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Create A Legacy Family

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Posted 17 September 2015 - 02:36 PM

This is an idea based off of the legacy challenge for the Sims games. The challenge runs for 10 generations, so we will be creating 10 generations of the same family in this game. You may choose succession laws (who becomes the heir for the next generation), and all names, but number and gender of children will be down to the dice (unless you are doing a matriarchy/patriarchy and end up with no children of the right gender, then you may have one more child of the correct gender). I hope this makes sense!


Roll the dice for the number of births, whichever number you roll is how many you have.


Roll again for the genders, if you roll a 6 you have twins and must roll again for genders, if you roll a six while rolling for the genders of your twins surprise it's triplets!

Even - girl

Odd - boy


Succession laws to choose from (choose one from each section):


- Matriarchy (Only females can be the heir)

- Patriarchy (Only males can be the heir)

- Equality (Both genders have an equal chance of becoming the heir)


- First born (Only the first born child of the correct gender can be the heir)

- Last born (Only the last born child of the correct gender can be the heir)

- Random (Roll the dice to find out which child will be the heir)


An example of the succession laws

My family has five children, two boys and three girls. I have chosen to play a matriarchy, so the boys cannot be the heir to my legacy. I am also playing with the first born rule, so my first born daughter will be my heir.


I hope all of this makes sense! I will post my legacy in the comments. Have fun! Feel free to ask any questions if you don't understand anything.

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Posted 17 September 2015 - 03:06 PM

The succession laws I am using are patriarchy and first born.


Generation One


Ryan Alexander Ryan & Emma Josephine Ryan


Molly Josephine Ryan

Sophia Jasmine Ryan

Ryan Alexander Ryan II


Ryan and Emma Ryan with Molly, Sophia, and Ryan



Generation Two


Ryan Alexander Ryan II and Kinley Veronica Ryan


Ryan Alexander Ryan III

Bailey Joshua Ryan and Danielle Maya Ryan

Harley James Ryan

Gabrielle Rose Ryan

Levi Jackson Ryan


Ryan and Kinley Ryan with Ryan, Bailey, Danielle, Harley, Gabrielle, and Levi



Generation Three


Ryan Alexander Ryan III and Eleanor Adelaide Ryan


Violet Winona Ryan

Ryan Alexander Ryan IV and Arlo Richard Ryan


Ryan and Eleanor Ryan with Violet, Ryan, and Arlo



Generation Four


Ryan Alexander Ryan IV and Naomi Louise Ryan


Ryan Alexander Ryan V

Cooper Samuel Ryan

Eloise Georgina Ryan


Ryan and Naomi Ryan with Ryan, Cooper, and Eloise



Generation Five


Ryan Alexander Ryan V and Sarah Jane Ryan


Ryan Alexander Ryan VI

Lily Beatrice Ryan and Luca Benjamin Ryan

Opal Charlotte Ryan


Ryan and Sarah Ryan with Ryan, Lily, Luca, and Opal



Generation Six


Ryan Alexander Ryan VI and Gracelyn Paula Ryan


Ruby Gracelyn Ryan

Ryan Alexander Ryan VII

Rocco Daniel Ryan

Rex Matthew Ryan

Ruth Michelle Ryan


Ryan and Gracelyn Ryan with Ruby, Ryan, Rocco, Rex, and Ruth



Generation Seven


Ryan Alexander Ryan VII and Tatiana Renee Ryan


Ryan Alexander Ryan VIII


Ryan and Tatiana Ryan with Ryan



Generation Eight


Ryan Alexander Ryan VIII and Finley Katherine Ryan


Ryan Alexander Ryan IX

Isaac Logan Ryan

Henry Michael Ryan

Olivia Juliet Ryan

Jonah Thomas Ryan

Ashley Noelle Ryan


Ryan and Finley Ryan with Ryan, Isaac, Henry, Olivia, Jonah, and Ashley



Generation Nine


Ryan Alexander Ryan IX and Harriet Penelope Ryan


Ryan Alexander Ryan X


Ryan and Harriet Ryan with Ryan



Generation Ten


Ryan Alexander Ryan X and Sophie Lillian Ryan


Caitlin Rosemary Ryan

Bethany Rachel Ryan

Ryan Alexander Ryan XI


Ryan and Sophie Ryan with Caitlin, Bethany, and Ryan

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Posted 17 September 2015 - 07:00 PM

[Matriarchy // First Born // Middle Name Succession]

Generation 01:

Victoria Eleanore & Richard Allen Olson

DD: Alexandria Eleanor 

DD: Alice Helena

DD: Augustina Judith

DS: Richard Allen Olson II

Victoria & Richard Olson w. Alexandria, Alice, Augie, & Ricky.


Generation 02:

Alexandria Eleanor & Jasper Harold Styles

DS: Harold Trey

DD: Azaluna Alexandria

DD: Cherie Daniella

DS: Elijah Wesley

DD: Nicola Vivienne

DS: Joshua Brendon

Alexandria & Jasper Styles w. Harry, Luna, Cherie, Eli, Nicci, & Josh.


Generation 03:

Azaluna Alexandria & Jameson Christopher Cerulli

DS: Austin Brent

DS: Christian Dashiell

DS: Ethan Fabiano

DS: Gavin Heath

DS: Ivan Jacob

DD: Kennedy Luna

Luna & Jameson Cerulli w. Austin, Christian, Ethan, Gavin, Ivan, & Kennedy.


Generation 04:

Kennedy Luna & Denis Alexandrovich Shaforostov

DD: Sasha Kennedy

DS: Vladmir Denis

DD: Svetlana Yasmine

DD: Sabine Mila

Kennedy & Denis Shaforostov w. Sasha, Vlad, Lana, & Sabine.


Generation 05:

Sasha Kennedy & Benjamin Paul Bruce

DD: Vanessa Paulette

Sasha & Ben Bruce w. Vanessa.


Generation 06:

Vanessa Paulette & Cameron James Liddell

DS: Cameron James II

DD: Scarlette Vanessa

DD: Juliette Irene

DS: Chandler Quentin

DD: Lisette Marie

DD: Cosette Adela

Vanessa & Cameron Liddell w. Cam, Scarlette, Juliette, Chandler, Lisette, & Cosette.


Generation 07:

Scarlette Vanessa & Callum Lucas Holland

DD: Giselle Hannah

DD: Danielle Breana

DS: Lucas Owen

Scarlette & Callum Holland w. Giselle, Danielle, & Luke.


Generation 08:

Giselle Hannah & Ezekiel Oliver Sykes

DD: Cheyenne Terra

DS: Melbourne Ezekiel

DD: Sydney Elena

DD: Vienna Christine

Giselle & Zeke Sykes w. Cheyenne, Melbourne, Sydney, & Vienna.


Generation 09:

Cheyenne Terra & Tyler Vincent Mauro

DS: Vincent Tyler

DD: Celeste Jennifer

DD: Tova Rhiannon

Cheyenne & Tyler w. Vinny, Celeste, & Tova.


Generation 10:

Celeste Jennifer & Carlisle Bret Von Dehl

DS: Leo Jackyl

DD: Taurus Jenna

DD: Gemini Lucifer

DS: Scorpio Adolf

DD: Libra Jezebel

Celeste & Carlisle Von Dehl w. Leo, Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, & Libra.

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Posted 18 September 2015 - 02:59 PM

The succession laws I am using are equality and random. All names are randomized.


