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Our Updated Baby Names List 2019!

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Posted 14 January 2019 - 05:45 PM

Every year for the last few years I have posted my name lists for girls and for boys. Last year was a difficult and wonderful year. I lost both my parents within 8 and a half months of each other. I also got engaged to my amazing fiancé, Gabe! We have talked about and made our official baby name list for our future children. We plan on starting to try for a baby after we get married next February! This post is going to have both lists. The first list is our boys name list and the second list is our girls name list. This has both a first and a middle name for each name. After each name, I will explain why or how we chose each name pair. You may let us know what you think, but these are basically set in stone. We have one name for each letter of the alphabet for each gender. Thank you and enjoy!


*Ashland Everest: Gabe and I like Asher, but wanted something less common. Everest is a place name(Mt. Everest) that we liked.

*Bennett Russell: We like Benjamin, but wanted something less common. Russell is after the current President of our church. We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

*Calvin Scott: I used to love the Calvin and Hobbes comics, so that is where that comes from. Scott is after my father-in-law and my brother-in-law. It is their middle name.

*Dallas Kingston: Dallas is another place name that I love. Kingston was Gabe's choice. He saw it on a list we were looking at.

*Elias Montgomery: We like Eli, but wanted a longer name. Montgomery is a name I chose after I heard it as a last name on the show Reba.

*Finley Christian: I always have loved Finley and have dreamed about having a little boy named Finn. Christian is Gabe's middle name.

*Greyson Xander: Gabe threw the name Greyson out when we were going through names and he really likes it. Xander is short for Alexander which is my grandpa's middle name as well as my nephew's first name. My nephew and I are 4 months apart in age and have always been close!

*Hezekiah Philip: Hezekiah is a Biblical name and that is why we love it. Philip is after my grandpa.

*Israel David: Two biblical names that we absolutely love.

*Jackson Alaric: I just always dreamed of having a son named Jackson. Alaric is just a name I like.

*Kieran Jedi: Kieran is a name that I really like. Jedi is obviously from Star Wars.

*Lucas Florian: Gabe picked Lucas because he really likes it. Florian is a name used for one of the Disney princes sometimes and I really love this name.

*Maverick Zachariah: Maverick is a name that we feel is a strong name. Zachariah is because I love the meaning which is "God Remembers" in Hebrew.

*Nehemiah Valentin: Nehemiah is a biblical name. Valentin is after the fact that Gabe and I are getting married on Valentine's Day 2020!

*Oliver Quinley: Oliver is a name from our church leaders from the beginning of our church. Quinley is a name that Gabe saw and likes for a boy, even though it is traditionally a girl's name.

*Parker Hudson: Parker is a name that I liked over all the other names starting with a "P". Hudson is another place name(Hudson River) that we love.

*Quinten Wyatt: Quinten is after Gabe's cousin. Wyatt is after Wyatt Earp. I grew up watching western shows about him with my dad so it is kind of to honor my dad.

*Ryder Nolan: Ryder is the only "R" name that Gabe and I could agree on. Nolan is a name that I love from when I heard it as a last name on the show Once Upon A Time.

*Spencer Lincoln: I love all things British Royal Family and so Spencer is after Princess Diana. I am also a theatre and history nerd so Lincoln is after Abraham Lincoln and the character Link Larkin in the musical Hairspray.

*Tanner Upton: Gabe was hunting when he threw out the name Tanner. I think he was thinking of tanning hides, but I still love the name. Upton is after author Upton Sinclair.

*Uriah Gideon: Uriah is only one of two "U" names that we liked and we had already paired Upton as a middle named with Tanner. We liked the meaning "God is my light". It is a biblical name. Gideon is another biblical name that we love.

*Vaughn Isaac: I just really like the name Vaughn. Isaac is another biblical name that we both love.

*Weston Brady: Weston is a name that I heard on YouTube and fell in love with. Brady is a name we saw on a baby name list and we like it.

