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Posted 13 December 2019 - 06:21 PM

Roll the dice for each year to decide what life events happen each year. You can do as many years as you'd like! 


Use this virtual dice. Each area will tell you which dice to use. 



Year 1 


You choose the main characters gender. This year is the year they get married. 

https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/ (chose "1980" as the birth year and "Top 100" for popularity to name each of the adults in this relationship).


Roll the 8 sided dice to determine what kind of relationship this is. 

1. Straight relationship 

2. Gay relationship 

3. Straight relationship 

4. Polyamorous relationship (you choose how many romantic partners, roll for their gender. Even girl odd boy). 

5. Bisexual relationship (you choose what genders are together) 

6. Straight relationship  

7. Gay relationship 

8. Straight relationship 


Roll the 8 sided dice to determine how they meet. 

1. Grew up together 

2. Met at school

3. Met at a job

4. Met at a gathering for a shared interest/ hobby 

5. Met via a blind date 

6. Introduced through a mutual friend 

7. Met online

8. Met at a bar or restaurant 


Year 2 + 



Roll a 6 sided dice to determine which type of life event happens each year. 

1. Relationship changes

2. Job/ school related

3. Baby related 

4. Travel 

5. Health related 

6. Miscellaneous 



Roll a 4 sided dice. 

1. You get renew your vows 

2. You split up temporarily 

3. You meet someone new that you have strong feelings for. Do you leave your partner for them? Do you consider polyamory? Or does it pass? 

4. You split up permanently 



Roll a 10 sided dice. 

1. You or SO begin a new job.

2. You or SO begin studying at a university (or change programs, if already in school).  

3. You or SO get a raise/ promotion. 

4. You or SO lose your job. 

5. You or SO get a raise/ promotion. 

6. You or SO decide to quit your job (why do you do so? Do you have something else lined up or planned?). 

7. You or SO get a job offer for a dream job - except it'll mean a decline in pay. Do you take it? 

8. You or SO's job decides to transfer you to a new department - which will mean you have to move. Where do you go? 

9. You or SO decide to open a business! What kind of business is it? 

10. You or SO graduate from a program at a university. 



Roll a 20 sided dice.  

1. Congrats! You welcome a baby girl! 


2. Congrats! You welcome twins! Roll for the sex of each, even girl and odd boy.


3. Condolences, you experience a miscarriage. 

4. Congrats! You welcome a baby boy! 


5. Congrats! You adopt a baby girl! 


6. Condolences, you don't conceive despite trying. 

7. Congrats! You adopt a set of siblings. How old are they? 


8. Congrats! You welcome a baby boy! 


9. Congrats! You welcome twins! Roll for the sex of each, even girl and odd boy. 

Girls Names: https://appellationm...pot-girl-names/

Boys Names: https://appellationm...lcolm-and-lane/

10. Congrats! You welcome a baby girl! 


11. Congrats! You adopt twins. Roll for the sex of each, even girl and odd boy. 


12. Condolences, you don't conceive despite trying. 

13. Congrats! You welcome triplets! Roll for the sex of each, even girl and odd boy. 


14. Congrats! You adopt a baby boy! 


15. Congrats! You welcome triplets! Roll for the sex of each, even girl and odd boy. 


(chose English, French, Spanish, History, Literature, and Hippy. You can choose to avoid rare and diminutives. Chose the gender of the baby 5 options). 

16. Congrats! You welcome a baby boy! 


17. Congrats! You welcome a baby girl! 


18. Condolences, you experience a miscarriage. 

19. Congrats! You welcome twins! Roll for the sex of each, even girl and odd boy. 


20. Congrats! You welcome a baby boy! 




Roll a 8 sided dice. 

1. You take an out of country vacation! Where do you go? 

2. Family vacation! What family orientated location do you choose? 

3. You take an in country vacation. Where do you go? 

4. You take a beach trip! What area's beaches do you go to? 

5. You or SO must go on a business trip. Does the whole family go? Where is the trip? 

6. You and the family take a cruise! Where do you go? 

7. You temporarily move out of country for work. Where do you move and for how long? 

8. Extended family vacation! You and/or SO's family all gather for a vacation together. Which family members come? Where will the vacation be? 