Generation One


Brooks Bartholomew Brayan and Philomena Marilyn Brayan


Charis Laney Brayan


Brooks and Mena Brayan with Charis



Generation Two


Caden Landen Brayan and Charis Laney Brayan


Rafferty Callan Brayan

Cedric Lars Brayan

Nia Venetia Brayan


Caden and Charis Brayan with Rafi, Cedric, and Nia



Generation Three


Rafferty Callan Brayan and Ruby Joelle Brayan


Godric Manny Brayan

Lyndon Ambrose Brayan and Jayden Lizzy Brayan


Rafi and Ruby Brayan with Godric, Lyndon, and Jayden



Generation Four


Godric Manny Brayan and Tori Aggie Brayan


Arlette Milly Brayan

Jimmy Ezio Brayan

Tulip Jamiya Brayan

Tyrese Brenton Brayan

Kobe Moe Brayan


Godric and Tori Brayan with Ari, Jimmy, Tulip, Ty, and Kobe



Generation Five


Tyrese Brenton Brayan and Shona Myra Brayan


Finn Vaughn Brayan and Ricardo Harrison Brayan

Lynne Rosanna Brayan and Eilidh Sahara Brayan

Kinsley Nicole Brayan

Ronan Bennie Brayan

Rodger Nehemiah Brayan and Doriana Jet Brayan


Ty and Shona Brayan with Finn, Ricky, Lynne, Eilie, Kinsley, Ronan, Rodger, and Ana



Generation Six


Ronan Bennie Brayan and Kaitlynn Hayley Brayan


Chad Bevis Brayan

Victoria Skyler Brayan

Luther Holden Brayan

Carley Arielle Brayan and Arden Senuri Brayan


Ronan and Kait Brayan with Chad, Vicky, Luther, Carley, and Arden



Generation Seven


Willam Nikolas Brayan and Carley Arielle Brayan


Brooke Wendy Brayan, Malory Orlaith Brayan, and Clayton Usama Brayan

Mya Gabriella Brayan, Hugh Jose Brayan, and Verity Breeze Brayan

Elvis Michael Brayan


Will and Carley Brayan with Brooke, Malory, Clay, Mya, Hugh, Verity, and Elvis



Generation Eight


Hugh Jose Brayan and Sidney Christabel Brayan


Beck Finbar Brayan

Billie Leona Brayan


Hugh and Sidney Brayan with Beck and Billie



Generation Nine


Brevyn Jan Brayan and Billie Leona Brayan


Freda Jan Brayan

Peter Claude Brayan and Gabriel Gordon Brayan

Sharon Helga Brayan

Saira Cat Brayan


Brevyn and Billie Brayan with Freda, Peter, Gabe, Sharon, and Saira



Generation Ten


Sandeep Dev Brayan and Sharon Helga Brayan


Elspeth Mikayla Brayan


Sandeep and Sharon Brayan with Elspeth

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 11:03 AM

-Equality (Both genders have an equal chance of becoming the heir)

- First born (Only the first born child of the correct gender can be the heir)



Generation One


DH: Alexander Nathaniel Goth

DW: Anastasia Madeleine Goth (nee Rich)


DS: William Carrington Goth


Alexander and Anastasia Goth



Generation Two


DH: William Carrington Goth

DW: Cora Evangeline Goth (nee Bonneville)


DS: Owen Nathaniel Goth

DS: Malcolm Andrew Goth

DS: Frederick Nolan Goth "Freddie"

DD: Margaret Elizabeth Goth "Maisie"

DS: James Alexander Goth 

DS: Atticus Benjamin Goth


William and Cora Goth

Owen, Malcolm, Freddie, Maisie, James, Atticus


Generation Three


DH: Owen Nathaniel Goth

DW: Audrey Samantha Goth (nee Pleasant)


DS: Cedric William Goth

DD: Catherine Amelia Goth


Owen and Audrey Goth

Cedric and Catherine


Generation Four


DH: Cedric William Goth

DW: Rebecca Naomi Goth


DS: Gideon Tobias Goth

DD: Rachel Miriam Goth


Cedric and Rebecca Goth

Gideon and Rachel 


Generation Five


DH: Gideon Tobias Goth

DW: Zara Penelope Goth


DD: Serena Rosalind Goth

DD: Cassandra Paige Goth


Gideon and Zara

Serena and Cassandra


Generation Six


DH: Gavin Thomas Murphy

DW: Serena Rosalind Murphy (nee Goth)


DS: Isaac Matthew Murphy

DD: Jocelyn Aurora Murphy "Josie"

DD: Julia Catherine Murphy

DS: Ian Patrick Murphy

DS: Roland Seth Murphy

DD/DD: Fiona Grace Murphy / Aoife Hope Murphy


Gavin and Serena 

Isaac, Josie, Julia, Ian, Roland, Fiona, and Aoife


Generation Seven


DH: Isaac Matthew Murphy

DW: Caroline Felicity Murphy "Carrie"


DD: Amelia Brienne Murphy

DS: Caleb Daniel Murphy

DS/DS: Ethan Frederick Murphy / Gavin Henry Murphy

DD: Isabella Juliet Murphy

DD: Katherine Leah Murphy

DS: Morgan Natalie Murphy


Isaac and Carrie Murphy

Amelia, Caleb, Ethan, Gavin, Isabella, Katherine, and Morgan


Generation Eight


DH: David Frodo Lewis

DW: Amelia Brienne Lewis (nee Murphy)


DS: Jackson Peter Lewis "Jack"

DD: Sarah Hermione Lewis


David and Amelia

Jack and Sarah


Generation Nine


DH: Jackson Peter Lewis "Jack"

DW: Cressida Juliet Lewis


DS: Sebastian Romeo Lewis

DS: Malcolm Othello Lewis

DD: Ophelia Rosalind Lewis


Jack and Cressida Lewis

Sebastian, Malcolm, and Ophelia


Generation Ten


DH: Sebastian Romeo Lewis

DW: Persephone Helen Lewis (nee Morris)


DD/DD: Thalia Ariadne Lewis / Althea Circe Lewis


Sebastian and Persephone

Thalia and Althea

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 05:51 PM

William 'Bill' Leland Adama I [b. 2077]
Angelica 'Angie' Victoria Adama [b. 2078]

William 'Lee' Leland Adama II [b. 2103]


William 'Lee' Leland Adama II [b. 2103]
Caroline 'Cara' Zelda Adama [b. 2101]

Cassandra 'Cass' Jocelyn Adama [b. 2122]
Jessica 'Jess' Catherine Adama [b. 2122]
William 'Will' Leland Adama III [b. 2123]


William 'Will' Leland Adama III [b. 2123]
Eleanor 'Ellie' Hannah Adama [b. 2122]

William 'Liam' Leland Adama IV [b. 2147]
Jackson 'Jack' Kyle Adama [b. 2149]
Alexander 'Alex' Wesley Adama [b. 2152]
Philip 'Phil' Graham Adama [b. 2154]


William 'Liam' Leland Adama IV [b. 2147]
Rosalie 'Rosa' Natalia Adama [b. 2149]

William 'Bill' Leland Adama V [b. 2170]
Theodore 'Theo' Jason Adama [b. 2172]


William 'Bill' Leland Adama V [b. 2170]
Georgina 'George' Delilah Adama [b. 2168]

Margaret 'Molly' Beatrice Adama [b. 2187]
Lucinda 'Lucy' Grace DD Adama [b. 2189]
William 'Lee' Leland Adama VI [b. 2190]
Rhiannon 'Rhia' Holly Adama [b. 2192]
Samuel 'Sam' Elliott Adama [b. 2195]
Gregory 'Greg' Scott Adama [b. 2196]


William 'Lee' Leland Adama VI [b. 2190]
Lillian 'Lily' Jasmine Adama [b. 2192]

Amelia 'Amy' Racehl Adama [b. 2212]
William 'Will' Leland Adama VII [b. 2215]


William 'Will' Leland Adama VII [b. 2215]
Thalia 'Tally' Bethany Adama [b. 2213]

William 'Liam' Leland Adama VIII [b. 2234]
Christian 'Chris' Andrew Adama [b. 2235]


