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Family Names

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 08:31 PM

Name The Following Families

Family 1:
Posted Image

Family 2:
Posted Image

Family 3:
Posted Image

Family 4:
Posted Image

Family 5:
Posted Image

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 09:05 PM

Family 1: The Penders Family
Posted Image
Joseph Michael *Joe* and Samantha Nicole *Sam* with their children (l-r) Olivia Rose *Livy*, Emily Nicole *Emmy* & Michael Joseph *Mikey*

Family 2: The McCoy Family
Posted Image
Jeffrey Scott *Jeff and Linda Charlotte with their children (l-r) Abigail Elizabeth *Abby*, Rebecca Lauren *Becca*, Daniel Scott *Danny*, & Gabriel Thomas *Gabe*

Family 3: The Hanscom Family
Posted Image
Jacob Christopher *Jake* and MaryBeth Caroline *Mary* with their children (l-r) Jacob Christopher Jr. *JC* & Julia Maeve

Family 4: The Montgomery Family
Posted Image
Travis Andrew and Merideth Renee *Meri* with their children (l-r) Colton Tyler *Cole*, Hailey Megan, Clayton Travis *Clay*

Family 5: The Eldridge Family
Posted Image
Matthew John *Matt* and Michelle Renee with their kids (l-r) Reed Maxwell, Brooke Taylor, & Grant Connor

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 09:40 PM

Family 1:
Jennifer Michelle and Chad Anthony Young
Brady Anthony, Mackenzie Grace *Kenzie*, and Delaney Rose *Laney*

Family 2:
Nora Jean and Damien Jeffrey Anderson
Rachel Margaret, Jesse Michael, Rebecca Madeline, and Joel Matthew

Family 3:
Lilith Elaine and Jason Connor Kingston
Isadora Catherine *Izzy* and Thaddeus Edward *Tad*

Family 4:
Margaret Alice *Maggie* and Brooks Jared Nelson
Jensen Alexander, Jacob Thomas *Jake*, and Naomi Elise

Family 5:
Cori Jade and Ashton Michael Henderson
Abby Lynn, Zane Lucas, and Tyson Levi

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 07:28 AM

The Dubois'.
Posted Image
Kelly Victoria and John Thomas.
Henry John, Genevieve Lily and Mariah Katherine.

The Holden's.
Posted Image
Joanna Michelle and Kevin Anthony.
[l-r] Sophie Louise, Anna Josephine, Michael Francis and James Oscar.

The Patterson's.
Posted Image
Lynn Ivy and David Heath.
Kathleen Mary and Joshua Evan.

The Montgomery's.
Posted Image
Melissa Joy and Curtis Dane.
[l-r] Cooper Jack, Lilah Eve and Kyle Matthew.

The Hennessey's.
Posted Image
Gavin Frank and Claire Justine.
[l-r] Ethan Gabriel, Alexis Jade and Drew Benjamin.

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 10:10 AM

Family 1:
LN: Bennett
[33] DH: Jameson Kyle
[29] DW: Lillian Joy
[7] DS: Hunter James
[5] DD: Callista Rose
[1] DD: Bailey Lyn

Family 2:
LN: Sanders
[36] DH: Avery Christopher
[32] DW: Wren Florence
[10] DD: Raven Eleanor
[8] DS: Kaleb Fredrick
[5] DD: Lita Mildred
[2] DS: Kolbe Declan

Family 3:
LN: Shaw
[25] DH: Travis Taylor
[24] DW: Hannah Idalee
[3] DD: Evelyn Daniela
[11 months] DS: Malachi Lennox

Family 4:
LN: Mills
[37] DH: Regan Sealy
[34] DW: Harley Nicole
[12] DS: Ezra Devlin
[10] DS: Isaac Malcolm
[3] DD: Farrah Margaret

Family 5:
LN: Carrol
[30] DH: Parker Andrew
[31] DW: Brooke Desiree
[9] DD: Eliza Nevaeh
[6] DS: Nolan Oliver
[1] DS: Luke Alekzander

