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Family Tree CAF #5 - 9/10

Family Tree CAF #5 - 9/10 Family Tree CAF Family Tree CAF #5 9/10 Part 9 Round 9 Mine

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Posted 09 November 2018 - 01:14 PM

The Broderick-Cameron Family


DW: Leona Clarissa Broderick-Cameron [88]

DW: Ottoline Cornelia Broderick-Cameron [88]


DAS1: Linden Aries Broderick-Cameron [62]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD1: Melissa Jeanette McCrystal [60]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD2/DAD3: Ottilie Liliane Vessier & Arwen Elanor Broderick-Cameron [56]

(Adopted from USA)


Leona and Ottoline Broderick-Cameron; with Linden, Melissa, Ottilie & Arwen




The Broderick-Cameron Family


DAS1: Linden Aries Broderick-Cameron [62]

DW: Claudie Diana Broderick-Cameron (nee Mirthswift) [61] (formerly LT)


DD1: Ginevra Rosmerta Blanchett [36]

DD2: Clarissa Linden Reynolds [35]

DS1/DS2: Rhys Bailey Broderick-Cameron & Dean Claude Broderick-Cameron [28]


Linden and Claudie Broderick-Cameron; with Ginevra, Clarissa, Rhys & Dean




The Blanchett Family


DD1: Ginevra Rosmerta Blanchett (nee Broderick-Cameron) [36]

DH: Milo Penn Blanchett [37]


DS1: Emory Thomas Blanchett [18]

DD1: Alison Rosamund Blanchett [17]

DD2: Leontine Mila Blanchett [16]

DD3: Harlow Rosa Blanchett [13]

DD4: Clover Sunday Blanchett [4]

DS2: Penn Pierson Blanchett [3]


Ginevra and Milo Blanchett; with Emory, Alison, Leontine, Harlow, Clover & Penn




The Vathoanth-Reynolds Family


DD2: Clarissa Linden Vathoanth-Reynolds (nee Broderick-Cameron) [35]

DH: Anthony Craig Vathoanth [38]

Ex-DH: Noah Thatcher Reynolds [35] [Father of Keren]


DD1: Keren Lenorah Reynolds [14]

DS1: Joseph Nile Vathoanth [10]

DD2: Sofia Lilya Vathoanth [9]

DS2: Ronan River Vathoanth [8]

DS3: Griffin Cairo Vathoanth [7]

DD3: Lilian Christina Vathoanth [4]

DS4: Larkin Noel Vathoanth [0]


Clarissa Vathoanth-Reynolds (and ex-husband Noah Reynolds) and Anthony Vathoanth; with Keren, Joseph, Sofia, Ronan, Griffin, Lilian & Larkin  




The Broderick-Cameron Family


DS1: Rhys Bailey Broderick-Cameron [28]

DW: Athena Eudoxia Broderick-Cameron (nee Lynch) [28]


DD1: Iris Minerva Broderick-Cameron [6]

DS1/DD2: Leon Clarence Broderick-Cameron & Chloe Joy Broderick-Cameron [5]

DS2: Zane Chance Broderick-Cameron [3]

DS3: Neil Otto Broderick-Cameron [1]


Rhys and Athena Broderick-Cameron; with Iris, Leon, Chloe, Zane & Neil




The Broderick-Cameron Family


DS2: Dean Claude Broderick-Cameron [28] (Bisexual)

DW: Thalia Tyler Broderick-Cameron (nee Riley) [29]


DD1/DS1: Sylvie Vivienne Broderick-Cameron & Julian Etienne Broderick-Cameron [9]

DS2: Carlisle Chadwick Broderick-Cameron [8]


Dean and Thalia Broderick-Cameron; with Sylvie, Julian & Carlisle




The McCrystal/Bergman Family


DAD1: Melissa Jeanette McCrystal (nee Broderick-Cameron) [60] (Bisexual)

DH: Roland Ellis McCrystal [59]

Ex-DBF: Marco Vittorio Bergman Sr. [60] (formerly ST) [Father of M.J. & Michael]


DS1/DS2: Marco "M.J." Vittorio Bergman Jr. & Michael Lee Bergman-Mathis [36]

DD1: Zoey Madison McCrystal [22]

DS3: Christopher "Topher" Roland McCrystal [20]


Melissa (and ex-boyfriend Marco Bergman) and Roland McCrystal; with M.J., Michael, Zoey & Topher




The Bergman Family


DS1: Marco "M.J." Vittorio Bergman Jr. [36]

DW: Pearl Henriette Bergman (nee Smith) [38]


DD1: Evelyn Pearl Bergman [19]

DS1: Iskender Alcides Bergman [16]

DS2: Maxwell Peregrine Bergman [12]

DD2: Hermione Coral Bergman [9]

DS3/DS4: Broderick Cameron Bergman & Dashiell Cassius Bergman [6]

DS5: Lysander Heathcliff Bergman [0]


M.J. and Pearl Bergman; with Evelyn, Iskender, Maxwell, Hermione, Broderick, Dashiell & Lysander




The Bergman-Mathis/Algar Family


DS2: Michael Lee Bergman-Mathis [36] (Homosexual)

DBF: Cruz Arisz Algar [33] (Short Term)

DH: Yasha Bartholomew Bergman-Mathis [dec.]


DAD1: Bianca Yasha Bergman-Mathis [2]

(Adopted from USA)



Michael Bergman-Mathis and Cruz Algar; with Bianca




The McCrystal/Sandalio Family


DD1: Zoey Madison McCrystal [22] (Bisexual)

DGF: Inez Adaliz Sandalio [22] (Short Term)


Zoey McCrystal and Inez Sandalio




The McCrystal Family



DS3: Christopher "Topher" Roland McCrystal [20]

DGF: Fenne Baylie Patterson [20] (Long Term)


Topher McCrystal and Fenne Patterson




The Vessier Family


DAD2: Ottilie Liliane Vessier (nee Broderick-Cameron) [56]

DH: Jasper Reed Vessier [56] (formerly LT)


DD1: Charlotte Ivy Vessier-Whitcher [33]

DS1: Finley Frederick Vessier [30]

DD2: Sloane Neve Vessier [23]

DS2: Rex Jackson Vessier [20]


Ottilie and Jasper Vessier; with Charlotte, Finley, Sloane & Rex




The Vessier-Whitcher Family


DD1: Charlotte Ivy Vessier-Whitcher [33] (Homosexual)

DW: Quinn Quartz Vessier-Whitcher [34]


DAD1: Persephone "Percy" Paige Vessier-Whitcher [3]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD2: Kensington "Kensie" Faun Vessier-Whitcher [1]

(Adopted from USA)


Charlotte and Quinn Vessier-Whitcher; with Percy & Kensie




The Vessier/Shum Family


DS1: Finley Frederick Vessier [30] (Homosexual)

Dfiance: Zhang Feng Shum [29] (formerly ST)

Ex-DBF: Dallas Arrow Fenton [29] (formerly ST)


Finley Vessier and Zhang Shum




The Vessier/Blair Family


DD2: Sloane Neve Vessier [23] (Bisexual)

DBF: Wystan Beau Blair [23] (Long Term)


Sloane Vessier and Wystan Balir




The Vessier Family



DS2: Rex Jackson Vessier [20]


Rex Vessier




The Broderick-Cameron Family


DAD3: Arwen Elanor Broderick-Cameron [56] (Bisexual)

DW: Elowen Arabelle Broderick-Cameron (nee Francis) [56] (formerly LT)

Ex-DGF: Bijou Agatha Beaufort [56] (formerly ST)


DAD1: Frances Ingrid Broderick-Cameron [24]

(Adopted from USA)

DD1: Kennedy Clara Broderick-Cameron [22]

(Biologically Elowen's Daughter)

DS1: Hale Evander Broderick-Cameron [22]

(Biologically Arwen's Son)


Arwen and Elowen Broderick-Cameron; with Frances, Kennedy & Hale




The Broderick-Cameron/Jouvetelet Family


DAD1: Frances Ingrid Broderick-Cameron [24]

DBF: Barnaby Nicholson Jouvetelet [24] (Long Term)


Frances Broderick-Cameron and Barnaby Jouvetelet





The Broderick-Cameron/Mastenbroek Family


DD1: Kennedy Clara Broderick-Cameron [22] (Bisexual)

DGF: Maris Ione Mastenbroek [24] (Long Term)


Kennedy Broderick-Cameron and Maris Mastenbroek




The Broderick-Cameron/Wolfgang Family



DS1: Hale Evander Broderick-Cameron [22]

DGF: Aubrey Aloisa Wolfgang [23] (Short Term)


DS1: Laken Howel Broderick-Cameron [2]


Hale Broderick-Cameron and Aubrey Wolfgang; with Laken




Generations of the Broderick-Cameron Family:


Leona and Ottoline Broderick-Cameron; with Linden, Melissa, Ottilie & Arwen


Linden and Claudie Broderick-Cameron; with Ginevra, Clarissa, Rhys & Dean

Melissa (and ex-boyfriend Marco Bergman) and Roland McCrystal; with M.J., Michael, Zoey & Topher

Ottilie and Jasper Vessier; with Charlotte, Finley, Sloane & Rex

Arwen and Elowen Broderick-Cameron; with Frances, Kennedy & Hale


Ginevra and Milo Blanchett; with Emory, Alison, Leontine, Harlow, Clover & Penn

Clarissa Vathoanth-Reynolds (and ex-husband Noah Reynolds) and Anthony Vathoanth; with Keren, Joseph, Sofia, Ronan, Griffin, Lilian & Larkin  

Rhys and Athena Broderick-Cameron; with Iris, Leon, Chloe, Zane & Neil

Dean and Thalia Broderick-Cameron; with Sylvie, Julian & Carlisle


M.J. and Pearl Bergman; with Evelyn, Iskender, Maxwell, Hermione, Broderick, Dashiell & Lysander

Michael Bergman-Mathis and Cruz Algar; with Bianca

Zoey McCrystal and Inez Sandalio

Topher McCrystal and Fenne Patterson


Charlotte and Quinn Vessier-Whitcher; with Percy & Kensie

Finley Vessier and Zhang Shum

Sloane Vessier and Wystan Balir

Rex Vessier


Frances Broderick-Cameron and Barnaby Jouvetelet

Kennedy Broderick-Cameron and Maris Mastenbroek

Hale Broderick-Cameron and Aubrey Wolfgang; with Laken



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Posted 14 November 2018 - 07:50 PM

The Prescott Family


DH: Edward Marcelin Prescott (85)

DW: Mirabel Victoria "Mira" Prescott (nee Judson) (83)


DD: Jasmina Elizabeth "Mina" Prescott (61)

DS/DS: Oliver Rowan Prescott / Gideon Royce Prescott (59)

DD: Dahlia Lauren "Lia" Prescott (57)

DS: Malcolm Cooper Prescott (55)


Edward and Mira Prescott

Mina, Oliver, Gideon, Lia, and Malcolm




The Goodman Family


DW: Jasmina Elizabeth "Mina" Goodman (nee Prescott) (61)

DH: Asher Broderick Goodman (63)


DD/DD: Annalie Rose Goodman / Carys Isabela Goodman (35)

DS: Sebastian Ambrose "Bastian" Goodman (34)

DS: Augustine Brecken "Gus" Goodman (33)

DD: Kendra Delphine Goodman (31)

DS/DD: Benjamin Abraham "Benji" Goodman / Gianna Ruby Goodman (29)

DS: Caspian Douglas "Ian" Goodman (28)


Mina and Asher Goodman

Annalie, Carys, Bastian, Gus, Kendra, Benji, Gianna, and Ian




The Hexem Family


DW: Annalie Rose Goodman (35)

DH: Henry Roderick Hexem (38)

exBF: Finnian Elijah "Finn" Hilyard


DD: Nina Persephone Hexem (8)

DD: Victoria Margery Hexem (5)

DD: Pippa Rebekah Hexem (3)

DS: Donovan Jules Hexem (nb)


Annalie and Henry Hexem

Nina, Victoria, Pippa, and Donovan




The Bonginkosi Family


DW: Carys Isabela Bonginkosi (nee Goodman) (35) (bisexual)

DH: Severus Wolfgang Bonginkosi (37)


DD: Lenora Rosalind Bonginkosi (18)

DS/DS: Draco Ephraim Bonginkosi / Gustavo Murat Bonginkosi (16)

DD: Saskia Adrienne Bonginkosi (12)

DS/DS: Magnus Gordon Bonginkosi / Joaquin Charles Bonginkosi  (9)

DD: Iyana Belle Bonginkosi (7)