William 'Liam' Leland Adama VIII [b. 2234]
Madeleine 'Maddie' Faye Adama [b. 2234]

William 'Bill' Leland Adama IX [b. 2258]
Harrison 'Harry' Lucas Adama [b. 2259]
Leonard 'Leo' Henry Adama [b. 2259]
Stephanie 'Steph' Edith Adama [b. 2260]


William 'Bill' Leland Adama IX [b. 2258]
Sophia 'Soph' Yvette Adama [b. 2257]

William 'Lee' Leland Adama X [b. 2285]
Matthew 'Matt' Nicholas Adama [b. 2287]
Emily 'Em' Alyssa Adama [b. 2289]
Nathaniel 'Nate' Tobias Adama [b. 2290]
Benjamin 'Ben' Patrick Adama [b. 2291]

William 'Lee' Leland Adama X [b. 2285]

Isabelle 'Izzy' Philipa Adama [b. 2285]

William 'Will' Leland Adama XI [b. 2309]
Samantha 'Sammie' Michelle Adama [b. 2310]
Abigail 'Abby' Zelda Adama [b. 2312]
Dominic 'Dom' Richard Adama [b. 2313]
Ryan 'Ry' Dexter Adama [b. 2313]
Lydia 'Lyddie' Sienna Adama [b. 2315]

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 07:49 PM

{Equality // first born}


Generation One: 


LN: Rawlins


DH: Alvin Tyler

DW: Margaux Marie


DS: Frederick Tyler “Fred”

DD: Colette Marie


Alvin and Margaux Rawlins with Fred and Colette



Generation Two:


LN: Rawlins


DH: Frederick Tyler “Fred”

DW: Aimee Leanne


DD/DS: Stella Ruth / Jonah Tyler

DS/DS: Asa Thomas / Ezra Tobias

DS: Judah Tristen


Fred and Aimee Rawlins with Stella, Jonah, Asa, Ezra, and Judah



Generation Three:


LN: Miller


DH: Andrew Lee

DW: Stella Ruth


DS: August Lee

DS: Abel Tyler

DS/DD/DD: Asher James / Sophia Leanne / Savannah Ruth


Andrew and Stella Miller with August, Abel, Asher, Sophia, and Savannah



Generation Four:


LN: Miller


DH: August Lee

DW: Olivia Jane


DS: Dexter Payton


August and Olivia Miller with Dexter



Generation Five:


LN: Miller


DH: Dexter Payton

DW: Haley Meredith


DS: Seamus Kai

DD: Tatiana Elodie

DD: Paloma Maeve


Dexter and Haley Miller with Seamus, Tatiana, and Paloma



Generation Six:


LN: Miller


DH: Seamus Kai

DW: Lucille Caitlyn “Lucy”


DD: Amelia Caitlyn “Mia”

DS: Jackson Kai “Jack”


Seamus and Lucy Miller with Mia and Jack



Generation Seven:


LN: Ramirez 


DH: Jonathan Antonio “John”

DW: Amelia Caitlyn “Mia”


DD: Alexa Carmen

DS: Paxton Antonio

DS/DS: Lennox Gabriel / Maddox Adrian


John and Mia Ramirez with Alexa, Paxton, Lennox, and Maddox



Generation Eight:


LN: O’Reilly


DH: Colton Garrett

DW: Alexa Carmen


DS: Judd Colton

DD: Willow Carmen

DD: Calliope Alexa

DS: Huck Jonathan

DS: Beau Garrett


Colton and Alexa O’Reilly with Judd, Willow, Calliope, Huck, and Beau



Generation Nine:


LN: O’Reilly


DH: Judd Colton

DW: Elizabeth Mary “Lizzy”


DD: Sadie Rose


Judd and Lizzy O’Reilly with Sadie



Generation Ten:


LN: Powers


DH: Ryan David

DW: Sadie Rose


DD: Lorelei Jean

DD: Genevieve Lynn


Ryan and Sadie Powers with Lorelei and Genevieve 

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Posted 20 September 2015 - 10:55 PM

{I am using Equality and First Born}


Generation One


LN: Finley


DH: Coen Harold

DW: Daphney Frederica


DS: Daxon Finnegan

DD: Frances Geneva


Generation Two


LN: Finley


DH: Daxon Finnegan

DW: Cecily Grace


DS: Evander Sawyer

DD: Faye Viola

DS/DS: Keith Cormac/Alexander Thatcher

DD: Hazel Paige


Generation Three


LN: Finley


DH: Evander Sawyer

DW: Lindsey Isabel


DD: Amelia Eowyn

DD: Yara Dalilah


Generation Four


LN: Baird


DH: Sawyer Alexander

DW: Amelia Eowyn


DD/DS: Grace Leighton/Emmett Beck


Generation Five


LN: Bond


DH: Maxwell Halcyon

DW: Grace Leighton


DS: Holden Westin


Generation Six


LN: Bond


DH: Holden Westin

DW: Cherry Salama


DS/DS: Meyer Seamus/Abner Auberon


Generation Seven


LN: Bond


DH: Meyer Seamus

DW: Sarah Adeline


DS: Finn Maxen

DD: Susannah Rike

DD: Havana Paulette


Generation Eight


LN: Bond


DH: Finn Maxen

DW: Jacqueline Lorelei


DD/DD: Dorothea Isla/Paula Jocelyn


Generation Nine


LN: Orr-Bond


DH: Niall Jacob

DW: Dorothea Isla


DD: Amelia Shani

DS: Joshua Cyrpus

DD/DD: Lorelai Rhya/Maya Emily

DD: Raegan Adelaide

DS: Mason Walker


Generation Ten


LN: Anrade


DH: Dayton Carroll

DW: Amelia Shani


DS: Kyan Joseph

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Posted 21 September 2015 - 06:23 PM

The succession laws I am using are equality and random.


Generation One


Lucien James Downing and Gaia Felicity Downing


Stellan James Downing


Lucien and Gaia Downing with Stellan



Generation Two


Stellan James Downing and Aoife Lillian Downing


Ethan Alexander Downing and Henry Robert Downing

Miles Gideon Downing

Piper Marie Downing

Bailey Nicole Downing


Stellan and Aoife Downing with Ethan, Henry, Miles, Piper, and Bailey



Generation Three


Ethan Alexander Downing and Mercedes 'Sadie' Ryan Downing


Beatrice 'Bea' Ruth Downing

Gabriel 'Gabe' James Downing and Grace Elisabeth Downing

Clara Zoeigh Downing

Nathanael Peter Downing

Hazel Sarah Downing, Harriet Willow Downing, and Hugo Jonathan Downing

Samuel 'Sam' Elijah Downing


Ethan and Sadie Downing with Bea, Gabe, Grace, Clara, Nathanael, Hazel, Harriet, Hugo, and Sam



Generation Four


Gabriel 'Gabe' James Downing and Raine Wilhelmina Downing


Jordan Luther Downing

Cooper Gaines Downing

Serena 'Ren' Evonne Downing

Troy Payton Downing

Martina 'Mattie' Joss Downing


Gabe and Raine Downing with Jordan, Cooper, Ren, Troy, and Mattie



Generation Five


Blake Simon Yarrow and Martina 'Mattie' Joss Yarrow


Raphael Adam Yarrow


Blake and Mattie Yarrow with Raphael



Generation Six


Raphael Adam Yarrow and Misty Corona Yarrow


River Christian Yarrow


Raphael and Misty Yarrow with River



Generation Seven


River Christian Yarrow and Julia Megan Yarrow


Haley Samantha Yarrow

Austin Matthew Yarrow, Brianna Lauren Yarrow, and Alyssa Kaitlyn Yarrow


River and Julia Yarrow with Haley, Austin, Brianna, and Alyssa



Generation Eight


Richard Kyle Collins and Brianna Lauren Collins


Jared Thomas Collins

Hunter Timothy Collins

Chloe Taylor Collins


Richard and Brianna Collins with Jared, Hunter, and Chloe



Generation Nine


Hunter Timothy Collins and Vanessa Courtney Collins


Caleb Jackson Collins

Isaac Sebastian Collins


Hunter and Vanessa Collins with Caleb and Isaac



Generation Ten


Isaac Sebastian Collins and Leah Catherine Collins


Chase Patrick Collins

Molly Christina Collins, Paige Alexandria Collins, and Autumn Gabriella Collins


Isaac and Leah Collins with Chase, Molly, Paige, and Autumn

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Posted 29 September 2015 - 12:00 AM

