: Warren Alexej Howard (37)

DW: Bailey Fifer Hayworth Howard (37)


DS: Iggy Silas Howard (14)

DD: Kendall Grace Howard (12)

DS: Bear William Howard (10)

DD: Verity Anne Howard (8)

DS: Rowan Bay Howard (2)

DS: Chance Marlowe Howard (1)

DD: Cullen Rose Howard (0)


Warren and Bailey Howard; with IggyKendallBear, Verity, Rowan, Chance, and Cullen



The Howard/Roy Family


DFiancée: Idony Arabella Howard (36) - Lesbian

DFiancée: Morleo Virginia Roy (35)


DS: Bastian Loyal Howard (12)

ADS: Makari Finn Roy-Howard (9)

ADS: Jules Graham Roy-Howard (6)

ADS: Fisher Benjamin Roy-Howard (5)

ADS: Wyatt Logan Roy-Howard (1)


ExDGF: Prudence Winnie Plante (34)


Idony Howard (and ex-girlfriend Prudence Plante) and Morleo Roy; with BastianMakariJules, Fisher, and Wyatt



The Howard/Fawcett Family


DFiancée: Tilda Charlotte Howard (30) - Lesbian

DFiancée: Eve Carissa Fawcett (33)


DS: Jayce Bryan Howard (14)

DD/DD: Pearl Josephine Howard/Paige Clementine Howard (13)

ADS: Arlo Winter Fawcett-Howard (6)

ADS: Patrick Sawyer Fawcett-Howard (2)


Tilda Howard and Eve Fawcett; with JaycePearlPaige, Arlo, and Patrick



The Hodge Family


DH: Sheldon Bryant Howard Hodge (25) - Gay

DH: Lachlan Bodhi Hodge (26)


ADS: Frank Maxwell Hodge (4)

ADD: Jennifer Nicole Hodge (2)

ADS: Alan Robert Hodge (0)


ExDBF: Kyle Owain Brown (27)


Sheldon (and ex-boyfriend Kyle Brown) and Lachlan Hodge; with Frank, Jennifer, and Alan



The Howard Family


DH: Emmett Lars Cooper-Howard Howard (62) - Bisexual

DW: Haley Nora Klein Howard (60)


DS: Kirk Alexander Howard (37)

DS: Tobias William Howard (35)

DD/DS: Emelia Rose Howard/Ralph Thompson Howard (27)

DD: Minna Beatrix Howard (26)


ExDH: Alec Martin Cooper (62)


Emmett (and ex-husband Alec Cooper) and Haley Howard; with KirkTobiasEmeliaRalph, and Minna



The Howard Family


DH: Kirk Alexander Howard (37) - Bisexual

DW: Molly Natasha Rai Howard (33)


DS: Gabriel Justin Howard (18)

DD: Kiri Raven Howard (15)

DD: Bryn Tayla Howard (11)

DD/DD: Verena Michelle Howard/Poppy Beatrice Howard (10)

DD/DD: Anya Jeannette Howard/Lilwen Faith Howard (5)

DD/DS: Cecilia Moon Howard/Sage Theodore Howard (4)


ExDGF: Emma Carden Keeytes (33) - Mother of Kiri


Kirk (and ex-girlfriend Emma Keeytes) and Molly Howard; with GabrielKiriBrynVerenaPoppyAnya, Lilwen, Cecilia, and Sage



The Howard/Sutton Family


DBF: Gabriel Justin Howard (18)

DGF: Abbott Felicity Sutton (19) - Long term girlfriend


DS: Esau Edmund Howard (4)


Gabriel Howard and Abbott Sutton; with Esau



The Howard/Breworth Family


DFiancé: Tobias William Howard (35)

DFiancée: Cassie Apolline Breworth (36)


DD: Fayette Alicia Howard (17)

DD: Julianne River Howard (11)

DD: Isabella Jane Howard (9)

DS: Gideon Fox Howard (1)


Tobias Howard and Cassie Breworth; with FayetteJulianne, Isabella, and Gideon



The Howard/Upton Family


DFiancée: Emelia Rose Howard (27) - Lesbian

DFiancée: Nixie Adele Upton (28)


ADD: Esmee Georgia Upton-Howard (0)


