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Name Ideas.....Please And Thank you!

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#1 kixi08


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Posted 11 December 2009 - 02:38 AM

Okay, so i need some name ideas. Mainly middle names, but if you have better name suggestions please feel free to let me know.

1-4 all grew up together and went to the same schools.

1. Female- She is a 26 year old who works as an editor. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. She has been under alot of stress lately because she's been planning her wedding. But one night she slips and sleeps with her fiance's best friend. Her family is very well off.
My Idea: Brooklyn MN Riley

2. Male- #1's fiance, he is a 27 year old who works in his fathers big corporation as an advertising manager. He is used to getting what he wants but has also had to work to get the reputation he does. His family is VERY well off. He has blonde hair and green eyes.
Idea: James MN McGrant

3. Male-#2's best friend. He is a 27 year old who manages a local hotel/casino. He has always had a crush on #1, but never had the courage to say so...then his best friend got to her first.
Idea: Noah MN Campbell

4. Female-#1's best friend. She is a 26 year old who is also an editor. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is typically shy until you get to know her. She has no plans of settling down anytime soon, although the site of all her friends beginning to settle down is slightly getting to her.
Idea: Annabelle MN Stone

5. Female-#1 and #3's baby-I haven't decided what her last name will be (still unsure of what will happen to #1 and #3's relationship)

Any help would be helpful thank you.

#2 Beka


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Posted 11 December 2009 - 07:27 AM

Female 1:
Brooklyn Amanda
Brooklyn Jane
*Brooklyn Aurelia
Brooklyn Danielle
Brooklyn Aubrey
Brooklyn Jade
Lorelei Brooklyn
*Alexia Raven
Maribeth Caroline
Layla Hayley
Gwendolyn Sarabell
*London Imogene
*Avalon Seraphina

Male 1:
James Robert
*James Anthony
James David
James Michael
James Mason
James Christophr
*North James
Locke Archer
Jack Steven
Alexander Justice
*Liam Wolf
*Nikolai Irving
Rebel Gideon
*Alastair Roman

Male 2:
Noah Steven
Noah Seaver
Noah Layne
Noah Benjamin
Noah Hawke
Noah Mikhail
Noah Dane
*Noah Troy
Jett Leander
Warren Scott
Phillip Noah
*Logan Theodore
Lucas David
Gregory Erick
*Declan Brodie
Storm Skyler

Female 2:
Annabelle Estrella
Annabelle Danika
Annabelle Tabitha
Annabelle Christine
Annabelle Jayla
Annabelle Juliette
*Annabelle Raine
*Skye Chelsea
Caleigh Bella
Delilah Jane
Jacqueline Eve
Nicolette Angelica
*Scarlett Marie

Seraphina Angel
*Alice Pearl
Gabrielle Grace
Eliana Atalanta
*Anastasia Rio
Isabella Echo
India Chandler
Josephine East
Rosaline Ophelia
*Noelle Kate
*Emmeline Rayne
Meredith Phoenix
*Guinevere Oktober


That's all I can come up with at the moment. Hope this helped :P

#3 Mary's dreaming

Mary's dreaming

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Posted 11 December 2009 - 03:25 PM

Melissa Brooklyn
Jennifer "Jenni" Riley
Christine Brooke
Brooke Michelle
Carol Michelle
Linda "Linny" Riley
Elizabeth "Liz" Riley
Jessica "Jessi" Riley

James Thomas
James "Jimmy" Thomas
Gregory Daniel
Grant Michael
Neil Thomas
Scott Louis
Jeffery "Jeff" David
Kurt Thomas
John "Johnny" Peter
Peter "Pete" Logan
Harrison "Harry" James
Victor "Vic" Davis

Liam Paul
William "Will" Joseph
Jacob "Jake" Charles
Charles "Charlie" Andrew
Andrew "Andy" Thomas
Nolan Richard
Alexander "Alex" Michael
Gregory "Greg" Thomas
Thomas "Tommy" Harvey
Oliver Josiah
Carl Joseph

Samantha "Sam" Claire
Felicity "Lissy" Beth
Veronica Paige
Amelia "Amy" Peace
Erin Kelly
Hannah Claire
Danielle "Dani"
Sarah Kate
Katelyn "Katie" Marie
Molly Ann
Rachel Marie

Annabella Rose
Sophia Jane
Fiona Tess
Mia Colleen
Lilah Madison
Lily Marie
Caroline Olivia
Madison Rose
Mara Selena
Vivienne "Viv" Elizabeth
Elise Rose

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