- Equality (Both genders have an equal chance of becoming the heir)

- First born (Only the first born child of the correct gender can be the heir)

DH: Gideon Matthew Hartman
DW: Juliette Anne Hartman (nee Mitnick)


DS: Parker Davis Hartman

DS: Ryder Thomas Hartman

DD: Piper Americus Hartman

DS: Tucker Charles Hartman

DH: Parker Davis Hartman

DW: Kennedy Louise Hartman (nee Park)


DS: Leo Michael Hartman

DH: Leo Michael Hartman

DW: Evelyn "Evie" Noelle Hartman (nee Berger)


DS: Andrew "Drew" Knox Hartman


DH: Andrew "Drew" Knox Hartman

DW: Avery Lynn Hartman (nee Horn)


DD: Whitney Amelia Hartman

DS: Wyatt Alastair Hartman

DS: Wesley "Wes" Asher Hartman


DW: Whitney Amelia Bardwell (nee Hartman)

DH: Horatio Ray Bardwell


DS: Quentin Daniel Bardwell

DD/DS/DD: Gemma Ireland Bardwell, Gabriel "Gabe" Edward Bardwell, and Gertrude "Gertie" Holland Bardwell

DD: Daisy Mae Bardwell

DS: Cameron  John Bardwell

DS: Jensen Howard Bardwell

DD/DD: Anastasia Renee Bardwell and Aurora "Rory" Rose Bardwell


DH: Quentin Daniel Bardwell

DW: Josie "JoJo" Annette Bardwell (nee Sprouse)


DS: Sebastian Dean Bardwell


DH: Sebastian Dean Bardwell
DW: Natalie Allison Bardwell (nee Wilkins)

S: Sullivan "Sully" Miles Bardwell
DS: Lennon Maxfield Bardwell
DD/DS: Lucy Meredith Bardwell and Jesse Mason Bardwell



DH: Sullivan "Sully" Miles Bardwell
DW: Tessa Mackenzie Bardwell (nee Savage)


DD: Penelope June Bardwell

DD: Juno Elizabeth Bardwell

DD: Lola Amber Bardwell

DS: Mason Everett Bardwell

DS: Rylan Tobias Bardwell


DW: Penelope June Sutton (nee Bardwell)

DH: Julian Elliot Sutton


DD: Viola Monroe Sutton

DS: Giovanni Alexander Sutton


DW: Viola Monroe Lambert (nee Sutton)
DH: Robin "Robbie" Patrick Lambert


DD: Ruby Annabelle Lambert

DS: Theodore "Theo" Graham Lambert

DS: Cooper James Lambert

DS: Noah Jasper Lambert

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Posted 04 September 2017 - 03:35 AM

The Redfern Legacy

(Only the first born male can be the heir)



Generation One


Baxter Reeve Redfern & Amaia Jocasta Redfern


Wilfred 'Wil' Sayer Redfern

Saffron Guinivere Redfern

Jedidiah 'Jed' Webb Redfern

Tansy Lucienne Redfern

Lorcan Grover Redfern

Caspar Ogden Redfern


Baxter & Amaia Redfern w/ Wilfred, Saffron, Jedidiah, Tansy, Lorcan, & Caspar



Generation Two


Wilfred 'Wil' Sayer Redfern & Lucy Kit Redfern


Maverick 'Rick' Levi Redfern


Wilfred & Lucy Redfern w/ Maverick



Generation Three


Maverick 'Rick' Levi Redfern & Miranda 'Mandy' Faith Redfern


Barbara 'Barb' Louise Redfern

Frank Hunter Redfern

Roger Shane Redfern

Lee Ryder Redfern

Chet Jackson Redfern

Ray Wyatt Redfern


Maverick & Miranda Redfern w/ Barbara, Frank, Roger, Lee, Chet, & Ray



Generation Four


Frank Hunter Redfern & Danielle 'Dani' Zelina Redfern


Jeremiah 'Jem' Horatio Redfern, Matthew 'Matt' Castor Redfern, & Daphne Macy Redfern

Juliet 'Juju' Charleigh Redfern


Frank & Danielle Redfern w/ Jeremiah, Matthew, Daphne, & Juliet



Generation Five


Jeremiah 'Jem' Horation Redfern & Carin McKenna Redfern


Carl Wesley Redfern

Zach Heston Redfern

Brayden Reeve Redfern

Willis 'Will' Glen Redfern

Rhett Kayson Redfern


Jeremiah & Carin Redfern w/ Carl, Zach, Brayden, Willis, & Rhett



Generation Six


Carl Wesley Redfern & Arianna 'Ari' June Redfern


Nelson Lennox Redfern

Brooks Denzel Redfern

Langdon Remy Redfern & Ledger Claude Redfern

Eli Cayden Redfern

Duke Indiana Redfern

Nick Alphonso Redfern


Carl & Arianna Redfern w/ Nelson, Brooks, Langdon, Ledger, Eli, Duke, & Nick



Generation Seven


Nelson Lennox Redfern & Henrietta 'Hettie' Joan Redfern


Xander Aubrey Redfern

Leo Killian Redfern


Nelson & Henrietta Redfern w/ Xander & Leo



Generation Eight


Xander Aubrey Redfern & Evangelina 'Eva' Tabitha Redfern


Solomon 'Solly' Declan Redfern & Yasmine 'Yas' Rhea Redfern

Audriana 'Ana' Poppy Redfern

Lucas 'Luke' Cadby Redfern


Xander & Evangelina Redfern w/ Solomon, Yasmine, Audriana, & Lucas



Generation Nine


Solomon 'Solly' Declan Redfern & Catriona 'Cat' Brenda Redfern


Marcia 'Marcie' Chantel Redfern

Abram 'Abe' Bladen Redfern


Solomon & Catriona Redfern w/ Marcia & Abram



Generation Ten


Abram 'Abe' Bladen Redfern & Helga Enya Redfern


Aaron Marcus Redfern

Elodie 'Ellie' Cornelia Redfern

Philip 'Phil' Darrell Redfern

Jacob 'Jake' Judas Redfern

George Kenneth Redfern


Abram & Helga Redfern w/ Aaron, Elodie, Philip, Jacob, & George

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Posted 04 September 2017 - 09:00 AM

[The succession laws I am using are patriarchy and last born]

