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My Name List-opinions please

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Posted 05 March 2019 - 08:52 PM

Sorry this is a long post but just wanted some thoughts on my name list so far, but wanted to explain why some names were chosen and sorry again, if this is long.
(Seb)Bastian Kyle- The NeverEnding Story was pretty much the only movie my brother and I could ever agree to watch together and still one of my favorites-would probably put the Seb in front of it to give him options later but would call him Bastian at home either way. So, Sebastian or Bastian?. Kyle was my brothers name and he passed away a few years ago.

Casey Benjamin- Just always liked Casey for a boy and I also just like the name Benjamin and thought they paired well together. But open to other suggestions.

Noah Henry- Ive always liked the name Noah-I know its popular now but that doesnt bother me. Henry was one of my grandfathers names.

Cam Alexander/Frederick- Ive never liked any name Cam is short for (Cameron, Camden, Campbell) so maybe I could get away with just Cam there is an actor named Cam Joslin Gigandet he is listed as just Cam everywhere-although someone very recently changed his Wikipedia page to say its short for Cameron it didnt used to say that before. Alexander was my great-grandfathers name/Frederick is my grandfathers name.

Mason Joel- my dad and all of his college buddies (who all still hang out and are in touch with each other) graduated from George Mason University (I cant use George). Joel is just a name Ive always liked but open to other suggestions

Adam Flynn-Adam is just a name Ive always liked. Flynn I just like the name but open to other suggestions.

Leland James-Leland is just a name Ive liked for awhile. James was my grandfathers name.

Sullivan Reid/Rhys-Sullivan is just a name Ive liked for awhile. Reid/Rhys are both just names that I like and thought paired well but open to others.

Landon Cole- Landon just a name Ive liked for awhile. Cole I like and thought paired well, but open to suggestions.

Jonah Edward- Ive liked Jonah for awhile. Edward is my Dads middle name.

Leah Claire/Blaire-Ive always loved the name Leah. Claire was my grandmothers name/Blaire combines my moms name (Brenda) with Claire.

Cara Suzanne- Ive always liked the name Cara(I would pronounce it Care-ah). Suzanne was my grandmothers name and is my middle name.

Kenzie/Kensi Grace- I just really like the name Kenzie (I cant use Mackenzie as a friends brother we hang out with named his daughter this and she is always called Mackenzie) and a character in NCIS: Los Angeles is named Kensi so maybe makes it useable by itself- just not sure which spelling to go with- leaning towards the -zie ending. Grace was my great-grandmothers name.

Emily/Emryn/Emlyn Catherine- Emily was a really good family friend that passed away a few years ago, but cant use Emma since I knew an obnoxious girl with that name and ruined the name for me and Emmy/Emme sounds like a little kid or nickname to me not a grown professional woman later in life (sorry to all the Emmys). I cant use Emerson since a close friend has a dog named that, I dont like Emrys and Emery is not an option since I have a friend with that as a last name. Then I came across Emryn and Emlyn what do you think Emily, Emryn or Emlyn?. Catherine is my grandmothers name

Jocelyn Rose- I just like the name Jocelyn and then thought Rose paired well but open to other suggestions.

Lily Isabelle- one of my great-grandmothers names was Lillian but I like Lily better. Isabelle was also a name of a great-grandmother.

Esme Jordan/Faith- Esme is just a name I like and like its meaning (loved/beloved) and then thought that Jordan or Faith paired well but open to others.

Hazel Jane/Anita- started really liking the name Hazel recently. Jane is my Aunts middle name/Anita is that same Aunts first name.

Ariana Paige- I just like the name Ariana and thought Paige paired well but open to suggestions.

Olivia Mae/Kate- I just like the name Olivia and thought Mae paired well/Kate is the name my mom loved and was going to name my brother had he been a girl but her good friend had her baby a month earlier and named her daughter Katie, so good thing my brother was born a boy since my mom didnt have a backup girls name yet. Then she still couldnt use it for me since I wasnt that far behind my brother. My mom still really likes the name and says that enough time has passed that I could use it now and she likes that it might be used for her grandchild even if only as a middle name.

