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Family Tree CAF #5 - 4/10

Family Tree CAF #5 - 4/10 Family Tree CAF #5 4/10 Family Tree CAF Mine Round 4 Part 4

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Posted 04 November 2018 - 12:43 PM

The Broderick-Cameron Family


DW: Leona Clarissa Broderick-Cameron [63]

DW: Ottoline Cornelia Broderick-Cameron [63]


DAS1: Linden Aries Broderick-Cameron [37]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD1: Melissa Jeanette McCrystal [35]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD2/DAD3: Ottilie Liliane Broderick-Cameron & Arwen Elanor Broderick-Cameron [31]

(Adopted from USA)


Leona and Ottoline Broderick-Cameron; with Linden, Melissa, Ottilie & Arwen




The Broderick-Cameron/Mirthswift Family


DAS1: Linden Aries Broderick-Cameron [37]

DGF: Claudie Diana Mirthswift [36] (Long Term)


DD1: Ginevra Rosmerta Mirthswift [11]

DD2: Clarissa Linden Mirthswift [10]

DS1/DS2: Rhys Bailey Mirthswift & Dean Claude Mirthswift [3]


Linden Broderick-Cameron and Claudie Mirthswift; with Ginevra, Clarissa, Rhys & Dean




The McCrystal/Bergman Family


DAD1: Melissa Jeanette McCrystal (nee Broderick-Cameron) [35] (Bisexual)

DH: Roland Ellis McCrystal [34]

Ex-DBF: Marco Vittorio Bergman Sr. [35] (formerly ST) [Father of M.J. & Michael]


DS1/DS2: Marco "M.J." Vittorio Bergman Jr. & Michael Lee Bergman [11]


Melissa (and ex-boyfriend Marco Bergman) and Roland McCrystal; with M.J. & Michael




The Broderick-Cameron/Vessier Family


DAD2: Ottilie Liliane Broderick-Cameron [31]

Dfiance: Jasper Reed Vessier [31] (formerly LT)


DD1: Charlotte Ivy Vessier [8]

DS1: Finley Frederick Vessier [5]


Ottilie Broderick-Cameron and Jasper Vessier; with Charlotte & Finley




The Broderick-Cameron/Francis Family


DAD3: Arwen Elanor Broderick-Cameron [31] (Bisexual)

DGF: Elowen Arabelle Francis [31] (Long Term)

Ex-DGF: Bijou Agatha Beaufort [31] (formerly ST)


Arwen Broderick-Cameron and Elowen Francis




Generations of the Broderick-Cameron Family:


Leona and Ottoline Broderick-Cameron; with Linden, Melissa, Ottilie & Arwen


Linden Broderick-Cameron and Claudie Mirthswift; with Ginevra, Clarissa, Rhys & Dean

Melissa (and ex-boyfriend Marco Bergman) and Roland McCrystal; with M.J. & Michael

Ottilie Broderick-Cameron and Jasper Vessier; with Charlotte & Finley

Arwen Broderick-Cameron and Elowen Francis

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Posted 05 November 2018 - 09:19 PM

The Prescott Family


DH: Edward Marcelin Prescott (60)

DW: Mirabel Victoria "Mira" Prescott (nee Judson) (58)


DD: Jasmina Elizabeth "Mina" Prescott (36)

DS/DS: Oliver Rowan Prescott / Gideon Royce Prescott (34)

DD: Dahlia Lauren "Lia" Prescott (32)

DS: Malcolm Cooper Prescott (30)


Edward and Mira Prescott

Mina, Oliver, Gideon, Lia, and Malcolm




The Goodman Family


DW: Jasmina Elizabeth "Mina" Goodman (nee Prescott) (36)

DH: Asher Broderick Goodman (38)


DD/DD: Annalie Rose Goodman / Carys Isabela Goodman (10)

DS: Sebastian Ambrose "Bastian" Goodman  (9)

DS: Augustine Brecken "Gus" Goodman (8)

DD: Kendra Delphine Goodman (6)

DS/DD: Benjamin Abraham "Benji" Goodman / Gianna Ruby Goodman (4)

DS: Caspian Douglas "Ian" Goodman (3)


Mina and Asher Goodman

Annalie, Carys, Bastian, Gus, Kendra, Benji, Gianna, and Ian




The Prescott Family


DH: Oliver Rowan Prescott (34)