Generation One

Cleve Sullivan McNamara & Ruth Guinevere

DS: Tobias Patrick

DD: Katherine Edith

DD: Anna Susanne

DS: Cleve Sullivan Mcnamara II

DD: Martha Yvonne


Cleve and Ruth, with Tobias, Katherine, Anna, Cleve, and Martha

Generation Two

Cleve Sullivan McNamara II & Jodie Annette

DS: Benjamin Carson

DD: Greta Cassandra

DD: Julia Judith

DS/DD: Cleve Sullivan McNamara III/Robin Jocelyn


Cleve and Jodie with Benjamin, Greta, Julia, Cleve and Robin


Generation Three

Cleve Sullivan McNamara III & Susan Zoe

DS: Cleve Sullivan McNamara IV

DD: Raquel McKenzie


Cleve and Susan with Cleve and Raquel


Generation Four

Cleve Sullivan McNamara IV & Cayla Ashley

DS: Cleve Sullivan McNamara V

DD: Jessica Emry


Cleve and Cayla with Cleve and Jessica


Generation Five

Cleve Sullivan McNamara V & Brandi Allison

DS/DS: Jay Andrew/Nicholas Garrison

DD/DS: Penelope Cassidy/Isaiah Quinn

DS: Cleve Sullivan McNamara VI

DD: Kennedy Tina


Cleve and Brandi with Jay, Nicholas, Penelope, Isaiah, Cleve and Kennedy


Generation Six

Cleve Sullivan McNamara VI & Charlotte Evelyn

DD: Miriam Deborah

DS/DD: Ryan Lamar/Lorena Nina

DS: Eddie Alexander

DS: Cleve Sullivan McNamara VII


Cleve and Charlotte with Miriam, Ryan, Lorena, Eddie, and Cleve


Generation Seven

Cleve Sullivan McNamara VII & Matilda Theresa

DD/DD/DS: Livvie Aaliyah/Jaqueline Gabrielle/Justin Curtis

DS/DD: Cleve Sullivan McNamara VIII/Kenna Violet


Cleve and Matilda with Livvie, Jaqueline, Justin, Cleve and Kenna


Generation Eight

Cleve Sullivan McNamara VIII & Loretta Hope

DS: Cleve Sullivan McNamara IX


Cleve and Loretta with Cleve


Generation Nine

Cleve Sullivan McNamara IX & Rhiannon Andrea

DS: Clinton Eric

DS: Cleve Sullivan McNamara X

DD: Luna Harper

DD: Brianne Hendrix


Cleve and Rhiannon with Clinton, Cleve, Luna and Brianne


Generation Ten

Cleve Sullivan McNamara X & Tyra Avery

DD/DS: Kinsley Alexia/Turner Chase

DD: Celeste Zoella

DS: Cleve Sullivan McNamara XI

DD: Brooke Kaylin

DD: Ryleigh Jade


Cleve and Tyra with Kinsley, Turner, Celeste, Cleve, Brooke and Ryleigh

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Posted 09 December 2017 - 06:04 PM

The Farmer Family


Dh: James 'JT' Thomas Farmer

Dw: Helena 'Lena' Rose Farmer


Ds: William 'Will' Thomas Farmer

Dw: Jennifer 'Jenny' Rose Farmer


JT and Lena Farmer; with Will and Jenny



The Farmer Family


Dh: William 'Will' Thomas Farmer

Dw: Caroline 'Carrie' Elizabeth Farmer


Ds: John Thomas Farmer

Ds: James William Farmer

Ds: Jackson 'Jack' Scott Farmer

Ds: Justin Elijah Farmer

Ds: Jeremy 'Jem' Lucas Farmer

Dd/Ds: Juliet 'Jett' Caroline Farmer/Jasper Anthony Farmer


Will and Carrie Farmer; with John, James, Jack, Justin, Jem, Jett, and Jasper



The Farmer Family


Dh: Jeremy 'Jem' Lucas Farmer

Dw: Rachel Mary Farmer


Ds: Connor Lucas Farmer


Jem and Rachel Farmer; with Connor



The Farmer Family


Dh: Connor Lucas Farmer

Dw: Jane Louise Farmer


Ds: Milo Lucas Farmer

Ds/Dd: Evan Connor Farmer/Ella Louise Farmer

Ds: Owen James Farmer

Ds: Rory Adam Farmer


Connor and Jane Farmer; with Milo, Evan, Ella, Owen, and Rory



The Farmer Family


Dh: Rory Adam Farmer

Dw: Tabitha 'Tabi' Wren Farmer


Dd: Lillian 'Lily' Wren Farmer

Ds: George Adam Farmer

Dd: Scarlett 'Carly' Tabitha Farmer


Rory and Tabi Farmer; with Lily, George, and Carly



The Whitman Family


Dh: Oliver 'Olly' Jacob Whitman

Dw: Scarlett 'Carly' Tabitha Whitman


Dd/Ds/Ds: Abigail 'Abbie' Tabitha Whitman/Joshua 'Josh' Jacob Whitman/Harvey Oliver Whitman

Ds: Blake Carlos Whitman


Olly and Carly Whitman; with Abbie, Josh, Harvey, and Blake



The Whitman Family


Dh: Joshua 'Josh' Jacob Whitman

Dw: Eloise Rosa Whitman


Ds: Michael 'Mike' Jacob Whitman

Ds: Edward 'Ed' Joshua Whitman

Ds: Peter 'Pete' Gregory Whitman

Dd/Dd: Evelyn 'Evie' Rosa Whitman/Rebecca 'Becca' Eloise Whitman

Dd: Charlotte 'Lottie' Sarah Whitman


Josh and Rosa Whitman; with Mike, Ed, Pete, Evie, Becca, and Lottie



The Jameson Family


Dh: Ulysses Arthur Jameson

Dw: Charlotte 'Lottie' Sarah Jameson


Dd: Clarity Sarah Jameson

Ds/Ds: Justice Arthur Jameson/Courage Ulysses Jameson

Ds: Loyal Charles Jameson


Ulysses and Lottie Jameson; with Clarity, Justice, Courage, and Loyal



The McClure Family


Dh: Greyson 'Grey' Oscar McClure

Dw: Clarity Sarah McClure


Dd: Miley Sarah McClure

Ds: Felix Oscar McClure

Dd: Jaiden Clarity McClure

Ds: Parker Greyson McClure

Dd: Emmalyn 'Emma' Faith McClure


Grey and Clarity McClure; with Miley, Felix, Jaiden, Parker, and Emma



The Kennedy Family


Dh: Robert Harper Jonathan Kennedy

Dw: Emmalyn 'Emma' Faith Kennedy

Dd: Quinn Faith Kennedy

Ds/Ds/Dd: Max Harper Kennedy/Noah Jonathan Kennedy/Ruby Emmalyn Kennedy

Ds: Ash Robert Kennedy


Robert and Emma Kennedy; with Quinn, Max, Noah, Ruby, and Ash

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Posted 10 December 2017 - 05:43 PM

The Cavendish Legacy


(Equality/first born)


Generation One


LN: Cavendish


DH: Leopold 'Leo' Frederick Charles

DW: Margaret 'Margot' Julia Rose


DD: Caroline 'Caro' Eleanor Margaret


Leo and Margot Cavendish with Caro.


Generation Two


LN: Cavendish-Noble


DH: William 'Will' Alexander

DW: Caroline 'Caro' Eleanor Margaret


DS: Alexander 'Alex' William Charles

DS: Matthew 'Matt' Frederick Julian


Will and Caro Cavendish-Noble with Alex and Matt.


Generation Three


LN: Cavendish-Noble


DH: Alexander 'Alex' William Charles

DW: Catalina 'Lina' Marisol


DD: Eleanor 'Nora' Katherine 

DS: Charles 'Charlie' Frederick

DD: Julia 'Lia' Marisol


Alex and Lina Cavendish-Noble with Nora, Charlie and Lia.


Generation Four


LN: Cavendish-Paget


DH: Jasper 'Jaz' Lennon

DW: Eleanor 'Nora' Katherine


DS: William 'Liam' Axel

DD: Katherine 'Katie' Bowie

DD: Margaret 'Maggie' Halsey

DS: Alexander 'Xander' Prince

DS: Frederick 'Red' Lennon


Jaz and Nora Cavendish-Paget with Liam, Katie, Maggie, Xander and Red.


Generation Five


LN: Cavendish


DH: William 'Liam' Axel

DW: Jaya Sonakshi


DD: Vedhika 'Veda' Avni Katherine

DD: Aishwarya 'Ash' Vini Eleanor


Liam and Jaya Cavendish with Veda and Ash.


