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Non-Religious "muslim" names

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 06:09 PM

First let me explain that I do know asking for a non-religious muslim name is asking for a non-religious christian name and such, I am just not sure how to word it as I'm not looking for just an arabic name or just an afgan name and so on, it can be from any of those "dominantly muslim" places. Please forgive me of my ignorance.  :( I of course mean no offence.


Second explanation: I'm in need of such a name for a fictional character I am making, I'm wanting him to hail from a country that as stated above, "muslim".

Alas, when I try to look up for said names, I can only get very religious ones as Muhammad or his children. 

But I don't want a religious name as the character is going to be part of a very comical, non-serious story/comic and I just don't feel comfortable using a name that means anything in ANY religion. The only exception is mythical ones like, Zeus. 

For another example, I'm Christian, and I won't even use the common name "Peter" only because all I can think of it the saint and I find it rather disrespectful to make a goofy character with a saint in mind..so I "avoid" it.

You could say I'm being a bit paranoid or overly sensitive about names, but it's for my own comfort to use least religious names as possible for my stories. Hopefully this makes sense and doesn't make me sound like a Theophobic, as I'm not, I just don't want religious figures in my mind when I'm making a parody y'know?


So back to main topic.. I'm looking for a not-so-religious name that could still be found in "muslim" countries (pakistan, turkmenistan, saudi arabia, etc etc) 

So far I could only find the name "Hazeem" but I'm not particularly fond of it and would like a wider variety.


If there's not any, I would also take latino names that kinda sound like a "muslim" name as I am considering to make my character part latino.



Last names are also appreciated!  :lol:

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Posted 12 November 2017 - 04:37 AM



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