DD: Kira Hadleigh Bonginkosi (4)

DD: Nerissa Evelyn Bonginkosi (1)

DD: Delilah Lavender Bonginkosi (nb)


Carys and Severus Bonginkosi

Lenora, Draco, Gustavo, Saskia, Magnus, Joaquin, Iyana, Kira, Nerissa, and Delilah




The Bonginkosi-Ray Family


DGF: Lenora Rosalind Bonginkosi (18)

DBF: Declan Elias Ray (18) (short-term)


Lenora Bonginkosi and Declan Ray




The Goodman-Whitney Family


DFiance: Sebastian Ambrose "Bastian" Goodman (34)

DFiancee: Freya Evangeline Whitney (33)


DD: Georgia Evelyn Goodman (10)

DD: Mirabel Luna "Belle" Goodman (8)

DD/DS/DS: Theia Katherine Goodman / Dylan Zachary Goodman / Lucian Emil Goodman  (6)

DD: Theresa Margaret "Tessa" Goodman (5)

DS: Cassius Thorn Goodman (1)


Bastian Goodman and Freya Whitney

Georgia, Belle, Theia, Dylan, Lucian, Tessa, Cassius




The Goodman Family


DH: Augustine Brecken "Gus" Goodman (33)

DW: Aurora Violet "Rory" Goodman (nee Bloomfail) (34)


DS: Bruno Alaric Goodman (13)

DD: Mila Coralie Goodman (9)

DD/DS: Cressida Hermione Goodman / Jonas Theodore Goodman (8)

DS: Axel Remington Goodman (7)

DS: Malcolm Ignatius Goodman (5)


Gus and Rory Goodman 

Bruno, Mila, Cressida, Jonas, Axel, and Malcolm




The Goodman-Lucas Family


DW: Kendra Delphine Goodman-Lucas (31)

DW: Hadley Juliette Goodman-Lucas (32)


DAS: Odin Maxim Goodman-Lucas (9) (adopted from Russia, biological sibling of Taras)

DAS: Carlos Enrique Goodman-Lucas (9) (adopted from Mexico)

DAD: Margaret Euphemia "Maisie" Goodman-Lucas (8) (adopted from Scotland)

DAS: Taras Misha Goodman-Lucas (6) (adopted from Russia, biological sibling of Odin)

DAD: Lydia Ye Jia Goodman-Lucas (5) (adopted from China)


Kendra and Hadley Goodman-Lucas

Odin, Carlos, Maisie, Taras, and Lydia




The Goodman-Harrison Family


DFiance: Benjamin Abraham "Benji" Goodman (29)

DFiance: Ethan Thomas Harrison (30) 


DAS: Braxton Jeremiah Goodman-Harrison (9) (adopted from USA)

DAS: Tariq Muhammad Goodman-Harrison (9) (adopted from Syria)

DAS: Marcelin Everett Goodman-Harrison (8) (adopted from USA)


Benji Goodman and Ethan Harrison

Braxton, Tariq, and Marcelin




The Lorenzo Family


DW: Gianna Ruby Lorenzo (nee Goodman) (29)

DH: Paul Maverick Lorenzo (29)


DS: Cohen Daniel Lorenzo (8)

DD: Gwendolen Zahra "Gwen" Lorenzo (5)


Gianna and Paul Lorenzo

Cohen and Gwen




The Goodman Family


DH: Caspian Douglas "Ian" Goodman (28)

DW: Adela Felicity Goodman (nee Kimbler) (28)


DD: Lilya Caitlin Goodman (9)

DD/DS: Fiona Tamsin Goodman / Elliot Callum Goodman (6)

DS: Holden Diarmuid Goodman (4)

DD: Darya Briony Goodman (1)


Ian and Adela Goodman

Lilya, Fiona, Elliot, Holden, and Darya




The Prescott Family


DH: Oliver Rowan Prescott (59)

DW: Briella Frances Prescott (nee Armstrong) (57) 


DS: Bennett Gavin Prescott (33) 

DS:  William Tobias Prescott (29)

DD: Elinor Hollie Prescott (22)

DD: Emily Savannah Prescott (21)


Oliver and Briella Prescott

Bennett, William, Elinor, and Emily




The Prescott-Smithfield Family


DFiance: Bennett Gavin Prescott (33) 

DFiancee: Anastasia Roisin Smithfield (33) 


DS: Lorcan Dashiell Prescott (12)

DS/DS: Callum Maximus Prescott / Duncan Edward Prescott (6)

DD: Linnea Paige Prescott (3)

DD: Magnolia Elinor Prescott (nb)


Bennett Prescott and Anastasia Smithfield

Lorcan, Callum, Duncan, Linnea, and Magnolia




The Prescott Family


DH: William Tobias Prescott (29)

DW: Helena Sonnet "Lena" Prescott (nee Jackson) (28) 


DD/DS: Ophelia May Prescott / Judson Quincy Prescott (8)

DD: Penelope Raquel Prescott (5)


William and Lena Prescott 

Ophelia, Judson, and Penelope




The Prescott Family


DH: Gideon Royce Prescott (59)

DW: Adelina Beatrix "Addie" Prescott (nee Wentworth) (59) 


DS/DD: Byron Felix Prescott / Lorelei Aria Prescott (32)

DS: Torin Nestor Prescott (31)

DS: Adlai Nathaniel Prescott (27)

DD: Maeve Sienna Prescott (24)

DD: Alice Henrietta Prescott (22)

DS: Maddox Hawthorne Prescott (20)


Gideon and Addie Presoctt

Byron, Lorelei, Torin, Adlai, Maeve, Alice, and Maddox




The Prescott-Harvest Family


DH: Byron Felix Prescott-Harvest (32)

DH: Corin Alexander Prescott-Harvest (35)


DAD: Julia Beatrix Prescott-Harvest (10) (adopted from USA)

DAS: Stefano Mateo Prescott-Harvest (8) (adopted from Italy, biological sibling of Teodora)

DAD: Scarlett Chipana Prescott-Harvest (7) (adopted from Peru)

DAD: Teodora Amanda Prescott-Harvest (6) (adopted from Italy, biological sibling of Stefano)


Byron and Corin Prescott-Harvest

Julia, Stefano, Scarlett, and Teodora




The Prescott-Wroxton Family


DFiancee: Lorelei Aria Prescott (32) 

DFiance: Zahir Maliq Wroxton (33)


DD: Moina Caroline Wroxton (9)

DS: Levon Asher Wroxton (7)

DS: Castor Ronan Wroxton (5)


Lorelei Prescott and Zahir Wroxton

Moina, Levon, and Castor




The Prescott-Sheffield Family


DH: Torin Nestor Prescott (31)

DW: Ainsley Jacqueline Prescott (nee Elmore) (29) 

exGF: Leonarda Jane Sheffield 


DD: Marceline Ava "Marcie" Prescott (3)

DS/DD: Emmerich Xavier "Rick" Prescott / Cornelia Maisie "Cora" Prescott (2)


Torin and Ainsley Prescott

Ava, Rick, and Cora




The Prescott Family


DH: Adlai Nathaniel Prescott (27)

DW: Isabel Sapphira Prescott (nee Stein) (25)


DS: Evan Sirius Prescott (1)


Adlai and Isabel Prescott





The Reynard Family


DW: Maeve Sienna Reynard (nee Prescott) (24) (bisexual)

DH: Cassian Boaz Reynard (24)


DD/DS/DD: Harper Stella Reynard / Tyson Pierce Reynard / Aubrey Flora Reynard (2)


Maeve and Cassian Reynard

Harper, Tyson, and Aubrey




The Prescott Family


DD: Alice Henrietta Prescott (22) (bisexual, single)


Alice Prescott




The Kemp-Prescott Family


DH: Maddox Hawthorne Kemp-Prescott (20)

DH: Joshua Tristan Kemp-Prescott (22)


Maddox and Joshua Kemp-Prescott




The Applewood Family


DW: Dahlia Lauren "Lia" Applewood (nee Prescott) (57)

DH: James Randall Applewood (57)

exFiance: Edmond Calder Burnett 


DD: Leia Madison Applewood (28)

DS: Hugo Cassian Applewood (24)

DS: Knox Griffin Applewood (20)


Lia and James Applewood

Leia, Hugo, and Knox




The Applewood-Fable Family


DGF: Leia Madison Applewood (28)

DBF: Aaron Barnabas Fable (30) (long-term)


DS: Artem Joseph Fable (8)

DS: Bertrand Charles Fable (5)


Leia Applewood and Aaron Fable

Artem and Bertrand




The Applewood-Slateshield Family


DBF: Hugo Cassian Applewood (24)

DGF: Philippa Roz Slateshield (23) (long-term)


DD: Beatriz Acadia Applewood (3)

DS: Jasper Aziel Applewood (nb)


Hugo Applewood and Philippa Slateshield

Beatriz and Jasper




The Applewood-Thackurdeen Family


DBF: Knox Griffin Applewood (20)

DGF: Sara Mandolin Thackurdeen (20) (short-term)


Knox Applewood and Sara Thackurdeen




The Prescott Family


DH: Malcolm Cooper Prescott (55)

DW: Roxanne Aurora Prescott (nee Garland) (48) 

exFiancee: Emilia Dorothy Barleyshield  (mother of Alina)


DD: Alina Jocelyn Prescott (31)

DS: Samson Oliver "Sam" Prescott (22)

DD/DS: Isabella Liberty "Bella" Prescott / Maxwell Lincoln "Max" Prescott  (21)


Malcolm and Roxanne Prescott 

Alina, Sam, Bella, and Max




The Carter Family


DW: Alina Jocelyn Carter (nee Prescott) (31) (bisexual)

DH: Stellan Joseph Carter (31) 


DS/DS: Rodion Alexander Carter / Zebulon Benedict Carter (8)

DD: Viktoriya Brianne "Vika" Carter (5)

DS: Pavel Andrew Carter (4)

DD: Daniela Poppy "Dani" Carter(1)


Alina and Stellan Carter

Rodion, Zebulon, Vika, Pavel, and Dani




The Prescott-Windforce Family


DBF: Samson Oliver "Sam" Prescott (22)

DBF: Liam Perseus Windforce (25) (long-term)


Sam Prescott and Liam Windforce




The Prescott-Calhoun Family


DGF: Isabella Liberty "Bella" Prescott (21)

DBF: Orlando Beckett "Lando" Calhoun (22) (short-term)


Bella Prescott and Lando Calhoun




The Prescott Family


DH: Maxwell Lincoln "Max" Prescott (21)

DW: Amelia Joan Prescott (nee Redenbaugh) (22)


DS: Spencer Kai Applewood (3)


Max and Amelia Applewood


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Posted 02 March 2019 - 12:15 PM

DH: Octavian Jacoby Gilbride (82)

DW: Abigail Cecilia Gilbride (nee Sherwood) (82)

DD: Eveline Darcy Sutton (nee Gilbride) (61)
-DH: James Robert Sutton (64)
-DS: Eoin Kianoush Sutton (29)
--DW: Helena Briseis Sutton (nee Black) (28)
--DD: Olivia Salomea Sutton (9)
--DS: Leonid Thomas Sutton (8)
-DD: Gianna Claire Orchard (nee Sutton) (29)
--DH: Ethan Gregory Orchard (31)
--DD: Elowen Francesca Orchard (4)


DS: Marcus Jethro Gilbride (60)
-DXGF: Alison Sorcha Sutherland (55)
-DXF: Fenella Miriam Sinclair (57)
-DXGF: Gemma Karis Blackburn (51)
-DW: April Lenorah Gilbride (nee Chase) (48)

-DS: Sebastian Thiago Sutherland-Gilbride (32)
--DW: Arianwen Elodie Sutherland-Gilbride (nee Davies) (32)
-DS: Benjamin Rutherford Gilbride (28)
--DW: Dominique Ianthe Gilbride (nee Salling) (27)
--DS: Dylan Craig Gilbride (9)
--DD/DS: Emeline Abigail Gilbride / Theo Remus Gilbride (7)

--DS/DS: Cameron Cyrus Gilbride / Eliaz Patrick Gilbride (1)
-DS: Timothy Daniel Gilbride (22)
--DGF: Emiliana Evelyn Swanhild (28)
-DD: Delilah Jennifer Gilbride (22)
--DF: Philip Levent Crystal (21)
--DS/DD: Oliver Zayn Crystal / Luna Yvette Crystal (4)
--DS: Myron Napier Crystal (3)
-DS: Dominic Scott Gilbride (21)
--DW: Cliantha Nathalie Gilbride (nee Deal) (22) 
--DD/DS: Abigail Piper Gilbride / Andrew Kristof Gilbride (3)
--DD: Rose Ankara Seren Gilbride (0)
-DD: Neve Gloria Gilbride (21)
--DBF: Jebediah Cody Huerta (24)
--DD/DS: Iris Amanda Huerta / Nico Jules Huerta (4)