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 11:33 AM

Family 1
DH: Henry Robert Hughsyn
DW: Alyssa Rose Hughsyn
DS: Miles Gideon Hughsyn
DD: Nora Grace Hughsyn
DD: Harper Gwen Hughsyn

The Hughsyn Family
Henry ~ Alyssa
Miles ~ Nora ~ Harper

Family 2
DH: Simon James Lawes *Si*
DW: Rosalie Claire Lawes *Rose*
DD: Aurora Eve Lawes *Rory*
DS: Judah Reagan Lawes *Jude*
DD: Isobel Violet Lawes *Bel*
DS: Gabriel John Lawes *Gabe*

The Lawes Family
Si ~ Rose
Rory ~ Jude ~ Bel ~ Gabe

Family 3
DH: Chase Thaddeus Moon
DW: Eryn Adair Moon
DD: Madilayne Dakota Moon *Maddy*
DS: Josiah Matthew Moon *Joe*

The Moon Family
Chase ~ Eryn
Maddy ~ Joe

Family 4
DH: Benjamin Paul Edwards *Ben*
DW: Emma Ruby Edwards
DS: Oscar Vance Edwards
DS: Jarvis Malachi Edwards
DD: Poesy Ruth Edwards

The Edwards Family
Ben ~ Emma
Oscar ~ Jarvis ~ Poesy

Family 5
DH: Kristian Elias Beaker *Kris*
DW: Robynne Elizabeth Beaker *Robs*
DD: Charlotte Ayla Beaker *Lottie*
DS: Colby Zachariah Beaker *Cole*
DS: Edward Robin Beaker *Ed*

The Beaker Family
Kris ~ Robs
Lottie ~ Cole ~ Ed

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 03:40 PM


The Travis Family:

Parents: Sean Michael & Dana Lucille
Kids: Austin Shane, Annalee Joy & Aubrie Noelle


The O'Connor Family:

Parents: William "Billy" John & Liza Marie
Kids: Lucy "Lu" Renee, William "Will" Jake, McKenna Grace & Samuel "Sammy" Alex


The Lucas Family:

Parents: Brian Timothy & Melissa Danae
Kids: Addison "Addi" Mae & Noah Riley


The Sheppard Family:

Parents: Jeffery Michael & Amy Michelle
Kids: Aaron Luke, Joshua David & Abigail Elizabeth


The Wilson Family:

Parents: Robert James & Hailey Danielle
Kids: Zoe Taylor, Brayden Seth & Jack Connor

That was fun! Thanks!

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 10:31 PM

Family #1
LN: Collins
DH: Bradley James
DW: Laura Grace
DS: Daniel Parker
DD: Jessica Renee
DD: Sara Beth Adele

Family #2
LN: Lewis
DH: Brady Grayson
DW: Sarah Grace *Sally*
DD: Katherine Ann *Katie*
DS: Robert Andrew *Bobby*
DD: Rebekah Jane *Becky*
DS: David Owen *Davey*

Family #3
LN: Hawkins
DH: Jude Alexander
DW: Penelope Rose *Penny*
DD: Margot Juliet
DS: Colton Grant

Family #4
LN: Prince
DH: Jasper Cordell
DW: Julia Wren
DS: Joshua Neil
DS: Jacob Brandon
DD: Jennifer Dawn

Family #5
LN: Hayes
DH: Mason Charles
DW: Victoria Abigail *Tori*
DD: Emma Felicity
DS: Griffin Alexander *Finn*
DS: August Nathaniel *Auggie*

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Posted 06 April 2011 - 10:17 AM

Family #1: The Anderson Family

Christopher and April
Declan Christopher
Emma Rose
Charlie Lynne

Family #2: The Mcmillan Family:

Raymond and Gwen
Anabelle Ashley
Joshua James
Madison Michelle
Owen Oliver

Family #3: The Matthews Family

Bradley and Alana
Riley Brielle
Teegan Rylan

Family #4: The Henderson Family

Jackson and Gretchen
Austin John
Hunter Lucas
Savannah Marie

Family #5: The Powell Family

Jansen and Lina
Genevieve Meredith
Ronan Kane
Boden Casey

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Posted 06 April 2011 - 05:06 PM