Roll a 6 sided dice. 

1. You or SO get diagnosed with a chronic illness. 

2. A loved one gets diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

3. You or your SO discover you/they are neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, etc) 

4. You or SO learn a parent is in poor health and devote a lot of your time to caring for them. Do they move in? Do either of you have to move to be closer? 

5. You or SO experience a health crisis. Does you/SO turn out okay? How do you cope? 

6. Your child gets diagnosed with a neurodivergency. (Autistic, ADHD, etc). Which one is it? If kids are too young, it's an adult. 



Roll a 12 sided dice. 

1. You or SO get a new vehicle! What kind of vehicle? 

2. You or your SO discover a hobby you find to be very passionate about. What is it? 

3. You and your SO('s) adopt a pet! What kind and what do you name it? 

4. You and your SO('s) buy a home! What kind of house is it? Where? 

5. You or SO inherit a house from a deceased relative. Where is it? What kind of home? Do you decide to move in or sell? 

6. You win a large sum of money. What do you do with it? 

7. You or SO write and publish a book! What kind of book is it? 

8. You and SO decide to become foster parents. What ages do you take in? Do you plan on sheltering children long term or short term? If already foster parents, you take in new children this roll. 

9. You or SO achieve a life long dream! What is it? 

10. You decide to remodel or add a room in your home! Which room? What do you change about it? 

11. You or SO experience a "mid life assessment" and decide to change the path of your/their life. What do they decide they need to change? How does it effect the family? 

12. Your or SO's sibling tragically pass, leaving behind children that you take in. Roll a 6 sided dice to determine how many children. Roll again to determine the sex, with odd being boy and even girl. 

11. A loved one moves in with you. Why? For how long? 

12. You, SO, or a child learn how to do something hard, through hard work and perseverance. What do you learn how to do? 


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Posted 15 December 2019 - 07:18 AM

Year 1

Sarah Melanie Smith (23) married Bryan Christopher McNabb (24). They met at a party thrown by a mutual friend.


Year 2

After a hard first year of marriage, Sarah and Bryan decide to end their relationship and file for divorce.


Year 3

Sarah meets her new boyfriend, Aaron Michael Scott (25), at her local bar while on a night out with friends.


Year 4

Sarah and Aaron adopt a pet Guinea Pig who they name Piglet.


Year 5

Sarah and Aaron take a week long cruise around Europe this summer. They enjoy seeing the sights and taking in the sun.


Year 6

Aaron gets an offer for his dream job, but it comes with a huge pay cut. He and Sarah talk it over, and ultimately decide that he'll take the job.


Year 7

Sarah and Aaron welcome a baby girl to their family; Isabel Daphne Scott.


Year 8

Sarah and Aaron welcome a little brother for Isabel; James Michael Scott.


Year 9

Aaron is diagnosed with diabetes.


Year 10

Sarah's company transfers her to a different department, but that means that the family have to move to a new state. They aren't pleased, but they end up enjoying the new experience.


Year 11

Sarah unfortunately suffers a miscarriage this year.


Year 12

Sarah and Aaron decide to remodel their kitchen.


Year 13

Isabel learns to ride her bike without stabilisers this year.


Year 14

Aaron has to go on a business trip to Germany for six weeks. They decide that Sarah and the kids will stay at home, as they don't want the kids to miss so much school.


Year 15

Sarah and Aaron adopt three siblings. Eleanora Cleo and Alistair Taj are two, and Edmund Wes is five. 




The Smith/Scott Family


Dgf: Sarah Melanie Smith (38)

Dbf: Aaron Michael Scott (38)


Dd: Isabel 'Belle' Daphne Scott (8)

Ds: James 'Jamie' Michael Scott (7)

ADs: Edmund 'Teddy' Wes Scott (5)

ADd/ADs: Eleanora 'Nora' Cleo Scott/Alistair 'Ali' Taj Scott (2)


ExDh: Bryan Christopher McNabb (39)


Sarah Smith (and ex-husband Bryan McNabb) and Aaron Scott; with Belle, Jamie, Teddy, Nora, and Ali

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Posted 21 December 2019 - 09:47 PM