DD: Gretchen Zena Gilbride (59)
-DXW: Cassia Melisande Cragbrook (59)
-DXGF: Fleur Nesiah Laken (56)
-DGF: Anneliese Arusha Timms (59)
-DS: Huw Fletcher Cragbrook-Gilbride (23)
--DW: Aylin Ismay Bradbury (24)
--DD/DS: Sayri Jovita Bradbury-Gilbride / Lucian Theseus Bradbury-Gilbride (7)
--DS: Gideon Jared Bradbury-Gilbride (4)
-DD: Alice Jovie Deleon (nee Gilbride-Cragbrook) (20)

--DH: Luca James Deleon (20)
--DD: Harper Ally Deleon (1)


DD: Delphine Aurinda Haynes (nee Gilbride) (58)
-DXBF: Calder Roman Desmond (54)
-DXH: Rufus Hiram Haynes (59)
-DF: Jude Camden Galloway (61)
-DD: Justina Ophelia Pouliot (nee Haynes) (33)
--DXH: Alexander Eliseo Pouliot (40)
--DBF: Fransez Anscom Charles (38)
--DD/DS/DD: Amara Carys Pouliot / Frederick Jack Pouliot / Sophia Abigail Pouliot (15)
--DD: Eloise Sonnet Pouliot (13)
--DD/DD: Julia Kitty Charles / Calla Jody Charles (3)
--DS: Jasper Sullivan Charles (0)
-DD: Isabella Lucy Livingston (nee Haynes) (26)
--DH: Nicholas Jin Livingston (28)
--DS: Dai Jacoby Livingston (9)
--DD: Indira Abigail Livingston (7)

--DD: Kyle Zachary Livingston (6)
--DS: Isaac Phineas Livingston (4)
--DS: Cato Piers Livingston (3)


DD: Coralie Mila Rhodes (nee Gilbride) (58)
-DXH: Anderson Juan Whitworth (60)
-DH: David Iker Rhodes (62)
-DS: Ruan Magnus Whitworth (38)
--DXW: Julienne Piper Whitworth (nee Brelsford) (41)
--DF: Felicia Jade Bartram (36)
--DD: Juniper Eluned Whitworth (21)
---DH: Elam Iorworth Fay (25)
---DD: Poppy Abigail Fay (2)
--DS: Callum Inigo Whitworth (12)
--DD: Amalia Margarita Whitworth (9)
--DS: Elliot Endymion Whitworth (8)
--DS: Ansel Nikolai Whitworth (6)
-DS: Marcus Leopold Rhodes (29)
-DS: Joseph Brendan Rhodes (24)
--DGF: Phaedra Sunan Rhodes (24)
--DS: Agustin Shen Rhodes (6)
--DS: Parlan Salvador Rhodes (5)
--DD: Shaima Gabrielle Rhodes (3)
-DD: Phoebe Halley Rhodes (23)
-DD: Lotus Eliora Rhodes (21)
--DBF: Shane Gregory Bleddyn (23)
-DD: Isla Ottilie Rhodes (19)
-DD: Christiana July Rhodes (18)
--DBF: Kier Torin Francis (16)
-DS: Jedidiah Ismet Rhodes (16)

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The Jamison Family

DH: Graham Levi Jamison {86}

   ex. Adalaide Veronica Walker {85}

     DS: Maverick Fox {62}

     DD/DS: Camilla Gabrielle / Carter Ross {61}

     DD: Laurel Verity {60}

     DD: Lilah Phoebe {59}

     DS: Archer Dominic {55}

     DAS: Spencer Gaige {50}


     Jamison – Ramirez

     Maverick Fox Jamison {62} bisexual

        ex. Theo Grayson Ashbrand {62}

          DAS: Bentley Reese {37}

        m. Sofia Lei Jin (nee Ramirez) {55}



          Bentley Reese Jamison {37} homosexual

             ex. Oren Thatcher Kosan {37}

               DS: Liam Anthony {18}

               DD: Lorelei Diana {16}

             m. Drew Arnold (nee Lancaster) {35}

               DS: Jaxon Walter {11}

               DS: Zion Graham {7}

               DD/DD: Iris Joy / Brielle Clara {6}

               DD/DD: Fallon Sophia / Pippa Felicity {3}


               Jamison – Rodgers

               Liam Anthony Jamison {18}

                  w. Alice Georgiana Rodgers {18} long-term



     Camilla Gabrielle Jamison {61} homosexual

        ex. Iris Valencia Matthews {64}

          DS/DD: Briar Noble / Mila Juliet {34}

          DD: Penelope Vienna {31}

        ex. Edith Sarah Quick {57}

        m. Ada Wren (nee Murray) {60}



          Briar Noble Jamison {34} bisexual

             m. Gemma Violette (nee Simms) {34}

               DD: Lydia Charlotte {19}

               DD: Stella Ivy {17}

               DS: Parker Ezra {15}

               DS: Zander Ford {7}

               DD: Hazel Evangeline {6}

               DS: August Ronan {5}



               Lydia Charlotte Jamison {19} single



          Mila Juliet (nee Jamison) {34}

             ex. Sterling Benjamin Davies {36}

               DS: Atlas Finn {16}

               DS: Ender Lucas {15}

               DD: Thea Elowen {13}

             m. Isaac Mathias Warner {35}

               DD/DD/DS: Arwen Noelle / Lilia Genevieve / Ford Lennox {7}

               DD: Cora Hadley / Delia Gray {2}

               DS: Blake Shepherd {nb}



          Penelope Vienna (nee Jamison) {31}

             m. Derek Emory Griffin {31}

               DD: Lucy Justice {13}

               DS: Arthur Beau {10}

               DS: Henry Sebastian {9}

               DS: Jonas Lachlan {6]

               DS: Charlie Apollo {5}



     Carter Ross Jamison {61}

        ex. Ava Charity Fairbanks {58}

          DS: Jasper Roman {39}

          DD: Emerson Willow {37}

          DS: Oliver Dean {34}

          DS: Bodhi Ross {31}

        m. Ruth Margaret (nee Thomas) {60}



          Jasper Roman Fairbanks {39}

             m. Hazel Kennedy (nee Valley) {39}

               DD: Rowan Lenora {21}

               DD: Linden Rose {18}

               DD/DD: Cora Tamsin / Eliza Reverie {16}

               DS: Logan Theodore {10}

               DS: Rhys Elliot {7}

               DS: Archie Alexander {5}

               DD: Scarlett Genesis {4}

               DS: Kade Douglas {nb}


               Fairbanks – Spears

               Rowan Leonora Fairbanks {21}

                  w. Porter Huxley Spears {23} long-term



               Linden Rose Fairbanks {18} homosexual

                  e. Stella Kinslee Butler {18}


          Fairbanks – Montgomery

          Emerson Willow Fairbanks {37}

             ex. Matteo Robert Cole {38}

               DS/DS: Elias Gavin / Aaron Robert {17}

               DD: Ophelia Emmaline {16}

             w. Carson John Montgomery {40} long-term

               DS: Holden Forrest {10}

               DS: Gideon Ezra {9}

               DS: Spencer Arlo {5}

               DD: Bronwen Harper {nb}



          Oliver Dean Jamison {34} bisexual

             m. Julia Dove (nee Larsen) {32}

               DD: Charlotte Dakota {10}

               DS: Montgomery Phoenix {9}

               DS: Augustus River {7}

               DD: Evangeline Shiloh {6}

               DD: Valencia Oakley {nb}



          Bodhi Ross Jamison {31}

             ex. Claire Johanna Sheely {34}

             m. Magnolia Daphne (nee Rollins) {30}

               DD: Amelia Phoebe {8}

               DD: Violet Linnea {7}

               DS: Reid Walker {5}

               DS/DS: Maddox Charles / Atticus William {4}

               DS: Oliver Rhys {1}



     Laurel Verity (nee Jamison) {60}

        m. Mason Alec Shay {60}

          DD: Fiona Adalynn {33}

          DS: River Patrick {32}

          DD: Violet Caroline {30}

          DS: Ellis Jonah {24}



          Fiona Adalynn (nee Shay) {33} bisexual

             m. Milo Emmett Grey {34}

               DD: Zinnia Eleanor {19}

               DD: Ruby Adalaide {18}

               DD: Nova Jillian {16}

               DD: Clara Gwendolen {8}

               DS: Jude Tobias {6}

               DS: Andrew Lucas {3}

               DD: Harper Callista {2}

               DD: Scarlett Daphne {nb}


          Shay – Sheffield

          River Patrick Shay {32}

             w. Eloise Arianwen Sheffield {31} long-term

               DS: Bram Harper Shay {13}

               DD: Maren Ivy Shay {10}

               DS/DS: Parker Franklin / Emerson William {7}

               DD: Athena Marlowe {nb}


          Shay – Anders

          Violet Caroline Shay {30}

             w. Edison Milo Anders {33} long-term

               DD: Waverly Guinevere Anders {3}

               DD: Hadley Theodora Anders {1}


          Shay – Marsh

          Ellis Jonah Shay {24}

             w. Jasper Bennett Marsh {26} short-term



     Lilah Phoebe (nee Jamison) {59}

        ex. Eric Magnus Baker {61}

          DS: Maxwell Josiah {37}

          DS: Everett George {35}

        m. Hudson Andrew Vale {63}

          DS: Gideon Walker {21}

          DS: Declan Noah {20}



          Maxwell Josiah Baker {37}

             m. Liliya Isabeau (nee Reyes) {38}

               DD: Edin Aurora {19}

               DS: Theo William {17}

               DD: Odessa Marie {16}

               DS: Levi Merrick {12}

               DS/DS: Axel Judah / Soren Isaiah {7}

               DD: Iris Vivienne {5}

               DD: Olive Arabella {1}



          Everett George Baker {35}

             m. Lauren Carissa (nee McNeil) {35}

               DD: Cordelia Rain {18}

               DD: Genevieve Eliza {16}

               DD: Lenorah Posey {13}

               DS: Calvin Silas {11}

               DS/DS: Elliot Benjamin / Russell Julian {9}

               DD: Alexandria Faye {7}

               DD: Jillian Claire {2}



          Gideon Walker Vale {21}

             m. Corinna June (nee Goldash) {20}

               DS: Arrow Shepherd {2}

               DD: Maisie Adeline {1}


          Vale – Bradford

          Declan Noah Vale {20} homosexual

             e. Elijah Preston Bradford {22}



     Archer Dominic Jamison {55}

        m. Elinor Skye (nee Gentry) {56}

          DD: Quinn Piper {25}

          DD: Freya Evangeline {23}



          Quinn Piper (nee Jamison) {25}

             m. Dimitri Ambrose Ivanov {26}

               DS/DS: Weston Monroe / Luca Henry {8}

               DD: Stella Blake {4}

               DD: Sophia Dylan {2}

               DD: Scarlett Rue {nb}



          Freya Evangeline (nee Jamison) {23}

             m. Christian Sawyer Tate {23}

               DS: Oliver Holden {2}



     Spencer Gaige Jamison {50}

        ex. Macy Abigail Wilde {49}

          DD: Cecilia Rue {33}

        m. Addison Luciana (nee Henry) {45}

          DS: Lennox Wolf {24}

          DS: Elliot Beau {21}

          DS: Sawyer Jace {18}

          DD: Calliope Saige {16}

          DD: Aurelia Lyric {15}



          Cecelia Rue (nee Jamison) {33}

             ex. Julian Henry Phillips {34}

               DD: Amelia Jude {17}

               DD: Rose Emmeline {16}

             m. Lincoln Kai Spencer {35}

               DS: Dallas William {10}

               DD: Isla Phoebe {8}

               DS: Archie Miles {7}

               DS: Owen Callum {5}

               DS: Malcolm Fox {1}


          Jamison – Charles

          Lennox Wolf Jamison {24}

             e. Katherine Sophia Charles {25}



          Elliot Beau Jamison {21}

             m. Penelope Scarlett (nee Baird) {20}

               DD: Luna Juliet {3}



          Sawyer Jace Jamison {18} bisexual

             w. Benjamin Darcy Brewer {19} long-term

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Posted 15 November 2021 - 05:58 PM