Family 1: The Harrison Family
Posted Image

James Connor *Jimmy* and Laura Katherine
Sophia Tatum, Clara Tyler and Owen Kendall

Family 2: The Marsden Family
Posted Image

Kyle Isaac and Faith Danielle
Hannah Caroline, Gracelyn Hope *Gracie*, Porter Kyle and Brody Isaac

Family 3: The Brooks Family
Posted Image

Alexander George *Alex* and Mary Susanne *Susie*
Samuel Zander *Sam* and Emily Georgia *Emmy*

Family 4: The Holden Family
Posted Image

Everett Ryan and Janie Michelle
Clayton Kyle, Isabella McKenzie *Bella* and Jacob Jesse *J.J.*

Family 5: The Dorian Family
Posted Image

Michael Francis *Mike* and Sharon Theresa
Taylor Victoria, John Thomas *Jack* and Michael Francis Jr. *Mickey*

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Posted 06 April 2011 - 05:22 PM

Family 1:

LN: Remington

DH: Joe Robert
DW: Sarah Ellen

DS: Dalton Robert
DD: Amelia Grace
DD: Laila Isabelle

Family 2:

LN: Williams

DH: Henry James
DW: Delia Naomi

DD: Alyssa Alice
DS: Jackson Daniel
DD: Mia Scarlett
DS: Rhys Henry

Family 3:

LN: Wilson

DH: Michael Scott
DW: Claire Imogen

DD: Tahlia Claire
DS: Ethan Scott

Family 4:

LN: Jacobs

DH: Shane Leroy
DW: Catherine Aurora

DS: Harrison Dean
DS: Michael Nathaniel
DD: Elizabeth Georgia

Family 5:

LN: Stella

DH: George Gregory
DW: Maria Kate

DD: Maisie Claire
DS: Preston Anthony
DS: Jack Owen

#12 Rylee's Mommy

Rylee's Mommy

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Posted 08 April 2011 - 06:50 AM

Family 1
Michael Thomas & Abigail Nicole Westerson
John-David Thomas, Lily-Belle Nicole, & Ava-Grace Naomi

Mike & Abi with JD, Lily-Belle, & Ava-Grace

Family 2
William Travis & Winona Gail Bates
Wilhemina Jade, Weslee Makayla, Wyatt James, & Winston Daniel

William & Winona with Wills, Wes, Wyatt, & Winston

Family 3
Trevor Gregory & Patricia Emery Lee
Ninah Starr & Nicholas Samuel

Trevor & Trish with Ninah & Nico

Family 4
James Timothy & Meredith Anne Samson
Timothy Garrison, James Mason, & Margot Anne

James & Meredith with Tim, Jimmy, & Margot

Family 5
Richard Marcus & Regina Louise Tennison
Rielle Louisa, River Liam, & Ryker Lennox

Rich & Reggie with Rielle, River, & Ryker

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Posted 08 April 2011 - 07:51 AM

Family one: The March Family
Jennifer Grace and Mark thomas March with kids:
Shaun Carter March
Lilliana Rose March
Evelyn Chloe March
Jen, Mark, Shaun, Lilli and Evie.

Family two: The Williams Family
Georgia Elizabeth Williams and Lewis Jaime Williams with kids:
Laurel Harper Kate Williams
Jamie Jackson Williams
Ella Camille Williams
Kade Leighton Williams
Georgia, Lewis, Laurie, Jamie, Ell, Kade

Family three: The Marvette Family
Holly Alexandra and Charlie Ryan Marvette with kids:
Giselle Hope Marvette
Ashton Luke Marvette
Holly, Charlie, elly and Ash

Family four: The Parker Family
Carolyn Sophia Parker and Jayden Tyler Parker with kids:
Chase Matthew and Caden Oliver Parker
Lyra Charlotte Parker
Carol, Jayden, Chase, Caden and Lyra

Family Five:The Lake Family
Sarah Jasmine Lake and Damien Michael Lake with kids:
Keegan Daniel Lake
Aria Madeline Lake
Brennan Joshua Lake
Sarah, Damien, Keegan, Aria and Brennan

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