Emelia Howard and Nixie Upton; with Esmee



The Howard/Todor Family


DFiancé: Ralph Thompson Howard (27)

DFiancée: Genevieve Ellen Todor (27)


DS: Boyd Sullivan Howard (8)

DD: Caryn Brielle Howard (2)


Ralph Howard and Genevieve Todor; with Boyd and Caryn



The Amarante Family


DW: Minna Beatrix Howard Amanrante (26)

DH: Nathaniel Carter Amarante (29)


DD/DD: Linnea Scarlett-Rose Amarante/Ingrid Antonella Amarante (6)

DS: Winslow Justus Amarante (4)


Minna and Nathaniel Amarante; with LinneaIngrid, and Winslow



The Howard Family


DH: Kevin Lee Howard (59) - Bisexual

DW: Clare Garnet Bright Howard (57)


DD: Neoma Bridget Howard (36)

DS: Venn Theodore Howard (34)

DD: Rosalinda Jane Howard (31)

DD: Esperanza Lee Howard (30)

DS: Vaden Beau Howard (24)

DS: Atlas Henry Howard (20)


Ex-DGF: Enya Kirrily Bain (60) - Mother of Neoma

ExDW: Harland Rose Anderson (57) - Mother of Venn, Rosalinda, and Esperanza

ExDW: Roxanne Iris Levine (56) - Mother of Vaden and Atlas


Kevin (and ex-partners Enya Bain, Harland Anderson, and Roxanne Howard) and Clare Howard; with NeomaVennRosalindaEsperanzaVaden, and Atlas



The Tran Family


DW: Neoma Bridget Howard Tran (36) - Bisexual

DH: Clarke Freddie Tran (37)


DS/DD: Daniel Charles Tran/Naomi Wren Tran (7)

DS: Thomas Jason Tran (6)

DS: Paul Robert Tran (0)


ExDBF: Collins August Ruby (40)


Neoma (and ex-boyfriend Collins Ruby) and Clarke Tran; with DanielNaomi, Thomas, and Paul



The Howard Family


DH: Venn Theodore Howard (34)

DW: Marina Britt Lu'u Howard (34)


DD: Connie Margaret Howard (17)

DS/DD: Fletcher Britton Howard/Violet Catherine Howard (16)

DS: Arthur Elias Howard (8)

DS: Carter Henry Howard (2)


Venn and Marina Howard; with ConnieFletcherViolet, Arthur, and Carter



The Howard/Chapman Family


DGF: Rosalinda Jane Howard (31)

DBF: Lucas Darwin Chapman (35) - Short term boyfriend


DD: Odessa Elizabeth Howard (12)

DD: Rachel Alpin Fonseca (8)

DS: Lev Graham Fonseca (4)


ExDBF: Hugh Antonio Fonseca (33) - Father of Rachel and Lev


Rosalinda Howard (and ex-boyfriend Hugh Fonseca) and Lucas Chapman; with OdessaRachel, and Lev



The Novak Family


DW: Esperanza Lee Howard Novak (30)

DH: Zayn Alfred Novak (33)


DD: Lucy Elspeth Novak (0)


Esperanza and Zayn Novak; with Lucy



The Howard Family


DH: Vaden Beau Howard (24)

DW: Branwen Mae Barnes Howard (24)


DD/DS: Wanda Rhosyn Howard/Peter Bowie Howard (9)

DD: Eunice Mila Howard (6)

DS: Philip Nicholas Howard (3)


Vaden and Branwen Howard; with WandaPeter, Eunice, and Philip



The Howard/Gray Family


DBF: Atlas Henry Howard (20)

DGF: Jocelyn Nina Gray (21) - Long term girlfriend


DD: Oona Posie Howard (4)


Atlas Howard and Jocelyn Gray; with Oona


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Posted 17 January 2020 - 12:51 PM

The Chestnut Family


DW: Freya Michelle Howard Chestnut (53)

DH: George Byron Chestnut (55)


DS: Tavish John Chestnut (36)

DS: Christopher Wesley Chestnut (30)

DD/DD: Marjorie Greta Chestnut/Rosemary Gwen Chestnut (24)


Freya and George Chestnut; with TavishChristopherMarjorie, and Rosemary



The Chestnut Family


DH: Tavish John Chestnut (36)