Year 1

  • Jessica 'Jess' Elizabeth Henderson [21] and Matthew 'Matt' William Knight [21] grew up next door to each other. They've been fast friends since they were in pre-school. Jess works with Nicholas 'Nick' Robert Young [24]'s sister, Laura who set them up on a blind date. When Nick picked her up for a second date, he bumps into Matt, who he had previously hooked up with on Grindr.
  • Four months after Jess and Nick start dating, Matt is stood up by his date so Jess and Nick take him out to drown his sorrows, and Jess and Matt share a drunken kiss. After a couple of awkward weeks and some delicate discussions, they agree to attempt a polyamorous relationship. Eight months later, they pool their finances and buy Jess' childhood home from her parents, and move in together.

Year 2

  • Jess has become very interested in Krav Maga, after taking a self-defense class with some friends. She's so enthusiastic about it that Matt and Nick agree to come along to some classes to try it out.
  • Matt's father is in a car accident and breaks an arm and a leg. Since they live next door, they all spend a time helping Matt's parents out around the house until he recovers.

Year 3

  • Nick has worked hard at his job as an accountant and is very successful, but he's always wanted to be a Streamer on Twitch. He gets a sponsorship offer to promote an up-and-coming indie game. It's not much money, but it's a start. After talking to Matt and Jess and receiving their support, he quits his job and starts working as a Streamer.
  • Jess announces she is pregnant. They welcome a baby girl, Rosalie 'Rosie' Isabella Henderson.

Year 4

  • Nick's Streaming career has taken off, so they decide to remodel the attic so that he can have a dedicated streaming room away from the rest of the house.
  • Matt has met a girl at work that he's started to develop feelings for. Nick and Jess encourage him to ask her out on a date, but she declines after learning he is in a polyamorous relationship.

Year 5

  • The company Jess works for is going through a period of 're-organization' and her job no longer exists. She's been offered the opportunity to keep her job, if she moves four hours away. After discussion with Matt and Nick, she tentatively agrees and moves into a studio apartment close to her new workplace. Nick, Matt and Rosie remain at home, and Jess travels back to spend weekends with them.
  • After five months of increasing tiredness and stress at the commuting and living conditions, Jess stops travelling home. She tells Nick and Matt that she doesn't want to keep living like this, and she wants to end the relationship. She spends every other weekend with Rosie, but has limited contact with Nick and Matt. Two months later, she admits that she misses them dreadfully and after several discussions, quits her job and moves back home.

Year 6

  • Rosie turns three, and the family decide to take a holiday. Matt has always loved the snow and is an avid snowboarder, so they decide to take a vacation to Switzerland. Nick spends his time reading in front of the fireplace with a mug of cocoa, Jess refreshes her skills on the beginner ski slopes, and Matt splits his time teacher their daughter to snowboard and hitting the slopes himself.
  • Two months after getting back from Switzerland, Jess discovers she is pregnant! 8 months later, they welcome a baby boy, Graham 'Gray' James Henderson.

Year 7

  • Three months after Gray is born, Jess discovers she is pregnant again! Just as she enters her second trimester, she collapses at work and is rushed to hospital. She is diagnosed with Gestational Diabeties, and is carefully monitored. Despite this, Jess suffers several hyperglycaemic attacks, and it's recommended she is induced at 30 weeks.
  • Dexter 'Dex' Milo Henderson is born at 30 weeks, and is monitored carefully in the NICU. He needs assistance with his breathing and feeding, but he makes quick progress and is released four weeks later.

Year 8

  • Nick is offered the chance to spend 6 weeks in America and make content with other Streamers for a game that's sure to be the next big thing. It's too big an opportunity to pass up! The publishers house Nick, along with 5 other streamers in a large house in LA, and they spend 24 hours a day hanging out and playing games together.
  • Nick confesses to Matt and Jess that he's really attracted to one of the other streamers, Chris, and they encourage Nick to approach him. Chris admits that he also likes Nick, but isn't looking for a serious relationship. Nick and Chris casually date whilst they are in America, and continue to keep in touch once they return home.

