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Combined family

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 11:18 AM

DH: Zachary Alexander
DW: Hayley Vanessa

He had:

1st Marriage
DD (27): Natalie Helena
DS (25): Sebastian Alexander
DS/DD (22): Julian Matthew / Josephine Verity
DD (18): Georgia Claire
DD (15): Maisie Abigail
DS/DS (13): Asher Nicholas / Finn Nathaniel
DD (10): Eleanor Grace


She had:

1st Marriage
DS/DS (20): Asa Trenton / Cyrus Tristan
DD (17): Marcela Iris
DD (13): Alexia Josephine
DD (10): Emma Pearl
DS (7): Gideon Beckett


They have together:

DD/DD/DS/DS (newborn): Scarlett Eve / Stellan Nicholas / Lila Noelle / Lennon Casper

Zach and Hayley
Natalie, Seb, Julian, Josie, Georgie, Maisie, Asher, Finn, Norie, Asa, Cyrus, Mar, Alex, Emma, Gideon, Scarlett, Stellan, Lila and Lennon

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Posted 31 December 2009 - 02:32 AM

DH:Bronx Maddox
DW:Serenity Noel

DD:Charlotte Honor(27)
DS:Tobias Benjamin(25)
DS/DD:Elijah James/Miranda Abigail(22)
DD:Josephine Angelica(18)
DD:Margaret Lacey(15)
DS/DS:Jasper Anthony/Jonah Alexander(13)
DD:Violet Willow(10)

DS/DS:Jethro Chase/Josiah Jackson(20)
DD:Joanna Matilda(17)
DD:Alice Prudence(13)
DD:Alexandra Pearl(10)
DS:Seth Ashton(7)

DD/DD/DS/DS:August Noel/Anabel Snow/Kingston Joseph/Sebastion Frost(nb)

Bronx+Serenity=Charlotte, Benji, Eli, Randa, Josie, Maggie, Jasper, Jo, Violet, Jethro, Joey, JoJo, Ali, Alex, Seth, Augee, Ana, Kingston & Sebastion.

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 08:48 AM

[45] DH: Aaron Thomas West
[39] DW: Monica Grace West (Nee Hodges, became Campbell, now West)

He Had.

From 1st Marriage. -mother [Julia Abigail West] deceased-

[27] DD: Anna Virginia
Happily married to Caleb Monroe (29) with their two beautiful daughters; Joy Elizabeth Monroe (3) and Alissa Faye Monroe (2).
[25] DS: Noah Patrick
Married to LeAnne (25), with which he has a son; Toby Jack West (3).
[22] DS/DD: Caleb Nicholas and Claire Miriam
Caleb is in university getting his medical degree. Currently dating Lelia Garcia.
Claire is Engaged to her long term boyfriend Brody Gavin (22), and is working as a wedding planner.
[18] DD: Olivia Rachel 'Liv'
In highschool, dating Jacob Thompson (18).
[15] DD: Ella Catherine
Single and in highschool. On the cheerleading squad.
[13] DS/DS: Gabriel Thomas and Liam Henry 'Abe and Liam'
In Middle school, one playing football, the other in the drama club.
[10] DD: Brooke Helena
Still in school. Loves dancing and hopes to become a proffesional tap dancer.

She Had.

From 1st Marriage. -father [John Edward Campbell] divorced-

[20] DS/DS: Elias Tristan and Jonas Blake 'Eli and Joe'
Eli is singe and currently working as a freelance artist in a down-town studio apartment.
Joe is married to his girlfriend of 4 years Molly (20) and together they have a daughter; Evy Nicole Campbell (3).

[17] DD: Alexandra 'Alex' Josephine
Alex is still in highschool, single and is on the prom commity and school journal commity.
[13] DD: Charlotte 'Charlie' Eleonora
Charlie is in the same middle school as Abe and Liam and they are best friends. She's much more like one of the dudes. :)
[10] DD: Isabella 'Izzy' Imogen
Izzy is the girly girl of the family, and loves Ella and Brooke to pieces. She loves anything pink and everything to do with cheerleading.
[7] DS: Levi Mason
Levi is the quiet child. He tends to be by himself and loves to read.

Together They Have.

[Nb] DD/DD/DS/DS: Harper Joy, Piper Noelle, Theo Joseph and Milo Nicholas West.