*Xzavier Owen: We both really like this name and this different spelling. Owen is a name I heard while walking through the store. I immediately loved it.

*York Theodore: So Gabe was sitting next to me eating a York peppermint patty when I threw out this name, but we both like it. Theodore is after Theodore Roosevelt as well as the real name of the character Laurie Lawrence in Little Women, which was my favorite book and movie growing up.

*Zebulun Yale: Zebulun is a biblical name. He is one of the 12 sons of Jacob and the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Yale is just a name we like.


*Annabeth Joy: Annabeth is a combination of the names Ann, which is my mom's middle name as well as my sister's middle name(hers is spelled Anne) and it honors Gabe's grandma Jo Ann, and Elizabeth, which is my middle name. If we have a girl first this will be her name. We hope that our children will bring joy to us, our friends and family, and to the world. Also that they will be filled joy throughout their lives. That is where the name Joy comes from.

*Blayke Taylor: I have always loved the actress Blake Lively so Blayke is after her and the spelling is just the spelling that I fell in love with. Taylor is a name that Gabe likes and chose to go with Blayke.

*Carsyn Paige: I have loved the name Carsyn for a girl since I heard it used in one of the Bring It On movies. The spelling is the spelling that we love. Paige is after a family member that I am close with.

*Denali Nanette: Denali is another place name(Denali National Park and the mountain range) that we absolutely love. Nanette is the name of my favorite aunt and my mom's oldest sister. Her name is Nanette and we have always been super close. She and I talk on the phone a lot. She has been there a lot for me since my parents passed away.

*Evangeline Faith: We both love Evangeline and its meaning "bringer of good news". Faith comes from our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

*Fallyn Quirina: Fallyn is a name that I heard growing up with the Barbie movie "The 12 Dancing Princesses". I just changed the spelling. Quirina is a name I saw somewhere and really liked.

*Gracelynne Violet: We like the name Grace, but wanted something longer. Violet is another name for the color purple, which is the color for Cancer Awareness, which is what my mom died from and Gabe's dad and my dad both had it too. Both Gabe and I are a part of Relay For Life.

*Huntleigh Brynn: Gabe wanted the name Hunter for a girl, but I wasn't a fan. So I came up with Huntleigh and Gabe loved it and so did I. Gabe loves hunting. Brynn is just a name that I love.

*India Rose: India is a place name that I love and I love the nickname Indie. Rose is a name I have always loved. I dream about having a little girl named India Rose.

*Juniper Mackynzie: Juniper is a name that I heard and immediately fell in love with. The same reason for the name Mackynzie.

*Kendahl Scotland: Kendahl is after my dad whose first name is Kenneth. Scotland is a place name that I love, but it is also after Gabe's dad and his brother whose middle names are Scott.

*Leightyn Ireland: I have always loved Leighton Meester and her name. I just changed the spelling. Ireland is a place name that we both love.

*Magnolia Lennox: Magnolia is a name I heard while watching one of my favorite TV shows, Hart Of Dixie. I fell in love with it immediately. I wanted something edgy to pair with Magnolia and so I chose Lennox which I really love.

*Nova Ysabella: When I hear the name Nova I think of stargazing which is something I love to do and I really love the name. Ysabella is a Spanish variant of Elizabeth which is my middle name. Gabe is also Spanish on his mom's side.

*Olivia Kierstyn: I love the Golden Age of Classical Hollywood type movies. I love Gone with the Wind, so Olivia is after actress Olivia De Havilland who played Melanie. I also love musicals so it is also after actress Olivia Newton-John. Kierstyn is a different spelling of Kiersten which is a cognate of Christine, which closely resembles Christian which is Gabe's middle name. We both love it.

*Peyton Cosette: My mom actually threw the name Peyton out to me before she died. She loved it and so do we. She would have loved to have a granddaughter named Peyton. Cosette is from Les Mis, one of my favorite musicals.