Year 9

  • Nick, Matt and Jess decide to treat the kids, and organise a family vacation aboard a Disney Cruise Ship. They spend five nights sailing from San Juan to New Orleans, before spending a week in exploring the 'Big Easy'.
  • Feeling exhausted upon returning, Jess visits her Doctor, and is diagnosed with Type-2 Diabeties, as a result of her previous Gestational Diabeties.

Year 10

  • Jess is pregnant again! Upon this news, the family quickly realise they have nowhere to put a new baby, so decide to remodel the basement. Rosie and Gray get themselves brand new rooms, and a nursery and study are redecorated upstairs.
  • Just a month after work is completed, Jess gives birth to a baby girl who they name Abigail 'Abby' Eve Henderson.

Year 11

  • Matt is made redundant at work with a large severance package. After discussing it with Nick and Jess, he decides to achieve his lifelong dream and opens his own doggy day-care. His affable and energetic personality is a hit with his clients and their pets, and he soon has to take on two employees to help him run the place.
  • On the tenth anniversary of them moving in together, Jess proposes a vow ceremony in front of their families and friends. Matt and Nick delightedly agree, and six months later they have a blow-out (unofficial) ceremony and celebration at a local hotel.

Year 12

  • Gray is having problems at school and finding it very difficult to follow instructions. His teacher suggests they talk to the doctor about neurological disorders. Upon being referred to a specialist, he is soon diagnosed with ADHD; and so is Matt!
  • Gray's attention span and behaviour start to improve at school once he is medicated, although he still spends time after school running around with the dogs at day-care to burn off some energy!

Year 13

  • Nick's sister Laura (Lauren 'Laura' Faith McCormick [40]), is diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 12 months to live. She is a single mother since her husband was killed in combat two years ago. Nick and Laura's parents are in their 80's and far too old to look after children, so Nick, Matt and Jess prepare for their family to expand dramatically.
  • They decide they'll need a bigger place to live, so they sell their house, as well as Laura's, and buy a larger house close by. Laura and her children, (Alistair 'Al' Edmund [14], Beatrice 'Bea' Ida [9] and Callahan 'Cal' Eamon [5]) move in with Nick, Matt, Jess and the kids. Laura passes away 10 months later.

Year 14

  • Jess gets a large promotion at work, and decides to treat the now-expanded family to a vacation. They spend two weeks in a rented villa at the beach and spend time getting to gel as a family.
  • Upon returning, Jess finds that her new job comes with a significantly increased workload. The family hire a housekeeper/babysitter to help out around the house and look after the younger kids after school.

Year 15

  • After 18 months of struggling with a single people carrier, Nick, Matt and Jess decide that an upgrade is in order, and treat themselves to new cars. Nick purchases a BMW X3, Matt chooses an Mercedes Benz GLS, whilst Jess decides on an Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Now there's plenty of room for all the kids and any of Matt's customers!
  • Matt starts taking veterinary first aid classes at the local university. He also expands his doggy day-care business to include grooming and general health checks.

Year 16

  • Jess is shocked to discover she is 6 months pregnant, with twins! Her cycle had never normalised after Abby's birth, and with the stress of work, she never even considered she could be expecting! A frenzy of decorating occurs, and Dylan 'Dyl' Kai Henderson and Magnolia 'Maggie' Faye Henderson are born at 36 weeks.
  • Nick wins a gaming tournament that comes with a large cash prize. His popularity sky rockets and he's now one of the most watched streamers!

Year 17

  • Matt falls over a dog at work and hits his head on the floor. He thinks nothing of it, but later that evening at home, he starts getting double vision. Nick and Jess take him to the hospital, and it's discovered he has a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and requires immediate surgery. It's touch and go during surgery but he makes it through, and after a month off of work and taking it easy, he's fully recovered.
  • During Matt's recovery, Jess discovers she is pregnant! Highly considering getting her tubes tied at this point, she later gives birth to a little boy they name Benjamin 'Ben' James Henderson.

Year 18

  • Oh hell, Jess is pregnant again! She finally insists that enough is enough, and she gets her tubes tied as Theodore 'Teddy' Noah Henderson is born.
  • Upon the birth of their 10th child, a bit of remodelling is needed. Since Al has left for college, his room is turned into a nursery for Ben and Teddy.