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 10:32 AM

DH (48): Jacob Michael
DW (44): Rebecca Elizabeth

He has
DD (27): Charlotte Ariel
DS (25): Asher David
DS/DD (22): Jasper William/Helena Rose
DD (18): Alice Miriam
DD (15): Sasha Rachel
DS/DS (13): Jonah Matthew/Liam Nathaniel
DD (10): Lucy Willow

She has
DS/DS (20): Sampson Isaiah/Solomon Elijah
DD (17): Astrid Isadora
DD (13): Sophie Eleanora
DD (10): Zaria Iris
DS (7): Josiah Caleb

They have together
DD/DD/DS/DS (NB): Ivy Lucia/Piper Noelle/Lionel Nicholas/Lennon Casper

All together, they are
Jake and Rebecca, with Char, Asher, Jasper & Helena, Sampson & Solomon, Alice, Astrid, Sasha, Jonah & Liam, Sophie, Lucy, Zaria, Josiah, and Ivy, Piper, Lionel, & Lennon.

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 12:16 PM

DH: Luke Thomas Nichols
DW: Amelia Kate (Walker)(Talbot) Mitchell

Luke had, 1st Marriage:

DD: Julia Claire Nichols (27)
DS: Hunter Louis Nichols (25)
DS/DD: Wyatt Martin Nichols / Alexa Margaret Nichols (22)
DD: Olivia Catherine Nichols (18)
DD: Maya Charlotte Nichols (15)
DD: Tessa Eleanor Nichols (10)

Luke Nichols, a divorcee, with his 7 children; Julia, Hunter, Wyatt, Alexa, Olivia, Maya and Tessa

Amelia had, 1st marriage

DS/DS: Jared Colin Talbot / Jonas Caleb Talbot (20)
DD: Emma Josephine Talbot (17)
DD: Sophie Rosamund Talbot (13)
DD: Lily Frances Talbot (10)
DS: Seth Jackson Talbot (7)

Amelia (Walker) Talbot, a widow, with her 6 children; Jared, Jonas, Emma, Sophie, Lily and Seth

Luke and Amelia Nichols have together:

DD: Mamie Joy Nichols (newborn)
DD: Sadie Noelle Nichols (newborn)
DS: Asher Joseph / Levi Joseph Nichols (newborn)
DS: Silas Christian Nichols (newborn)

Luke and Amelia Nichols; Julia, Hunter, Wyatt, Alexa, Jared, Jonas, Olivia, Emma, Maya, Sophie, Lily, Tessa, Seth, Mamie, Sadie, Asher and Silas

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 07:50 PM

Husband - Wade Thomas
Wife - Heather Lynn

Wade & 1st Wife
Sophia Eleanor
Wyatt Alexander
Oliver Theodore
Rose Catherine
Olivia Grace
Georgia Willow
Nathanial Jack
Gregory Luke
Lily Charlotte

Soph | Wyatt | Ollie
Rose | Livy | George
Nate | Greg | Lily

Heather & 1st Husband
Seth Jackson
Levi Beckett
Elizabeth Pearl
Josephine Iris
Alexandra Edith
Zachariah Blake

Seth | Levi | Liz
Jo | Alex | Zack

Wade & Heather
Matilda Natalie
Delilah Eve
Dexter Nicholas
Sullivan Noel

Wade & Heather
Mattie | Lilah
Dex | Sully

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 05:58 AM

DH: Cole Thomas
Dw: Kara Danielle

He Had:

DD: Addison Grace (27)
DS: Jackson Luke (25)
DS/DD: Nathan Charles / Lily Catherine (22)
DD: Ava Charlotte (18)
DD: Brooke Rosemary (15)
DS/DS: Liam Christopher / Cole Alexander (13)
DD: Paige Abigail (10)


She Had:

DS/DS: Levi Chase / Jared Blake (20)
DD: Alexandra Pearl (17)
DD: Charlotte Mabel (13)
DD: Isabella Helen (10)
DS: Seth Owen (7)


They Have:

DD/DD/DS/DS: Ella Joy / Violet Eve / Hudson Frost / Asher Joseph (NB)

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 05:20 PM

DH: Andrew James
Dw: Everleigh Claire

He Had:

DD: Addison Allegra (27)
DS: Felix Stephen (25)
DS/DD: Nathan Charles / Alexa Natalie (22)
DD: Paige Constance (18)
DD: Emma Lilac (15)
DS/DS: Emmett Christopher / Dominic Alexander (13)
DD: Madeleine Rebecca (10)


She Had:

DS/DS: Seth Trenton/Clement Theo (20)
DD: Nicoline Phoebe (17)
DD: Marcela Josephine (13)
DD: Elisabeth Margaret(10)
DS: Amos Colin(7)


They Have:

DD/DD/DS/DS: Scarlette Holly/Violette Natalie/Hudson Nicholas/Luca Casper

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 09:40 PM

DH: Joshua Walter "Josh"
DW: Sami Elizabeth "Sami"

Josh's 1st Marriage
DD: Daisy Margaret (27)
Daisy is married to Kyle and they have a 4 year old son named Michael and a 2 year old daughter named Haley
DS: Alastair Joseph (25)
AJ is engaged to Christina and they have a 6 month old daughter named Emma
DS/DD: Eli Nathaniel / Alexa "Lexi" Faith (22)
Eli is engaged to Abigail and they dont have any children yet. Lexi is in grad school currently and she's got a boyfriend named Noah.
DD: Caroline "Carrie" Anna (18)
Carrie is a senior in high school and has a boyfriend named Daniel.
DD: Brooke Eleanor (15)
Brooke is a sophomore in high school and a cheerleader...she's currently got a boyfriend named Nate.
DS/DS: Hayden Thomas / Lucas Matthew (13)
Hayden and Luke are in middle school and they are on the football and wrestling teams
DD: Charlotte "Charlie" Alice (10)
Charlie is in 5th grade and very much into cheerleading like Brooke.

Sami's 1st marriage
DS/DS: Seth Caleb / Jared Blake (20)
Seth is engaged to Jessica and Jessica is expecting. Jared is engaged to Katie and they have a 9 month old son named Casey.
DD: Ariana Josephine "Ari"(17)
Ari is finishing her high school of online due to the fact that she got pregnant...Ari and her boyfriend Kevin are gonna work together to raise their baby.
DD: Lily Margaret (13)
Lily is in middle school with Hayden & Luke...she's a cheerleader and loves to hang out with them.
DD: Isabella Phoebe "Bella" (10)
Bella is in 5th grade with Charlie and she's into cheerleading too.
DS: Isaac Tristan (7)
Isaac is in 2nd grade and wants to be a football player like Seth and Jared were.

Josh and Sami have together:
DD/DD/DS/DS: Ella Natalie / Lola Virginia / Dexter Nicholas / Harper Joseph (nb)

Josh and Sami's Children (in all)
Daisy, AJ, Eli / Lexi, Seth / Jared, Carrie, Ari, Brooke, Hayden / Luke, Lily, Charlie, Bella, Isaac and Ella / Lola / Dex / Joey

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 01:14 AM

DH: Levi William
DW: Natalia Elisabeth

DD: Amelia Grace age 27
DS: Nathaniel William age 25
DS/DD: Jackson and Madeleine Honor age 22
DD: Susannah Faith age 18
DD: Charlotte True age 15
DS: Nicholas David age 13
DD: Helena Mercy age 10

DS/DS: Elijah Milo and Zachariah Owen age 20
DD: Alexia Pearl age 17
DD: Elisabeth Isadora age 13
DD: Victoria Iris age 10
DS: Phineas Jagger age 7

DD/DD/DS/DS: Matilda Holly, Delilah Snow, Dashiell Casper and Leopold Noel

Levi & Talia with Mia, Nathan, Jack, Maddie, Susie, Lottie, Nick, Lena, Eli, Zach, Lexi, Ellie, Tori, Finn, Mattie, Lilah, Dash and Leo

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Posted 23 May 2010 - 05:55 AM

DH: Greyson Lewis Wyatt
DW: Summer Elizabeth Wyatt

Greyson had from first marriage :

DD:Brooke Jane 27
Happily married to her high school sweetheart Troy, has a daughter Olivia Brooke (3) and Jack Kayden (NB)
DS: Lucas Daniel 25
Lucas is Married to Jade and is a dad to 3, Addison Jada (3) and twins Logan James and Parker Jacob (1)
DS/DD: Oliver James/ Isabel Claire22
Oliver is married to Ada, they have one son Phoenix (nb)
Isabel is engaged to Cody, they have a daughter Callie (1)

DD: Kate Felicity18
Kate is currently dating Garriet and is busy with University.
DD: Eliza Rose 15
Eliza is boy crazy and loves sport.
DS/DS: Cole Christopher " CC" / Clay Julian "CJ" 13
Cole and Clay both have started High school this year and have settled in well
DD: Lily Piper 10
Lily loves dancing and cheerleading with her sister Sophie

Summer had from first marriage

1st marriage
DS/DS: Elijah Mason / Zachariah Jackson 20
Elijah is married to Anna, they have one child Leah (2)
Zachariah is single and studying hard at Uni