*Quinn Daphne: Again my mom threw out the name Quinn to me before she died. Both of us love this name too. Daphne is a name I have always loved and I think would be really cute as a middle name for a little girl.

*Rosaline Hope: Rosaline is from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet which is my favorite play ever. Hope is for our hope of a beautiful future with our future children and for hope of a wonderful marriage.

*Scarlett Xiomara: Scarlett is from Gone with the Wind and my love of the game Clue. Xiomara is just a name I saw on a list and fell in love with.

*Tristayn Athena: Tristayn is a spelling variation of Tristan, which I thought was really cute and we both love it. I love history and Greek Mythology so Athena, the name of one of the Greek goddesses, comes from that.

*Una Orianna: Una is a name we think is really cute and we love it for a little girl. Orianna is a spelling variation of the name Oriana. Gabe's mom is named Rebecca so we took the "Re" from her name and changed it to "Ri". My mom and my sister's middle names are Ann and Anne. Gabe's grandma is named Jo Ann. Gabe's late grandpa's middle initial is O. We wanted to combine their names and honor both our moms somehow. We also wanted to honor my little sister and Gabe's grandma, both of whom we are very close with too. And we also wanted to honor Gabe's grandpa who he was very close to and who is very missed. We love it.

*Verona Westlynn: Verona is from Romeo and Juliet. Westlynn is a name that Gabe saw and heard and likes.

*Winter Zara: We both love the name Winter. Plus we are getting married in February which is in the winter. Zara is a Royal British Family name that I love.

*Xyla Genevieve: Xyla is a name I just love for its uniqueness. It is a spelling variation of Xylah. Genevieve is another name I have always loved since I heard it in the Barbie movie "The 12 Dancing Princesses" when I was a kid.

*Yasmin Ulyana: Yasmin is a name I first fell in love with when I heard it as a kid when the Brats dolls first came out. Ulyana is a name I saw on a list that I like.

*Zoey Elise: I have always dreamed of having a little girl named Zoey. I love the name and so does Gabe. Elise is the shortened form of Elizabeth, which is my middle name.

That is all! Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed!

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Posted 14 January 2019 - 08:02 PM


*Ashland Everest- I'm not crazy about Ashland. I prefer Asher myself, but I understand you want something more unusual. I really like Everest. 

*Bennett Russell- This is a very handsome combo! I like both names, and the go together well.

*Calvin Scott- Another nice combo. I like the reference to Calvin and Hobbes, and the honoring of family members.

*Dallas Kingston- I'm kind of neutral on Dallas. I don't love it and I don't hate it. I like Kingston a lot, though.

*Elias Montgomery- So handsome! I like Elias, and Montgomery has always sounded so sophisticated to me.

*Finley Christian- Cute combo! I love the nickname Finn for Finley. 

*Greyson Xander: I don't love Greyson, but it's not terrible either. I love honoring your nephew that you are close to by using a variant of his name. I also like the Scottish variant Alastair. Greyson Alastair is a handsome combo.

*Hezekiah Philip: Hezekiah is not one of my favorite Biblical names, but I like the nickname Kai. 

*Israel David: Nice combo. I also like the Biblical name Isaac.

*Jackson Alaric: LOVE this one! Alaric is one of my favorites, and you see it so rarely. Jackson is a nice name and actually has a particular historical connection to the area where I'm from, so I've always had a soft spot for the name.

*Kieran Jedi: I like Kieran a lot. As a Star Wars fan myself, I appreciate Jedi! 

*Lucas Florian: Lucas is nice, though I prefer the less common Lucius. I'm not big on Florian.

*Maverick Zachariah: I like the sound and look of the name Maverick. As you said, it has a strong feel to it. I'm not crazy about Zachariah, but it does have an important meaning.

*Nehemiah Valentin: I like how your honoring your wedding date with Valentin. I don't like Nehemiah.

*Oliver Quinley: I like Oliver a lot, but I don't like Quinley.

*Parker Hudson: I'm neutral on this combo. I don't love it and I don't hate it.