The Elwood Family


DH: Lincoln Greer Elwood {85}

DW: Stella Evelyn Elwood (née Huxley) {85}


DS1: Malachi Mace Elwood-Burke {61}

DD1: Arwen Flora Benson {59}

DD2: Carmen Seraphina Hyde {58}

DD3: Jenna Violet Runetalon {56}

DS2: Isaac Judah Elwood {55}


Lincoln and Stella Elwood; with MalachiArwenCarmenJenna Isaac




The Elwood-Burke Family


DS1: Malachi Mace Elwood-Burke {61} [Bisexual] (Biological father of William and Ophelia)

DH: Thomas Herbert Elwood-Burke {61}


DAD1: Anna Francesca Lapidus {33} (Adopted from England)

DS1/DD1: William Oberon Elwood-Burke and Ophelia Greta Montgomery {30}


Malachi and Thomas Elwood-Burke; with AnnaWilliam Ophelia




The Lapidus/Angel Family


DAD1: Anna Francesca Lapidus (née Elwood-Burke) {33} [Bisexual]

DH: Michik Soren Lapidus {34}

DEx-Fiancé: Winston Keoni Angel {34} [Father of Emory, Jesse & Quinn]


DD1/DS1: Emory Sequoia Angel and Jesse Berkeley Angel {16}

DD2: Quinn Lenorah Angel {12}

DS2/DS3: Phoenix Kai Lapidus and Matfey Jonas Lapidus {9}

DD3: Alaska Brooklyn Lapidus {8}


Anna (and ex-fiancé Winston Angel) and Michik Lapidus; with EmoryJesseQuinnPhoenixMatfey Alaska




The Elwood-Burke/Ramirez Family


DS1: William Oberon Elwood-Burke {30} [Bisexual]

DFiancée: Aubrey Clover Ramirez {30} (formerly ST & LT)


DD1: Poppy Talitha Elwood-Burke {10}

DS1: Joaquin Pasquale Elwood-Burke {9}

DS2: Ilya Andrew Elwood-Burke {8}

DS3: Zachary Theodore Elwood-Burke {6}


William Elwood-Burke and Aubrey Ramirez; with PoppyJoaquinIlya Zachary




The Montgomery Family


DD1: Ophelia Greta Montgomery (née Elwood-Burke) {30}

DH: Booker Kit Montgomery {31}


DS1: Roderick Jayden Montgomery {10}

DD1: Hakan Magnolia Montgomery {9}

DS2: Christian Xia Montgomery {8}

DD2: Avery Yaku Montgomery {5}

DD3/DD4: Amelia Jazz Montgomery and Rosie Celestia Montgomery {3}

DD5: Iris Moana Montgomery {1}


Ophelia and Booker Montgomery; with RoderickHakanChristianAveryAmeliaRosie Iris




The Benson/MacLaurin Family


DD1: Arwen Flora Benson (née Elwood) {59}

DH: Marshall Lincoln Benson {60}

DEx-BF: Felix Orson Graham {60} (Long-Term)

DEx-H: Jaron Cyrus MacLaurin {54} [Father of Arlo, Macy, John, Eden, Hugo & Theo]


DS1: Arlo Thomas MacLaurin {35}

DD1: Macy Alessia Burgess {31}

DS2: John Martin MacLaurin {29}

DD2: Eden Georgia MacLaurin {28}

DS3: Hugo Enrique MacLaurin {25}

DS4: Theo Wright MacLaurin {22}


Arwen (and ex-husband Jaron MacLaurin and ex-boyfriend Felix Graham) and Marshall Benson; with ArloMacyJohnEdenHugo Theo




The MacLaurin Family


DS1: Arlo Thomas MacLaurin {35} [Bisexual]

DW: Emília Nova MacLaurin (née Bernstein) {35}


DD1: Carissa Larisa MacLaurin {18}

DS1: Jago Vasyl MacLaurin {17}

DD2: Kinley Pearl MacLaurin {16}

DS2: Ryan Forrest MacLaurin {10}

DS3/DS4: Tobias Amaru MacLaurin and Ansel Chalco MacLaurin {8}

DS5: Zane Rhodes MacLaurin {6}

DS6: Chance Sullivan MacLaurin {4}

DS7: Memphis Link MacLaurin {2}

DD3: Hadley Nicola MacLaurin {nb}


Arlo and Emília MacLaurin; with CarissaJagoKinleyRyanTobiasAnselZaneChanceMemphis Hadley




The MacLaurin/Marple Family


DD1: Carissa Larisa MacLaurin {18}

DBF: Faryn Hawthorne Marple {18} (Long-Term)


Carissa MacLaurin and Faryn Marple




The Burgess Family


DD1: Macy Alessia Burgess (née MacLaurin) {31} [Bisexual]

DH: Quentin Terence Burgess {33}


DS1: Lachlan Eryk Burgess {8}

DS2: Dylan Caipa Burgess {7}

DS3: Loki Cyrus Burgess {2}

DD1: Lilith Rue Burgess {nb}


Macy and Quentin Burgess; with LachlanDylanLoki Lillith




The MacLaurin/Collins Family


DS2: John Martin MacLaurin {29} [Homosexual] (Biological father of Holden & Zephyr)

DFiancé: Henry Lysander Collins {29} (formerly Long-Term) (Biological father of Yuri)


DS1: Holden Quincy MacLaurin-Collins {13}

DS2: Yuri Dorian MacLaurin-Collins {9}

DAS1: Indiana Tucker MacLaurin-Collins {7} (Adopted from England)

DAS2: Jacques Lincoln MacLaurin-Collins {5} (Adopted from France)

DAS3: Daley Brighton MacLaurin-Collins {3} (Adopted from Ireland)

DS3: Zephyr Dakota MacLaurin-Collins {2}


John MacLaurin and Henry Collins; with HoldenYuriIndianaJacquesDaley Zephyr




The MacLaurin/Santana/Waterside/Caldwell Family


DD2: Eden Georgia MacLaurin {28}

DBF: Preston Seth Santana {30} (Long-Term)

DEx-BF: Vincent Chukwu Waterside (Short-Term) {31} [Father of Alice, Tan & Nicholas]

DEx-BF: Remy Alastair Caldwell {29} (Long-Term) [Father of Gwendolyn]

DD1: Gwendolyn Abigail Caldwell {11}

DD2: Alice Ren Waterside {9}

DS1: Tan Atlas Waterside {6}

DS2: Nicholas Logan Waterside {5}


Eden MacLaurin (and ex-boyfriend Remy Caldwell and ex-boyfriend Vincent Waterside) and Preston Santana; with GwendolynAliceTan Nicholas




The MacLaurin Family


DS3: Hugo Enrique MacLaurin {25}
DW: Stella Sedna MacLaurin (n
ée Siegel) {25}


DS1/DD1: Clifford Lykos MacLaurin and Maeve Dominique MacLaurin {7}

DD2: Evelyn Suri MacLaurin {6}


Hugo and Stella MacLaurin; with CliffordMaeve Evelyn




The MacLaurin/Weeks Family


DS4: Theo Wright MacLaurin {22} [Bisexual]

DFiancée: Layla Faun Weeks {22}


DD1: Leah Eleanor MacLaurin {1}


Theo MacLaurin and Layla Weeks; with Leah




The Hyde/Willowbrook Family


DD2: Carmen Seraphina Hyde (née Elwood) {58}

DH: Louis Rhett Hyde {60} (formerly Long-Term)

DEx-H: James Philip Willowbrook {57} (f0rmerly ST & LT) [Father of Bennett]


DS1: Bennett Mordecai Willowbrook-Good {24}


Carmen (and ex-husband James Willowbrook) and Louis Hyde; with Bennett




The Willowbrook-Good Family


DS1: Bennett Mordecai Willowbrook-Good {24} [Homosexual] (Biological father of Donahue)

DH: Ocean Donovan Willowbrook-Good {24}


DS1: Donahue Monte Willowbrook-Good {1}


Bennett and Ocean Willowbrook-Good; with Donahue




The Runetalon Family


DD3: Jenna Violet Runetalon (née Elwood) {56} [Bisexual]

DH: Roman Miles Runetalon {58} (formerly Short-Term & Fiancé)


DD1: Matilda Elodie Runetalon-Yeghnik {35}

DD2: Candi Adaline Everhart {31}

DS1/DD3: Jaime Kenton Runetalon and Rose Florence Runetalon {27}

DD4: Valerie Myrna Sawyer {25}

DD5/DD6: Beatrix Annabelle Primrose Runetalon and Marlowe Gemma Runetalon {23}


Jenna and Roman Runetalon; with MatildaCandiJaimeRoseValerieBeatrix Marlowe




The Runetalon-Yeghnik/Nevitsky Family


DD1: Matilda Elodie Runetalon-Yeghnik {35} [Homosexual] (Biological mother of Zinoviy)

DW: Aura Sigrid Runetalon-Yeghnik {34}

DEx-Fiancée: Elle Charlotte Nevitsky {35} (formerly Long-Term) (Biological mother of Sigal, Hank & Pari)


DS1: Zinoviy Milo Runetalon-Nevitsky {19}

DAS1: Skylar Xander Runetalon-Nevitsky {17} (Adopted from Greece)

DD1: Sigal Astoria Runetalon-Nevitsky {15}

DAS2: Zeke Cassius Runetalon-Nevitsky {7} (Adopted from England)

DS2/DS3: Hank Timothy Runetalon-Nevitsky and Pari Matthias Runetalon-Nevitsky {5}


Matilda (and ex-fiancée Elle Nevitsky) and Aura Runetalon-Yeghnik; with ZinoviySkylarSigalZekeHank Pari




The Runetalon-Nevitsky Family


DS1: Zinoviy Milo Runetalon-Nevitsky {19}

DW: Sloane Darya Runetalon-Nevitsky (née Maynard) {19}


DS1: Nathaniel Tristan Runetalon-Nevitsky {1}

DS2: Thor Patrick Runetalon-Nevitsky {nb}


Zinoviy and Sloane Runetalon-Nevitsky; with Nathaniel Thor




The Everhart Family


DD2: Candi Adaline Everhart (née Runetalon) {31}

DH: Morgan Drake Everhart {32}

DD1/DS2: Tessa Hattie Everhart and Fachtna Stellan Everhart {6}

DS2: Ash Peter Everhart {3}

DD2: India Aoifa Everhart {1}

DD3: Kinslee Justine Everheart {nb}


Candi and Morgan Everhart; with TessaFachtnaAshIndia Kinslee



The Runetalon/Cathair Family


DS1: Jaime Kenton Runetalon {27}

DGF: Christina Mabel Cathair {26} (Short-Term)


Jaime Runetalon and Christina Cathair




The Runetalon/Scarborough Family


DD3: Rose Florence Runetalon {27} [Bisexual]

DFiancé: Romuald David Scarborough {28} (formerly Short-Term)


DS1/DS2: Tikhon Saturnus Scarborough and Atlas Phoenix Scarborough {8}

DD1: Vera Dominika Scarborough {5}


Rose Runetalon and Romuald Scarborough; with TikhonAtlas Vera




The Sawyer Family


DD4: Valerie Myrna Sawyer (née Runetalon) {25}

DH: Jonathan Emmanuel Sawyer {26}


DS1: Ronan Tyler Sawyer {8}

DD1: Samantha Joy Sawyer {7}

DD2: Greta Su Sawyer {5}

DS2/DS3: Cody Nemo Sawyer and James Giles Sawyer {4}


Valerie and Jonathan Sawyer; with RonanSamanthaGretaCody James




The Runetalon/Cherrytree Family


DD5: Beatrix Annabelle Primrose Runetalon {23} [Bisexual]

DFiancé: Sterling Cairo Cherrytree {23} (Short-Term)


DS1: Rhys Lei Cherrytree {9}

DD1: Aurelia Amanda Cherrytree {7}

DD2: Evelyn Noelle Cherrytree {5}

DD3: Marisol Victoria Cherrytree {2}

DD4: Isla Caterina Cherrytree {nb}


Beatrix Runetalon and Sterling Cherrytree; with RhysAureliaEvelynMarisol Isla




The Runetalon/Lightwing Family


DD6: Marlowe Gemma Runetalon {23} [Homosexual]

DGF: Ava Harper Lightwing {23}


Marlowe Runetalon and Ava Lightwing



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Posted 15 November 2021 - 05:59 PM

The Elwood Family


DS2: Isaac Judah Elwood {55}

DW: Margot Lynne Elwood (née Hollingsworth) {55} (formerly Fiancée) 