DW: Joy Mckenzie Rubio (35)


DD: Marie Claribel Chestnut (15)

DS/DD/DS: Cooper Jonathan Chestnut/Avianna Eirlys Chestnut/Zachary Noble Chestnut (12)

DD: Maeve Bessette Chestnut (5)

DD: Arielle Adah Chestnut (4)

DS: Leo Willis Chestnut (1)

DS: Skyler Jacob Chestnut (0)


Tavish and Joy Chestnut; with MarieCooperAviannaZacharyMaeveArielleLeo, and Skyler



The Chestnut Family


DH: Christopher Wesley Chestnut (30)

DW: Sara Emma King Chestnut (28)


DS: Ruben Luca Chestnut (12)

DD: Iris Alouette Chestnut (6)

DS: Jude Oliver Chestnut (2)


ExDW: Grainne Rebecca Ambrogino (30) - Mother of Ruben


Christopher (and ex-wife Grainne Ambrogino) and Sara Chestnut; with RubenIris, and Jude



The Chestnut/Eisner Family


DFiancée: Marjorie Greta Chestnut (24) - Bisexual

DFiancé: Leonardo Moses Eisner (25)


DD: Eloisa Eileen Eisner (3)


Marjorie Chestnut and Leonardo Eisner; with Eloisa



The Kevan Family


DW: Rosemary Gwen Chestnut Kevan (24)

DH: McCoy Grant Michael Kevan (25)


Rosemary and McCoy Kevan



The Wakefield Family


DW: Harriet Ivy Howard Wakefield (55)

DH: Riley Zebulon Wakefield (60)


DD: Plum Cordelia Newport (37)

DD: Ines Rikke Newport (36)

DD/DD: Elise Meredith Newport/Elodie Cosette Newport (34)

DS: Paine Joshua Newport (32)

DS/DD: Conrad Rafael Newport/Dylann Rosetta Newport (29)

DS: Blake Peregrine Mcnitt (24)

DS: Viggo Jeremy Mcnitt (22)

DS: Theon Pure Mcnitt (20)


Ex-DFiancé: Michael Ryan Newport (46) - Father of Plum, Ines, Elise, Elodie, Paine, Conrad, and Dylann

Ex-DH: Clarence Red Mcnitt (52) - Father of Blake, Viggo, and Theon


Harriet (and ex-partners Michael Newport and Clarence Mcnitt) and Riley Wakefield; with PlumInesEliseElodiePaineConradDylannBlakeViggo, and Theon



The Newport/Correa Family


DFiancée: Plum Cordelia Newport (37)

DFiancé: Dale Jackson Correa (39)


DD/DD: Maisy Amelia Correa/Ivy Jacqueline Correa (13)

DD: Cassia Michelle Correa (12)

DD/DS: Ella-Rose Beatrice Correa/Zander Collen Correa (8)

DS: Blaise Langston Correa (2)


Plum Newport and Dale Correa; with MaisyIvyCassiaElla-RoseZander, and Blaise



The Wright Family


DW: Ines Rikke Newport Wright (36) - Lesbian

DW: Adair Francesca Wright (35)


ADS: Bodhi Jack Wright (7)

ADS: Fraser Cole Wright (1)


Ines and Adair Wright; with Bodhi and Fraser



The Sandford-Newport Family


DW: Elise Meredith Newport Sandford-Newport (34) - Bisexual

DW: Cora Jacobina Sandford Sandford-Newport (35)


ADS: Adrian Leo Sandford-Newport (6)

ADS/ADD: Kaiser Griffith Sandford-Newport/Kensli Margot Sandford-Newport (4)

ADD: Stella May Sandford-Newport (3)


Elise and Cora Sandford-Newport; with AdrianKaiserKensli, and Stella



The Olafsson Family


DW: Elodie Cosette Newport Olafsson (34) - Bisexual

DH: Colt Cameron Olfasson (36)


DS: Callum Bernard Olafsson (19)

DS: Bennett Moe Olafsson (10)

DD: Miriam Juniper Olafsson (6)

DS: Jasper Silas Olafsson (1)


Elodie and Colt Olafsson; with CallumBennettMiriam, and Jasper



The Olafsson Family


DMale: Callum Bernard Olafsson (19)