Generation Six


LN: Rana


DH: Arjun Vikesh

DW: Vedhika 'Veda' Avni Katherine


DS: Aditya 'Adi' Cavendish

DD: Kalyani 'Kali' Jaya

DS: Anish William


Arjun and Veda Rana with Adi, Kali and Anish.


Generation Seven


LN: Rana


DH: Aditya 'Adi' Cavendish

DW: Beatrix 'Bea' Primrose


DD: Lucinda 'Lucy' Violet


Adi and Bea Rana with Lucy.


Generation Eight


LN: Mountbatten 


DH: The Duke Arthur Henry James Nicholas of Kent

DW: Lucinda 'Lucy' Violet, Duchess of Kent


DS: The Earl Henry 'Harry' James Alexander of St. Andrews

DD: Lady Matilda 'Tilda' Violet Elizabeth

DS: Lord Nicholas 'Nick' Philip Arthur

DS: Lord Frederick 'Fred' Charles Jasper

DD: Lady Diana 'Di' Alice Katherine


The Duke Arthur of Kent and Lucinda, Duchess of Kent with The Earl Henry of St. Andrews, Lady Matilda, Lord Nicholas, Lord Frederick and Lady Diana.


Generation Nine


LN: Mountbatten


DH: The Duke Henry 'Harry' James Alexander of Kent

DW: Isabel Charlotte Amelia, Duchess of Kent


DD: The Countess Cecily Alexandra Isabel of St. Andrews


The Duke Henry of Kent and Isabel, Duchess of Kent with The Countess Cecily of St. Andrews


Generation Ten


LN: Windsor


DH: The King Edward William George Henry

DW: Queen Cecily Alexandra Isabel


DD: The Princess Royal Georgiana Alice Katherine of Wales

DD: Princess Alexandra Cecily Henrietta, Duchess of York

DD: Princess Isabella Caroline Amelia, Duchess of Clarence

DS: Prince William Henry James, Duke of Westminster


King Edward and Queen Cecily with The Princess Royal Georgiana of Wales, Princess Alexandra, Princess Isabella and Prince William.

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 09:04 AM

Hopefully I do this correctly as I am a tad bit confused (plus I've never played sims lol). Basically create 10 generations, only continuing to the next generation with ONE child who's the heir? And not naming any of the siblings kids? 


Succession Laws: Equality + Random 


Generation 1


DH: Fritz Leander Nardell 
DW: June Helene {Lawler} Nardell 


DS: Benjamin Elwood Nardell (heir) 

DD: Elisabeth Vivienne Nardell 

DS: Archibald Fletcher Nardell 

DS: Calvin Dewitt Nadell 


Fritz and Junie with children, 

Ben, Betsy, Archie, and Cal 


Generation 2 


DH: Benjamin Elwood Nardell 

DW: Wilhelmina Jean {Dickens} Nardell 


DS: Conrad Ezra Nardell (heir) 


Ben and Willa with child, 



Generation 3


DH: Conrad Ezra Nardell 

DW: Genevieve Adeline {Maren} Nardell 


DD: Helena Esther Nardell 

DD: Emily Matilda Nardell (heir) 

DD: Mabel Harriet Nardell 


Conrad and Genny with children, 

Nell, Em, and Mae 


Generation 4 


DH: Jasper Noah Bettenhausen 

DW: Emily Matilda {Nardell} Bettenhausen 


DD/DD: Edith Mae Bettenhausen and Josephine Della Bettenhausen 

DD: Charlotte Jane Bettenhausen 

DS: Theodore William Bettenhausen (heir)

DS: Henry Alexander Bettenhausen 

DD: Olive Catherine Bettenhausen 


Jasper and Em with children, 

Edie, Posy, Char, Teddy, Henry, and Olive 


Generation 5 


DH: Theodore William Bettenhausen 

DW: Ethel Jane {Gavelis} Battenhausen 


DS: Edwin Joseph Bettenhausen (heir) 

DS: Leonard Jacob Bettenhausen 


Teddy and Ethel with children, 

Edwin and Lenny 


Generation 6 


DH: Edwin Joseph Bettenhausen 

DW: Harriet Nora {Fahrner} Bettenhausen 


DD:  Nora Catherine Bettenhausen 

DD: Audrey Mae Bettenhausen (heir) 

DS/DS/DS: Wesley Noble Bettenhausen, William Elias Bettenhausen, and Wallace Leland Bettenhausen 


Edwin and Hattie with children, 

Nora, Audrey, Wes, Will, and Wally 


Generation 7 


DH: Axel Christopher  Rouzard 

DW: Audrey Mae {Bettenhausen} Rouzard 


DS: Charles Nicholas Rouzard (heir) 

DS: Ernest Warren Rouzard 

DD: Geraldine Cora Rouzard 


Axel and Audrey with children, 

Chuck, Ernie, and Gigi 


Generation 8 


DH: Charles Nicholas Rouzard 

DW: Ruby Charlotte {Willner} Rouzard 


DS: Charles Eugene Rouzard (heir) 


Chuck and Ruby with child, 



Generation 9 


DH: Charles Eugene Rouzard 

DW: Elsie Jane {Kouriatchev} Rouzard 


DS: Nicholas Charles Rouzard 

DD: Rosalind Sylvia Rouzard 

DS: Darwin Theodore Rouzard 

DD: Vivienne Delia Rouzard 

DD: Stella Margo Rouzard (heir)


Charlie and Elsie with children, 

Nick, Rosie, Darwin, Vivi, and Stella 


Generation 10 


DH: Theodore William Pasko 

DW: Stella Margo {Rouzard} Pasko 


DS/DD: Declan Jasper Pasko and Fiona River Pasko 

DS: Holden Oliver Pasko 

DD/DD/DD: Willow Edith Pasko, Ever Juliet Pasko, and Penelope Violet Pasko 

DD: Mabel Josephine Pasko 


Theo and Stella with children, 

Dex, Fia, Holden, Willow, Evie, Poppy, and Mae 

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 03:59 PM

- Equality (Both genders have an equal chance of becoming the heir)

- Random (Roll the dice to find out which child will be the heir)


Generation One 


DH: Loki Haakon Beaker

DW: Circe Rhiannon Beaker (nee Salamis)


DD: Sedna Maeve Beaker 

DD/DD: Morana Tanith Beaker / Ziva Lorelei Beaker

DS: Osiris Rostam Beaker

DD: Andromeda Juno Beaker

DS: Beowulf Hyperion Beaker

DS: Raiden Thor Beaker 


Loki and Circe Beaker

Sedna, Morana, Ziva, Osiris, Andromeda, Beowulf, and Raiden


Generation Two


DW: Andromeda Juno Wilcox (nee Beaker)

DH: Jacob Rowan Wilcox


DD: Dahlia Primrose Wilcox

DD/DS: Zinnia Orchid Wilcox / Reed Hawthorne Wilcox

DS: Cypress Oak Wilcox


Andromeda and Jacob Wilcox

Dahlia, Zinnia, Reed, and Cypress


Generation Three


DW: Zinnia Orchid Hilsdorf

DH: Stephen Atticus Hilsdorf


DS/DD: Ian Nathaniel Hilsdorf / Cora Evangeline Hilsdorf

DD: Fiona Ainsley Hilsdorf

DS: James Malcolm Hilsdorf

DD: Julia Anneliese Hilsdorf


Zinnia and Stephen Hilsdorf

Ian, Cora, Fiona, James, and Julia


Generation Four


DW: Fiona Ainsley Goldman (nee Hilsdorf)

