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Family Tree CAF #8 - 9/10

Family Tree CAF #8 - 9/10 Family Tree CAF #8 Family Tree CAF 9/10 Round 9 Part 9 Mine

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Posted 04 November 2019 - 08:47 PM

The Coogan Family


DD4: Greer Olivia Coogan (nee Katayama) {57}

DH: Jeremy Holton Coogan {60}

DH: Beckett Ace Ferrari {59} [Divorced]


DD1/DD2: Blake Vivienne Foley/Piper Jeanne Hauksson {37}

DS1: Owen Chadwick Ferrari {30}

DD3: Casey Brooke Ferrari {27}

DS2: Eliot Dexter Ferrari {25}

DS3/DD4: Wolf Ikari Coogan-Ayton/Luna Karla Coogan {24}


Greer & Jeremy with;

BlakePiperOwenCaseyEliWolf Luna




The Foley Family


DD1: Blake Vivienne Foley (nee Ferrari) {37} (Bisexual)

DH: Hawthorne Rain Foley {39}


DD1: Cheftzi-Bah Joy Foley {17}

DS1: Reed Gil Foley {6}

DS2: Porter Leo Foley {4}

DS3: Dominic Beau Foley {1}


Blake & Hawthorne with;

Che, Reed, Porter & Nic




The Hauksson Family


DD2: Piper Jeanne Hauksson (nee Ferrari) {37}

DH: Parker Steele Hauksson {37}


DD1: Vanessa Josie Hauksson {11}

DS1: Beckett Domnall Hauksson {9}

DD2: Georgina Reese Hauksson {2}


Piper & Parker with;

Nessie, Beckett & Georgie




The Ferrari/Conran Family


DS1: Owen Chadwick Ferrari {30} (Homosexual) [Biological father of Gloria]

DBF: Grant Talorc Conran {30} (Long-Term BF) [Biological father of Chad & Maisie]

DBF: Monty Xavier Cupp (Long-Term BF) {32} [Broke up]


DS1/DD1: Chad Dashiell Ferrari-Conran/Maisie Harlow Ferrari-Conran {4}

DD2: Gloria Juno Ferrari-Conran {3}


Owen Grant with;

Chad, Maisie & Gloria




The Ferrari/Burke Family


DD3: Casey Brooke Ferrari {27} (Homosexual) [Biological mother of Casen]

DFiancee: Shannon Eithne Burke {26}


DS1: Casen Oliver Ferrari {9}

DS2/DD1: Benedict Walter Ferrari-Burke/Ramona Shelley Ferrari-Burke {4}

DAS3: Philip Alan Ferrari-Burke {1}


Casey & Shannon with;

Casen, Benny, Mona & Phil




The Ferrari Family


DS2: Eliot Dexter Ferrari {25} (Homosexual)






The Coogan-Ayton Family


DS3: Wolf Ikari Coogan-Ayton {24} (Homosexual)

DH: Winston Errol Coogan-Ayton {24}


DAD1: Winnie Faye Coogan-Ayton {0}


Wolf & Winston with;





The Coogan/Hayes Family


DD4: Luna Karla Coogan {24}

DFiance: Scout Teagan Hayes {26}


DS1: Jeremiah Thatcher Hayes {7}

DS2: Homer Conrad Hayes {4}

DS3: Patrick Tobias Hayes {3}

DD1: Alexis Maribel Hayes {0}


Luna & Scout with;

Jeremiah, Homer, Pat & Lexi




The Katayama Family


DS4: Dalton Scott Katayama {55}

DW: Layla Rose Katayama (nee Beckham) {54}


DS1: Grayson Axel Katayama-White {35}

DD1: Addison Rae Katayama-Hewitt {34}

DS2: Jefferson Thor Katayama-Sutton {32}

DD2: Lauren Romy Herschel {27}

DS3: Soren Valor Katayama {24}

DS4/DD3: Ali Landon Katayama/Rosalie Light Katayama {23}
DS5: Galen Joseph Katayama {22}


Dalton Layla with;

GrayAddyJeffLaurenSorenAliRose & Galen




The Katayama-White Family


DS1: Grayson Axel Katayama-White {35} (Homosexual) [Biological father of Harry]

DH: Henry Oliver Katayama-White {35}


DS1: Harry James Katayama-White {8}

DS2: Arthur Lennon Katayama-White {3}


Grayson Henry with;

Harry & Artie




The Katayama-Hewitt Family


DD1: Addison Rae Katayama-Hewitt {34} (Homosexual) [Biological mother of Judas, Paige & Layla]

DW: Esther Skye Katayama-Hewitt {33}


DS1: Judas Camden Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {19}

DD1: Paige Noelle Katayama-Hewitt {15}

DD2: Layla Josephine Katayama-Hewitt {4}


Addy & Esther with;

Judas, Paige & Layla




The Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone Family


DS1: Judas Camden Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {19} (Homosexual) [Biological father of Cam]

DH: Enrique Lachlan Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {19} [Biological father of Carmelo]


DS1: Camden Wallace Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {3}

DS2: Carmelo Brodie Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {2}

DAS3: Auden Cyrus Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone {1}


Judas & Ricky with;

Cam, Carmelo & Auden




The Katayama-Sutton Family


DS2: Jefferson Thor Katayama-Sutton {32} (Bisexual)

DH: Nico Chandler Katayama-Sutton {33} 


DAS1: Scott Edward Katayama-Sutton {11} [Adopted from USA]

DAD1: Molly Jane Katayama-Sutton {5} [Adopted from USA]

DAD2: Sierra Eleanor Katayama-Sutton {2} [Adopted from USA]


Jeff & Nico with;