Callum Olafsson



The Newport/Emsworth Family


DFiancé: Paine Joshua Newport (32)

DFiancée: Lorelei Navy Emsworth (31)


DD: Anastasia Dauphine Newport (13)

DD: Louise Valentina Newport (6)

DD: Jamie-Lynn Aniel Newport (5)

DD: Ava Imperia Newport (3)


Paine Newport and Lorelei Emsworth; with AnastasiaLouiseJamie-Lynn, and Ava



The Newport-Hill Family


DH: Conrad Rafael Newport Newport-Hill (29) - Gay

DH: Otto Florian Hill Newport-Hill (30)


DD: Mary-Elizabeth Sky Newport (12)

ADS: Alexander Lee Newport-Hill (7)


Conrad and Otto Newport-Hill; with Mary-Elizabeth and Alexander



The Newport/Watson Family


DFiancée: Dylann Rosetta Newport (29)

DFiancé: Zephyr Dewey Watson (30)


DD: Annie Danielle Watson (10)

DS: Kristian Charles Watson (8)

DD: Laura Florence Watson (6)

DS: Jason Maxwell Watson (2)


Dylann Newport and Zephyr Watson; with AnnieKristianLaura, and Jason



The Mcnitt/Rojas Family


DGF: Blake Peregrine Mcnitt (24)

DGF: Gwenonwy Jane Rojas (25) - Long term girlfriend


DS/DS: Sirius Wendell Mcnitt/Frankie Owen Mcnitt (3)


Blake Mcnitt and Gwenonwy Rojas; with Sirius and Frankie



The Mcnitt/O'Neil Family


DBF: Viggo Jeremy Mcnitt (22)

DGF: Amara Loretta O'Neil (23) - Long term girlfriend


DD: Dahlia Alina Mcnitt (1)


Viggo Mcnitt and Amara O'Neil; with Dahlia



The Dillman-Mcnitt Family


DH: Theon Pure Mcnitt Dillman-Mcnitt (20) - Gay

DH: Hunter Jack Dillman Dillman-Mcnitt (20)


Theon and Hunter Dillman-Mcnitt


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Posted 06 June 2020 - 01:13 PM

Eloise Natalie Wick [80]

m. Aniyah Elizabeth Charleston [82]

Aubrey Jack Charleston-Wick [60]

Bryan Eric Charleston-Wick [57]

James Hayden Charleston-Wick [57]

Blair Rosalie Charleston-Wick [56]

Phoebe Danielle Charleston-Wick [55]



Aubrey Jack Charleston-Wick [60]

m. Aife Gwendolyn Scott [59] - Ex-wife

Belle Daenerys Charleston-Wick [35]

Corrin Marleah Charleston-Wick [26]

Adeline Mitzi Charleston-Wick [25]

m. Glee Eleanor Hunt [57]

Syd Miles Immanuel Charleston-Wick [21]

Lois Faraday Charleston-Wick [20]


Belle Daenerys Charleston-Wick [35]

m. Case Anthony Pratt [36] - Ex-husband

m. Nathan Tarain Powell [35]

Moss Reuben Powell [9]

Awel Elaine Powell [8]

Plum Aurora Powell [5]


Corrin Marleah Charleston-Wick [26]

d. Liam Augustin Stafford [26] - Engaged

Eva Charlotte Stafford [7]

Ru Gwendolyn Stafford [5]


Adeline Mitzi Charleston-Wick [25] - Bisexual

m. Halo Maxine Kahler [27]

Lola Muriel Kahler [3]



Bryan Eric Charleston-Wick [57]

m. Dahlia Elaine Foye [57]

Henley Dax Charleston-Wick [36]

Tilda Sable Charleston-Wick [34]

Holland Koha Charleston-Wick [33]

Bernie Jayden Charleston-Wick [23]


Henley Dax Charleston-Wick [36]

m. Julia Caroline Cogswell [36]

Micah Bo Charleston-Wick [14]

Alyss Delta Charleston-Wick [2]

Hugo Patrick Charleston-Wick [1]


Tilda Sable Charleston-Wick [34] - Bisexual

m. Caden Andrew Rigato [37]

Molly Aniyah Rigato [12]

