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CAF- Big i guess

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 12:00 PM

Ln: Blakley

DW: Charlotte "Charlie" Victoria
DH: David "Dave" Joseph

DS: Landon "LJ" Joseph
DS: Grayson "Gray" David
DS/DS/DD: Jaden Parker, Brady Michael and Addison "Addie" Grace
DD/DS/DD: Olivia Faith, Ryland Connor and Lucy Victoria
DS/DS: Bryce Nicholas and Eli Jordan
DS/DD/DS: Isaac Alexander, Callie Leona and Matthew "Matt" Isaiah
DD/DD: Everley "Ever" Kate and Brielle "Elle" Charlotte

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 06:01 PM

LN: Adams

DW: Bridget Lilah
DH: Vincent Garrett

1.(G) Kelsey Paige
2.(G) Hailey Alexis
3.(B/B) Derek Ryan & Dominic Shane
4.(B/B) Tyler Grant & Trevor Landon
5.(:) Holden Reed
6.(G/G/G/B) Carolyn Taylor, Camille Aubrey, Courtney Layla, & Colton Christopher
7.(G/G/G/B/B/B) Jillian Brooke, Julia Sydney, Jocelyn Rebecca, James Gavin, Justin Zane, & Jason Dean

The Adams Family
Vince & Bridget
Kelsey, Hailey, Derek, Dom, Ty, Trevor
Holden, Callie, Cami, Courtney, Colton
Jill, Julia, Jocelyn, James, Justin, Jay

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 02:13 PM

LN: Wood

DH: Owen Henry
DW: Conwell 'Connie' Elizabeth

DD: Graceyn Robyn 'Grace' or 'Gracie'
DD/DD: Haedyn Marie and Bellevue 'Belle'
DS/DS/DD: Rhys Joshua, Remy Owen, and Reagan Conwell
DS: Benjamin Thomas 'Ben'
DD/DS/DD: Amanda Mae, Aleksander 'Alek', Ashley Sara
DS: Nicholas Sean 'Nick'
DS/DS: Isaac Lewis & Isaiah Lincoln
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Katherine Amelia 'Kate', Kara Auden, Karly Alicia, Karson Akron, Kallum Austen, & Kane Adam

Owen and Connie Wood with Grace, Haedyn, Belle, Rhys, Remy, Reagan, Ben, Amanda, Alek, Ashley, Nick, Isaac, Isaiah, Kate, Kara, Karly, Karson, Kallum & Kane.

19 kids and counting..:)

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 05:12 PM

LN: Robinson

DW: Shannon Danielle
DH: Michael Dane

Birth 1:
(5. DS): Caden Lance

Birth 2:
(5. DS/DD): Christopher Collin/Annah Leigh

Birth 3:
(1. DD): Allyson Kate

Birth 4:
(1. DS/DS/DD/DD): Cason Jacob/Cameron James/Abigail Grace/Alyssa Blake

Birth 5:
(4. DS): Chandler Isaiah

Birth 6:
(3. DS/DS): Chase Elijah/Charles Jamison

Birth 7:
(5. DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD): Carlisle Edward/Cane Jeremiah/Cody Jasper/Colton Blane/Avery Emaliece/Amberlie Faith/

Danielle and Michael Robinson w/
Caden, Collin, Annah, Ally, Cason, Cam, Abby, Alyssa, Chan, Chase, Charley, Carlisle, Cane, Cody, Colton, Avery, and Amberlie.

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Posted 03 October 2010 - 02:23 PM

LN: Harrison
DH: Ryan Seymour
DW: Clara Jade

DS: Ryan Seymour Jr *Ry*
DS/DS/DD: Joshua James *Josh*/Joseph Jacob *Joey*/Jasmine Jade *Jas*
DS: Kaedan Chase *Dan*
DS: Paxton James *Pax*
DD: Rebekah Elise *Beka*
DS/DS: Elliot Charles/Owen Harvey
DD/DD: Finley Alexandra *Fin*/Dylan Elizabeth *Lani*

Ryan and Clara Harrison with Ry, Josh, Joey, Jas, Dan, Pax, Beka, Elliot, Owen, Fin and Lani

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Posted 04 October 2010 - 02:46 AM

LN: Wood

DH: Kieran Adair (36)
DW: Penelope Lilith (33)

Posted Image

DS: Samuel Bellamy (16)

Posted Image

DD/DD: Dahlia Ash/Daphne Ava (13)

Posted Image

DS/DS/DD: Baines Melbourne/Blaire Mackenzie/Bianca Madeleine (11)

Posted Image

DS: Frederick James (9)