DS1/DS2: Alfie Leonardo Elwood and Callum Robert Elwood {36}

DS3: Arthur Robin Elwood {32}

DD1: Penelope Freya Herring {30}

DS4: Cedric Otis Elwood {23}

DS5/DD2: Daniel Griffin Elwood and Lydia Mavis Genevieve Elwood {20}


Isaac and Margot Elwood; with AlfieCallumArthurPenelopeCedricDaniel Lydia




The Elwood Family


DS1: Alfie Leonard Elwood {36}

DW: Sophia Shea Elwood (née Brodeur) {36} (formerly Fiancée)


DD1: Aurora Cili Elwood {19}

DD2: Isabella Greer Elwood {17}

DS1: Lars Octavian Elwood {15}

DS2: Hayden Nash Elwood {13}


Alfie and Sophia Elwood; with AuroraIsabellaLars Hayden




The Elwood/Alfhard Family


DD1: Aurora Cili Elwood {19} [Bisexual]

DBF: Koji Gere Alfhard {20} (Short-Term)


Aurora Elwood and Koji Alfhard




The Elwood Family


DS2: Callum Robert Elwood {36}

DW: Rosie Jane Elwood (née Lee) {36} (formerly Long-Term)


DS1: Julian Oscar Elwood {17}

DD1: Georgia Faye Elwood {16}

DD2: Phoebe Vivian Elwood {15}

DS2: Elliot Graham Elwood {8}

DS3: Koby Zed Elwood {7}

DD3: Angela Juliette Elwood {5}

DD4: Kai Ianthe Elwood {2}


Callum and Rosie Elwood; with JulianGeorgiaPhoebeElliotKobyAngela Kai




The Elwood/Ulric Family


DS3: Arthur Robin Elwood {32} [Bisexual]

DGF: Tallulah Dorothea Ulric {31} (Short-Term)


Arthur Elwood and Tallulah Ulric




The Herring Family


DD1: Penelope Freya Herring (née Elwood) {30}

DH: Spencer Isaac Herring {31} (formerly Long-Term)


DD1/DS1: Wren Fabiola Herring and Laszlo Chandler Herring {9}

DS2/DS3: Leon Judas Herring and Koya Trevor Herring {8}

DS4: Brett Otto Herring {5}


Penelope and Spencer Herring; with WrenLaszloLeonKoya Brett




The Elwood/Massey Family


DS4: Cedric Otis Elwood {23}

DGF: Halcyone Cecilia Massey {24} (Short-Term)

DW: Luna Elisabeth Elwood (née Wolfe) {23} [Deceased] (Mother of Lai, Kuri, Teagan, Auden & Beowulf)


DD1: Lai Alexandria Elwood {8}

DD2/DS1: Kuri Rowena Elwood and Teagan Elwood {7}

DS2/DS3: Auden Harry Elwood and Beowulf Jun Elwood {6}

DS4: Palmer Fox Elwood {2}

DD3: Anneliese Esme Elwood {nb}


Cedric Elwood (and deceased wife Luna Elwood) and Halcyone Massey; with LaiKuriTeaganAudenBeowulfPalmer Anneliese




The Elwood/Schwartz Family


DS5: Daniel Griffin Elwood {20} [Homosexual]

DFiancé: Marcus Lucifer Schwartz {21} 


Daniel Elwood and Marcus Schwartz




The Elwood/Mordaunt Family


DD2: Lydia Mavis Genevieve Elwood {20}

DBF: Harrison August Mordaunt {22} (Long-Term)


DS1: Jasper Zayn Mordaunt {nb}


Lydia Elwood and Harrison Mordaunt; with Jasper




Generations of the Elwood Family:


Lincoln and Stella Elwood; with MalachiArwenCarmenJenna & Isaac


Malachi and Thomas Elwood-Burke; with AnnaWilliam Ophelia

Arwen (and ex-husband Jaron MacLaurin and ex-boyfriend Felix Graham) and Marshall Benson; with ArloMacyJohnEdenHugo Theo

Carmen (and ex-husband James Willowbrook) and Louis Hyde; with Bennett

Jenna and Roman Runetalon; with MatildaCandiJaimeRoseValerieBeatrix Marlowe

Isaac and Margot Elwood; with AlfieCallumArthurPenelopeCedricDaniel Lydia


Anna (and ex-fiancé Winston Angel) and Michik Lapidus ; with EmoryJesseQuinn, Phoenix, Matfey & Alaska

William Elwood-Burke and Aubrey Ramirez; with PoppyJoaquinIlya Zachary

Ophelia and Booker Montgomery; with RoderickHakanChristianAveryAmeliaRosie Iris


Arlo and Emília MacLaurin; with CarissaJagoKinleyRyanTobiasAnselZaneChanceMemphis Hadley

Macy and Quentin Burgess; with LachlanDylanLoki Lillith

John MacLaurin and Henry Collins; with HoldenYuriIndianaJacquesDaley Zephyr

Eden MacLaurin (and ex-boyfriend Remy Caldwell and ex-boyfriend Vincent Waterside) and Preston Santana; with GwendolynAliceTan Nicholas

Hugo and Stella MacLaurin; with CliffordMaeve Evelyn

Theo MacLaurin and Layla Weeks; with Leah


Carissa MacLaurin and Faryn Marple


Bennett and Ocean Willowbrook-Good; with Donahue


Matilda (and ex-fiancée Elle Nevitsky) and Aura Runetalon-Yeghnik; with ZinoviySkylarSigalZekeHank Pari

Candi and Morgan Everhart; with TessaFachtnaAshIndia Kinslee

Jaime Runetalon and Christina Cathair

Rose Runetalon and Romuald Scarborough; with TikhonAtlas Vera

Valerie and Jonathan Sawyer; with RonanSamanthaGretaCody James

Beatrix Runetalon and Sterling Cherrytree; with RhysAureliaEvelynMarisol Isla

Marlowe Runetalon and Ava Lightwing


Zinoviy and Sloane Runetalon-Nevitsky; with Nathaniel Thor


Alfie and Sophia Elwood; with AuroraIsabellaLars Hayden

Callum and Rosie Elwood; with JulianGeorgiaPhoebeElliotKobyAngela Kai

Arthur Elwood and Tallulah Ulric

Penelope and Spencer Herring; with WrenLaszloLeonKoya Brett

Cedric Elwood (and deceased wife Luna Elwood) and Halcyone Massey; with LaiKuriTeaganAudenBeowulfPalmer Anneliese

Daniel Elwood and Marcus Schwartz

Lydia Elwood and Harrison Mordaunt; with Jasper


Aurora Elwood and Koji Alfhard

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The Vanhanens

ExH: Sanford Herbert Vanhanen (dec)

DGFlt: Betty Jane Wheatley (dec)


DW: Laurentine Molly Heywood Berry (95)

DH: Ira Francis Berry (93) 


DD: Jansen Evelyn (62)

DD/DS: Amelia Eowyn & Forrest Bentley (61)

DS: Prosper Isaac (58)

DD/DD/DS: Coralie Luna, Zara Marilena, & Arthur Tobias (57)


Ford Vanhanen & Laurie Heywood - Eva, Amy, Ben, Isaac, Luna, Mari, & Toby

Laurie Heywood & Frank Berry



The Vanhanen-Wentworth-Hayden-Jensens

DD: Jansen Evelyn Vanhanen Jensen (62)

ExH: Thomas Beckwith Wentworth (65)

ExDBFlt: Hugh Ross Hayden (65) 

DH: Ian Washington Jensen (62)


DD: Olivia Finley (33) 

DS: Henry Foster (32)

DS: Beau Ford (30)

DD: Genevieve Mavis (24)


Tom Wentworth & Eva Jensen - Olivia, Henry, & Beau

Eva Jensen & Ross Hayden - Genevieve

Ian & Eva Jensen


The Eastmans

DD: Olivia Finley Wentworth (33)

ExDBFst: Ethan Philip Meyer (34)

DH: Anderson Navy Eastman (35)


DS: Alan August (1)


Andy & Olivia Eastman - Alan 


The Wentworth-Shields

DS: Henry Foster Wentworth (32)

ExDF: Kira Daisy Norton (31) 

DF: Maeve Rosemarie Shields (30)


Henry Wentworth & Maeve Shields


The Wentworths

DS: Beau Ford Wentworth (30)

DW: Jacqueline Rose Moran Wentworth (29) 


DD: Hania Jacqueline (8)

DD: Linnea Suri (6)

DS: Robert Zane (5)

DS: Elijah Jett (3)

DD: Matilda Eloise (infant)


Beau & Jacquie Wentworth - Hannie, Linnie, Bobby, Jetty, & Tillie 


The Kellers

DD: Genevieve Mavis Hayden Keller (24)

DH: Van Christian Keller (28)


DS: Atticus Quinn (3)

DD: Tallulah Greer (infant)


Chris & Genevieve Keller - Atticus & Tallulah



The Rosebens 

DD: Amelia Eowyn Vanhanen Roseben (61)

DH: Nathaniel Franklin Roseben (dec)

DBFlt: Benjamin Ford Mattingley (63)


DD/DD: Adeline Emrys/Annika Elodie (35)

DS: Nathan Felix (32)

DD: Avery Ember (31)

DS: Nicolas Finnian (30)

DS: Nash Flynn (28)

DD: Astrid Enna (26)

DS: Noah Fox (21)


Nathan & Amy Roseben - Addie, Elodie, Nate, Avery, Finn, Nash, Enna, & Noah

Amy Roseben & Ben Mattingley


The Reeves 

DD: Adeline Emrys Roseben Reeves (35)

DH: Ezra Redmond Reeves (35)


DD: Lucy Belle (12)

DS: Daniel Ross (10)

DD: Molly Quinn (8)

DS/DS: Thomas Ford/Charles Hugh (7)

DS: Matthew Red (5)


Ezra & Addie Reeves - Lucy, Danny, Molly, Tommy, Charley, & Matty   


The Steins

DD: Annika Elodie Roseben Stein (35)

DH: Hugo Damon Stein (38)


DD/DD: Ann Elise/Adela Emelie (13)

DD: Angelique Elsie (10)

DS: Hugo Dale (7)

DD: Audrey Emma (6)


Hugo & Elodie Stein - Elise, Adele, Angie, Hugo, & Emma 


The Roseben-Lanes 

DS: Nathan Felix Roseben (32)

DF: Laila Rose Lane (28)


Nate Roseben & Laila Lane


The Nguyens 

DD: Avery Ember Roseben Nguyen (31)

DH: Francis Clark Nguyen (32)

DS: Charles Tarquin (8)

DS/DS: Stephen Ford/Harry Dean(6)


Frank & Avery Nguyen - Charlie, Stephen, & Harry 


The Rosebens

DS: Nicolas Finnian Roseben (30)

DW: Saskia Margaret Rushing Roseben (30)


DD/DS: Harper Evelyn/Jack Morton (infants)


Finn & Saskia Roseben - Harper & Jack 


The Rosebens 

DS: Nash Flynn Roseben (28)

DW: Lennox Maria Ogden Roseben (29)


DS: Van Rowan (8)

DS: Arlo Zion (7)

DS: Indigo Lake (6)


Nash & Lenna Roseben - Van, Arlo, & Indy


The Askers 

DD: Astrid Enna Roseben Asker (26)

DH: Thomas Oakes Asker (25)


DS: Reese Arden (1)

DS: Colton Miles (infant)


Tommy & Enna Asker - Reese & Colt


The Rosebens

DS: Noah Fox Roseben (21)

DW: Olivia Esther Arven Roseben (23)


Noah & Liva Roseben



The Vanhanen-Walkers

Forrest Bentley Vanhanen (61)

DGFlt: Elizabeth Agnes Walker (57)

ExDGFlt: Shelly Marie Corbin (58)

DS/DS/DS/DS: Joshua Maxwell/Zachary Tyler/Christopher Lewis/Elliott Raylan (20)


Ben Vanhanen & Shelly Corbin - Max, Ty, Chris, & Ray

Ben Vanhanen & Lizzie Vanhanen


The Vanhanen-Corbins

DS: Joshua Maxwell Vanhanen-Corbin (20)


Max Vanhanen-Corbin


The Vanhanen-Corbin-Calders

DS: Zachary Tyler Vanhanen-Corbin (20)

DGFlt: Cara Alessia Calder (20)


Ty Vanhanen-Corbin & Alessia Calder


The Vanhanen-Corbin-Reeds

DS: Christopher Lewis Vanhanen-Corbin (20)

DGFst: Amelia Evelyn Reed (20) 


Chris Vanhanen-Corbin & Amelia Reed


The Vanhanen-Corbin-Spinners

DS: Elliott Raylan Vanhanen-Corbin (20)