Abel Moses Rigato [0]


Holland Koha Charleston-Wick [33]

m. Marc Thomas LaMalfa [34]

Kellen George LaMalfa [16]

Sofia Elizabeth LaMalfa [14]

Emmeline Sage LaMalfa [13]

Lester Charles LaMalfa [0]


Bernie Jayden Charleston-Wick [23]

m. Florence Rosemary Laredo [24]

Jamie Kit Penelope Charleston-Wick [9]

Tommy Valentine Orson Charleston-Wick [7]

Ellie Kehlani Brynn Charleston-Wick [2]



James Hayden Charleston-Wick [57]

Margo Waverley Charleston-Wick [38]

m. Banks Violet Young [56] - Ex-wife

Esmee Apolline Charleston-Wick [34]

Laurel Sadie Charleston-Wick [33]

Kate Adrienne Charleston-Wick [31]

m. Verity Solange Greenspan [58]

Poppy Calista Charleston-Wick [23]

Flinn Jethro Charleston-Wick [20]


Margo Waverley Charleston-Wick [38]

m. Lane Maxwell San Martin [40] - Ex-husband

d. Timothy Moses Sowerberry [39] - Engaged

Elizabeth Alice Sowerberry [2]

Louisa May Natalie Sowerberry [0]

Carol Ann Flora Sowerberry [0]


Esmee Apolline Charleston-Wick [34] - Lesbian

m. Paige Delilah Xirau [35]

Boheme Iris Charleston-Wick [14]

Langley Arthur Charleston-Wick [3]


Laurel Sadie Charleston-Wick [33] - Lesbian

m. Clare Josephine Vy [33]

Arden Jonathan Vy [1]


Kate Adrienne Charleston-Wick [31]

Essence Katarina Charleston-Wick [11]

d. Duncan Moe Cready [32] - Engaged

Aeda Nerissa Cready [9]

Lazarus Huck Cready [8]

Bridei Demeter Cready [7]

Vaila Cadence Cready [1]

Hendrix Bowie Cready [0]


Poppy Calista Charleston-Wick [23] - Bisexual

Seraphina Anouk Charleston-Wick [7]

Odilia Whimsy Charleston-Wick [6]

Joseph McCoy Charleston-Wick [6]

d. Giovanni Owain Zuniga [23] - Long term

Caryn Alanna Zuniga [0]


Flinn Jethro Charleston-Wick [20]

d. Briony Matilda Stewart [21] - Long term

Mabel Zinnia Charleston-Wick [1]



Blair Rosalie Charleston-Wick [56]

m. Gordon Elijah White [58]

Renee Guinevere White [24]

Karvir Garnon White [24]

Leif Wesley White [23]

Giselle Karen White [20]


Renee Guinevere White [24] - Bisexual

d. Simeon Zander Fox [25] - Ex-fiancé

Koa Benjamin Fox [9]

Everett Milo Fox [6]

d. Eileen Hazel Elliot [24] - Long term

Somerled Byron White-Elliot [3]


Karvir Garnon White [24] - Bisexual

Nyree Alessandra White [8]

Hope Ambrette White [5]

d. Grant Michael Clontz [24] - Ex-boyfriend

m. Cove Christopher Dillman [24]

Rosalie Lyra Dillman-White [2]


Leif Wesley White [23] - Bisexual

d. Helena Thaila Thinel [22] - Engaged

Spring Charlotte White [4]


Giselle Karen White [20]

Posie Cecilia White [3]

Hart Richard White [1]

d. Tatum Patrick Benjamin [20] - Short term



Phoebe Danielle Charleston-Wick [55]

d. Cillian David Rossi [55] - Ex-boyfriend

m. Sebastian Gerard Naitsabes [57]

Tanya Angeliki Naitsabes [33]

Ronan Garrett Naitsabes [22]

Liv Matilda Naitsabes [20]


Tanya Angeliki Naitsabes [33] - Lesbian

Noah Calvin Naitsabes [12]

m. Paloma Gwenonwy Fawcett [35]

Callie Winifred Fawcett-Naitsabes [2]

Domitilla Lucie Fawcett-Naitsabes [1]

Kensington Walter Fawcett-Naitsabes [1]


Ronan Garrett Naitsabes [22]

