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CAF - namebanks

namebanks use them all generational

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 01:24 PM

This is a typical CAF; but you will use all the names in the name bank exactly once. Have fun.


LN: Brown, Kelley, Miller or Standridge










LN: Chambers, Knight, Maddox or Waldrip 



DW (DD1): 






LN: Cuellar, Donohue, Moseley or Strain



DW (DD2): 






LN: Fallon, Ramos, Sizemore or Woods



DW (DD3):









LN: Hartzell, Jackman, Murray or Upton



DW (DD4): 








Male: Aaron, Alexander, Anthony, Austin, Branch, Charles, Christian, Clayton, Cooper, David, Davis, Grant, Kent, Lee, Maddox, Matthew, Nathan, Owen, Reed, Robert, Ross, Ryan, Ryne, Sean, Shepherd, Thaddeus, Thomas, Trevor, William, Wyatt


Female: Abigail, Alison, Amelia, Annabel, Audrey, Caroline, Charlotte, Christa, Daphne, Evelyn, Grace, Isabelle, Julia, Katherine, Katie, Lillian, Olive, Olivia, Phoebe, Rosalind, Ruth, Savannah, Violet, Zoey


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Posted 09 August 2017 - 02:22 PM

LN: Brown


DGF:Ruth Phoebe

DGM:Clayton Branch


DD1:Abigail Zoey

DD2: Alison Olivia

DD3: Amelia Annabel

DD4: Audrey Daphne


LN: Chambers


DH:Ryan Shepherd

DW (DD1): Abigail Zoey


DS: Christian Ryne

DS:Nathan Ross

DS: Austin Reed


LN: Strain


DH: Owen Davis

DW (DD2): Alison Olivia


DS: Cooper Kent

DD: Caroline Christa

DD:Violet Rosalind


LN:  Woods


DH: Charles Maddox

DW (DD3):Amelia Annabel


DS: Thomas Alexander

DD: Julia Olive

DD: Grace Evelyn

DS: Trevor Lee

DD: Lillian Isabelle

DD: Katie Charlotte


LN:  Murray


DH: Sean Wyatt

DW (DD4): Audrey Daphne


DS: David William

DS: Matthew Thaddeus

DD: Savannah Katherine

DS: Anthony Grant

DS: Aaron Robert

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 04:11 PM

LN: Brown


DGF: Thaddeus Lee

DGM: Daphne Rosalind


DD1: Christa Ruth

DD2: Alison Katherine

DD3: Julia Charlotte

DD4: Audrey Caroline


LN: Chambers


DH: Aaron Charles

DW (DD1): Christa Ruth


DS: Cooper Ryne

DS: Wyatt Anthony

DS: Maddox Kent


LN: Moseley


DH: Trevor William

DW (DD2): Alison Katherine


DS: Reed Robert

DD: Evelyn Grace

DD: Olivia Isabelle


LN: Fallon


DH: Nathan Alexander

DW (DD3): Julia Charlotte


DS: Shepherd Branch

DD: Abigail Olive

DD: Zoey Violet

DS: Davis Clayton

DD: Annabel Savannah

DD: Phoebe Amelia


LN: Hartzell


DH: Ross David

DW (DD4): Audrey Caroline


DS: Sean Matthew

DS: Thomas Christian 

DD: Lillian Katie

DS: Austin Grant

DS: Owen Ryan

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 08:25 PM

LN: Brown


DGF: Anthony Charles "Tony"

DGM: Olive Ruth


DD1: Violet Alison

DD2: Isabelle Savannah

DD3: Rosalind Christa

DD4: Katherine Grace


Tony and Olive Brown with Violet, Isabelle, Rosalind, and Katherine




LN: Chambers 


DH: Sean David

DW (DD1): Violet Alison


DS: Wyatt Christian

DS: Clayton Ryne

DS: Austin Owen


Sean and Violet Chambers with Wyatt, Clayton, and Austin




LN: Donohue


DH: Grant Nathan

DW (DD2): Isabelle Savannah


DS: Alexander Thaddeus "Alex"

DD: Daphne Annabel

DD: Phoebe Abigail


Grant and Isabelle Donohue with Alex, Daphne, and Phoebe




LN: Woods


DH: Thomas William "Tommy"

DW (DD3): Rosalind Christa


DS: Ross Matthew

DD: Evelyn Zoey "Evie"