Scott, Molly & Sierra




The Herschel Family


DD2: Lauren Romy Herschel (nee Katayama) {27}

DH: Peter Dawson Herschel {30}


DS1: Peter Dalton Herschel {9}

DD1: Savannah Finlay Herschel {2}


Lauren & Peter with;

Peter & Savannah




The Katayama Family


DS3: Soren Valor Katayama {24}

DW: Phoebe Coral Katayama (nee Robles) {24}


DS1: Valiant Dalton Katayama {5}

DS2: Atticus Thor Katayama {3}

DS3: Phoebus Odin Katayama {1}

DD1: Sora Kit Katayama {0}


Soren & Phoebe with;

Val, Atticus, Phoebus & Sora




The Katayama Family


DS4: Ali Landon Katayama {23}

DW: Naomi Skye Katayama (nee Shay) {23}


DS1: Skylar Dylan Katayama {9}

DD1/DD2/DS2: Bronte Keren Katayama/Carleigh Aoife Katayama/Lincoln Cole Katayama {0}


Ali & Naomi with;

Skylar, Bronte, Leigh & Link




The Katayama Family


DD3: Rosalie Light Katayama {23}

DFiance: Alexander Lennon Ryland {25} [Broke up]






The Katayama/Harrison Family


DS5: Galen Joseph Katayama {22}

DGF: Megan Iona Harrison {21} (Short-Term GF)


DS1: Joseph Scott Katayama {0}


Galen & Megan with;





The Lee Family


DD5: Adrienne Kelly Lee (nee Katayama) {55}

DH: Carleton Murray Lee {56}

DBF: Bryan Richard Poole {55} (Short-Term BF) [Broke up]


DD1: Frankie Claire Lee {20}


Adrienne Carl with;





 The Lee/Ogden Family


DD1: Frankie Claire Lee {20}

DFiance: Ember Berry Ogden {22}


DS1: Barrett Jacob Odgen {2}


Frankie & Ember with;


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Posted 04 November 2019 - 08:51 PM

Generations of the Katayama Family:


Jamie and Madeline Katayama; with MillieGarrettLaurynTatumTheoNoahGreerDalton & Adrienne


Millie and Caspar Arias; with LewisMiriamLauraJoey & Anton

Garrett and Angelina Katayama with; HollandRowanMarinaCaitlyn & Candice

Lauryn Miller and Ian MacDiarmid with; JasonHazelMJ & Heidi

Tatum and Ellis Napolitano with; Renee

Theo and Lily Katayama; with ChanceMonroeAlaKare Carson

Noah and Charlotte Katayama; with CourtlandJamesonEmMavBellaPenny & Brayden

Greer and Jeremy Coogan; with BlakePiperOwenCaseyEliWolf Luna

Dalton and Layla Katayama; with GrayAddyJeffLaurenSorenAliRose & Galen

Adrienne Katayama & Carl Lee with; Frankie


Lewis Shephard and Grace McGee with; ZephyrZeke Brian

Miriam and Staci Shephard-Potticary with; Leon & Posie

Laura Shephard and Matt Ledger with; CleoWarren

Joey and Rhys Mansour with; OdetteGemma, Nora & Story

Anton Shephard & Calli Chang with; Sarah, Lucy & Sophia


Holland and Tony Stratford with; LyraAngelClaraLenaRoman, Briar, Booker & JC

Rowan & Carmen Katayama with; Rowena & Hanna

Marina and Violet Katayama-McGowan

Caitlyn Katayama and Austin Exner with; Ezra

Candice and Kirsten Katayama-Slughorn with; Kieran


Jason Miller and Madison Simpson with; Cal

Hazel and Truman Rupesh with; True & Raina

MJ Miller and Huck Gunnarsson with; Gina, Luna & Thea

Heidi Miller and Fallon Thorpe with; Fal


Renee Mloclam and Truman Theroux with; Michelle & Iris


Chance Katayama and Irina Usyk with; ScarlettAda & Zack

Monroe and Logan Sosa with; Ali & Jimmy

Ala Katayama and John Steiger with; ZenBlueHonorBowie, West & Hero

Kare and Em Katayama with; Silas & Cassius

Carson Katayama with; Carter


Courtland and Courtney Katayama with; AvaEver, Wilder, Lark, Gideon & Lea

Jameson and Jess Katayama; with Jace, Jules, NoahDannyHugh, Jack & Chris

Emmanuel Katayama and Steve Graves with; NateCara, Brad, Fisher, Charlie, Luke & Ally

Mav Katayama and India Martinez with; Ari, Ryan & Kayden

Bella and Darcy Barton with; Anna

Penny Katayama

Brayden Katayama


Blake and Hawthorne Foley; with Che, Reed, Porter & Nic

Piper and Parker Hauksson with; Nessie, Beckett & Georgie

Owen Ferrari and Grant Conran with; Chad, Maisie & Gloria

Casey Ferrari and Shannon Burke with; Casen, Benny, Mona & Phil

Eli Ferrari

Wolf Coogan and Winston Ayton with; Winnie

Luna Coogan and Scout Hayes with; Jeremiah, Homer, Pat & Lexi


Grayson and Henry Katayama-White with; Harry & Artie

Addison and Esther Katayama-Hewitt with; Judas, Paige & Layla

Jeff and Nico Katayama-Sutton with; Scott, Molly & Sierra

Lauren and Peter Herschel with; Peter & Savannah

Soren and Phoebe Katayama with; Val, Atticus, Phoebus & Sora

Ali Katayama and Naomi Shay with; Skylar, Bronte, Leigh & Link

Rose Katayama

Galen Katayama and Megan Harrison with; Joey


Frankie Lee and Ember Ogden with; Barry


Jace Katayama and Archer Smith with; Archie


Judas and Ricky Katayama-Hewitt-Carbone with; Cam, Carmelo & Auden

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