DH: Levi Abraham Goldman


DS: Ezra Benjamin Goldman

DD: Rebecca Miriam "Becca" Goldman

DS: Isaac Malachi Goldman

DS: Caleb Ezekiel Goldman


Fiona and Levi Goldman

Ezra, Becca, Isaac, and Caleb


Generation Five


DH: Ezra Benjamin Goldman

DW: Charlotte Geneva Goldman (nee Houston)


DS: Caspian Orlando Goldman

DD: Georgia London Goldman

DD: Catalina Brooklyn Goldman

DS: Jericho Everest Goldman

DS: Kingston Israel Goldman


Ezra and Charlotte Goldman

Caspian, Georgia, Catalina, Jericho, and Kingston


Generation Six


DW: Georgia London Tanaka (nee Goldman)

DH: Daisuke Katsuo Tanaka 


DD: Chihiro Midori Tanaka

DD: Haruna Sayuri Tanaka


Georgia and Daisuke Tanaka

Chihiro and Haruna


Generation Seven


DW: Haruna Sayuri Winslow (nee Tanaka)

DH: Axel James Winslow


DD: Alexandra Kaori "Lexie" Winslow

DS/DS: Xavier Ichiro Winslow / Maddox Gennosuke Winslow

DD: Beatrix Naomi Winslow

DD: Roxanna Kimiko "Roxie" Winslow

DS: Maximilian Saburuo "Max" Winslow

DS: Felix Yamato Winslow


Haruna and Axel Winslow

Lexie, Xavier, Maddox, Beatrix, Roxie, Max, and Felix


Generation Eight


DH: Maximilian Saburuo "Max" Winslow

DW: Joy Abigail Winslow (nee Clarke)


DD: Hope Angelina Winslow

DD: Grace Amelia Winslow

DS: Justice Andrew Winslow

DD: Mercy Aurelia Winslow


Max and Joy Winslow

Hope, Grace, Justice, and Mercy


Generation Nine


DW: Hope Angelina Dempsey (nee Winslow)

DH: Brendan Connor Dempsey


DS/DS: Cormac Nolan Dempsey / Conleth Tiernan Dempsey

DS: Lorcan Seamus Dempsey 

DD: Aoife Roisin Dempsey

DD: Deirdre Maeve Dempsey 


Hope and Brendan Dempsey

Cormac, Conleth, Lorcan, Aoife, and Deirdre


Generation Ten 


DH: Cormac Nolan Dempsey

DW: Isabella Paige "Bella" Dempsey (nee Woodfield)


DD/DD/DS: Adelina Bethany "Addie" Dempsey / Cassandra Daisy "Cassie" Dempsey / Edward Frederick "Eddie" Dempsey

DS: Gavin Henry Dempsey


Cormac and Bella Dempsey

Addie. Cassie, Eddie, and Gavin

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(Using Equality and First Born)


Generation One


LN: Davenport


DH: Benjamin Gabriel

DW: Mary Esther


DS: Nathaniel Benjamin

DS: Jonathan Philip 

DD: Deborah Miriam

DS/DD: Timothy James / Rebecca Josephine


Ben and Mary Davenport

Nate, Jon, Debbie, Tim and Becky


Generation Two


LN: Davenport


DH: Nathaniel Benjamin

DW: Maria Adelaide


DD: Audrey Caroline

DS: Andrew Nathaniel


Nate and Maria Davenport

Audrey and Drew


Generation Three


LN: Phillips


DH: Douglas Wade

DW: Audrey Caroline


DS: Grant Elliot

DS: Trent Maxwell

DS: Drake Lincoln

DD/DS: Reese Charlotte / Brock Gideon

DS: Tripp Sebastian


Doug and Audrey Phillips

Grant, Trent, Drake, Reese, Brock and Tripp


Generation Four


LN: Phillips


DH: Grant Elliot

DW: Amanda Blair


DS: Austin Josiah

DD: Brooklyn Grace

DS: Easton Matthew

DD: Madison Hope


Grant and Mandy Phillips

Austin, Brooklyn, Easton and Madison


Generation Five


LN: Phillips


DH: Austin Josiah

DW: Jennifer Lynn


DD: Olivia Elyse

DS: Owen Elijah


Austin and Jennifer Phillips

Olivia and Owen


Generation Six


LN: Gilcrest


DH: Todd Landon

DW: Olivia Elyse


DS: Hayes Remington


Todd and Olivia Gilcrest



Generation Seven


LN: Gilcrest


DH: Hayes Remington

DW: Sarah Annabel


DS: Cade Harrison


Hayes and Sarah Gilcrest



Generation Eight


LN: Gilcrest


DH: Cade Harrison

DW: Abigail Juliana


DD: Ava Christine

DD: Anna Colleen

DD: Alice Clementine

DD: Amy Camille

DS: Aaron Charles


Cade and Abby Gilcrest

Ava, Anna, Alice, Amy and Aaron


Generation Nine


LN: Echols


DH: Joseph William Shepherd, IV 

DW: Ava Christine


DS: Joseph William Shepherd, V

DD: Nova Lillian Rose

DD: Layla Madeleine Paige


Liam and Ava Echols

Shepherd, Nova and Layla


Generation Ten


LN: Echols


DH: Joseph William Shepherd, V

DW: Ashley Isabella


DD: Sadie Francesca

DD: Hattie Eliana

DS: Levi Shepherd

DD: Millie Natalia


Shepherd and Ashley Echols

Sadie, Hattie, Levi and Millie

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Posted 19 December 2017 - 04:22 PM

- Matriarchy (Only females can be the heir)

- Last born (Only the last born child of the correct gender can be the heir)


Generation One


DW: Juliet Ophelia Capp

DH: Romeo Lysander Capp (nee Monty)


DD: Cressida Margery Capp

DD: Rosalind Emilia Capp

DS: Sebastian Horatio Capp


Juliet and Romeo Capp

Cressida, Rosalind, and Sebastian


Generation Two


DW: Rosalind Emilia Capp

DH: Grayson Dominic Capp (nee Butler)


DD: Violet Amelia Capp

DS/DD: Russet Alexander Capp / Ruby Anastasia Capp

DD/DD/DS: Sienna Abigail Capp / Scarlett Annabelle Capp / Sterling August Capp

DD: Lavender Audrey Capp 

DS: Umber Andrew Capp

DD: Jade Aurelia Capp


Rosalind and Grayson Capp

Violet, Russet, Ruby, Sienna, Scarlett, Sterling, Lavender, Umber, and Jade


Generation Three


DW: Jade Aurelia Capp

DH: Victor Andrew Capp (nee McClellan)


DS: Cedric Arthur Capp

DS/DS: Lucius Oliver Capp/ Seamus Gideon Capp

DS: Percival James "Percy" Capp

DD: Luna Hermione Capp

DS: Colin Draco Capp

DD: Ginerva Lily "Ginny" Capp


Jade and Victor Capp

Cedric, Lucius, Seamus, Percy, Luna, Colin, and Ginny


Generation Four


DW: Ginerva Lily "Ginny" Capp

DH: Paul Benjamin Capp (nee Fairchild)


DD: Leah Magdalene Capp 

DS: Isaac Matthew Capp

DS/DD/DS: Ezekiel Joseph "Zeke" Capp / Rebecca Elizabeth "Becca" Capp / Malachi Ezra "Kai" Capp


Ginny and Paul Capp 

Leah, Isaac, Zeke, Becca, and Kai


Generation Five


DW: Rebecca Elizabeth "Becca" Capp

DH: Steven Michael Capp (nee Dallas)


DD: Felicity Katherine Capp

DS: Justice William Capp

DD: Charity Margaret Capp

DD: Faith Emily Capp

DD: Honor Samantha Capp

DS: Valor David Capp


Becca and Steven Capp

Felicity, Justice, Charity, Faith, Honor, and Valor


Generation Six


DW: Honor Samantha Capp

DH: Remington Dashiell Capp (nee Creelman)