DD: Charlotte Pearl 17
Charlotte is in her final year of school and been dating Caiden for the last 3 years.
DD:Isabella Harriet 13
Isabella spends all her time with her friends
DD Sophie Matilda 10
Sophie loves spending time with her sister dancing and cheerleading
DS: Seth Aston 7
Seth just loves being a big brother

They have together:

DD/DD/DS/DS: Ella Joy, Ruby Lucia , Oscar Christian, Kai Nicholas newborn

Summer and Greyson with Brooke, Lucas, Izzy, Oliver, Eli, Zach, Kate, Charlotte, Eliza, Cole, Clay, Bella, Lily, Sophie, Seth, Ella, Ruby, Oscar and Kai

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Posted 23 May 2010 - 03:11 PM

DH:Robert James
DW:Rosalee Janelle

DD:Margaret Jane(27)
DS:Noah Daniel(25)
DS/DD:Emmett Benjamin/Alice Claire(22)
DD:Amelia Willow(18)
DD:Arabella Mercy(15)
DS/DS:Jasper Nathaniel/Jackson Matthew(13)
DD:Violet Grace(10)
Rob, Maggie, Noah, Emmett, Alice, Amelia, Bella, Jasper, Jack & Violet

DS/DS:Elijah Milo/Isaiah Chase(20)
DD:Charlotte Matilda(17)
DD:Macela Pearl(13)
DD:Maxima Augusta(10)
DS:Sampson Owen(7)
Rose, Elijah, Isaiah, Charlie, Ela, Max & Sam

DD/DD/DS/DS:Stella Noel/Daisy Snow/Kingston Frost/August Casper(nb)
Rob, Rose, Stella, Daisy, Kingston & Auggie

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Posted 23 May 2010 - 03:58 PM

DH: Sebastian Miles
DW: Elaina Margaret

DD: Arabella Rose (27)
DS: Gregory Paul (25)
DS/DD: Lucas Andrew/Emma Mercy (22)
DD: India Jane (18)
DD: Juliana Pearl (15)
DS/DS: Hunter George/Nicholas Alexander (13)
DD: Olivia Violet (10)

DS/DS: Jedediah Colin/Phineas Blake (20)
DD: Anastasia Iris (17)
DD: Amalia Helen (13)
DD: Ariana Margaret (10)
DS: Elijah Landon (7)

DD/DD/DS/DS: Scarlett Noelle/Delilah Eve/Kai Frost/Theo Christian (newborn)

Bastian & Lanie: Bella, Greg, Luke, Emma, Indy, Julie, Hunter, Nick, Liv, Jed, Phin, Anya, Amy, Ari, Eli, Scar, Lilah, Kai, & Theo

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Posted 25 June 2010 - 06:17 PM

DH: Shane Patrick
DW: Sarah Nicole
Posted Image

He had:

1st Marriage

DD: Brooke Rose(27)
Posted Image Brooke & her husband Steven and their unborn son Aaron Shane

DS: Dominic Adam(25)
Posted Image Dom & his wife Sarah

DS/DD: Gregory Christopher & Caroline Grace(22)
Posted Image Carly, her boyfriend Scott, Greg's girlfriend Hailey, & Greg

DD: Paige Lily(18)
Posted Image Paige

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Posted 25 June 2010 - 06:18 PM

DD: Alexa Faith(15)
Posted Image Lexi

DS/DS: Nicholas John & Nathan James(13)
Posted Image Nick & Nate

DD: Georgia Hope(10)
Posted Image Georgia


She had

1st marriage

DS/DS: Elijah Bryce & Josiah Landon(20)
Posted Image Eli & Siah

DD: Leila Imogen(17)
Posted Image Leila

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Posted 25 June 2010 - 06:19 PM

DD: Ariana Josephine(13)
Posted Image Ari

DD Juliana Pearl(10)
Posted Image Juli

DS: Jared Tristan(7)
Posted Image Jared

They have together:

DD/DD/DS/DS: Lila Noelle , Lola Eve, Levi Christian & Lennon Joseph(newborn)
Posted Image Lila, Lennon, Lola, & Levi

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Posted 25 June 2010 - 07:00 PM

Jackson Sage and Alice Kingsley have 19 children

Jackson Sage "Jack" has 9 children by his first marriage
He has a 27year old daughter named Addison Louisa "Addi"
He has a 25year old son named Aidan Zachary "Aidan"
He has a 22year old b/g twins named Alastair William and Alexa Rose "Al and Lexi"
He has an 18 year old daughter named Allegra True "Alli True"
He has a 15 year old daughter named Arden Virginia "Ardie"
He has 13 year old b/b twins named Anderson Thomas and Andrew Stephen "Sonny and Drew"
He has a 10 year old daughter named Arabella Willow "Bella"