DW: Briella Frances Prescott (nee Armstrong) (32) 


DS: Bennett Gavin Prescott (8) 

DS:  William Tobias Prescott (4)


Oliver and Briella Prescott

Bennett and William




The Prescott-Wentworth Family


DH: Gideon Royce Prescott (34)

DW: Adelina Beatrix "Addie" Wentworth (34) 


DS/DD: Byron Felix Prescott / Lorelei Aria Prescott (7)

DS: Torin Nestor Prescott (6)

DS: Adlai Nathaniel Prescott (2)


Gideon Prescott and Addie Wentworth

Byron, Lorelei, Torin, and Adlai




The Prescott-Applewood Family


DGF: Dahlia Lauren "Lia" Prescott (32)

DBF: James Randall Applewood (32) (long-term)

exFiance: Edmond Calder Burnett 


DD: Leia Madison Applewood (3)


Lia Prescott and James Applewood





The Prescott-Barleyshield Family


DFiance: Malcolm Cooper Prescott (30)

DFiancee: Emilia Dorothy Barleyshield (30) (long-term)


DD: Alina Jocelyn Prescott (6)


Malcolm Prescott and Emilia Barleyshield


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 05:13 AM

The Prescott Family


Dh: James Peter Prescott (71)

Dw: Sophie Luna Sherwood Prescott (65)


ADd: Ottoline 'Otter' Gray Prescott (37) - Adopted domestically

Dd: Wilhelmina 'Will' Mary Prescott (36)

Dd/Ds: Annabelle 'Annie' Lucy Prescott/James Peter Prescott Jr. (34)

Dd: Margaret 'Maisie' Nell Prescott (32)

Dd: Juniper 'June' Blake Prescott (31)


James and Sophie Prescott; with OttolineWilhelminaAnnabelleJames Jr.Margaret, and Juniper



The Prescott/Murray/Chavagre Family


DFiancée: Ottoline 'Otter' Gray Prescott (37)

DFiancé: Orlando Sebastian Murray (39)


Ds/Dd: Hank Thurman Chavagre/Monroe Leighton Chavagre (10)

Ds: Gavin Malcolm Murray (7)


ExDh: Virgil Royce Chavagre (38) - Father of Hank and Monroe


Ottoline Prescott (and ex-husband Virgil Chavagre) and Orlando Murray; with HankMonroe, and Gavin



The Prescott/Ashford Family


Dgf: Wilhelmina 'Will' Mary Prescott (36)

Dbf: Burke Jameson Ashford (36) - Long term


Ds: Theodore 'Teddy' Thomas Ashford (6)

Ds: Irving Tucker Ashford (0)


Wilhelmina Prescott and Burke Ashford; with Theodore and Irving



The Prescott/Cotton/Omsoc Family


DFiancée: Annabelle 'Annie' Lucy Prescott (34)

DFiancé: Warren James Cotton (34)


Dd: Eva Olivia Omsoc (9)

Ds: Cato Wallace Omsoc (7)


ExDbf: Elis Shelomoh Moye (33)

ExDbf: Cosmo Bernard Omsoc (35) - Father of Eva and Cato


Annabelle Prescott (and ex-boyfriends Elis Moye and Cosmo Omsoc) and Warren Cotton; with Eva and Cato



The Prescott Family


Dh: James Peter Prescott Jr. (34)

Dw: Eun Phoibe McClure Prescott (33)


Ds: Balbino 'Albie' Eliseo Prescott (11)

Ds: Cadmus Neville Prescott (10)

Ds/Ds: Brantley Zayn Prescott/Nestor Ashley Prescott (5)

Dd: Lily Clementine Prescott (1)

Dd: Judith 'Judy' Rina Prescott (0)


James Jr. and Eun Prescott; with BalbinoCadmusBrantleyNestor, Lily, and Judith



The Fulbright Family


Dw: Margaret 'Maisie' Nell Prescott Fulbright (32)

Dh: Edmond 'Ned' Arno Fulbright (35)


Ds: Harvey Crispin Fulbright (3)

Dd: Josephine 'Josie' Iris Fulbright (0)