DGFst: Kendall Alice Spinner (20)


Ray Vanhanen-Corbin & Kendall Spinner



The Vanhanens

DS: Prosper Isaac Vanhanen (58)

DW: Shelly Marie Corbin (58)

ExW: Elizabeth Agnes Walker Vanhanen (57)


DS: James Walker (23)

DD: Tabitha Marlowe (21)


Isaac Vanhanen & Lizzie Vanhanen - James & Tabitha

Isaac & Shelly Vanhanen


The Vanhanens

DS: James Walker Vanhanen (23)

DW: Hattie Inessa Eckert Vanhanen (25)


James & Hattie Vanhanen


The Vanhanen-Waters

DD: Tabitha Marlowe Vanhanen (21)

DBFlt: Holden Elias Waters (21)


Tabitha Vanhanen & Holden Waters



The Levises

DD: Coralie Luna Vanhanen (57)

DH: Theodore Axel Levis (56)


DS: Rupert Miles (28)

DD: Hazel Jane (25)

DD: Georgia Nell (21)

DS: Eamon Wolf (19)

DD/DD: Stella Blythe/Luna Wren (17)


Teddy & Luna Levis - Rupert, Hazel, Georgie, Eamon, Stella, & Luna


The Levis-Epps 

DS: Rupert Miles Levis (28)

ExDGFlt: Abigail Quinn Williams (28)

DF: Caroline Laurel Epps (28)


Rupert Levis & Caroline Epps


The Levis-Walshes 

DD: Hazel Jane Levis (25)

DF: Calvin Bo Walsh (26)


Hazel Levis & Calvin Walsh


The Badas  

DD: Georgia Nell Levis Bada (21)

DH: Thomas Colby Bada (25)


DD: Eloise Rose (3)


Tommy & Georgie Bada - Eloise


The Levis-Lyalls 

DS: Eamon Wolf Levis (19)

DGFst: Jodie Claire Lyall (18)


Eamon Levis & Jodie Lyall



The Grangers

DD: Zara Marilena Vanhanen Granger (57)

DH: Carsten Marcus Granger (65)


DD/DD: Penelope Helen/Margaret Elaine (29)

DS: Otto Sebastian (25)

DS: Tristan Harvey (24)

DS: Casper Rex (22)

DS/DD: Hiram Felix/Eleanora Joyce (21)

DD/DD/DD: Beatrice Rose/Cordelia Phyllis/Emmeline Gina (18)


Carsten & Mari Granger - Penny, Margo, Otto, Tris, Cash, Hi, Nora, Bea, Della, & Em


The Granger-Montgomeries 

DD: Penelope Helen Granger (29)

ExDBFlt: John Rowan Montgomery (30)


Penny Granger


The Sands 

DD: Margaret Elaine Granger (29)

ExDBFlt: James Griffin Duke (33)

DH: Theodore Trent Sands (31)


DS: Zachary Dylan (8)

DS: Jonathan Ford (7)

DD: Nina Laurie (6)

DD: Layla Yvette (3)


Theo & Margo Sands - Zachary, Jonathan, Nina & Layla


The Grangers 

DS: Otto Sebastian Granger (25)


Otto Granger


The Granger-Riccis 

DS: Tristan Harvey Granger (24)

DGFlt: Elizabeth Charis Ricci (24)


Tris Granger & Beth Ricci


The Grangers 

DS: Casper Rex Granger (22)

DW: Hermione Lucina Baker Granger (23)


Cash & Maia Granger


The Granger-Fields

DS: Hiram Felix Granger (21)

DGFst: Candace Morgan Fields (19) 


Hi Granger & Candace Fields


The Granger-Gonzalos 

DD: Eleanora Joyce Granger (21)

DBFst: Oliver Andrew Gonzalo (19)


Nora Granger & Oliver Gonzalo


The Esters  

DD: Beatrice Rose Granger Ester (18)

DH: Daniel Haywood Ester (19)


Dan & Bea Ester


The Highwoods  

DD: Cordelia Phyllis Granger (18)

DH: Zachary Blake Highwood (18)


Zach & Della Highwood


The Granger-Lowells 

DD: Emmeline Gina Granger (18)

DBFlt: Joshua Derek Lowell (20)


Em Granger & Josh Lowell



The Vanhanen-Garlands

DS: Arthur Tobias Vanhanen (57)

ExDGFst: Rachel Heidi Whitmore (55)

ExGF: Billie Grey Garland (52)


DD: Isabella Joan (23)

DD: Juniper Ruth (22)

DS: Caleb Ford (19)

DD: Ruby Faye (17)


Toby Vanhanen & Billie Garland - Izzy, Juno, Caleb, & Ruby


The Hanen-Garland-Kramers 

DD: Isabella Joan Hanen-Garland (23)

DBFlt: Mark Owen Kramer (26)


Izzy Hanen-Garland & Mark Kramer


The Hanen-Garland-Esters 

DD: Juniper Ruth Hanen-Garland (22)

DBFlt: Cole Evan Ester (22)


Juno Hanen-Garland & Cole Ester


The Hanen-Garlands 

DS: Caleb Ford Hanen-Garland (19)


Caleb Hanen-Garland




Laurie & Frank Berry


Eva (Ian)Amy (Ben)Ben (Shelly)Isaac (Lizzie)Luna (Teddy)Mari (Carsten), & Toby


 Olivia (Andy), Henry (Maeve), Beau (Jacquie), & Genevieve (Chris); Addie (Ezra), Elodie (Hugo), Nate (Laila), Avery (Frank), Finn (Saskia), Nash (Lenna), Enna (Tommy) & Noah (Liva); Max, Ty (Alessia), Chris (Amelia), & Ray (Kendall); James (Hattie) & Tabitha (Holden); Rupert (Caroline), Hazel (Calvin), Georgie (Tommy), Eamon (Jodie), Stella, & Luna; Penny, Margo (Theo), Otto, Tris (Beth), Cash (Maia), Hi (Candace), Nora (Oliver), Bea (Dan), Della (Zach), & Em (Josh); Izzy (Mark), Juno (Cole), Caleb, & Ruby


Alan; Hannie, Linnie, Bobby, Jetty, & Tillie; Atticus & Tallulah; Lucy, Danny, Molly, Tommy, Charley, & Matty; Elise, Adele, Angie, Hugo, & Emma; Charlie, Stephen, & Harry; Harper & Jack; Van, Arlo, & Indy; Reese & Colt; Eloise; Zachary, Jonathan, Nina, & Layla

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The Lucina Family


DH: David Camillo Lucina {85}

DW: Jill Arietta (nee Vera) {83}


DD / DS / DS: Rose Harper / Emerson Wyatt / Jonas Henry {61}

DD: Esme Charlotte {59}

DD: Piper Julianne {58}

DD: Hollis Gwendolyn {57}

DS: Aiden Fox {56}

DD: Hadley Primrose {55}





DW: Rose Harper (nee Lucina) {61}

exDH: Franklin Joseph Bridges {63}

DH: Silas Monroe Dowsing {64}


DS: Anson Gabriel Bridges {38}

DD: Ophelia Margot Bridges {33}

DD: Lilia Josephine Bridges {29}

DS: Preston Michael Bridges {27}





DH: Anson Gabriel Bridges {38}

DW: Freya Harley (nee Brass) {35}


DD: Lucy Veronica {13}

DD: Hattie Autumn {7}

DD: Arietta Joy {5}



Bridges – Banks


DFW: Ophelia Margot Bridges {33}

DFH: Julian Rhys Banks {35}


DD: Lyra Evelyn Banks {8}

DS: Zachary Theodore Banks {6}

DS: Gideon Derek Banks {5}



Bridges – McHale


DFW: Lilia Josephine Bridges {29}

DFH: Douglas Flynn McHale {31}


DS / DD: Archie Grant McHale / Olivia Phoebe McHale {9}

DD: Clara Eden McHale {7}

DD/DS: Elysia Sage McHale / Isaiah Orion McHale {5}

DS: Samuel Cole McHale {3}

DD: Paisley Sutton McHale {1}





DH: Preston Michael Bridges {27} (bisexual)

DW: Hayley Bliss (nee Sanders) {27}


DD: Mila Guinevere {4}

DS: Leo Anderson {1}





DBF: Emerson Wyatt Lucina {61}

exDW: Amelia Diane Summers {57}

exDW: Laurel Brienna Weatherly {52}

DGF: Vera Noelle Ester {60} (short-term)


DD: Rowan Gabrielle {36}

DS: Oliver Hendrix {35}

DD: Eloise Victoria {32}

DD: Mackenzie Grace {28}

DS: Nolan Christopher {22}

DS: Daniel Kane {21}





DW: Rowan Gabrielle (nee Lucina) {36} (bisexual)

DH: Maverick Cameron Pond {37}


DD: Gemma Kathryn {18}

DS: Elliot Jace {17}

DS: Thomas Robert {15}

DD: Maren Felicity {13}

DS: Lennox Adam {8}

DD: Elsie Athena {7}

DS: Callum Tyler {6}

DD: Arya Jules {1}

DS: Chance Elliot {nb}



Lucina – Black


DH: Oliver Hendrix (nee Lucina) {35} (homosexual)

DH: Ronan James (nee Black) {36}


DD: Willa Arianwen {10}

DS: Tatum Henry {8}

DS: Griffin Brooks {7}

DD: Elodie Matilda {5}

DD: Quinn Penelope {3}

DD: Alessia Dawn {nb}





DW: Eloise Victoria (nee Lucina) {32}

DH:  Emmerich Percival Sweet {31}


DS: Isaac Evander {9}

DD: Heidi Quinn {7}

DD / DS: Linnea Jean / Fletcher Andrew {6}

DS: Teddy Ashton {5}

DS: Emmett Fox {1}





DW: Mackenzie Grace (nee Lucina) {28} (homosexual)

DW: Gerty Elizabeth Walsh {27}


DS: Palmer Jamie {7}

DS / DS: Joshua Cannon / Drew Graham {6}



Lucina – Arpenik


DBF: Nolan Christopher Lucina {22}

DGF: Faith Sapphira Arpenik {23} (short-term)





DBF: Daniel Kane Lucina {21}

DGF: Faryn Helena Gonzalez {23} (long-term)





DH: Jonas Henry Lucina {61}

DW: Alexis Riley (nee Elder) {62}


DS: Tobias Noble {34}

DS: Sebastian Milo {32}

DD: Daisy Adalynn {31}

DD: Blaire Cordelia {29}

DS: Harrison Ezra {27}

DS: Thatcher Logan {26}





DH: Tobias Noble Lucina {34} (bisexual)

DW: Stella Daphne (nee Waters) {35}


DD / DD: Chloe Alessandra Waters / Tamsin Aurelia Waters {16}

DS: Arthur Beckett {11}

DS / DS: George Montgomery / Teddy Christian {7}

DD: Phaedra Wren {5}

DS: Gabriel Maxwell {4}

DS: Benjamin Andrew {1}

DD: Darcy Elowen {nb}



Lucina – Turner


DBF: Sebastian Milo Lucina {32}

DGF: Rosemary Cadence Turner {27} (long-term)


DS / DS: Colby Parker Lucina / Morgan James Lucina {4}

DD: Hannah Fallon Lucina {1}



Lucina – Jewel


DFW: Daisy Adalynn Lucina {31}

DFH: Evan Jared Jewel {33}


DD: Maisie Louise Jewel {12}

DD: Athena Scarlett Jewel {8}

DD: Hazel Magnolia Jewel {6}

DS: Calvin Avery Jewel {5}

DD: Delia Reverie Jewel {3}

DD: Ingrid Anneliese Jewel {2}

DS: Weston Blake Jewel {1}



Lucina – Harrison


DFW: Blaire Cordelia Lucina {29} (bisexual)