*Quinten Wyatt: I don't really like either of these names, but I understand the importance they have for you and your fiance. 

*Ryder Nolan: I like this one a lot! Nolan is one of my favorites, and it goes well with Ryder.

*Spencer Lincoln: Another handsome combo! I like both names and the connections you have with the names.

*Tanner Upton: Tanner is okay. I'm not crazy about Upton.

*Uriah Gideon: Gideon is one of my favorites. I wouldn't use Uriah myself, but I like it's old-fashioned feel and it has a good meaning.

*Vaughn Isaac: Isaac is one of my favorite names, but I don't like Vaughn as a first name. Also, my dentist is named Dr. Vaughn, so that's all I can think of when I hear it. XD

*Weston Brady: I'm neutral on this one. 

*Xzavier Owen: Owen is one of my favorites, and is part of several of my combos. I prefer the spelling Xavier, but either way it's a great name. Overall, a nice combo.

*York Theodore: Sounds handsome and sophisticated.

*Zebulun Yale: I wouldn't use Zebulun myself, but I like the sound and meaning. Yale is okay, but I don't think it goes well with Zebulun.


My five favorite combos from your boys list are Bennett Russell, Elias Montgomery, Jackson Alaric, Spencer Lincoln, and Xzavier Owen


*Annabeth Joy: Both names are beautiful, and I love how they honor your family members. Great combo.

*Blayke Taylor: I don't like Blake/Blayke for a girl, and I wouldn't pair it with Taylor. I don't like the double long-A sound.

*Carsyn Paige: I like Paige, but I don't like Carsyn.

*Denali Nanette: Not crazy about this combo. The names are both okay separately, but I don't like how they sound together.

*Evangeline Faith: Both beautiful names with wonderful meanings. 

*Fallyn Quirina: I'm not crazy about the name Fallyn, but that's because of some personal negative associations. I'm not sure how to pronounce Quirina.

*Gracelynne Violet: I'm not not crazy about Gracelynne, I prefer just Grace. I like Violet and the important meaning it has for you.

*Huntleigh Brynn: I like Brynn, don't like Huntleigh. It looks made-up and trendy.

*India Rose: Very pretty, and fits with your place name theme.

*Juniper Mackynzie: Juniper is very cute! I like Mackynzie too (I have a cousin named Mackenzie).

*Kendahl Scotland: I would prefer the spelling Kendall, just because it's easier to spell that way. I'm neutral on Scotland.

*Leightyn Ireland: I'm not a huge fan of Leighton/Leightyn. Ireland is cute, though. You could also go with Erin, which means the same thing.

*Magnolia Lennox: I like this one a lot! Magnolia is a beautiful name with the potential for so many great nicknames (Maggie, Nola, Lia...). I like Lennox, too, and it balances Magnolia well.

*Nova Ysabella: Pretty! 

*Olivia Kierstyn: I like this combo, and the associations you have with the names.

*Peyton Cosette: Cute!

*Quinn Daphne: I think Daphne Quinn would flow better, but I like both names.

*Rosaline Hope: Beautiful! 

*Scarlett Xiomara: I like Scarlett. Xiomara is okay.

*Tristayn Athena: I love Athena. I'm not as fond of Tristayn, as I don't usually like traditionally masculine names on girls. Also, the spelling is a bit confusing.

*Una Orianna: I don't like these two names together. Separately, they're both nice.

*Verona Westlynn: Verona is a beautiful name, that also goes with your place name theme. Westlynn looks and sounds made-up and trendy.

*Winter Zara: Beautiful! I love both names!

*Xyla Genevieve: I like Genevieve. I don't hate Xyla, but I would prefer Isla.

*Yasmin Ulyana: Yasmine is okay. I don't like Ulyana.

*Zoey Elise: So cute!



My five favorite combos from your girls list are Annabeth Joy, Evangeline Faith, Magnolia Lennox, Rosline Hope, and Winter Zara.