Year 19

  • Jess is still feeling exhausted six months after giving birth to Teddy. She puts it down to have 13 children (and four under four!) but goes to the doctor, just as a check up. After three months of tests, she is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The diagnosis is devestating and after being told that stress can exacerbate the symptoms of MS, Jess immediately quits her job.
  • Between Matt's day-care and Nick's streaming sponsorships, the family makes more than enough money for Jess to stay at home. She spends more time with the kids, and more time on herself, and finds that her symptoms lessen with the decreasing levels of stress.

Year 20

  • Due to her free-time once she'd quit her job, Jess found herself at a loss of things to occupy her time. Always a keen reader, Jess decides to write a book about their life and family, to attempt to disperse the stigma around polyamorous relationships. With gender and sexuality currently hotly discussed topics in the media, the book gains a substantial following on Twitter as Jess begins to post excerpts, and is soon greatly anticipated as its release date draws near.
  • Once Jess' book is finished, the family decides to take a vacation. They rent a large villa in the Bahamas and spend a couple of weeks on the beach and away from technology, as the book is released. They arrive home to discover it's been a huge success, and she's made the New York Times Best Sellers list!

The End
Nicholas 'Nick' Robert Henderson-Young [43]
Matthew 'Matt' William Henderson-Knight [40]
Jessica 'Jess' Elizabeth Henderson [40]

Alistair 'Al' Edmund McCormick [21]
Rosalie 'Rosie' Isabella Henderson [17]
Beatrice 'Bea' Ida McCormick [16]
Graham 'Gray' James Henderson [14]
Dexter 'Dex' Milo Henderson [13]
Callahan 'Cal' Eamon McCormick [12]
Abigail 'Abby' Eve Henderson [10]
Dylan 'Dyl' Kai Henderson [4]
Magnolia 'Maggie' Faye Henderson [4]
Benjamin 'Ben' James Henderson [3]
Theodore 'Teddy' Noah Henderson [2]

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Posted 22 December 2019 - 04:02 PM

The Fords
Elizabeth “Liz” Susan (Chapman) [20] & Cory Gabriel Ford [35] with Leo Michael Ford [7].

Year 1:
I went on a Boy Scout camping trip with my little brother [Alexander “Alex” Thomas Chapman, 10]. I quite enjoy camping and I wanted to spend time with Alex in the summer before college began once again. I met Cory Gabriel Ford and his son (whom he was raising alone) Leo Michael Ford there. Alex knew Leo from other Boy Scout gatherings, and he introduced me to them. Cory was cute and so was his son. We hung out for the rest of the trip together and even exchanged numbers (despite our age difference). In only a few months, we were ready for our first date. It all went well, and Cory eventually proposed! I agreed (of course!), and we got married in a small church with only our immediate family just three months later. I also adopted Leo because his mom is completely out of his life, and it was actually his request. We are a happy family.

Liz [21], Cory [36] & Leo [8].

Year 2:
Just after graduating college, I was feeling off for a few weeks and I sensed something was wrong with my body. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor, and there I took a pregnancy test. Cory and I didn’t think we’d be having any kids together, so I was super nervous. Sure enough, the test came back positive. I was shocked. I immediately called Cory and told him the news. He lovingly reassured me that everything was fine, and I eventually got over the fact that I was having a baby. We told Leo about it, and he was thrilled. He had an amazing reaction and hugged us about a thousand times. At our first appointment, we learned tremendous news. Triplets were on the way. I was 100% in disbelief and was sure that they had been mistaken. How could that be true? It was the truth though, and over time we warmed up to the idea of three more babies. Leo promised to help us out as much as possible, which was super sweet. At 31 weeks, our triplets were born. We named our son Ellis Keith Ford and our daughters Clara Penelope and Taylor Christina Ford. They are healthy and happy, as are we.

Liz [22], Cory [37], Leo [9], Ellis, Clara & Taylor [0].

Year 3:
After getting past the struggles we’d had in the past few years, we wanted to celebrate our strong marriage. On our 3rd anniversary of our engagement, Cory and I renewed our vows. It was a beautiful ceremony. The kids were of course invited, and so was our immediate family.

Liz [23], Cory [38], Leo [10], Ellis, Clara & Taylor [1].