DD: Charlotte Olivia

DS: Reed Trevor

DD: Julia Audrey

DD: Amelia Caroline "Mia"


Tommy and Rosalind Woods with Ross, Evie, Charlotte, Reed, Julia, and Mia




LN: Upton


DH: Aaron Lee

DW (DD4): Katherine Grace


DS: Cooper Branch

DS: Maddox Robert

DD: Lillian Katie "Lily"

DS: Shepherd Ryan

DS: Davis Kent


Aaron and Katherine Upton with Cooper, Maddox, Lily, Shepherd, and Davis

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 07:09 AM

LN: Knight


DH: Alexander William

DW (DD1): Rosalind Julia


DS: Austin Thaddeus

DS: Sean Christian 

DS: Owen Matthew


LN: Moseley


DH: Charles David

DW (DD2): Alison Amelia


DS: Grant Thomas

DD: Olivia Grace

DD: Violet Ruth 


LN: Woods


DH: Clayton Ross

DW (DD3): Evelyn Daphne


DS: Cooper Lee

DD: Zoey Isabelle

DD: Christa Charlotte 'Cece'

DS: Ryan Trevor

DD: Savannah Abigail

DD: Katie Olive




DH: Nathan Robert Lee

DW (DD4): Lillian Audrey


DS: Wyatt Davis

DS: Maddox Shepherd

DD: Phoebe Katherine

DS: Reed Anthony

DS: Aaron Christian

Male: Aaron, Alexander, Anthony, Austin, Branch, Charles, Christian, Clayton, Cooper, David, Davis, Grant, Kent, Lee, Maddox, Matthew, Nathan, Owen, Reed, Robert, Ross, Ryan, Ryne, Sean, Shepherd, Thaddeus, Thomas, Trevor, William, Wyatt


Female: Abigail, Alison, Amelia, Annabel, Audrey, Caroline, Charlotte, Christa, Daphne, Evelyn, Grace, Isabelle, Julia, Katherine, Katie, Lillian, Olive, Olivia, Phoebe, Rosalind, Ruth, Savannah, Violet, Zoey

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 10:57 AM

William 'Will' Reed Miller [60]
m. Lillian 'Lily' Ruth Miller [62]

Katherine 'Katie' Amelia Miller [39]

Rosalind 'Rosie' Grace Miller [34]

Charlotte 'Lottie' Daphne Miller [32]

Isabelle 'Izzie' Violet Miller [29]


Thomas 'Tom' Wyatt Knight [37]

m. Katherine 'Katie' Amelia Knight [39]

Alexander 'Alex' David Knight [6]

Matthew 'Matt' Aaron Knight [3]

Nathan 'Nate' Sean Knight [1]


Robert 'Rob' Owen Moseley [40]

m. Rosalind 'Rosie' Grace Moseley [34]

Christian 'Chris' Lee Moseley [6]

Olivia 'Olly' Phoebe Moseley [4]

Evelyn 'Evie' Zoey Moseley [0]


Anthony 'Tony' Ross Sizemore [32]

m. Charlotte 'Lottie' Daphne Sizemore [32]

Austin 'Aussie' Davis Sizemore [10]

Caroline 'Care' Audrey Sizemore [9]

Annabel 'Anna' Olive Sizemore [7]

Charles 'Charlie' Grant Sizemore [5]

Abigail 'Abby' Katie Sizemore [2]

Christa 'Chrissie' Julia Sizemore [1]


Ryan 'Ry' Trevor Jackman [38]

m. Isabelle 'Izzie' Violet Jackman [29]

Cooper 'Coop' Ryne Jackman [8]

Clayton 'Clay' Kent Jackman [8]

Alison 'Ally' Savannah Jackman [6]

Shepherd 'Shep' Maddox Jackman [4]

Thaddeus 'Thad' Branch Jackman [0]

#7 brimariiee


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Posted 10 August 2017 - 02:17 PM

cool idea

LN: Miller [nee Brown]


DGF: Christian Thomas Miller

DGM: Zoey Katherine Miller [nee Brown]


DD: Evelyn 'Evie' Katie Miller

DD: Annabel 'Annie' Olive Miller

DD: Amelia 'Amy' Charlotte Miller

DD: Rosalind 'Rosie' Christa Miller

Christian and Zoey with Evie, Annie, Amy, and Rosie


LN: Knight [nee Miller]


