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Song Quiz II (Based on Hidari's)

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Posted 01 September 2018 - 02:29 AM

You can use a dice to roll for sexes (Odds - Boys / Evens - Girls) or just pick yourself. Not like we're gonna know  ;) 
Apologies in advance for my dodgy music tastes. I included YouTube links for people aren't as weird... or English?
Surname - Adele
Someone Like You - Smith, Wright, Evans, Wilson
Hello - Clarke, Wood, Roberts, Thompson
Rolling In The Deep - Hughes, Green, Taylor, Edwards
Make You Feel My Love - Jones, Brown, Davies, Walker

Parent 1 - First Name - Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody - Levi or Joel / Alyssa or Elizabeth
Don't Stop Me Now - Henry or Matthew / Meredith or Sophia
Another One Bites the Dust - Grayson or David / Aurora or Ivy
Under Pressure - Blake or Michael / Aria or Rosalie

Parent 1 - Middle Name - Bon Jovi
It's My Life - Hudson or Frederick / Nancy or Layla
You Give Love A Bad Name - Ethan or Peter / Felicity or Savannah
Livin' On A Prayer - Oscar or Nicholas / Amy or Amber
Always - Isaac or Eric / Anaya or Esme

Parent 2 - First Name - The Beatles
Here Comes the Sun - Lincoln or Oliver / Niamh or Talia
Come Together - Cooper or Dexter / Caitlin or Serena
Let It Be - Mason or Ewan / Natalia or Jemima
Hey Jude - Maxwell or Sebastian / Ella or Edith

Parent 2 - Middle Name - The Script
Hall of Fame - Alexander or Cameron / Arabella or Melissa
Breakeven - Nathaniel or Chase / Scarlett or Maria
Superheroes - Aaron or Theodore / Lauren or Madeleine
The Man Who Can't Be Moved - Rhys or Brody / Iris or Ruby

Child 1 - First Name - Lady Gaga
Million Reasons - Edward or Tristan / Daisy or Eloise
Poker Face - Jonathan or Elijah / Esther or Violet
Bad Romance - Elliott or Adam / Jasmine or Bethany
Just Dance - Patrick or Robert / Hope or Hannah

Child 1 - Middle Name - The Osmonds
Crazy Horses - Harley or Ashton / Eleanor or Annabelle
One Bad Apple - Corey or Zachary / Georgia or Bella
Love Me For A Reason - Finley or Lewis / Maya or Sienna
Down By The Lazy River - Jude or James / Yasmin or Zara

Child 2 - First Name - Maroon 5
She Will Be Loved - Miles or Flynn / Emily or Betsy
Sugar - Kiefer or Alan / Charlotte or Gabriella
Misery - Logan or Hugo / Jessica or Elise
Moves Like Jagger - Tobias or Aiden / Nicole or Elena

Child 2 - Middle Name - Green Day
Basket Case - Owen or Leonardo / Martha or Abigail
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Jonah or Joshua / Eva or Lillian
American Idiot - Raphael or Ezra / Matilda or Keira
Good Riddance - Wesley or Kyle / Clara or Phoebe

Child 3 - First Name - UB40
Red Red Wine - Tyler or Hunter / Skye or Rebecca
Falling In Love With You - Anthony or Caelan / Anya or Kayla
Kingston Town - Harvey or Jesse / Aisha or Penelope
I Got You Babe - Austin or Kieran / Erin or Anna

Child 3 - Middle Name - Abba
Dancing Queen - Kai or William / Laura or Florence
Mamma Mia - Benjamin or Gabriel / Alexis or Mia
Gimme Gimme Gimme - Lucas or Cody / Julia or Ada
The Winner Takes It All - Nathan or Jackson / Francesca or Paige

Child 4 - First Name - Phil Collins
You Can't Hurry Love - Dominic or Hayden / Leah or Imogen
In The Air Tonight - Thomas or John / Ava or Lucia
You'll Be In My Heart - Daniel or Spencer / Heidi or Brooke
Against All Odds - Arthur or Bradley / Brooke or April

Child 4 - Middle Name - Eminem
Without Me - Kian or Jasper / Harriet or Amira
The Real Slim Shady - Noah or Albert / Catherine or Faith
Lose Yourself - Jacob or Caleb / Naomi or Grace
Stan - Alfred or Jason / Poppy or Autumn

Child 5 - First Name - Kenny Loggins
Footloose - Maximilian or Felix / Alexandra or Orla
I'm Free - Ryan or Christian / Amelia or Alicia
Playing With The Boys - Jay or Elias / Pippa or Evelyn
Danger Zone - Harrison or Bailey / Megan or Molly

Child 5 - Middle Name - Coldplay
Paradise - Seth or Jenson / Olivia or Alice
Yellow - Jayden or Riley / Sadie or Sara
Fix You - Samuel or Connor / Ariana or Chloe
Viva La Vida - Kevin or Wilfred / Willow or Delilah