Year 4:
We decided to make vow renewal on our engagement anniversary a tradition. We only invited our siblings, parents, and children this time. It was once again beautiful.

Liz [24], Cory [39], Leo [11], Ellis, Clara & Taylor [2].

Year 5:
Cory was diagnosed with ADHD. He had always been a fast and fidgety type, but all thought it was normal. Nothing has really changed, except for the fact that this explains a lot. Cory was not put on meds because this neurodivergency hasn’t and won’t affect his daily work/life.

Liz [25], Cory [40], Leo [12], Ellis, Clara & Taylor [3].

Year 6:
Cory and I were gushing over the new baby my sister [Catherine “Cat” Michelle Bauer, 28] had, Charlie Edmund-Cole Bauer, 3 mts. We decided that if we did change our minds about having just one more, it was okay with us both. That exactly happened. We got pregnant with ease, and, to continue our “more-than-one-at-once” trend, twins were coming. We were honestly not that surprised. Our confidence was also strong, because we know how to handle three babies, so two should be a breeze. Leo could babysit now too. When our twin girls arrive, their names will be Maya Susan and Joan Elizabeth.

Liz [26], Cory [41], Leo [13], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [4], Maya & Joan [0].

Year 7:
After the twins were born, our marriage suffered tremendously. After the end of the “newborn” stage, things were just not the same. It is awfully sad to say this, but Cory and I will be splitting up. We will also be splitting custody of our six kids. It is sad but necessary.

Liz [27], Leo [14], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [5], Maya & Joan [1].

Year 8:
At one of the twins’ appointments with their pediatrician, they were both diagnosed with ADHD. It is assumed that they inherited it through their dad. They won’t be able to start meds until they are a bit older, but it is apparently good to know early.

Liz [28], Leo [15], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [6], Maya & Joan [2].

Year 9:
I moved out of the country (to Vancouver) temporarily for my job. I work as a production designer. I was only there for about three months. The kids came down for the last two months and we flew back down together. It was a new experience for all of us.

Liz [29], Leo [16], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [7], Maya & Joan [3].

Year 10:
I got a raise! This was extremely helpful because it isn't easy financially having (even) half custody of six kids. It was extremely appreciated and it totally lifted my spirits for a while.

Liz [30], Leo [17], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [8], Maya & Joan [4].

Year 11:
I was diagnosed with Chrones disease, which is a chronic illness. I was hospitalized for two weeks earlier in the year, but I haven't been since, and I’m feeling great about it.

Liz [31], Leo [18], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [9], Maya & Joan [5].

Year 12:
My older sister [Catherine “Cat” Michelle Bauer, 34] unexpectedly passed in a car crash. My whole family is grieving. My parents won’t be able to adopt her son, and my brother [Alexander “Alex” Thomas Chapman, 21] isn't able to take little Charlie Edmund-Cole Bauer, 7, in. I figured there was no reason why not. We welcomed Charlie into our family. BTW, I am loving having company constantly. I only have the other kids every other week.

Liz [32], Leo [19], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [10], Charlie [7], Maya & Joan [6].

Year 13:
I start taking a Masters program at a nearby college. Charlie is watched by our neighbor at night, so I can go to class. It is working out well, and I am hoping to use this degree to help get a more fulfilling job.

Liz [33], Leo [20], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [11], Charlie [8], Maya & Joan [7].

Year 14:
I began dating Martin Shawn Kipp, 39. He has five kids from his past marriage- Farley Dorian, 14, Miriam Regina, 13, Jenna Maxine, 11, Lois Colette, 7, and Vincent Shawn Kipp, 2. We successfully got pregnant, with my second set of twins! Our daughter is named Amelia Carol Kipp and our son is named Beau Stuart Kipp.

Liz [34], Martin [39], Leo [21], Farley [14], Miriam [13], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [12], Jenna [11], Charlie [9], Maya, Joan [8], Lois [7], Vincent [2], Amelia & Beau [0].

Year 15:
We weren’t getting along well and the kids were noticing our frequent arguments. It was best to break up. It was a mutual decision between the two of us. Unfortunately, Martin and I had to break up. We will split custody of the twins.