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Posted 21 January 2019 - 10:04 AM

*Ashland Everest: While I'm definitely pro-Ashland and I think it's adorable...I wouldn't pair a -land name with a place name. It's a bit too much even though I do like Everest as a name. Do you guys like Ashland Everett?
*Bennett Russell: Love love love this combo!
*Calvin Scott: Another great, adorable, combo!
*Dallas Kingston: Kingston is actually also a place name and I'd shy away from two place names together. The names are individually great though.
*Elias Montgomery: Love this combo and your reasoning behind it!!!!
*Finley Christian: I do like both of these names but the flow feels a little off. Would you consider moving a bit...maybe Dallas Christian and Finley Kingston? or Finley Everest works too but I wouldn't pair Christian with Ashland.
*Greyson Xander: While I do like Greyson Xander, it's a fine combo, I'd encourage going with the full Alexander. I think Greyson Alexander is so handsome! Ooo, I also like her suggestion of Alistair.
*Hezekiah Philip: I feel like unless you knew Biblical names well, the pronunciation here can get a little iffy.
*Israel David: Isn't this one of the Duggar grandbabies? I guess for those who don't hear about them, it wouldn't be obvious but I don't even pay that much attention and I knew that....
*Jackson Alaric: This is a cute combo!
*Kieran Jedi: I'll admit, I'd raise an eyebrow at the use of Jedi as a middle name. I'm not against Star Wars names or naming after things you like, I just don't think Jedi works. Kieran Sky? Kieran Walker?
*Lucas Florian: Which Disney prince? I've never heard it. I don't associate it with Disney at all. I'm not sure I like the two names together either, not that their bad names. The flow just feels a little off to me.
*Maverick Zachariah: I adore Maverick. And I think Zachariah is a strong name and you have great meaning behind it, but I'm not sure I'd pair them together. It's a bit of a mouthful.
*Nehemiah Valentin: I'm not a fan of Nehemiah, no clue how to pronounce it either. I'd lean more Jeremiah or Zachariah before this one. Valentin is a sweet sentiment.
*Oliver Quinley: I think Quinley could totally be used on a boy and I think the combo actually works. But if you wanted to stray away from the "girl name" I think Oliver Quinn would also work.
*Parker Hudson: I love this combo!!
*Quinten Wyatt: I really like this combo too!
*Ryder Nolan: I'm not typically a huge Nolan fan but this is a great combo!!
*Spencer Lincoln: Another great combo, but I feel like the last name could make or break the flow of this combo. So that would definitely be a determining factor for me.
*Tanner Upton: I think Upton is a little bit too unusual for my taste but the name works well together.
*Uriah Gideon: I love love love Gideon. I feel like Uriah kind of takes away from it. I'd personally scratch having a U name and put Gideon elsewhere so you can use it!
*Vaughn Isaac: I think both of these are great names, but I'm just not sure they work together. Isaac Vaughn flows a lot better.
*Weston Brady: This is a really solid combo!
*Xzavier Owen: I think these names work really well together but I definitely would not spell Xzavier that way. I'd go with Xavier or Zavier, I wouldn't mix the too.
*York Theodore: These two names work great together.
*Zebulun Yale: I'm not against Yale as a name, but I definitely think these two paired together is a little 'much' Almost feels like you were trying to hard to put a Z name combo together.