Alice Kingsley "Alice" has 6 children by her first marriage
She has 20 year old twin sons named Clement Ashton and Hiram Mason "Ash and Mase"
She has a 17 year old daughter named Zaria Pearl "Zari"
She has a 13 year old daughter named Tallulah Iris "Lula"
She has a 10 year old daughter named Wilhelmina Ida "Wills"
She has a 7 year old son named Elijah Owen "Eli"

After Jack and Alice got married they had G/G/B/B quads named
Annabel Snow "Annie"
August Merilee "Augie"
Atticus Frost "Atticus"
Asher Nicholas "Nic"

Jack & Alice
Addi, Aidan, Al, Lexi, Alli True, Ardie, Sonny, Drew, Bella, Ashe, Mase, Zari, Lula, Wills, Eli, Annie, Augie, Atticus, and Nic

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 12:17 PM

DH Ezra Nathaniel {45}
DW Edie Lucille {40}

He had.

DD Addison Jane {27}
DS Gabriel Luke {25}
DS|DD Isaac Peter // Isabel Grace {22}
DD Juliana Claire {18}
DD Eleanor Rose {15}
DS|DS Harrison Adam // Nathaniel Henry {13}
DD Charlotte Faith {10}

Addie, Gabe, Zac, Izzie, Jules, Elle, Harry, Nate & Lottie.

She had

DS|DS Seth Caleb // Levi Blake {20}
DD Emma Florence {17}
DD Sophie Matilda {13}
DD Leila Imogen {10}
DS Eli Tristan {7}

Seth, Levi, Emma, Sophie, Leila & Eli.

Together, they have;

DD|DD|DS|DS Isla Mary // Hazel Eve // Luca Noel // Milo Joseph {NB}

Isla, Hazel, Luca & Milo.

Ezra and Edie.
Addie, Gabe, Zac, Izzie, Seth, Levi, Jules, Emma, Elle, Harry, Nate, Sophie, Lottie, Leila, Eli, Isla, Hazel, Luca & Milo.

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 06:31 PM

DH: Shane Patrick
DW: Callie Rose

He had ...
DD: Ava Rose 27
DS: Reed Patrick 25
DS/DD: Max Benjamin & Maya Laurel 22
DD: Tessa Grace18
DD: Leila Claire 15
DS/DS: Nicholas Adam & Nathan James 13
DD: Georgia Hope 10

She had ...
DS/DS: Eli Landon & Alden Wyatt 20
DD: Juliana Imogen 17
DD: Charlotte Frances 13
DD Lily Josephine 10
DS: Jared Gavin 7

They have together ...
DD/DD/DS/DS: Sadie Joy, Ruby Noelle, Sebastian Joseph, & Roman Christian newborn

Shane & Callie
Ava, Reed, Max, Maya, Eli, Alden, Tessa, Juliana, Leila,
Charlotte, Nick, Nate, Lily, Georgia, Jared, Sadie, Ruby, Seb, & Roman

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 07:31 PM

DH: William Samuel Topping
DW: Olivia Joy Greene-Wise Topping

He had:

1st Marriage
DD: Amelia Margaret (27)
DS: Barnaby Nathaniel (25)
DS/DD: Calvin Patrick/Dorothea Prudence (22)
DD: Eleanor Ruth (18)
DD: Francesca Sunday (15)
DS/DS: George Thomas/Harry Theodore (13)
DD: Isabel Violet (10)


She had

1st marriage
DS/DS: Bazel Xavier/Micaiah Beckett (20)
DD: Alexandra Imogen (17)
DD: Elisabeth Augusta (13)
DD Isadora Edith (10)
DS: Zebulon Milo (7)


They have together:

DD/DD/DS/DS: Ruby Christmas/Scarlett Noelle/Roman Christian/Sullivan Noel (newborn)

Sam & Joy Topping
Amy Topping (27)
Nat Topping(25)
Calvin & Pru Topping (22)

Baz & Mic Greene-Wise (20)
Ellie Topping
Alex Greene-Wise (17)
Chess Topping (15)
George & Theo Topping (13)

Beth Greene-Wise (13)
Isabel Topping
Edith Greene-Wise (10)
Zeb Greene-Wise (7)

Ruby Topping (0)
Scarlett Topping (0)
Rome Topping(0)
Sully Topping (0)

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