Emmy-Rose River Naitsabes [4]

Dylan Gandalf Naitsabes [2]

Harper Daphne Naitsabes [1]


Liv Matilda Naitsabes [20]

d. Milo Angus Finwick [22] - Engaged

Chester Matthew Finwick [1]

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Posted 13 September 2020 - 11:28 PM

he Wynward Family


DH: Percival Irvin Leonidis Wynward [89]

DW: Audrey Dawn Joy Wynward (nee Bard-Talbot) [89]


DD1: Maxima Branwen Toups [61]

DD2: Johanna Elizabeth Tetterby [58]

DD3: Ophelia Clementine Wolfe [57]

DS1: Damon Irvin Wynward [56]


Percival and Audrey Wynward; with Maxima, Johanna, Ophelia & Damon




The Toups/Chattington Family


DD1: Maxima Branwen Toups (nee Wynward) [62]

DH: Evan John Toups [57] (formerly LT)

Ex-DBF: Harrison Josiah Chattington [60] (formerly LT) [Father of Blythe]


DD1: Blythe Branwen Rowland [35]

DD2: Everest Wynn Toups [22]

DS1: Jaguar Wither Toups [20]


Maxima (and ex-boyfriend Harrison Chattington) and Evan Toups; with Blythe, Everest & Jaguar




The Rowland Family


DD1: Blythe Branwen Rowland (nee Chattington-Wynward) [35] (Bisexual)

DH: David Frost Rowland [35] (formerly ST)


DS1: Jude Eugen Rowland [16]

DD1: Bronte Bratlie Rowland [10]

DAS1: Tennyson Frost Rowland [2]

(Adopted from USA)


Blythe and David Rowland; with Jude, Bronte & Tennyson




The Kalbfleisch/Toups Family


DD2: Everest Wynn Toups [22]

DBF: Ethan "E.J." James Kalbfleisch Jr. [23] (Long Term)


DS1: Elliot Rory Kalbfleisch-Toups [4]


Everest Toups and E.J. Kalbfleisch; with Elliot




The Holton /Toups Family


DS1: Jaguar Wither Toups [20]

DGF: Claire Evangeline Holton [20] (Long Term)


DD1/DS1: Maxine Wynward Toups & Holton Evangelos Toups [3]


Jaguar Toups and Claire Holton; with Maxine & Holton




The Tetterby Family


DD2: Johanna Elizabeth Tetterby (nee Wynward) [58]

DH: Benry Blake Tetterby [58] (formerly LT)


DD1: Violet Theodora Reed [36]

DS1: Gentry Percival Tetterby [35]

DD2: Holland Claudette Kiệt [34]

DD3: Allegra Elizabeth Clifton [33]

DD4: Elsa Sutton Tetterby [30]

DS2/DD5: Connory Clement Tetterby & Bellerose Johannette Tetterby [23]


Johanna and Benry Tetterby; with Violet, Gentry, Holland, Allegra, Elsa, Connory & Bellerose




The Reed Family


DD1: Violet Theodora Reed (nee Tetterby) [36]

DH: Harvey Knox Reed [36]


DD1/DD2: Jensine Helsa Reed & Greta Tiziana Reed [14]

DD3: Cordelia Violet Reed [5]


Violet and Harvey Reed; with Jensine, Greta & Cordelia




The Tetterby Family


DS1: Gentry Percival Tetterby [35]

DW: Lydia Renee Tetterby (nee Aries) [34]


DD1: Genevieve Persephone Tetterby [10]

DS1: Lincoln Royal Tetterby [7]

DS2: Lyre Roman Tetterby [2]

DD2: Greene Pearl Tetterby [0]


Gentry and Lydia Tetterby; with Genevieve, Lincoln, Lyre & Greene




The Kiệt Family


DD2: Holland Claudette Kiệt (nee Tetterby) [34] (Bisexual)

DH: Lucian Elijah Kiệt [34]


DS1: Johan Wynward Kiệt [13]

DS2: Alphonse Claude Kiệt [9]

DS3: Konrad Rupert Kiệt [4]


Holland and Lucian Kiệt; with Johan, Alphonse & Konrad




The Clifton Family


DD3: Allegra Elizabeth Clifton (nee Tetterby) [33] (Bisexual)