Posted Image

DD/DD: Soleil Zia/Selene Zoe (6)


DD/DD/DD/DD: Nadine Esme/Neveah Enya/Nikita Elah/Noťlle Eden (3)


DS/DS: Tarrant Aiden/Tristin Archer (1)


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Posted 05 October 2010 - 07:53 PM

The Robinson Family

Amelia Renee and Jude Watson with

Novalee Elizabeth
Naomi Genevieve and Norah Isabelle
Kaylee Joelle, Kasyn Matilda, Kensley Grace and Katherine Jane
Brandon Lee
Jayson Alexander and Justin Walker
October Raine, Winter Annalise, Kaia July, and Summer Noelle
Josephine Abigail, Jadelyn Mackenzie, Addison Jess, and Mckinley Jasmine

Amelia and Jude with
Novalee, Nomi, Norah, Kays, Kasyn, Kens, Katie, Brandon, Jay, Justin, Tobi, Winnie, Kai, Summer, Joey, Jade, Addi, and Mac

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Posted 07 October 2010 - 09:41 AM

[41] Lea Victoire and Jude Michael Adams [44].

[18] John Logan
[16] Eva Caterine and Tahlia Audrey
[11] Noel Patrick
[10] Henry Olivier
[8] ZoŽ Georgina
[7] Rose Madeleine
[4] Blake Stephen and Dennis William

Lea and Jude Adams with John, Eva, Tahlia, Noel, Henry, ZoŽ, Rose, Blake and Dennis.

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Posted 15 March 2017 - 10:31 PM

LN: Robinson [nee Schaffer]

DW: Viola Brooke Robinson [nee Schaffer]
DH: Alistair Howard Robinson

DS: Rufus 'Rudy' Dylan Robinson [10]
DS: Baylor 'Bayes' Otto Robinson [9]
DS: Beau Montgomery Robinson [8]
DS/DS/DD/DD: Daphne 'Daffy' Monroe Robinson, Jonas Anchor Robinson, Shiloh Quinn Robinson, and Peyton Felix Robinson [6]
DS: Elias 'Eli' Shepherd Robinson [3]
DS: Ace Wyatt Robinson [2]
DS/DD/DD/DS/DD/DS: Tate Sawyer Robinson, Arizona Shay Robinson, Eliza Meredith Robinson, Scout Gabriel Robinson, Lux Penelope Robinson, and Milo Logan Robinson [1]

Viola and Alistair with Rudy, Bayes, Beau, Jonas, Peyton, Shiloh, Daffy, Eli, Ace, Eliza, Lux, Arizona, Milo, Tate, and Scout

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Posted 17 March 2017 - 10:15 AM

London's Largest Family Welcomes Sextuplets!


Ignatius and Luella Adams of Chelsea, London, welcomed a set of sextuplets to their large family on March 15th, 2017. The three boys and three girls join fourteen older siblings ranging in age from fifteen to two, and bring the amount Adams children up to twenty. Ignatius Adams said that the family are 'thrilled to welcome the new arrivals', and 'will be glad when they are all out of intensive care and can be brought home.' The couple's oldest child, fifteen year old Freedom Parker, was recently spotted attending a movie with Misty-Dawn Robinson, the fifteen year old daughter of Chelsea socialite Crystal Robinson. We wish the young couple well in their dating endeavours, and are looking forward to hearing more about the sextuplets in the years to come.




Ln: Adams


Dh: Ignatius Parker (43)

Dw: Luella Verity [Donaldson] (41)


Ds: Freedom 'Dom' Parker (15)

Ds/Dd: Bravery 'Avi' Ignatius/Serendipity 'Sera' Louisa (14)

Dd/Dd/Dd/Dd: Truly Alexandra/Plum Susannah/Honey Victoria/Fable Josephine (10)

Ds/Ds: Carbry James/Embry Thomas (6)

Ds: Hawthorne 'Hawk' Christopher (5)

Dd/Dd/Dd/Dd: Darling Jane/Happy Eleanor/Boheme Juliet/Clarity Margaret (2)

Dd/Dd/Dd/Ds/Ds/Ds: Evening 'Evie' Elisabeth/Remembrance 'Remy-Rose' Rose/Whisper Wilhelmina/Ptolemy Philip/Wilberforce 'Will' Winston/Bowman 'Bo' Benedict (0)


Ignatius and Luella Adams with Freedom, Bravery, Serendipity, Truly, Plum, Honey, Fable, Carbry, Embry, Hawthorne, Darling, Happy, Boheme, Clarity, Evening, Remembrance, Whisper, Ptolemy, Wilberforce, and Bowman

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