Child 6 - First Name - Nickelback
How You Remind Me - Ellis or Charles / Victoria or Lara
Burn It To The Ground - Ralph or Mitchell / Thea or Summer
Rockstar - Callum or George / Lydia or Emma
Photograph - Liam or Dylan / Tabitha or Isabella

Child 6 - Middle Name - Pink
What About Us - Cole or Evan / Isla or Beatrice
Just Give Me A Reason - Joseph or Christopher / Luna or Freya
So What - Harry or Fraser / Holly or Aoife
Get The Party Started - Marcus or Archer / Cara or Zoe

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Posted 01 September 2018 - 03:16 AM

The Walker Family


DH: Michael 'Mike' Hudson Walker

DW: Talia Maria Walker


DD: Violet Maya Walker
DS: Flynn Joshua Walker

DS: Austin Jackson Walker
DS: Spencer Albert Walker
DS: Felix Connor Walker
DS: George Christopher Walker


Mike & Talia Walker; with Violet, Flynn, Austin, Spencer, Felix, & George

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Posted 01 September 2018 - 01:23 PM

LN: Taylor


DH: Henry Nicholas

DW: Ella Scarlett, née Hughes


DS: Adam Lewis

DS: Logan Joshua

DD: Anya Alexis

DS: Daniel Jacob

DS: Felix Jenson

DD: Emma Holly


Henry & Ella with Adam, Logan, Anya, Daniel, Felix, & Emma

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Posted 01 September 2018 - 10:23 PM

DH: Grayson Nicholas Evans

DW: Serena Madeleine Evans


DD: Jasmine Sienna

DS: Tobias Wesley

DS: Austin Lucas

DD: Heidi Autumn

DS: Megan Chloe

DS: Callum Archer


Gray & Serena Evans with Jazzy, Toby, Austin, Heidi, Megan, and Callum.

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Posted 02 September 2018 - 08:15 AM

LN: Edwards

DH: David Frederick
DW: Serena Lauren

DS:  Jonathan  Ashton
DD: Charlotte Keira
DS: Anthony William
DS: Thomas Jacob
DD: Amelia Alice

DS: Charles Christopher

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Posted 03 September 2018 - 11:33 AM

Surname - Walker

DH- Levi Peter
DW- Natalia Ruby

DS- Edward Jude
DD- Emily Martha
DS- Hunter Kai
DD- Leah Harriet
DD- Alexandra Chloe

DS- Callum Joseph


Levi and Natalia Walker with Edward, Emily, Hunter, Leah, Alexandra, and Callum

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Posted 03 September 2018 - 04:59 PM

LN: Walker

DH: David Nicholas
DW: Natalia Sacrlett

DD: Bethany Georgia
DD: Elena Abigail
DS: Tyler William
DD: Ava Grace
DS: Felix Kevin
DS: Liam Christopher


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Posted 07 September 2018 - 12:20 PM

LN: Walker


DH: Joel Nicholas

DW: Serena Madeleine


DS: Elijah James

DD: Elena Phoebe

DD: Rebecca Florence

DD: Ava Grace

DS: Maximilian Wilfred

DD: Lydia Holly


Joel and Serena Walker

Eli, Lena, Becca, Ava, Max and Lydia

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Posted 11 September 2018 - 02:15 PM

The Walker Family


DW: Elizabeth Savannah Walker (nee Davies)

DH: Sebastian Nathaniel Walker


DD: Bethany Zara "Beth" Walker

DS: Flynn Wesley Walker

DD: Rebecca Alexis "Becca" Walker

DS: Thomas Jacob Walker

DD: Megan Sadie Walker

DD: Victoria Luna "Toria" Walker


Elizabeth and Sebastian Walker

Beth, Flynn, Becca, Thomas, Megan, and Toria



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Posted 12 September 2018 - 10:43 AM

 LN: Evans [nee Wright] {Someone Like You}

Blake Peter Evans {Under Pressure; You Give Love A Bad Name}
DW: Natalia Scarlett Evans [nee Wright] {Let It Be; Breakeven}

Bethany Maya Evans {Bad Romance; Love Me For A Reason}
Logan Jonah Evans {Misery; Wake Me Up When September Ends}
Kayla Alexis Evans {Falling In Love With You; Mamma Mia}
Heidi Autumn Evans {You'll Be In My Heart; Stan}
Felix Samuel Evans {Footloose; Fix You}
DS: Ellis Cole Evans {How You Remind Me; What About Us}

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 07:39 PM

LN: Roberts (nee Wood)

DW: Meredith Savannah
DH: Cooper Nathaniel

DS: Edward 'Eddie' Finley
DD: Emily Clara
DD: Skye Florence
DD: Ava Naomi
DD: Alexandra 'Lexi' Sadie
DD: Summer Beatrice

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