Liz [35], Leo [22], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [13], Charlie [10], Maya, Joan [9], Amelia & Beau [1].

Year 16:
I was not interested in 1) being pregnant (ever) again or 2) being in a relationship, but I had major baby fever. I decided to adopt a newborn boy. His name is Andrew Howard Chapman.

Liz [36], Leo [23], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [14], Charlie [11], Maya, Joan [10], Amelia, Beau [2] & Andrew [0].

Year 17:
I graduated from my Masters program! I was able to get a job teaching production design and arts at a performance center. This new job pays more and is more enjoyable. I won’t have to move away from home, either.

Liz [37], Leo [24], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [15], Charlie [12], Maya, Joan [11], Amelia, Beau [3] & Andrew [1].

Year 18:
I began dating Ryan Russell Rubiero. He has five children from multiple past relationships- Lena Faith, 23, Zachariah Justice, 22, Liam Donovan, 8, Abbey Ruth, 3, and Milo Chase, 1. We got pregnant with a little boy. His name is Freddie Jude Rubiero.

Liz [38], Ryan [51], Leo [25], Lena [23], Zachariah [22], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [16], Charlie [13], Maya, Joan [12], Liam [8], Amelia, Beau [4], Abbey [3], Andrew [2], Milo [1] & Freddie [0].

Year 19:
Ryan proposed and I said yes! We are so happy. In other news though, Beau was diagnosed with Autism. It was definitely a struggle, but we are glad we know how to help him. Beau is doing amazing, BTW.

Liz [39], Ryan [52], Leo [26], Lena [24], Zachariah [23], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [17], Charlie [14], Maya, Joan [13], Liam [9], Amelia, Beau [5], Abbey [4], Andrew [3], Milo [2] & Freddie [1].

Year 20:
Ryan and I got married! I adopted his youngest kids- Abbey & Milo, because their mom is not in their lives, as well. I gave birth to a daughter only two weeks after our wedding! Her name is Daphne Marisol Rubiero.

Liz [40], Ryan [53], Leo [27], Lena [25], Zachariah [24], Ellis, Clara, Taylor [18], Charlie [15], Maya, Joan [14], Liam [10], Amelia, Beau [6], Abbey [5], Andrew [4], Milo [3], Freddie [2] & Daphne [0].

The Rubiero Family

Me [40] Elizabeth “Liz” Susan (Chapman) Rubiero
My Ex Husband [55] Cory Gabriel Ford
My Ex Boyfriend [45] Martin Shawn Kipp
My Husband [53] Ryan Russell Rubiero
My Adopted Son [27] Leo Michael Ford
My Step-Daughter [25] Lena Faith Rubiero
My Step-Son [24] Zachariah Justice Rubiero
My Triplet Son and Daughters [18] Ellis Keith, Clara Penelope & Taylor Christina Ford
My Adopted Son [15] Charlie Edmund-Cole Bauer-Chapman
My Twin Daughters [14] Maya Susan & Joan Elizabeth Ford
My Step-Son [10] Liam Donovan Rubiero
My Twin Daughter and Son [6] Amelia Carol & Beau Stuart Kipp
My Adopted Daughter [5] Abbey Ruth Rubiero
My Adopted Son [4] Andrew Howard Chapman
My Adopted Son [3] Milo Chase Rubiero
My Son [2] Freddie Jude Rubiero
My Daughter [0] Daphne Marisol Rubiero

Liz & Martin Rubiero with their 17 children;
Leo, Lena, Zachariah, Ellis, Clara, Taylor, Charlie, Maya, Joan, Liam, Amelia, Beau, Abbey, Andrew, Milo, Freddie, and Daphne.

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2000: marriage

Tara Kimberly Covey & Nathaniel Derek Gerski are married. The two were introduced by a mutual friend, Kelly Michelle Dunstan, whom they were both classmates of in college.


2001: 5 - health; 2.

Nate's mother is diagnosed with lung cancer. The couple moves from Portland, OR to Tampa, FL to be present during her hospital stay.


2002: 4 - travel; 1.

After his mother's passing, the couple takes Nate's father with them to France, where his parents met originally to spread her ashes.