DS:  Hendrix Clapton Capp

DS: Jagger Lennon Capp

DS: Floyd Zeppelin Capp

DD: Eleanor Lucy Capp

DD: Lorelei Stevie Capp

DD: Cecilia Joplin Capp


Honor and Remington Capp

Hendrix, Jagger, Floyd, Eleanor, Lorelei, and Cecilia


Generation Seven


DW: Cecilia Joplin Capp

DH: Travis Elijah Capp (nee Collins)


DD: Vega Andromeda Capp

DS: Sirius Orion Capp

DS: Corvus Leo Capp


Cecilia and Travis Capp

Vega, Sirius, and Corvus


Generation Eight


DW: Vega Andromeda Capp

DH: Heath Malcolm Capp (nee Turner)


DS: Atticus Benjamin Capp

DD: Cordelia Diane Capp

DD/DD: Evelyn Fiona Capp / Gemma Helen Capp

DS/DD: Isaac James Capp / Kiera Lauren Capp


Vega and Heath Capp

Atticus, Cordelia, Evelyn, Gemma, Isaac, and Kiera


Generation Nine


DW: Kiera Lauren Capp

DH: Phoenix Ryan Capp (nee Wheeler)


DS: Falcon George Capp

DS: Destry William Capp

DS: Leo Henry Capp

DS: Wolf Charles Capp

DD/DD: Raven Elizabeth Capp / Wren Margaret Capp


Kiera and Phoenix Capp

Falcon, Destry, Leo, Wolf, Raven, and Wren


Generation Ten


DW: Wren Margaret Capp

DH: Keith Alexander Capp (nee Cormier)


DD: Cora Evangeline Capp

DD: Elodie Primrose Capp

DS: Owen Nathaniel Capp


Wren and Keith Capp

Cora, Elodie, and Owen

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Posted 19 December 2017 - 10:50 PM

- Patriarchy, First Born -




DH: Israel Winston Joshua Kynaston

DW: Julia Brielle Kynaston


DS: Lysander Israel Kynaston

DS: Montgomery Bertrand Kynaston

DS: Columbus Winston Kynaston

DS: Tolliver Nolan Kynaston

DS: Auberon Keats Kynaston





DH: Lysander Israel Kynaston

DW: Vivienne Jade Kynaston


DD: Temperance Taylor Kynaston

DD: Persephone Piper Kynaston

DD: Anastasia Arden Kynaston

DS: Sebastian Samuel Kynaston

DS: Langston Lucas Kynaston





DH: Sebastian Samuel Kynaston

DW: Francesca Rosalie Kynaston


DS: James Lysander Kynaston





DH: James Lysander Kynaston

DW: Lucy-Grace Margot Kynaston


DD: Rosalie Hannah Kynaston

DD: Edith Grace Kynaston

DS: Andrew Samuel Kynaston

DS: Owen Nicholas Kynaston

DD: Scarlett Abigail Kynaston





DH: Andrew Samuel Kynaston

DW: Lydia Louise Kynaston


DD: Beatrice Ava Scarlett Kynaston

DD: Audrey Edith Louise Kynaston

DS: James Calvin Nicholas Kynaston





DH: James Calvin Nicholas Kynaston

DW: Josephine Maia Kynaston


DD: Jessamy Ava Louise Kynaston

DS: Jackson Andrew Nicholas Kynaston





DH: Jackson Andrew Nicholas Kynaston

DW: Winstella Catherine Kynaston


DD: Waverly Kynaston

DD: Winter Kynaston

DS: Wren Alexander Nicholas Kynaston

DD: Wilhelmina Kynaston

DS: Whitman Arthur David Kynaston

DS: Wiley Philip James Kynaston





DH: Wren Alexander Nicholas Kynaston

DW: Eulalie Jasmine Kynaston


DS: Lucius Ethan Wren Kynaston

DD: Romilly Cecelia Charis Kynaston

DS: Alistair Matthias Graham Kynaston

DD: Maeve Anneliese Estella Kynaston





DH: Lucius Ethan Wren Kynaston

DW: Emmeline Wyatt Kynaston


DS: Basil Ethan Thomas Kynaston

DD: Hermione Flora Jane Kynaston





DH: Basil Ethan Thomas Kynaston

DW: Juliette Rowan Matilda Kynaston


DS: Ezra Harrison Kynaston

DS: Leo Gabriel Kynaston

DS: Jude Christian Kynaston

DS: Max Nathaniel Kynaston

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Posted 24 December 2017 - 06:42 PM

Playing again! Different laws this time though. :D


Succession laws: Patriarchy, First born. 


Generation 1 


DH: Thorbiartl Gram 

DW: Elin Halldora 


DD: Rona Haldis 

DS: Magnus Raynor 


Thor and Elin with children, 

Rona and Magnus 


Generation 2 


DH: Magnus Raynor  

DW: Rannveig Frikka 


DS: Riodhr Grim 

DD: Sindri Helge 

DS: Fenris Om 
DS: Lyting Enar 

DS: Darby Ansgar 


Magnus and Rannveig with children, 

Riodhr, Sindri, Fenris, Lyting, and Darby 


Generation 3 


DH: Riodhr Grim 

DW: Linnea Jord 


DS/DS: Odin Magni and Torin Askel 

DS: Halvor Knut 

DD: Astra Brunhilda 

DS: Arkyn Nagelfar 

DD: Kelda Raghild 


Riodhr and Linnea with children, 

Odin, Torin, Hal, Astra, Arkyn, and Kelda 


Generation 4 


DH: Odin Magni 

DW: Malena Kay 


DS: Josef Kjartan 

DD: Anneke Vaiveahtoish 


Odin and Malena with children, 

Joey and Annie 


Generation 5 


DH: Josef Kjartan  

DW: Greta Sigrid 


DS: Valen Leif 

DD: Saga Ragni 

DD: Yulia Kari 

DS: Kort Halden 

DD/DD/DD: Eda Lyngheid, Freya Liv, and Dahlia Magna 

DS: Erik Asgard 


Joey and Greta with children, 

Valen, Saga, Yulia, Kort, Eda, Freya, Dahlia, and Erik 


Generation 6 


DH: Valen Leif  

DW: Astrid Karena 


DS: Axel Gardar 

DS/DS: Rorik Haaken and Ryden Lidskjalf

DS: Soren Mjolnir 

DS: Lars Bolverk 


Valen and Astrid with children, 

Axel, Rorik, Ryden, Soren, and Lars 


Generation 7 


DH: Axel Gardar  

DW: Gala Solveig 


DD: Kallan Sunniva 

DD: Vivianna Anselma 

DD: Nissa Erica 

DS: Mikael Bjorn 


Axel and Gala with children, 

Kal, Vivi, Nissa, and Mikael 


Generation 8 


DH: Mikael Bjorn  

DW: Mia Karoline 


DD: Ema Thoren 

DS: Henrik Leif 

DD: Astrid Yoana 

DS: Jakob Espen 

DD/DS: Freya Siv and Mathias Kristofer 

DD: Erica Haldis 


Mikael and Mia with children, 

Ema, Henrik, Astrid, Jake, Freya, Matt, and Erica 


Generation 9 


DH: Henrik Leif 

DW: Thea Rosalind  


DS: Conrad Leif  

DS: Joseph Magnus 

DD: Margaret 


Henrik and Thea with children, 

Conrad, Joey, and Margo 


Generation 10 


DH: Conrad Leif  
DW: Kaira Sigrid 


DD: Theodore Leif 

DS: Benjamin Magnus  

DS/DD/DD: Sebastian Loki, Penelope Bifrost, and Vivienne Halldora 

DD: Cordelia Eda 

DS: Elias Ragnarok 


Conrad and Kaira with children,

Thor, Ben, Bash, Poppy, Vivi, Cora, and Eli 

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