Margaret and Edmond Fulbright; with Harvey and Josephine



The Lincoln Family


Dw: Juniper 'June' Blake Prescott Lincoln (31)

Dh: Eleuterio 'Rio' Cristian Lincoln (30)


Dd: Ramona Ruby Prescott (11)

Dd: Charlotte 'Charley' Jane Lincoln (10)

Dd: Felicity 'Fliss' Faith Lincoln (9)

Ds: Aubrey Wilder Lincoln (7)

Dd: Elena 'Ellie' Salome Lincoln (5)


Juniper Prescott and Eleuterio Lincoln; with RamonaCharlotteFelicityAubrey, and Elena


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Posted 07 December 2018 - 06:50 PM

The Roscoe Family

DH: Dale Jamieson Roscoe [64]
DW: Marie Azalea {nee Sherwood} Roscoe [60]

DS: Lewis 'Lev' Vaughn Roscoe [37]
DS: Cullen Anthony Roscoe [33]
DS: Graham 'Gray' Tyler Roscoe [30]
DAD: Bristol 'Bri' Adeline Roscoe [27]

Dale & Marie Roscoe with Lev, Cullen, Gray & Bri.


The Sorenson-Roscoe Family

DH: Lewis 'Lev' Vaughn Roscoe [37]
DW: Alys Mireya Sorenson [37] (engaged)

DD: Scarlett Monika Sorenson-Roscoe [11]
DD: Elianna 'Ellie' Zoey Sorenson-Roscoe [5]
DD: Talulla 'Lulu' Claire Sorenson-Roscoe [4]

Lev Roscoe & Alys Sorenson with Scarlett, Ellie & Lulu.


The Cadter-Roscoe/Cupp Family

DS: Cullen Anthony Roscoe [33]
Ex-GF: Isobel Fawn Cupp [34]
GF: Justina Rénáta Carter [30] (long-term)

DS/DS: Mason Rory Roscoe-Cupp & Oliver Devin Roscoe-Cupp [12]
DD: Reese Evangeline Carter-Roscoe [9]

Cullen Roscoe (with ex-girlfriend Isobel Cupp, Mason & Oliver's mom) & Justina Carter with Mason, Oliver & Reese.


The Roscoe Family

DH: Graham 'Gray' Tyler Roscoe [30]
DW: Remy Ines {nee Hatcher} Roscoe [29]

DD: Alexandra 'Lexi' Louisse Roscoe [6]
DS: Brendan 'Bren' Remy Roscoe [4]
DD: Abigail 'Abby' Joanna Roscoe [3]
DS: Phineas 'Phin' Luca Roscoe [infant]

Gray & Remy Roscoe with Lexi, Bren, Abby & Phin.


The Pachecho Family

DW: Bristol 'Bri' Adeline {nee Roscoe} Pachecho [27]
DH: Karl Rocco Pachecho [27]

DD: Gianna Gracie Pachecho [1]

Bri & Karl Pachecho with Gianna.

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Posted 16 February 2019 - 06:17 AM

DH: Octavian Jacoby Gilbride (57)

DW: Abigail Cecilia Gilbride (nee Sherwood) (57)

DD: Eveline Darcy Gilbride (36)
-DF: James Robert Sutton (38)
-DS/DD: Eoin Kianoush Sutton / Gianna Claire Sutton (4)


DS: Marcus Jethro Gilbride (35)
-DXGF: Alison Sorcha Sutherland (30)
-DGF: Fenella Miriam Sinclair (32)

-DS: Sebastian Thiago Sutherland-Gilbride (7)
-DS: Benjamin Rutherford Gilbride (3)


DD: Gretchen Zena Gilbride (34)
-DW: Cassia Melisande Cragbrook (34)

DD: Delphine Aurinda Gilbride (33)
-DXBF: Calder Roman Desmond (29)
-DF: Rufus Hiram Haynes (34)
-DD: Justina Ophelia Haynes (8)
-DD: Isabella Lucy Haynes (1)

DD: Coralie Mila Rhodes (nee Gilbride) (33)
-DXH: Anderson Juan Whitworth (35)
-DH: David Iker Rhodes (37)
-DS: Ruan Magnus Whitworth (13)
-DS: Marcus Leopold Rhodes (4)
-DS: Joseph Brendan Rhodes (0)

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