DH: Gaetano Joshua Clifton [38] (formerly ST)


DSD1: Micah Colette Clifton [14]

DD1: Audrey Joy Clifton [11]

DS1: Elijah Allen Clifton [10]

DS2: Thomas Colin Clifton [6]

DAS1: Nicholas Arthur Clifton [2]

(Adopted from Ukraine)


Allegra and Gaetano Clifton; with Micah, Audrey, Elijah, Thomas & Nicholas




The Hess/Tetterby Family


DD4: Elsa Sutton Tetterby [30] (Bisexual)

Dfiancee: Marli Giovanna Hess [27]

Ex-Dfiancee: Alia Eowyn Verwest [29] (formerly LT)


DSS1: Bowie Luca Hess [4]


Elsa Tetterby and Marli Hess; with Bowie




The Bradford/Tetterby Family


DS2: Connory Clement Tetterby [23] (Homosexual)

DBF: Maverick Winter Bradford [25] (Long Term)



Connory Tetterby and Maverick Bradford




The Acker/Tetterby Family


DD5: Bellerose Johannette Tetterby [23]

DBF: Janus Wells Acker [23] (Short Term)


Bellerose Tetterby and Janus Acker




The Wolfe Family


DD3: Ophelia Clementine Wolfe (nee Wynward) [57] (Bisexual)

DH: Atlas Brynn Wolfe [57]


DS1: Ennis Reinhardt Wolfe [27]

DD1/DS2: Reed Nordika Tisdale & Brynn "B.J." Johnathan Wolfe [25]


Ophelia and Atlas Wolfe; with Ennis, Reed & B.J.




The Wolfe Family


DS1: Ennis Reinhardt Wolfe [27]

DW: Kit Penelope Wolfe (nee Robinson) [26]


Ennis and Kit Wolfe




The Tisdale Family


DD1: Reed Nordika Tisdale (nee Wolfe) [25]

DH: Aurelian Jude Tisdale [26]


DS1: Wolfe Reed Tisdale [8]

DD1: Arowana Galatea Tisdale [6]

DS2: Fox Sterling Tisdale [5]

DD2: Leone Percival Tisdale [3]

DS3/DD3: Bear Aurelius Tisdale & Dove Lowell Tisdale [0]


Reed and Aurelian Tisdale; with Wolfe, Arowana, Fox, Leone, Bear & Dove




The Wolfe Family


DS2: Brynn "B.J." Johnathan Wolfe [25]

DW: Ethne Derelei Wolfe (nee Lambert) [25]


DS1: Charlie Myles Wolfe [4]


B.J. and Ethne Wolfe; with Charlie




The Wynward Family


DS1: Damon Irvin Wynward [56]

DW: Lieve Clytie Wynward (nee Talpin) [57]


DS1/DD1: Benedict Bard Wynward & Thisbe Bronte Thorvaldsson [35]

DD2: Edwina Ballad Worthington [34]

DS2: Burkhart Damien Wynward [32]

DD3: Vera Liesel Wynward [30]

DD4: Sylvia Brooke Wynward-Lang [27]

DS3: Baird Bowie Wynward [23]


Damon and Lieve Wynward; with Benedict, Thisbe, Edwina, Burkhart, Vera, Sylvia & Baird




The Wynward Family


DS1: Benedict Bard Wynward [35]

DW: Arcelia Thalia Wynward (nee Grissom) [33]


DD1: Winnie Ffion Wynward [6]

DS1/DS2: Everett Wilder Wynward & Emerson Benedict Wynward [5]

DS3: Theo Baxley Wynward [3]


Benedict and Arcelia Wynward; with Winnie, Everett, Emerson & Theo




The Thorvaldsson Family


DD1: Thisbe Bronte Thorvaldsson (nee Wynward) [35] (Bisexual)

DH: Keller Gregory Thorvaldsson [35]


DD1: Talpin "Tali" Browning Wynward Thorvaldsson [16]

DS1: Kent Graham Thorvaldsson [15]

DS2/DD2: Kristofer Holt Thorvaldsson & Teresa Livia Thorvaldsson [12]

DD3: Thora Gretchen Thorvaldsson [6]