2003: 3 - baby; 3.

Tara experiences a miscarriage.


2004: 3 - baby; 12.

The couple tries again for a baby, but does not conceive.


2005: 6 - misc; 6.

Nate and Tara inherit the rest of the Gerski fund when Nate's father also passes away from natural causes. The couple liquidate the parents' home and use all the funds to have a custom home built in a suburb of Las Vegas, NV.


2006: 1 - relationship; 4.

Tara and Nate divorce after Nate is found out cheating, and claims a strong desire to have children.


2007: 2 - career; 1.

Tara begins a new job, working front desk at the Luxor in Las Vegas.


2008: 3 - baby; 8.

Tara gives birth to a baby boy in April! Little AriesRoscoe Abel Covey.


2009: 1 - relationship; 1.

Tara and her son's father, Mason Jacob Linden, get married at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.


2010: 1 - relationship; 2.

Tara and Mason separate temporarily.


2011: 2 - career; 9.

Tara decides to open a business, planning weddings for out-of-staters at different Las Vegas hotels.


2012: 4 - travel; 2.

Tara and Mason reunite, and they take Roscoe on a family vacation to DisneyWorld in Florida!


2013: 3 - baby; 10.

Tara and Mason welcome a baby girl in January! Little CapricornDjuna Bronte Linden.


2014: 3 - baby; 17.

Tara and Mason welcome their second daughter on Halloween! Little Scorpio; Pallas Rhiannon Linden.


2015: 6 - misc; 3.

The family adopts a puppy, a blue merle border collie (img) and name her Wednesday.


2016: 2 - career; 2.

Tara starts school at the University of Nevada LV to get her Executive Masters in Hospitality Administration.


2017: 1 - relationship; 4.

Tara and Mason divorce, but agree on equal custody over their three children, now 9, 4, and 2.


2018: 4 - travel; 4.

Tara takes a personal vacation during one of Mason's custody weeks to Los Angeles, CA.


2019: 1 - relationship; 3.

Tara meets Troy Andrew Hayward on a blind date set up by one of her friends. The two click instantly.


2020: 4 - travel; 2.

Tara and Troy take the kids (now 12, 7, and 5) on a vacation to Hawaii, where the couple has a private wedding with their blended family of 6 (including Troy's daughter from a previous relationship).

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Year 1 


Samantha Nicole "Sam" Bennett married Joshua Patrick "Josh" Lewis. They met three years prior at a bar.


Year 2


Josh started a new job as a marriage and family therapist


Year 3


Sam and Josh vacationed in Hawaii.


Year 4


Sam and Josh took an extended-family vacation to Disney World.


Year 5


Sam and Josh renewed their vows on their four-year wedding anniversary.


Year 6


Sam went back to school to pursue her MBA.


Year 7


Sam and Josh separated temporarily.


Year 8


Sam and Josh tried and failed to conceive


Year 9


Sam got promoted to Regional Director of Sales.


Year 10


Sam's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so the Lewises moved closer to Sam's hometown to help out.


Year 11


Josh and Sam joined Sam's family on a cruise to Alaska. 


Year 12


After a few years of failing to conceive, Josh and Sam adopted girl/boy twins. They named them and Vera Eloise and Harvey Tatum Lewis


Year 13


Sam miscarried


Year 14


Josh wrote a book about healthy marriages! 


Year 15


Sam developed feelings for a coworker but ultimately stayed faithful to Josh. 


Year 16


With the help of IVF, Sam gave birth to a daughter! They named her Jane Evangeline Lewis


Year 17


Josh went on a business trip, where he spoke at a conference in Toronto. Sam and the kids came too. 


Year 18


Sam quit her job to start her own retail business. 


Year 19


Josh lost his job and was unemployed for several months.


Year 20


After another successful round of IVF, Sam gave birth to a baby boy named Archie Franklin Lewis.




The Lewis Family


DW: Samantha Nicole "Sam," née Bennett [43]

DH: Joshua Patrick "Josh" [43]


DAD/DAS: Vera Eloise / Harvey Tatum [8]

DD: Jane Evangeline [4]

DS: Archie Franklin [0]


Sam, Josh, Vera, Harvey, Jane, & Archie

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