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Posted 11 March 2019 - 02:56 AM

I like the meaning behind your name choices. My sons name is Adam Edward (my dads name was Eddie Howard& I loved the name Adam)

My suggestions: Sebastian Kyle, Mason Kyle, Sullivan Kyle


Leah Blaire, Lily Blaire, Leah/Lily Suzanne, Leah/Lily Catherine (Leah Kate/Lily Kate





Sorry I'm not that great at suggestions!


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Posted 12 March 2019 - 11:22 PM

My favorites are Landon Cole and Lily Isabelle. I also really love the name Flynn as a first name or a middle name.

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Posted 16 March 2019 - 01:29 AM

Thank you both. I really appreciate you both taking the time, I know I wrote a lot in my original post. Thank you for your suggestions and opinions. @-Tara you are good at suggestions :)

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Posted 19 March 2019 - 10:27 AM

Sebastian - I know a little boy with this name, such a sweetie <3 And they call him Bash sometimes, and Bastian is so darling! Not a fan of Kyle, but if you're honoring your brother, cool. Though Kyler would be a cool way to honor him, without using the name exactly! Lane could also honor him as they both have similar meanings (Kyle means 'narrow strait' and Lane means 'narrow country road')
Noah Henry - Strong, handsome and an excellent name!
Cam Frederick - Alexander is okay, but I like that Frederick is a little less common. Though, Cam Alexander does slightly flow better.
Mason Joel - LOVE this combo, it's so handsome!
Flynn - This is one of my top boys name, so I adore it! It's pretty special to me, and I also love Tangled! As for Adam, not to keen on it, but in the MN spot it works, some fn suggestions: Theo Adam, Luca Adam, Carter Adam, Porter Adam or Preston Adam
James Leland - So handsome and Loove James in the FN spot!
Landon Cole - Goes great together and flows well!
Jonah Edward - Very handsome and love the balance between the names!
Leah Claire - Blaire is pretty (one of my favorite names as well) but when said out loud, Leah Blaire doesn't have that some flow as Leah Claire does. I think Claire is also gorgeous and so classy!
Cara Suzanne - (I do prefer the 'kar-uh' pronunciation, but the 'care-uh' one is lovely as well!) A lovely name all together! 
Kenzie Grace - Short, sweet and beautiful! Though if you did want to use Mackenzie, Grace Mackenzie is gorgeous! And I love seeing Grace in the first name spot, as it's less commonly used there! 
Emryn Catherine - Emily to me is way to common and slightly dated imo, and I do love Emlyn, but it's actually a boys name (I knew an Emlen, he was such a handsome and sweet, also smart, boy. He totally fit his name and so I cannot see this on a girl at all!) Also I do think Emery is still VERY usable, even if it's your friends last name, if it were a first name, I'd say it couldn't be used, but since it's not, I think it's still totally fine! I also think Emery Catherine flows gorgeously!
Other Em names: Emmeline (said 'emma-line'), Emeline (said 'emma-leen'), Emelina (said 'emma-leen-uh'), Emmalyn, Emilia (know a sweet girl with this name and they call her Emmy-Rae or Emmy)
Jocelyn - I am not a fan of Rose as it's very very common and often used as a MN. I think Jocelyn Kate would be a gorgeous choice!
Lily Isabelle - Simply darling and gorgeous!
Esme Jordan - I like Faith, but Esme Jordan I think is super sweet! 
Hazel Jane - Gorgeous, classy and flows well! Anita is pretty, but not my favorite choices, I prefer Jane!
Ariana Paige - Great pairing! Though Paige Ariana is also gorgeous!
Olivia Mae - One of my amazing friends has this name and she fits it very well! I love it!

#6 BellaTJCallen712


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Posted 20 March 2019 - 02:18 AM

Thank you all for taking the time, I know I wrote a lot in my original post. I like a few of these suggestions from all of you.
Theo Adam is handsome. Kyler might work, hadn’t really thought about that name. Hadn’t thought of Emilia either (duh on my part, lol). Jocelyn Kate is pretty. Leah or Lily Kate is also cute. Thank you all again for taking the time.

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