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Name List...opinions.

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Posted 22 October 2008 - 03:44 AM

Hi, I'm trying to narrow down the girl's names I have on my list, and would also like some suggestions for different middle names on both boys and girls. So, I need everyone's well-thought out opinions on my names and basically what impression they give you, Thanks! Oh, and all the second names are middle names. Last name will be Sinclair, so I can't have any middle names beginning with S or R with an A name, because it'll spell ###### and A.R.S lol.

Alexa Jade
Annaliese Olivia
Ariana Grace
Ava Holly
Azalea Marie (AZ-AY-LIA)
Chelsea Annaliese
Elizabeth Rhea
Freya ?
Genevieve Marie (Favourite Combo)
Hazel Kimberly
Leia Grace (LAY-A)
Lily Mae
Olivia Rachel
Ruby Adelina - especially need a diff. mn.
Sophie Elizabeth
Summer Alexis

Alexander (Fav fn) Tyler/Thomas
Jaden Thomas
Max Riley
Nathan Ryder
Riley Thomas
Ryan James
Sebastian Riley (Favorite Combo)
Shane Alexander
Thomas Logan
Zach Tyler (I don't like Zachary, Zacharias)

Thanks in advance.

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Posted 22 October 2008 - 10:37 AM

I really think Ariana Grace is lovely. I also like Ava, Chelsea, Freya, Hazel, & Olivia, but not the middle names they are paired with. Here are a few suggestions:
Ava Katherine Sinclair
Ava Nicole Sinclair
Ava Victoria Sinclair

Chelsea Morgan Sinclair
Chelsea Grace Sinclair
Chelsea Mia Sinclair

Freya Zoë Sinclair
Freya Imogen Sinclair
Freya Bridget Sinclair

Hazel Mariah (pr: mah RY yah) Sinclair
Hazel Amelia Sinclair
Hazel Valerie Sinclair

Olivia Eden Sinclair
Olivia Therese Sinclair
Olivia Brenna Sinclair

Out of your Boy Names, I like:
Alexander Thomas
Ryan James
Sebastian Riley (though I prefer the spelling Reilly)
Shane Alexander

I like Max and Zach, but as nicknames for Maxwell/Maximilian and Zachary. Eventhough my nephew's name is Jaden (he's name is spelled Jayden), I'm not a fan of the name. It just seems too trendy for my tastes. Nathan and Thomas are both great names, but I'm not fond of the middle names. Here are a few suggestions:

Nathan Alexander Sinclair
Nathan Pierce Sinclair
Nathan Philip Sinclair
Nathan Oliver Sinclair
Nathan Abel Sinclair

Thomas Eli Sinclair
Thomas Levi Sinclair
Thomas Randall Sinclair

I also think that Ian Thomas Sinclair might be nice.

#3 Antelope


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Posted 22 October 2008 - 04:59 PM

Welcome! Congrats! I love your naming style.

Alexa Jade~Alexa is pretty and by far prettier than Alexis. Jade is o.k. but fillery and kinda bland.
Alexa Jolie
Alexa Corinne
Alexa Genevieve
Annaliese Olivia~ Perfect Combo, a balance of contemporary, sophistication, and beauty
Ariana Grace~ Pretty, Grace is too common for my taste
Ariana Taryn
Ariana Brooke
Ariana Leilani
Ava Holly~ Nice and fresh.
Azalea Marie~ I like Azalea, it's really pretty and unique, Marie combines in it well.
Chelsea Annaliese~All I here when Chelsea comes is the 80's. i prefer Annaliese as the first name.
Elizabeth Rhea~ Elizabeth=All time most classic girl name;Rhea not so much
Elizabeth Azalea??
Freya~ I love Freya!
Freya Sharon
Freya Denise
Freya Imogen
Freya Georgiana
Freya Vivienne
Freya Corinne
Freya Noelle
Freya Victoria
Genevieve Marie~ I don't like Genevieve to be honest and Marie is too common (only good with super uncommon names)
Hazel Kimberly~ I love Hazel :D, Kimberly is nice!
Hazel Jordana
Hazel Olivia
Hazel Annaliese
Leia Grace~ Pretty, go Star Wars
Lily Mae~ Lily is too cutesy and popular, plus a flower and a nickname. Mae is too popular and not that pretty as a middle name. May Lillian is pretty
Olivia Rachel~ Olivia is so pretty but quite popular. I also like Rachel. Olivia Rachelle and Olivia Rachel are really nice.
Ruby Adelina~ Ruby is nice but not my favorite.
Ruby Georgia
Ruby Natasha
Ruby Lola
Ruby Penelope
Ruby Elaine
Sophie Elizabeth~ I prefer Sophie as a nickname for Sophia. Elizabeth is overused but pretty as a middle name. Elizabeth Sophia or Elizabeth Sophie would be better
Summer Alexis~ I don't like either name at all, nothing positive about this name.

I will continue this later just running out of time for the boy's.

#4 Fez


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Posted 27 October 2008 - 08:45 AM

Here are the ones I prefer from your list:

Annaliese Olivia
Ariana Grace
Genevieve Marie (Favourite Combo)

Alexander Thomas
Ryan James

And some suggestions for mns:

Annaliese Rose
Annaliese Ruby
Annaliese Opal
Annaliese Pearl

Ariana Verity
Ariana Juniper
Ariana Claire
Ariana Jillian

Elizabeth Claire
Elizabeth Marie
Elizabeth Amy
Elizabeth Gaia
Elizabeth Fallon

Freya Katherine
Freya Elizabeth
Freya Juniper
Freya Willow
Freya Charlotte
Freya Genevieve

Genevieve Rose
Genevieve Cecilia
Genevieve Claire

Hazel Marie
Hazel Gabrielle
Hazel Mia

Lily Frances
Lily Josephine
Lily Katherine
Lily Sophia
Lily Adelaide

Ruby Elizabeth
Ruby Anneliese
Ruby Marianne
Ruby Simone

Summer Elizabeth
Summer Adelaide
Summer Natalia

Alexander Benjamin
Alexander David
Alexander Theo

Nathan Benjamin
Nathan James
Nathan Alexander
Nathan Harrison

Ryan Benjamin

Sebastian Milo
Sebastian Grey
Sebastian James
Sebastian Gideon

#5 SweetEvie


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Posted 29 October 2008 - 08:48 AM

I like Sophie Elizabeth or Leia Grace, and Riley Thomas or Nathan Ryder.

#6 Hello


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Posted 01 November 2008 - 06:45 PM

I like these names: :)

Lily Jade (Love this name)
Ava Molly
Holly Grace (Love this name)
Ariella Marie (Love this name)
Chelsea Maree
Hazel Gracie
Mia Grace (Prefer Amelia with nn Mia)
Ruby Grace (Love this name)
Sophie Maree (Prefer Sophia but love this name)
Summer Alexis

Alexander Thomas
Jayden Thomas (not Jaden)
Nathan Riley
Riley Thomas
Ryan James (Adore this name)
Thomas James (Like this name)

goodluck and (when you have the baby can you please tell us what you have and what you name it) Thanks! :P

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