DS3/DD4: Kaspian Thatcher Thorvaldsson & Tova Isaline Thorvaldsson [5]

DS4: Kai Oliver Thorvaldsson [4]


Thisbe and Keller Thorvaldsson; with Tal, Kent, Kristofer, Teresa, Thora, Kaspian, Tova & Kai




The Worthington Family


DD2: Edwina Ballad Worthington (nee Wynward) [34] (Bisexual)

DH: Lane Venice Worthington [35] (formerly ST)


DD1: Cassandra Cadence Worthington [13]

DD2: Hermione Hazel Worthington [10]

DS1: Winstanley Wales Worthington [9]

DS2: Taliesin Talpin Worthington [7]

DD3: Magdalena Mavis Worthington [5]

DD4: Florence Finley Worthington [1]


Edwina and Lane Worthington; with Cassandra, Hermione,Winstanley, Taliesin, Magdalena & Florence




The Wynward Family


DS2: Burkhart Damien Wynward [32]

Dfiancee: Alanis Neves Kasun [29]

Ex-DW: Chloe Catherine Wynward (nee Ledger) [30] [Mother of Ginger, Bard & Leonie]


DD1: Ginger Coraline Wynward [7]

DS1: Bard Talbot Wynward [6]

DD2: Leonie Perdita Wynward [5]

DS2: Bennett Richard Wynward [2]


Burkhart Wynward  (and ex-wife Chloe Wynward) and Alanis Kasun; with Ginger, Bard, Leonie & Bennett




The Myerscough/Wynward Family


DD3: Vera Liesel Wynward [30] (Homosexual)

DGF: Melody Presley Myerscough [31] (Long Term)


Vera Wynward and Melody Myerscough




The Wynward-Lang Family


DD4: Sylvia Brooke Wynward-Lang [27] (Homosexual)

DW: Anastasia Olivia Wynward-Lang [27] (formerly LT)


Sylvia and Anastasia Wynward-Lang




The Stourton/Wynward Family


DS3: Baird Bowie Wynward [23]

DGF: Kate Anne Stourton [25] (Short Term)


DD1: Evie Talpin Stourton-Wynward [1]


Baird Wynward and Kate Stourton; with Evie




Generations of the Wynward Family:


Percival and Audrey Wynward; with Maxima, Johanna, Ophelia & Damon


Maxima (and ex-boyfriend Harrison Chattington) and Evan Toups; with Blythe, Everest & Jaguar

Johanna and Benry Tetterby; with Violet, Gentry, Holland, Allegra, Elsa, Connory & Bellerose

Ophelia and Atlas Wolfe; with Ennis, Reed & B.J.

Damon and Lieve Wynward; with Benedict, Thisbe, Edwina, Burkhart, Vera, Sylvia & Baird


Blythe and David Rowland; with Jude, Bronte & Tennyson

Everest Toups and E.J. Kalbfleisch; with Elliot

Jaguar Toups and Claire Holton; with Maxine & Holton


Violet and Harvey Reed; with Jensine, Greta & Cordelia

Gentry and Lydia Tetterby; with Genevieve, Lincoln, Lyre & Greene

Holland and Lucian Kiệt; with Johan, Alphonse & Konrad

Allegra and Gaetano Clifton; with Micah, Audrey, Elijah, Thomas & Nicholas

Elsa Tetterby and Marli Hess; with Bowie

Connory Tetterby and Maverick Bradford

Bellerose Tetterby and Janus Acker


Ennis and Kit Wolfe

Reed and Aurelian Tisdale; with Wolfe, Arowana, Fox, Leone, Bear & Dove

B.J. and Ethne Wolfe; with Charlie


Benedict and Arcelia Wynward; with Winnie, Everett, Emerson & Theo

Thisbe and Keller Thorvaldsson; with Tal, Kent, Kristofer, Teresa, Thora, Kaspian, Tova & Kai

Edwina and Lane Worthington; with Cassandra, Hermione,Winstanley, Taliesin, Magdalena & Florence

Burkhart Wynward (and ex-wife Chloe Wynward) and Alanis Kasun; with Ginger, Bard, Leonie & Bennett

Vera Wynward and Melody Myerscough

Sylvia and Anastasia Wynward-Lang

Baird Wynward and Kate Stourton; with Evie

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