DH: Robert 'Robbie' Branch Knight

DW: Evelyn 'Evie' Katie Knight [nee Miller]


DS: Alexander 'Alec' Sean Knight

DS: Nathan Ross Knight

DS: Wyatt Kent Knight

Robbie and Evie with Alec, Nathan, and Wyatt


LN: Moseley [nee Miller]


DH: Charles 'Chip' David Moseley

DW:  Annabel 'Annie' Olive Moseley [nee Miller]

DS: Davis 'Davey' Reed Moseley

 DD: Olivia 'Liv' Caroline Moseley

DD: Daphne 'Daffy' Isabelle Moseley

Chip and Annie with Davey, Liv, and Daffy


LN: Fallon [nee Miller]


DH: Ryan Shepherd Fallon

DW: Amelia 'Amy' Charlotte Fallon [nee Miller]


DS: Maddox Ryne Fallon

DD: Phoebe Alison Fallon

DD: Savannah 'Vanna' Audrey Fallon

DS: Austin Lee Fallon

DD: Ruth 'Ruthie' Lillian Fallon

DD: Grace 'Gracie' Julia Fallon

Ryan and Amy with Maddox, Phoebe, Vanna, Austin, Ruthie, and Gracie


LN: Murray [nee Miller]


DH: Owen Thaddeus Murray

DW: Rosalind 'Rosie' Christa Murray [nee Miller]


DS: Matthew 'Matty' Aaron Murray

DS: Trevor Clayton Murray

DD: Violet Abigail Murray

DS: Grant William Murray

DS: Cooper Anthony Murray

Owen and Rosie with Matty, Trevor, Violet, Grant, and Cooper

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 05:23 AM

LN: Kelley


DGF: Thaddeus Branch

DGM: Olive Daphne


DD1: Caroline Rosalind (Carly)

DD2: Alison Violet

DD3: Julia Audrey

DD4: Katie Christa


LN: Chambers


DH:Ryne Ross

DW (DD1): Caroline Rosalind (Carly)


DS: Reed Christian

DS: Shephard William (Shep)

DS: Maddox Robert


LN: Donohue


DH: Anthony Kent

DW (DD2): Alison Violet


DS: Alexander Charles (Alex)

DD: Abigail Katherine (Abi)

DD: Amelia Lillian


LN: Woods


DH: Trevor David

DW (DD3): Julia Audrey


DS: Aaron Grant

DD: Isabelle Ruth (Belle)

DD: Charlotte Phoebe (Lottie)

DS: Wyatt Clayton

DD: Olivia Evelyn

DD: Zoey Annabel


LN: Jackman


DH: Owen Lee

DW (DD4): Katie Christa


DS: Matthew Nathan

DS: Ryan Thomas

DD: Savannah Grace

DS: Cooper Sean

DS: Austin Davis



#9 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 08:26 AM

The Miller Family


DGF: Ross Trevor

DGM: Amelia Savannah


DD1: Audrey Ruth

DD2: Caroline Grace

DD3: Olivia Katie

DD4: Phoebe Alison


Ross and Amelia with children,

Audrey, Cara, Livy, and Phoebe


The Chambers Family


DH: Grant Christian

DW (DD1): Audrey Ruth


DS: Cooper Sean

DS: Maddox Aaron

DS: Wyatt Ryne


Grant and Audrey with children,

Cooper, Maddy, and Wyatt


The Moseley Family


DH: Ryan Anthony

DW (DD2): Caroline Grace


DS: David Robert

DD: Charlotte Isabelle

DD: Evelyn Zoey


Ryan and Cara with children,

Davy, Charlie, and Evie


The Ramos Family


DH: Austin Matthew

DW (DD3): Olivia Katie


DS: Shepherd Kent

DD: Lillian Christa

DD: Violet Annabel

DS: Branch Nathan

DD: Olive Daphne

DD: Rosalind Abigial


Austin and Livy with children,

Shep, Lily, Vi, Branch, Olive, and Rosie


The Hartzell Family


DH: Clayton Thaddeus

DW (DD4): Phoebe Alison


DS: William Owen

DS: Reed Thomas

DD: Katherine Julia

DS: Alexander Davis

DS: Charles Lee


Clay and Phoebe with children,

Will, Reed, Kate, Lex, and Chuck

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