*Annabeth Joy: I love love Annabeth! It's much better than Annabelle, which I also like. I could take or leave Joy. It works with it.
*Blayke Taylor: If you're gonna name a girl Blayke, at least go with the traditional spelling instead of the "trendy" one. And I definitely wouldn't pair another unisex name with it. Can't tell if Blake Taylor is a boy or a girl, but it definitely sounds more like a boy.
*Carsyn Paige: I'm not a huge lover of Carson, but again, I'd spell it the less "trendy" way if you're gonna use a unisex name on a girl. I think Page can be unisex but if I heard Carson Paige, I'd definitely assume girl.
*Denali Nanette: I definitely think Denali is totally okay to use, however, I think it's so different than your other names that it stands out quite a bit. I love Nanette!
*Evangeline Faith: I don't think anything is wrong with either name, in fact, I actually like the combo. But I worry this may be a little bit 'too much' for a pairing. Feels kind of 'in your face'
*Fallyn Quirina: Well, as I've said with the other two (and I'll repeat further down) I think the trendy spelling for girls is too much so I'd go with Fallon. It's a great name. No clue on how to pronounce that middle so I can't say if it goes with Fallon.
*Gracelynne Violet: I like Grace and I don't think there's a need to make it longer. But I guess I'd prefer the spelling Gracelyn...it's still trendy, which is clearly your style for girl names, but I think the extra ne at the end isn't necessary. Violet is a great name and I love the meaning!
*Huntleigh Brynn: Eh. I'm not so sure about Huntleigh. Maybe Huntley? It's recognized as a surname and those are very in right now. Brynn is a great middle.
*India Rose: Nothing wrong with this combo but I'm pretty sure I've heard it before. Rose might be a common middle with India.
*Juniper Mackynzie: I think Juniper Mackenzie is a great name, no need for that trendy y.
*Kendahl Scotland: I've never ever seen Kendall spelled like that. It would constantly be spelled wrong, constantly. If you're gonna change the spelling of any name, please make it this one. If you have to go with the trendy look, at least go with Kendyll. I don't think Scotland gets a lot of love, but I personally adore it. Kendall Scotland may just be a little too Kardashian though. (A sister is Kendall and her neice's middle is Scotland)
*Leightyn Ireland: I like both Leighton and Ireland, especially Ireland, Nothing wrong with either name. I'm not sure they pair well together though.
*Magnolia Lennox: This is a great combo! I love both names and I think they work great together.
*Nova Ysabella: I'm not a huge fan of Ysabella (or Isabella tbh) but I totally get why you'd want to use it and spell it that way and I think Nova pairs well with a Spanish name. This is a good combo.
*Olivia Kierstyn: Olivia is a great name, though probably more popular than it seems you like. I think Kristen/Kristin (or even Kristyn) would be better than Kiersten/Kierstyn because it sounds more like Christian to me but I think even Olivia Christine is pretty!
*Peyton Cosette: I typically get really irritated at Peyton on girls because I just love it on boys so much but this is the one time I'm 100% on board with Peyton for a girl. Definitely. Use it.
*Quinn Daphne: Did your mom specify Quinn for a girl? Because I think the suggestion of Oliver Quinn earlier is still a great honor to her. If it was girl specific, I think Quinn Daphne is a great combo.
*Rosaline Hope: This is a good, solid combo.
*Scarlett Xiomara: Both are great names, But style wise, I'm not sure Xiomara and Scarlett fit together. The flow is fine though.
*Tristayn Athena: Tristan is definitely a boy name. But I think Tristan (on a boy) would be a cute nod to Gabe's middle name of Christian. Athena is a great middle. I also would not pronounce Tristayn as Tristan. It'd be more like Trista-yn.
*Una Orianna: It's sweet that you want to honor so many people with Orianna, but the reasonins feels a little bit like a stretch. I think the two are a little too unique on their own to really go together.
*Verona Westlynn: I'd love to meet a Verona! I don't care for Westlynn and it definitely takes away from the beauty of Verona. Westlynn also wouldn't be usable if you use Weston, which I'd encourage way more.
*Winter Zara: I don't think there's anything wrong with either name, they're both good. However, Zara Winter flows way better than Winter Zara does.
*Xyla Genevieve: Good combo.
*Yasmin Ulyana: Ulyana is a little too odd. I've never heard it before. And again, this is another combo where I feel you're trying to hard just so you can have that letter. Nothing wrong with Yasmin but I'd definitely give it a different name.
*Zoey Elise: Great combo!

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