DFH: Ryan Alexander Harrison {29}


DS: Jayden Charles Harrison {8}

DS: Rory Mitchell Harrison {6}

DD: Sofia Skye Harrison {5}

DD: Everly Ginger Harrison {4}





DH: Harrison Ezra Lucina {27}

DW: Gloria Margaret (nee East) {26}


DD / DS: Emily Marigold / Chase Lachlan {9}

DD: Teagan Amity {7}

DD: Valerie Faye {6}

DD: Haven Ariana {5}

DS: Asher Memphis {4}

DD: Indie Coralie {1}

DD: Cassia Jade {nb}





DH: Thatcher Logan Lucina {26}

DW: Grace Amethyst (nee Salerno) {26}


DS: Owen Theodore {7}

DS: Koda Charles {5}

DS: Alec Walter {3}

DS / DS: Hale Sebastian / Finn Dominic {nb}





DW: Esme Charlotte (nee Lucina) {59}

DH: Mason Walter Springwood {59}


DS: Finley Carver {33}

DS: Jasper Dean {27}

DD: Lydia True {26}

DS: Hudson Maddox {24}

DS: Caleb Parker {23}





DH: Finley Carver Springwood {33}

DW: Farrah Mackenzie (nee Brooks) {33}


DD / DS: Poppy Evangeline / Tristan Dominic {7}

DS: Miles Bradyn {6}

DD: Lyla Gwendolyn {nb}



Springwood – Wright


DFH: Jasper Dean Springwood {27}

DFW: Elizabeth Geneva Wright {30}


DS: Dylan Phoenix Springwood {7}

DS: Liam Douglas Springwood {6}

DD: Isla Rayne Springwood {5}





DW: Lydia True (nee Springwood) {26}

DH: Arlo Dmitri Callan {29}


DS: Atticus Jude {8}

DD / DS: Violetta Ren / Julian Rhys {5}

DS: Everett Archer {2}

DD: Meredith Celestia {1}

DD: Luna Felicity {nb}



Springwood – Gilmore


DFH: Hudson Maddox Springwood {24}

DFW: Astrid Brooke Gilmore {24}


DS: Bowie Zayn Springwood {3}





DH: Caleb Parker Springwood {23}

DW: Victoria Kinslee (nee Freeman) {23}


DD: Ava Juliet {2}





DW: Piper Julianne (nee Lucina) {58} (bisexual)

DW: Karsyn Isabella Riverless {60}


DS: Knox Lucian {24}



Riverless – Riley


DBF: Knox Lucian Riverless {24}

DGF: Eris Georgiana Riley {22} (short-term)





DW: Hollis Gwendolyn (nee Lucina) {57}

DH: Cassian Edward Tharp {57}


DS: Jackson Reid {36}

DS: Lucas Bentley {34}

DD: Isla Maeve {33}

DS: Elijah Orson {30}

DS: Xavier Atlas {24}





DH: Jackson Reid Tharp {36}

D\W: Irina Fay (nee Charles) {36}


DD/DD: Gracen Astoria / Charlie Rosalie {16}

DS: Noah Vincent {15}

DS: Boston Dashiell {13}

DD: Dempsey Layla {10}

DS / DD / DS: Killian Walker / Tatum Evangeline / Russell Elliot {7}

DS: Gideon Andrew {6}

DD: Finley Marissa {5}



Tharp – Dade


DBF: Lucas Bentley Tharp {34}

DGF: Elaine Rosamund Dade {34} (long-term)


DD: Gillian Scarlett Tharp {12}

DD: Aurelia Caroline Tharp {9}

DD: Phoebe River Tharp {7}





DW: Isla Maeve (nee Tharp) {33}

DH: Simon Hunter White {42}


DS: Malachai Everest {13}





DH: Elijah Orson Tharp {30} (bisexual)

exDGF: Cambria Gracelyn Withers {30}

DH: Zayne Thaddeus (nee Griffiths) {28}


DS: Declan Wilder {3}

DS: Sullivan Prescott {nb}



Tharp – Embry


DFH: Xavier Atlas Tharp {24} (bisexual)

DFW: Celeste Meadow Embry {24}





DH: Aiden Fox Lucina {56}

DW: Francesca Mercy (nee Jude) {55}


DD: Adelaide Trinity {34}

DD: Viviana Juliet {31}

DD: Beatrice Faith {28}

DS: Camillo Isaac {25}

DD: Genevieve Aurora {24}

DD: Eleanora Dove {23}

DS: Gregory Scout {21}

DD: Henrietta Alice {20}





DW: Adelaide Trinity (nee Lucina) {34}

DH: Jack Oscar Wolfstein {37}


DS: Samuel Bodhi {8}

DS: Rowan Jude {6}

DS: Artemis David {5}



 Lucina – Thomas


DFW: Viviana Juliet Lucina {31}

DFH: Jacob Benjamin Thomas {34}


DD: Eliza Rose Thomas {12}

DD: Harlow Juniper Thomas {10}

DD: Isobel Heidi Thomas {9}

DD / DS: Ginger Alaina Thomas / Anthony Maxwell Thomas {7}

DS: Justin Blake Thomas {6}

DS: Porter Gage Thomas {5}

DD: Corinna Faun Thomas {3}

DS: Spencer Heath Thomas {2}

DD: Ivy Cecilia Thomas {nb}





DW: Beatrice Faith (nee Lucina) {28} (homosexual)

DW: Zoe Dawn Maxwell {29}


DD: Arya Gwen {3}

DS: Grayson Xander {1}

DS: Luca Henry {nb}





DH: Camillo Isaac Lucina {25} (bisexual)

DW: Hazel Davina (nee Warner) {25}


DD: Delilah Embry {1}

DD: Philippa Elise {nb}



Lucina – Baxter


DGF: Genevieve Aurora Lucina {24}

DBF: Shepherd Milo Baxter {24} (long-term)





DW: Eleanora Dove (nee Lucina) {23} (homosexual)

DW: Amelia Bronwen Klein {26}


DD: Evelyn Matilda {4}

DD / DD: Waverly Sloane / Hollis Katherine {2}



Lucina – Whitpeak


DBF: Gregory Scout Lucina {21}

DGF: Aurelia Quinn Whitpeak {21} (long-term)


DD: Iris Juliet Lucina {2}

DD: Maisie Grey Lucina {1}





DW: Henrietta Alice (nee Lucina) {21}

DH: Jacob Lincoln Rush {25}


DD: Eden Maria {4}

DS: Anderson Leo {2}

DD: Esther Lydia {1}





DW: Hadley Primrose (nee Lucina) {55}

DH: John Elias Castillo {56}


DD: Nora Violet {33}

DD: June Fiona {29}

DD: Ruby Diana {26}

DS: Nicholas John {25}

DS: Holden Anthony {21}

DS: Seth William {17}

DD / DD: Evie Dylan / Thea Daphne {15}



Castillo – Merrill


DGF: Nora Violet Castillo {33} (bisexual)

DBF: Lewis Brady Merrill {33} (long-term)


DS: Bruno Kai Merrill {9}

DS / DS: Levi Zachary Merrill / Kieran Vincent Merrill {8}

DS: Apollo Dorian Merrill {7}

DS: Phineas Emrys Merrill {6}

DS: Rafferty Elijah Merrill {3}

DD: Ramona Charlotte Merrill {2}

DD: Nova Hartley Merrill {1}





DW: June Fiona (nee Castillo) {29}

DH: Benjamin Arlo Samuels {27}


DS: Arlo Montgomery {6}

DS: Carter Abram {5}



Castillo – Ivanov


DGF: Ruby Diana Castillo {26} (bisexual)

DBF: Nikolai Ruslan Ivanov {28} (long-term)


DD: Eleonora Juliet Ivanov {9}

DS / DS: Abram Clark Ivanov / Misha Henry Ivanov {8}

DD: Stella Piper Ivanov {4}

DS: Matthias Jett Ivanov {nb}



Castillo – Walden


DBF: Nicholas John Castillo {25}

DGF: Alyssa Posey Walden {22} (short-term)


DS: Asher Wolfe Castillo {2}



Castillo – Blair


DBF: Holden Anthony Castillo {21}

DGF: Jodie Hannah Blair {23} (long-term)


DS: Jasper Bennett Castillo {nb}

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Samuele "Sam" Slate Judson [84]

m. Jannicke "Jannie" Peach Marean [83]

Adonijah "Ade" Lucian Judson [62]

Henry Duje Judson [60]

Marean "Mari" Amelia Judson [58]

Callahan "Cal" Ottis Judson [57]



Adonijah "Ade" Lucian Judson [62]

m. Dietlinde "Linda" Willow Cummings [61] - Divorced

Ginger Peaches Judson [34]

Zayn Beppe Judson [30]

m. Yvona Daisy Muller [63]

Ruby Shannon Judson [28]

Harlem David Judson [27]

Sarai Helen Judson [26]

Blake Hendrik Judson [23]

Emma Scarlett Judson [21]

April Joyce Judson/Hazel Isaura Judson [20]


Ginger Peaches Judson [34]

m. Collin James Belzile [36] - Divorced

Raini Gemma Belzile/Slade Sirius Belzile [16]

Oren Ezekiel Belzile/Tai Samael Belzile/Eira Lillian Belzile [15]

Moshe Alix Belzile [12]

d. Rufus Quentin Wesley [35] - Ex

d. Flynn Max Colfer [36] - Engaged

Elsie Dasha Colfer [8]

Luna Esmae Colfer [6]


Zayn Beppe Judson [30]

Simon Quinn Judson [14]

d. Echo Farrah Thomas [31] - Ex

m. Elula Mae Hanif [28]


Ruby Shannon Judson [28]

m. Wolfhard "Wolf" Nile Brown [30] - Divorced

Jesse Mason Brown [10]

d. Nico Perseus Elon [29] - Long term

Corey Farryn Elon [4]

Kyrsten Dream Elon [2]

Calla Evelyn Elon [0]


Harlem David Judson [27]

m. Alaska Mirabelle West [28]

Hattie Vanessa Krystal Judson/Atalanta "Lana" Justice Deborah Judson [6]


Sarai Helen Judson [26]

Condor Kristian Judson [7]

Rune Chase Jan Judson [6]

d. Keir Fidel Hinton [27] - Long term


Blake Hendrik Judson [23] - Gay

Aurora "Rory" Victoria Judson [9]

Alia Maribel Kendall Judson [8]

Indigo "Indy" Tyler Judson [5]

d. Keith Elil Richardson [24] - Ex

Ruark Gideon Richardson [1]

d. Oliver "Ollie" Somhairle Gray [22] - Short term


Emma Scarlett Judson [21]

d. Quincy Jules Rangel [22] - Long term


April Joyce Judson [20]

d. Carter August Mcdonald [20] - Long term


Hazel Isaura Judson [20]

d. Alan Rhett Ivaylo [22] - Engaged

Chucky Loren Ivaylo [2]



Henry Duje Judson [60]

m. Iris Margot Whitworth [59]

Anna Lorelei Judson [32]

Gavin Barley Judson/Alfonso "Alfie" Crash Judson [31]

Theo Kennedy Judson [23]

Poppy Evangelina Judson [21]


Anna Lorelei Judson [32] - Bi

m. Dante Julius Nova [35]

Leo Benedict Nova [11]

Tural Zawisza Nova/Isaak Remiel Nova [9]


Gavin Barley Judson [31] - Bi

Nash Harald Judson [12]

m. Amadi Gerard Hickory [35]

Penelope "Penny" Vera Judson-Hickory/Delilah "Lila" Peach Judson-Hickory [4]


Alfonso "Alfie" Crash Judson [31] - Bi

Emmett Quill Judson [12]

m. Tina Marie Magnus [30]

Bruno Xiao Judson [9]

Tansy Evelina Judson [7]

Tucker Samuele Judson [6]

Ace Finnegan Judson [2]

Fox Pontius Judson [0]


Theo Kennedy Judson [23] - Bi

d. Amelia "Mia" Beatriz Masal [24] - Long term


Poppy Evangelina Judson [21]

d. Anthony "Tony" Jerold Harlow [23] - Long term

Orion Blair Harlow [4]

Viola Bryony Harlow [2]

Stellar Jannicke Harlow [1]



Marean "Mari" Amelia Judson [58]

d. Bryson Derry Palmer [60] - Ex

m. Thomas "Tom" Kyle Turner [59]

Sebastian "Seb" Brian Turner [23]

Connie Auden Turner [20]


Sebastian "Seb" Brian Turner [23]

d. Idalia "Ida" Delphine Mckee [25] - Engaged

Felicity Greer Turner [1]

Daphne Faun Turner [0]


Connie Auden Turner [20] - Bi

Rose Wynnflaed Turner/Mary Eleanora Faye Turner [3]



Callahan "Cal" Ottis Judson [57] - Gay

m. Denim Steve Twomey [57]

Kinsley River Judson-Twomey [29]

Gray Chester Judson-Twomey [24]

Hywel Ashton Judson-Twomey [22]

Ashby "Ash" Maddox Judson-Twomey [20]


Kinsley River Judson-Twomey [29]

m. Basil Joseph Montgomery [30] - Ex

Samson "Sam" Jonas Montgomery/Slate Thomas Montgomery [7]

Asto Hamish Montgomery [6]

m. Andrew "Andy" Phillip Baraveron [31]

Osric Elliott Baraveron/Serena "Ren" Eris Baraveron [3]

Darren Seoc Baraveron [1]


Gray Chester Judson-Twomey [24]

Heidi Jannicke Judson-Twomey [9]

Xavier Brandon Curtis Judson-Twomey [8]

Clara Sofia Judson-Twomey [5]

Indie Jennifer Judson-Twomey [1]

d. Vesper Ottilie Sherry [25] - Short term


Hywel Ashton Judson-Twomey [22]

m. Aminta "Minty" Maria Hogg [23]


Ashby "Ash" Maddox Judson-Twomey [20]

d. Dawn Tallulah Swott [20] - Short term

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The Kulmala Family


DW: Eleanor "Nora" Forsythia Verona [deceased]

DW: Merja Noor Kulmala [87]


DD: Seela Melody Kulmala [61]

DS: Gabriel Felix Kulmala [57]

DS: Elias Lincoln Kulmala [56]

DD: Iisa Adaline Kulmala [55]


Nora Verona and Merja Kulmala; with SeelaGabrielElias and Iisa




DD: Seela Melody Kulmala [61]

DW: Reverie Isobel Dusklance [64]


DS: Jonas Ira Kulmala [30]

DD: Edith Ruby Kulmala [28]

DS: Harvey Oscar Kulmala [25]

DS/DD: Bennett Marley & Ingrid Hester Kulmala [20]


Seela Kulmala and Reverie Dusklance; with JonasEdithHarveyBennett and Ingrid




DS: Jonas Ira Kulmala-Taylor [30]

DH: Jeremy Francis Taylor [31]


DS: Gus Malcolm Taylor [12]

DD/DS: Amelia Joan & Ezra Charles Taylor [1]


Jonas Kulmala-Taylor and Jeremy Taylor; with Gus, Amelia and Ezra




DD: Edith Ruby Kulmala [28]

DF: Scarlett Zephyrine Luzar [30]


DD: Everest Freya Kulmala [10]

DS: Huxley Callum Kulmala [0]


Edith Kulmala and Scarlett Luzar; with Everest and Huxley




DS: Harvey Oscar Kulmala [25]

DH: Arkadiusz "Arkad" Zikmund Brocklehurst [31] [father of Ansel & Indra]


DSS: Ansel Thomas Brocklehurst [9]

DSD: Indra Mary Brocklehurst [8]


Harvey Kulmala and Arkad Brocklehurst; with Ansel and Indra




DS: Bennett Marley Kulmala [20] bisexual

DF: Preston Anthony Herleifr [23]


DS/DD: Phineas Augustine & Briony Augusta Kulmala [3]


Bennett Kulmala and Preston Herleifr; with Phineas and Briony




DD: Ingrid Hester Kulmala Wymond [20]

DH: Declan William Wymond [21]


DS/DS: Asher Wolfe & Elliott Grier Wymond [4]

DS: Luca Moore Wymond [0]


Ingrid Kulmala and Declan Wymond; with Asher, Elliott and Luca




DS: Gabriel Felix Kulmala [57] bisexual

DW: Reyna Elizabeth Hillcreek Kulmala [56]


DD: Alchemy "Emmie" Alexis Kulmala [33]

DS: Aragon "Archie" Hillcreek Kulmala [29]

DD/DD: Ondine "Ozzy" Cecily & Melusine " Missy" Elaine Kulmala [24]


Gabriel and Reyna Kulmala; with EmmieArchieOzzy and Missy




DD: Alchemy Alexis Kulmala [33] bisexual

DGF: Aglaia Morwenna Robertson [35] long-term


DD: Hadley Indigo Eva Robertson [3]

DD: Lux Olympia Scout Robertson [2]

DS: Dorian Poe Jasper Robertson [0]


Alchemy Kulmala and Aglaia Robertson; with Hadley, Lux and Dorian




DS: Aragon "Archie" Hillcreek Kulmala [29]

DexGF: Ginger Artemisia Thakall [29] [mother of Teddy & Toby]

DGF: Isabella Inessa Seward [28] long-term


DS/DS: Theodore "Teddy" Merlin & Tobias "Toby" Ariel Kulmala [8]

DS: Dominic Upton Kulmala [4]

DS: Jacob "Jake" Blackburn Kulmala [2]


Archie Kulmala and Isabella Seward; with TeddyToby, Dominic and Jake




DD: Ondine Cecily Kulmala [24] bisexual

DH: Zachary "Zach" Mitchell Eckert [25]


DS/DD: Stephan Odion & Lyra Alesya Eckert [9]

DS: Taylor Eleazar Eckert [7]

DS/DS: Remy Lucius & Isaak Forsythe Eckert [6]

DD/DD: Bronte Wisteria & Astrid Flavia Eckert [4]

DD: Willow Ianthe Eckert [2]


Ondine Kulmala and Zach Eckert; with StephanLyraTaylorRemyIsaak, Bronte, Astrid and Willow




DD: Melusine "Mel" Elaine Kulmala Zimmerman [24] bisexual

DW: Fiona Ellen Zimmerman [23]


DS: Zayn Connor Zimmerman [2]


Mel and Fiona Zimmerman; with Zayn




DS: Elias Lincoln Kulmala [56]

DW: Lyanna Maude Aguilar [56]


DS: Skyler Harrison Kulmala [37]

DS: Calvin Reid Kulmala [35]

DS: Ford Atlas Kulmala [32]

DS: Bodhi Macsen Kulmala [28]

DS: Quintin Ender Kulmala [26]

DS: Teague Dublin Kulmala [25]

DS: Zane Theo Kulmala [22]

DD: Isley Jezebel Kulmala [20]


Elias Kulmala and Lyanna Aguilar; with SkylerCalvinFordBodhiQuintinTeague, Zane and Isley




DS: Skyler Harrison Kulmala [37]

DW: Tori Lucia Daigle [38]


DD: Elora Fay Kulmala [18]

DS: Jude Symon Kulmala [17]

DD: Willa Audrey Kulmala [16]

DS: Linus Odin Kulmala [13]

DD: Felicity Elsa Kulmala [4]

DD: Matilda Gwen Kulmala [1]


Skyler Kulmala and Tori Daigle; with EloraJudeWillaLinus, Felicity and Matilda




DD: Elora Fay Kulmala [18]

DGF: Farryn June Caldwell [19]


Elora Kulmala and Farryn Caldwell




DS: Calvin Reid Kulmala [35]

DW: Leah Noemi Marianna Hoover Kulmala [35]


DD: Asa Méabh Kulmala [16]

DS: Beckett Kian Kulmala [15]

DS: Ocean Alastair Kulmala [11]

DS: Arlo Ren Kulmala [9]

DS: Yves Thiago Kulmala [7]

DD: Ramsay Milena Kulmala [6]


Calvin and Leah Kulmala; with AsaBeckettOcean, ArloYves and Ramsay




DS: Ford Atlas Kulmala [32] bisexual

DF: Wilson "Will" Aaron Espinoza [34]


DS: Ingo Basil Espinoza [11]

DS: Isay Cohen Espinoza [9]

DS: Jian Pasquale Espinoza [7]

DS: Coro Paladin Espinoza [5]


Ford Kulmala and Will Espinoza; with Ingo, Isay, Jian and Coro




DS: Bodhi Macsen Kulmala [28]

DBF: Malik Damien Fosio [26] short-term


DS: Archer Matteo Fosio [4]


Bodhi Kulmala and Malik Fosio; with Archer




DS: Quintin Ender Kulmala [26]

DF: Kendall Sapphira Flatpelt [27]


Quintin Kulmala and Kendall Flatpelt




DS: Teague Dublin Kulmala [25]

DexGF: Dominique Belle Grimsbro [27] [mother of Cairo, Auley & Wyatt]

DGF: Charis Evelyn Senior [31] short-term


DS/DS: Cairo Blaise & Auley Zeke Kulmala [9]

DD: Wyatt Magnolia Kulmala [6]


Teague Kulmala and Charis Senior; with CairoAuley and Wyatt




DS: Zane Theo Kulmala [22]

DBF: Seth Jared Lowell [25] long-term


DD: Evanora "Evie" Soleil Inez Lowell [3]


Zane Kulmala and Seth Lowell; with Evie




DD: Isley Jezebel Kulmala [20]


Isley Kulmala




DD: Iisa Adaline Kulmala [55]

DexF: Andrew Mckinley Dewrock [56] [father of Noah]

DexH: Julian "Jules" Marcus Vaia [53]

[father of Aurora, Marcus, Juliette, Forest, Malachi, Layla & Hudson]

DH: Tenney Morrison [57]


DS: Noah Fynn Dewrock [36]

DD: Aurora Marilyn Vaia [22]

DS: Marcus Ajax Vaia [20]

DD: Juliette Eleanor Vaia [19]

DS: Forest Ezekiel Vaia [17]

DS/DD/DS: Malachi Vernon, Layla Vesper & Hudson Vincent Vaia [16]


Iisa Kulmala and Tenney Morrison; with NoahAuroraMarcusJulietteForestMalachiLayla and Hudson




DS: Noah Fynn Dewrock [36]

DW: Stella Latife Earl Dewrock [37]


DD/DS: Filippa "Filly" Eloise & Aleks Graham Dewrock [18]

DD: Dafni Lydia Dewrock [15]

DD: Vera Emmeline Dewrock [11]

DS: Stuart Flynn Dewrock [7]

DD: Tamsin Dalia Dewrock [5]


Noah and Stella Dewrock; with FillyAleksDafniVeraStuart and Tamsin




DD: Filippa "Filly" Eloise Dewrock Nolles [18]

DW: Marisol Salla Nolles [18]


DS: Rowan Fidel Nolles [0]


Filly and Marisol Nolles; with Rowan




DS: Aleks Graham Dewrock [18]

DBF: Paul Ira Yeghnik [19] long-term


Aleks Dewrock and Paul Yeghnik




DD: Aurora Marilyn Vaia [22] bisexual

DH: Rhett Micheal Douglas [21]


DD/DD: Kinsley Morgan & Piper Millie Douglas [2]


Aurora Vaia and Rhett Douglas; with Kinsley and Piper




DS: Marcus Ajax Vaia [20]

DBF: Julez Sebastian Harper [24] long-term


Marcus Vaia and Julez Harper




DD: Juliette Eleanor Vaia [19]

DF: Maya Faith Arpenik [20]


Juliette Vaia and Maya Arpenik




Generations of the Kulmala Family

Nora Verona & Merja Kulmala; SeelaGabrielElias & Iisa


Seela Kulmala & Reverie Dusklance; JonasEdithHarvey, Bennett & Ingrid

Gabriel & Reyna Kulmala; EmmieArchieOzzy & Missy

Elias Kulmala & Lyanna Aguilar; SkylerCalvinFord, BodhiQuintin, TeagueZane & Isley

Iisa Kulmala & Tenney Morrison; NoahAuroraMarcusJulietteForestMalachiLayla and Hudson


Jonas Kulmala-Taylor & Jeremy Taylor; Gus, Amelia & Ezra

Edith Kulmala & Scarlett Luzar; Everest & Huxley

Harvey Kulmala & Arkad Brocklehurst; Ansel & Indra

Bennett Kulmala & Preston Herleifr; Phineas & Briony

Ingrid & Declan Wymond; Asher, Elliott & Luca


Alchemy Kulmala & Aglaia Robertson; Hadley, Lux & Dorian

Archie Kulmala & Isabella Seward; Teddy, Toby, Dominic & Jake

Ondine Kulmala & Zach Eckert; StephanLyraTaylorRemy, Isaak, Bronte, Astrid & Willow

Mel & Fiona Zimmerman; Zayn


Skyler Kulmala & Tori Daigle; EloraJudeWillaLinus, Felicity & Matilda

Calvin & Leah Kulmala; AsaBeckett, Ocean, Arlo, Yves & Ramsay

Ford Kulmala & Will Espinoza; Ingo, Isay, Jian & Coro

Bodhi Kulmala & Malik Fosio; Archer

Quintin Kulmala & Kendall Flatpelt

Teague Kulmala & Charis Senior; CairoAuley & Wyatt

Zane Kulmala & Seth Lowell; Evie

Isley Kulmala


Noah & Stella Dewrock; FillyAleksDafni, VeraStuart & Tamsin

Aurora Vaia & Rhett Douglas; Kinsley & Piper

Marcus Vaia & Julez Harper

Juliette Vaia & Maya Arpenik


Elora Kulmala & Farryn Caldwell


Filly & Marisol Nolles; Rowan

Aleks Dewrock & Paul Yeghnik

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